September 2018’s Equinox Gateway: Surges Of Physical Energy & Further Light Energy Causing More People To Believe.

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CHANCE OF STORMS: NOAA forecasters say that G1-class geomagnetic storms are possible late on Sept. 22nd when a solar wind stream hits Earth’s magnetic field. The gaseous material is flowing from an equatorial hole in the sun’s atmosphere. We believe a storm is more likely the next day, Sept. 23rd. Either way, the first auroras of autumn are in the offing.

AURORAS AND THE HARVEST MOON: The Harvest Moon is coming on Sept. 24th. It could be greeted by a display of Arctic auroras. NOAA forecasters say that G1-class geomagnetic storms are possible beginning Sept. 23rd when a solar wind stream is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field.

September 2018’s Equinox Gateway & The Energetic Relief

Last week I wrote an article about how all of the September 2018 energies were causing great clearings – as well as great purification’s on earth – which were being transmuted by the forerunners, and many light embodiers. This week the atmosphere feels a whole lot different all together; the atmosphere feels lighter. One thing that I noticed last week was how incredibly heavy, and tiresome the energy within the atmosphere felt. I was dragging, I was exhausted, I was transmuting, and I was cleaning all of the external through the inside of me. It’s hard to ignore all of the lower consciousness, all the dying lower world beliefs, all of the hurts and pains coming from tons of people – when your within range of all of them and those specific areas that are being effected. Southern Ontario which is where I live – isn’t as far away from The Carolina’s. It’s closer than most people think – which is why I found myself feeling all the fear and panic, not to mention a lot more coming from those areas this past week. On the other side of the world in Asia which is quite a distance away, they were also experiencing a typhoon of their own, which added to the physical barrage of pains and constant transmuting. It goes to show you how something so far away can really effect the world and all people at large, and this is what happened with these powerful September energies. 

Now, as we approach the Equinox Gateway we are entering it with a clean slate. Almost overnight when the pressure had reached it’s final peak – the only thing left to do was clear and clean away all old energies in those two specific areas. When that happened the pressures and all that was built up in intensity, suddenly got released and more of the old was removed entirely. On Saturday Sep 15, the energetic relief came and instantly my entire body eased up. Everything looked and felt so much lighter, it felt so much better. My physical body and transmuting side effects eased up – I didn’t feel the intense inner heat, the hot flashes, the headaches, the fevers. Everything cooled down and in front of me I could see a path for us all to move toward. It all felt and looked like we had already moved into a higher place. Which we will continue to do as the year moves towards it’s completion. 

The Solstice Gateway & The Next Incoming Energetic Shift. 

On Saturday September 22nd, the Equinox Gateway will open and throughout the next few days of the (23rd, 24th and 25th) we’ll be embodying much more, much newer, much lighter, and much brighter codes and energies. Already, this entire week I’ve been feeling some unusual effects on my physical self that are new and highly at odds with how I’ve always felt. This is expected, as thing’s will effect us on multiple levels when it’s completely new. At times we won’t recognize these new ways because we’re not used to them. However, that soon changes when we acclimate to the new energies. One thing that was really different – happened to me on Monday, Tuesday and this past Wednesday. What I experienced “Was vast amounts of energy surging through my entire body.” accompanied by endless amounts of energy unlike which I’ve experienced before in the last four years. I haven’t felt like that in a very long time, not since I was activated to begin my AP (Ascension Process.) I managed to get anything and as much as I could get done, while I felt this energy surging through me before it ended. It ended on Thursday and by Friday morning the energies from this next wave were already reaching me. 

On Friday Morning, the energies had entered through my crown chakra and began to sit in the upper most parts of my body. My right shoulder, and the right side of my neck has been vibrating because their is light energy just hammering away at this specific area. When you feel something like this, it generally means that the energies are hacking away at some kind of negative implant or blocked energy that is sitting there. When that”s been removed that area then becomes capable of embodying new energetic codes that implant into that said bodily area. It’s powerful stuff what’s going on right now, and it’s equally powerful what these light energies are doing to us and for us. Many more after this shift will begin to believe that what’s going on right now in the world, is bigger than they realize. Many will begin to see how the AP (Ascension Process) is really unfolding; that it always has. Many more will begin to believe that something extraordinary and significant is happening to them. Not just physically, but spiritually.

Continue to be, exist, love, acclimate to the energies and prepare as best as you can to the new physical effects of this next shift as it comes to pass. Rest when you need to, hydrate when you need to, let go when you feel it’s necessary for your growth, examine yourself when your being called to do so. Most importantly get lots of rest and personal time for the self.

16Love & Light16

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September 2018’s Energies: Massive Earthly Grid Purification(s) & Light Codes Being Embodied Unlike What We’ve Experienced Before.

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It’s Unbelievably Unprecedented What’s Going On In September 2018

Over the last two or three weeks thing’s have gotten extremely interesting for me and all of us who are here to help raise the frequency of this specific earth realm (Gaia,) especially with the unbelievably new light codes, energies, and dismantling of old NGL (Negative Grids Lines) that have been eroding away in the month of September. The importance of what’s happening for us all right now, is to great to not write about. In all honesty I haven’t felt anything like this at this level, unlike at any other level before. Not In (June, July, August or all of last year and the year before that.) Each month we’ve been feeling, seeing, hearing, and becoming more aware of how much newer and higher these energies are getting. Think of it this way: We’re constantly walking upwards on a slanted bridge, and the higher we go the more of the lower levels we’re leaving behind. While we no longer are seeing these lower levels, we are seeing the newer higher levels of space that we have never seen before. These higher levels don’t feel and look normal or they aren’t comfortable to us just yet. We’re not used to how it feels, we’re not used to the level of decreased air pressure. We’ve not yet adjusted to the height and how far up we find ourselves. Sometime, we’re also just not ready to be at this level, on this slanted bridge that looks and feels like we’re going to fall. That’s why we take our time, we take it all in slowly and at our own speed, we find different tools and ways to cope with our new found heights. We acclimate to where we are within this process. We acclimate because that’s the only way that we can deal with these new energies, at these newer levels.

In September 2018 the physical side effects of these energies as well as since the August Gateway – has been felt on a collective scale unlike before. It’s not just those who are “Energetic cleaners” who have been feeling the massive earth purification(s,) it’s also those in the collective who aren’t even aware of this consciously who have been feeling these side effects. It’s all people around you and me who are feeling the massive effects of the escalated and highly amplified September 2018 Energies. The sleeping sleepers have begun to feel how physically demanding all of this has been on the forerunners, and now they too can feel what we’ve been feeling all of this time. In my time out there in 3D land I’ve noticed more and more people unable to remain awake and conscious. I’ve seen people suddenly and without warning sleep or fall asleep in public places, on public transit, people who look like their in physical pain, people who can’t walk because the energies are effecting them beyond what it ever usually did. Which was never. People suddenly mouthing off, screaming, yelling, throwing tantrums. These reactions are pretty typical and normal when thing’s reach a new level, some people aren’t used to it because a lot of people have ignored doing the work. This is highly unprecedented – but highly necessary for all right now who want to remain here and evolve. 

The 11/11 Gateway & The Massive Earthly Purification(s) Taking Place On Earth

On Sep 11th we had an (11/11) Gateway open up for us: September, 11th 2018 = 9/11, 11 and ever since that day the energy has magnified by 100. I wanted to write a separate article on that day, however I physically couldn’t and I didn’t have the desire to write and I won’t feel bad or guilty for that. One thing I’ve learned in the last four years – “if you don’t have the desire to do it, just don’t bother forcing the matter.” The (11/11) Gateway is what’s going to push us towards the Fall Solstice, when another gateway is going to open up and force all of us to purify much more of ourselves. As if we haven’t purified enough already. 


The (11/11) Gateway opened up and has increased the energies on earth by ten folds, and the reason is because the earth is purifying and removing anything that is holding lower consciousness. The elements and the earth have been working hard in (2018) to clear away anything negative, old, lower dimensions, lower realities, lower timelines. Fire and water have always been one of the few ways that (Gaia) has purified and cleansed out anything old, cleared out negative implants into the earths grid lines, cleared away specific areas that need to dismantle the negative beliefs of a group of people or their specific lower consciousness. We’ve seen this play out with the (Fires) on the west coast, and now we’re beginning to feel it with the abundance of hurricanes (Water) in the Atlantic. In the last week we had about four systems in the Atlantic ( Florence, Helene, Issac, and Gordon) – this has made life for me and I’m sure many other “energetic cleaners” physically debilitating on every single level. My sensitivity to earth like conditions going Rambo, have gone through the roof. My entire left side has been fried and tightened to the point of being constantly uncomfortable, head pressures have been painful, exhaustion is constant, sleeping has been mandatory, my dreams are incredibly messed up. Why? because it’s all magnified and clearing out these specific places. I’m an “energetic cleaner,” so this entire time I’ve been transmuting all the stuff that has been flying around into the collective atmosphere. The lower beliefs, the racism, the bigotry, the phobias and the fears.

The worst day(s) for me were the 12th and 13th of September – I had a sore throat, massive head pressures, exhausted beyond belief, and while travelling to such an intense city like Toronto was pulverizing. My mileage varied – and when I got home I fell asleep at 3 pm and slept the entire rest of the night. 

One thing that has been happening that I have been seeing (Psychically,) has been the removal of negative grid lines which were implanted by TD Dark entities. These inorganically created negative grid lines were created by TD and TD entities, as well as those TD human beings who unknowingly help them to create these inorganic energy matter(s.) Before I begin explaining anything else I just want to let everyone know what exactly (Negative Grid Lines) are, and why they even exist within the aura of this planet. Negative Grid Lines: are implanted negative dark matter which connects like lines, in the aura of the earth’s land. These lines runs through just a few feet above and into the sky, these lines have the ability to spread negative energy. Which can also cause mind alternating thinking, feeling’s, and emotions. They work together with all of the inorganic technology that many people have today, like cell phones, televisions, and or anything else that can take from your energy and permanently implant mind controlling thought’s into someone consciousness. In order to avoid the AP and EP respectfully.

More and more of these NGL (Negative Grid Lines) are now being removed in various areas, and being replaced by light energy being embodied by those forerunners within that area. There is more happening now than at any other time in our history, and acclimating to these earthly periods of purification (when they show up) is going to take a lot of hard work. Always acclimate to the energies, to whatever level you find yourself on and always self care. September 2018 and the rest of (2018) is going to be all of this and much more. 

16Love & Light16

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The Physical Embodiment Process: Clairvoyantly Seeing Light Energy, Geometric Shapes, Lights & Colors That Other People Don’t.

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Hi Mike,

I love your articles and appreciate you putting your time/effort into them for all of us. Perhaps, in some of your next writings, would you be willing to address seeing, eyes open, about 8 inches from both eyes, small, round (no bigger than an aspirin and paper thin, silver/crystal color, geometric spheres.)

When they first appeared as I was looking at them I could see intricate patterns within the circles. However, as I kept looking, everything was moving inside. This happened to me last November, first time. Last week, 8 months later, while driving these flat, geometric discs appeared again. This time they were gold, same size but 3 in front of my right eye and two in front of my left, same distance away- 8 inches. They did not interfere with my driving and they were overlapping each other with the geometric shapes moving inside. Both times they lasted about 20 seconds. Would you be willing to address this as a general topic for all of us who are seeing things like this with eyes open?

In Gratitude,

The Physical Embodiment Process & The Psychic Changes A Person Goes Through

The September 2018 energies have been extremely severe and excessive. We’ve all felt this latest big push over this first week or so, and that’s because we’re still embodying the light energies from that latest August 2018 gateway opening. This article was suppose to be done days ago, but because of the continued escalation of having to embody so much crystal light into my tiny physical body. I’ve only managed to get this out now and at this time. Despite what’s going on, all good thing’s do happen at just the right time. The right time for me to discuss this topic of “Clairvoyantly Seeing Light, Light Energy, Colors, and the Shapes that they take form in,” Just so happens to be right now at this time, in this time and place. Before I begin I’d like to express gigantic thanks to “Raine” for sending me this email, and asking me to discuss this topic, while sharing some of her very own personal experiences within her journey, and within her own AP (Ascension Process) with me and all of you who may be reading this. 

This specific question was sent to me through an email I received here on DLP (Divine Light Phases,) by one of my female readers. It’s a really interesting and important question, one that I felt the need to discuss as a general topic for those who are also experiencing what she experiences. Myself included. There are so many aspects and personal experiences that we have individually, that involve the AP (Ascension Process) and the EP (Embodying Process) that we feel we’re experiencing on our own. One of the great thing’s about the internet – when used organically and appropriately, can lead to people openly sharing some of these very personal “To Us” experiences. This time is no different. It helps us to feel less isolated within the part(s) of the world we inhabit, which to be honest can feel extremely lonely at times. The best part of the AP – (Ascension Process) and CE (Constant Evolution) is that many of us who are ingrained within the 5D reality. The one we’re constantly consciously creating on a daily basis, happens to be that there are always other’s who are having the exact same physical, emotional, psychic, mental experiences that we are individually experiencing. We just don’t ever hear about it, or read it – because there aren’t many of us living in bulk groups where we’re able to really connect and communicate with one another. 

Having been on this path (Physically) since March 2014 I’ve experienced a lot of the physical side effects, I’ve seen the changes happening to multiple realities (Higher & Lower ones,) and I’ve grown to understand myself and why this is happening to me and for me in this lifetime. Like (Raine) I’ve also experienced “Seeing light energy” with pure clarity, and I’ve never questioned seeing them. I’ve never doubted seeing them. While in the beginning and not understanding all of the “why’s” and the “how’s” of it all – I temporarily had moments where I was freaked out by them. Eventually, I got used to it. They became a small part of me somehow and ended up being something that calmed me, I could rely on them to always be there and because I understood what the light energy meant. It made it all the more easier for me. The reason why you might be seeing {Lights, Light Energy, Shapes, Geometric shapes, Transparent bright white moving shapes, multi colored shapes, beams of light, circular lights, unknown colors not known to us even here in physicality.} Is because you’ve either been clairvoyant right from when you physically incarnated here – or – you were activated through your third eye and started to see them. Being able to see light energy in front of you, near you, above, below, and or around you – indicates that you’ve gone through a huge psychic development and growth, due to the physical modifications you’ve experienced via the AP (Ascension Process) and EP (Evolutionary Process.

I‘m going to explain these two aspects, because they are very different. The ability to see multi-various light energies and beings at a young age psychically, is different than seeing them as an adult who couldn’t ever see them prior to being activated by the EP (Evolutionary Process.) It’ll give you a better understanding of yourself and where you fall in other words. 

The How’s And Why’s

When I was about ten or eleven years of age back at the start of the Millennium (2000/2001) – one of my earliest psychic experiences happened to me, when I was left home alone by myself. At the time having been left alone was something that frightened me, unlike today and now that I’m in my late twenties i beg mercilessly just to have a damn moment to myself. Just one hour to myself without having to deal with something, without having to deal with someone, or without having to deal with the endless mountains of my own crap. These mountains are so wide and so very tall. The amounts of bullshit I carry with me on a daily basis is tremendous, and were full of it so its nothing new. However, and getting to my point; sometimes I just don’t even want to deal with it. I want precious moments to myself, without being interrupted internally or externally. Today in my late twenties I just need one hour to myself, but back in my youth at the age of ten or eleven and in this one specific moment in my life I was terribly terrified of having been left alone. I won’t go into why I got left alone and where everyone went, it’s not really even important. What’s important is what happened to me in that moment. At my loneliest I could see a light, I could feel an energy, and their was a presence heading towards me from upstairs that wasn’t a physical person. It was a light energy – which was there to comfort me at the time. I could both see it and feel it. However, being so young and not being fully aware of what being psychic is or what being able to see clairvoyantly was all about. It actually made thing’s worse and I cried even more. 

While strolling down memory lane – you can tell that I Incarnated into 3D physicality being able to already see the lights, the shadow beings, the demons, the light beings, and pretty much all of it. I had agreed prior to coming down into 3D physicality with the ability to see as much of (the spiritual side) of life. The “why” behind it, because i wanted to be fully equipped with the ability to connect with source, as well as, to be able to have as much of my higher abilities from the 5th dimension that I could carry with me into this rotting hell hole. Many people like to agree to “Just go in blind” – I don’t. I don’t have time for those types of agreements. So, I don’t agree to them. Which is why I incarnated here with as much of my “Higher self” as i could fit inside of me from the get go. Many of you who see transparent white light geometric shapes, sphere like shapes with very intricate patterns inside and outside, beams of energy and light that seem to be coming from places that seem to have no beginning point, but sort of interject out of no where. You see these thing’s because (Your Clairvoyant) and if you’ve seen them from a young age, likely your like me who decided that “Going in blind” was just a damn waste of your time. 

If you haven’t had these experiences right from the get go and you’ve started seeing these discs, shapes, geometric patterns, spheres, beams of light, light patterns suddenly and just recently. You’ve gone through a “A complete psychic developmental growth spur” which began for you, when the AP (Ascension Process) and EP (Evolutionary Process) activated you and your physical body to go through these changes. These changes are perfectly normal, seeing these energies and lights are your way of finally connecting with (Source) on a much higher level than you used to before. You came in “Blind” but now you can feel, connect and see with much more of your own “Higher self.

A Complete Psychic Developmental Spur

It doesn’t matter when or at what time in your life you were (Physically) and (Psychically) activated by the AP and EP Processes. The fact is that you were and because of that your now functioning on a more higher level than ever before. Isn’t it wonderful? I think so. I write a lot about activation(s), codes being unlocked from within, massive physical side effects and pains due to being activated by this process. However, at the very beginning of our physical experiences here – we used to be purely light coded. I don’t mean at birth, I mean centuries ago back in what we refer to now as the ancient times. We had the awareness, we had the connection, and we were already light filled and encoded to just live and breathe light. There was no need for what we’re experiencing now in these times, in the 2018 moment we are re-claiming what we once had and who we once were. We’re getting back to that point. So, for some people who are suddenly finding themselves being burst back into the bubble. It can feel like everything is being broken down and many will feel like its the end. When in-fact it’s just the beginning. 

The third eye chakra which sits right at the center of your forehead, between the eye brows and above the nose. Is believed to be where we get this psychic and or otherworldly sixth sense. However, that’s not the only place within our body that produces the ability to understand and commune with the spiritual world. The pineal Gland and the Pituitary Gland also have these functions. Which is why when we are first activated by this process, one of the first few thing’s to grow and change it’s functions is our Pineal and Pituitary glands. Which then change the function of our eye sight, and all of this happens because we’re embodying much more of our higher selves into our physical earth bodies. Many people are now going through this “Psychic developmental spur” which also includes a complete physical developmental change. This includes being able to see energies, to feel energies, to commune with light beings, to strongly know thing’s that you couldn’t know before (at various levels,) to be sensitive around people all of a sudden, to be able to see and feel other people’s life experiences without wanting to, and my favorite to be walking around outside in 3D land and be the only one who can see big ass balls of energy and light swirling into deep and twisted movements. 

If you weren’t born with it and your experiencing it now, my advice is to fully embrace the process because as I’ve said so many times already in this article. Your no longer “Going at it blindly” your fully functioning at a higher level united with your higher self once again. A big thanks again to “Raine” for emailing me and asking me to write about seeing these lights, shapes and multi colored aspects of source. 

16Love & Light16

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Latest August 2018 Blast Of Energies: An Opening Gateway & Being Lifted To Higher Ground.

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SURPRISE GEOMAGNETIC STORM: Last night Aug 25th, a crack opened in Earth’s magnetic field. Solar wind poured in to fuel a strong G3-class geomagnetic storm. Forecasters did not see this coming. The stage was set for the storm when a minor CME arrived with little fanfare about 24 hours ago. First contact with the CME barely registered in solar wind data, and Earth’s magnetic field was unperturbed. The action began only after Earth entered the CME’s wake, where strong south-pointing magnetic fields opened a crack in our planet’s magnetosphere. A surprise geomagnetic storm ensured.

GEOMAGNETIC ACTIVITY CONTINUES: G1 to G2-class geomagnetic storms are underway on Aug. 27th as our planet passes through a stream of high-speed solar wind. The gaseous material is flowing from a northern hole in the sun’s atmosphere. Earth’s magnetic field was already reverberating from a strong geomagnetic storm that erupted over the weekend.

Late August Physical Pains Due To Blast Of  Solar Energies

Since about Friday, August 24th I first noticed and felt that there was a huge shift occurring within the current timeline that we were all in. Over the last few years when I begin to sense that something different, something NEW, and something big is beginning to unravel itself within the present timeline. The first thing that tells me a shift is going to happen, and I mean a big one. Is my physical body. This happened to me and for me as early as Friday morning on August 24th, it started off with me feeling more tired than usual. Towards the end of the day I was beginning to sense that something was about to enter my physical body, and modify me, change me, hold up house inside of me and alter my entire internal makeup once again. On Saturday, August 25th, something indeed did happen. A strong G3 Class Geomagnetic Storm occurred on Saturday night which poured solar wind into the earth’s magnetic field.

The current {Magnetic Light Energy, Photonic Light Energy, Solar Light Energies} have begun to reach us, and over the last few days and weeks we’ve been preparing ourselves for this end of August Gateway opening. This is a Gateway opening. A very important gateway which is helping us to push up and away to unknown higher grounds. The physical sensations and side effects of this late August Gateway has been hard to ignore, because it feels so different than ever before. It even feels more extensive and massive than the eclipse energies. Saturday night the entire lower half of my body was in extreme discomfort. My legs were aching, my feet were throbbing, and some of the most intense head pressures began for me. The way in which it felt NEW and different, was that it felt like all of my nerves in my lower body were being zapped. I felt deep and intense electrical energies and sensations moving up and down my body and pouring out of the bottom of my feet. Don’t get me wrong I’m used to feeling light energies running up and down my legs, but this felt amplified by X2. I felt like I was being electrocuted by these new incoming energies, and fried internally on the inside. This persisted until Sunday. On Sunday, August 26th the intense electrical energies continued to wrap themselves around various different parts of my body, and then moved up into my stomach where I experienced extreme cramping and compression. Talk about a complete electrical and magnetic upgrade. On Monday, August 27th I woke up with a massive headache, head pressure, neck pain and energy moving all up and down the spine. It was so severe that it was making me tired enough to want to sleep, so powerful that it was forcing my eyes shut. These are just some of the physical side effects of this Gateway opening via the geomagnetic storms, and solar energies. Remember the sun is the gateway to home, so don’t be surprised that these solar energies and winds are effecting us on a deeper molecular level. 

Late August Gateway & Crossing A Massive Bridge Onto Higher Grounds

There has been a massive theme for (2018) and the (11/2) energies, that theme has been completions and new beginnings. We’ve experienced this time and time again over the last 8 months, and we’ll continue to even after we cross this bridge onto higher grounds. Something I was always sensing was how powerful {June, July, And August} was going to be and feel for all people here right now. There was always a finale, a graduation, an ending, and all of us walking over a bridge and onto the other side. Have I felt the presence of an actual energetic bridge? Yes. Have we walked past it? Not entirely. This late August 2018 blast is what will push us off of that bridge, and see us entering a new space. So that we can become part of a new energetic realm filled with light, and work on extending that into this physical reality. 

I first felt something was going to happen that was important towards the beginning of the month of August. I was still feeling very connected to the eclipse(s) and the Lionsgate Portal, however I could feel something off in the distance beyond these early August energies. After the energies were all said and done and integrated, I could see that this thing that was once so far in the distance was getting closer. When I say “thing” I mean that I felt and could see this Gateway approaching, and I knew that it would coincide with the Full Moon. Something about what I felt and sensed was absolutely different, thing’s In my reality began to really change. The days leading up to this Gateway and the Full Moon people who were an everyday part of my life had left, I also had left certain places and continue to because this is what the energies were/are doing. They were/are pushing me and other people to go and be where they needed to be at this time. My role was to remain where I was and to be doing what I have always done, be a portal for light energy. A role I will always play for the rest of my life until I leave my physical body. However, the changes that I have been feeling in my immediate reality had felt better than ever before. I had more personal time, more freedom, I felt more connected, I’ve felt more sovereign, I’ve felt more empowered. I and many people in the last few days have felt the hope and possibilities of what lies ahead for us in the future. This is why this late August gateway was so important – it’s a gateway pushing us onto higher grounds where everything is nothing but light. 

The next few weeks are going to feel so different, and circumstances are going to change. A lot of people are going to exit, leave, move, shift to other locations and many more endings will occur. The current physical earth and all of the weather, fires, hurricanes, and purification(s) that we’ve experienced will decrease to a small extent. This is where we are, we’re now entering newer and higher grounds. So we have to be prepared to let go of anything that is old, and access newer and better aspects of ourselves as we literally move into the future. 

16Love & Light16

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Next Level Of Intensity: Summer 2018 Second Wave Alignment(s) & The Side Effects Manifesting Within The Body.

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Second Wave Of Energies Alignment

The last three months (June, July, and August) of (2018) were some of the biggest months in the year energy wise. They were electrifying, transforming, literally exhausting, and physically it changed our entire internal and external energetic makeup. There are reasons for why these three months played out the way that they did, and one of the biggest if not the most important reason why everything has felt this way. Is because we were all so ready for these new and advanced light energies to assist us at this time. Another big reason why thing’s were heavy with energies, heavy with energy downloads, and heavy with all different events, scenarios, and timeline(s) meeting up it seems and right there in our faces. It has a lot to do with the massive alignment(s) that we and our earth have been feeling. On a physical level many (Light Workers) have been called to embody much more of these new to us 5D and 6D light codes. Which is why so many of us have felt so extremely weary and beaten, but that’s how I know that many people are ascending into higher timelines. Through the hard embodiment work that we’ve been doing to assist humanity, as many of them now become activated to begin the physical process even if they don’t understand what’s happening to them at a Molecular and on a Physical level. 

The Three Eclipses of summer (2018) weren’t just energies that we needed to embody, which we still are at the end of August. They happened so that we and the (7.4 Billion) people on earth right now could re-align and or align to even more greater extents and lengths than ever previously before. We have always been and will continue to align with ourselves, the earth will continue to align with herself even more. Why? Because for centuries dating back to the time where the great disturbance in our earth’s alignment had happened, we’ve been slowly trying to re-align ourselves and our planet ever since. This is in part what’s happened in (June, July, and August) a complete and total re-alignment period with (Source) and (Source Light,) as well as more of the earth purging and re-aligning to a perfect vertical angle. These alignments cause external and internal changes, which is why many people have been feeling their own personal internal alignment side effects. The same goes for the external alignments and modifications that we’ve been seeing around our world, which can look frightening and dis-heartening. The AP (Ascension Process) is changing everything that we once knew, and were familiar with because that was a very old way of living and being. Each alignment shifting and dismantling the previous beliefs, memories, codes, and ways of life. With that said: here are some Alignment Side Effects that have been changing and modifying me and other forerunners, and sensitive people during these last few months. 

 June, July And August 2018 Alignment Side Effects

This short list compromises some of the physical and mental symptoms, or side effects of the current summer (2018) alignment that I have felt the most. A lot of symptoms and side effects of these (11) energies may not be the same as what other people might be feeling,  these are more my own personal symptoms. However, many people who are currently embodying may also find that they feel these similar side effects of embodying this newer and higher phase. 

Ear Ringing: During the last three months one of the side effects of these 5D and 6D Light codes and energies, have been intensified ear ringing. It used to just be that they would ring but lately, these side effects have gained strength and that’s because we’ve embodied so much more light energy. The ear ringing now works together with, and connects with the headaches and head pounding. Working together in a perfect union. The ringing has also gotten louder and of course it’s louder and more magnified in 2018 because it’s a higher frequency of energy we’re embodying. 

Compressed/Sciatic Left Side Pains: I’ve experienced this greatly since March 2014 when I was first physically activated. However, these new 5D and 6D light codes have really lodged themselves into my physical body internally. The left side has been where the light energies have really been moving in/out of. Over the last two months July and August – my left foot, ankle, knee, hip, and lower back have tightened up. This happens time and time again. The best relief for this can be massage, water/baths, stretching and drinking lots of water. 

Headaches & Temple Pains: During the three eclipses in July and August I experienced massive energy downloads via into my crown chakra, and my third eye. I’ve been bombarded with headaches and temple migraines, vibrating, pulsating internally and externally all around my head. This is a normal part of incorporating newer light tones and codes into your physical body. 

Nervous & Digestive System Upgrades: During the last three months a few internal bodily functions, which include important internal bodily systems, have definitely changed for me. My digestive system has definitely been upgraded, and lately it seems that I’ve been extremely picky with food. Certain foods have also just not matched with my body and the level of frequency that I’m grounding into myself. I’m intolerable to a lot of stuff, almost to the point of immediate purging. Constant runs to the bathroom, body acne and pimples showing up on my legs and ankles, and feet. Because it’s expelling the incompatible food with the new light that exists in my body. We’re also releasing beliefs, fears, angers, hurts, pains and what no longer matches with us through constant runs to the bathroom as well. 

The nervous system or the central nervous system has once again been upgraded, and to me it seems like it’s always being upgraded. Everything in my body right from how i move to what i’m sensing, has shifted to another level of intense pain.  

Flu Like (Symptoms): Everyone around the world at some point has experienced flu like symptoms but what they don’t know is, that it’s an embodiment process of light energies. No one can live here in these bodies unless they have a certain percentage of light codes, energies living within them. During the last three months I’ve experienced the usual symptoms, sneezing, headaches, hot and cold chills running up and down my body, inability to eat anything, needing lots of fluids. Some of these have varied more like sneezing a lot, headaches, chills running up and down. It’s all a normal and natural part of embodying newer and higher levels of energies. 

Anxiety, Swallowing, and Breathing Issues: During the last three months I’ve had to deal with my own experience with some personal moments that have brought on anxiety. I’ve entered into a specific timeline at the end of June which pushed me to experience very new experiences, enter into the unknown and so it’s all very new to me. Along with anxiety comes moments where I’ve had horrible difficulty in breathing out in public, straining to catch my breath at times. It’s not to bad, but every once in a while I’ll find myself having to exhale deeper and exhale in order to get the right tempo. Accompanying this breathing issue also is this unfamiliar feeling that i’ll get in my neck, where it feels like something is stuck there and I’m unable to swallow. It’s gotten harder to breathe in the 3D public world. Too much density, too much varying levels of energy flying around. It’s literally choking me. 

Mind Over Matter: I don’t talk much about mental Ascension symptoms but they do exist. One that I’ve been feeling a lot during these last three months in 2018, is one that I like to call Mind Over Matter. What this mental symptom is, is very simple. It’s when your constantly being told over and over like a recording to do something, to feel a certain way, or to express a certain emotion. Mind over matter is basically having to overcome those negative recorded implants. It’s a mind over matter symptom. Spirit knowledge vs inorganically implanted mind alternating thoughts. 

16Love & Light16

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August 2018’s Solar Eclipse: The 11/11 Gateway & More 5th, 6th Dimensional Light Codes Being Embodied Into The Collective Consciousness.

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August 2018’s Compressed Energies 

All of August 2018 has felt extremely compressed and tight, almost like the entire world population of (7.4 Billion) people are all being squeezed really hard at the same time. It feels like that because it’s really happening in a spiritual sense to not just the forerunners at this point, but also to those who are ready to step into a more lighter and higher reality. The ones who have enjoyed the 3D life and who will continue to even after this second wave of 2018, have also been feeling this compressed tightness. Why? Because at this point no one can escape the current AP (Ascension Process) and EP (Evolutionary Process.) There is no escaping the light, the codes, the evolution of your consciousness and spirit. Thing’s have changed and because of other light beings like me, another layer of old disgusting lower consciousness has been removed. It’s like we’ve decided that we’ve had enough, and with the eraser in hand, we’ve just wiped the chalk off of yet another layer of lower 3D world bullshit that cannot remain here anymore. So, it’s either get on board with the process or continue to do whatever you want for a little while longer. Which won’t end in the way many people think it will, because those who have ignored taking full responsibility and changing their ways are going to have to do just that. Don’t you just love self examination – but for those who really do their best to ignore it, well it can really be a bitch.

This summer has felt so isolating to me and I’ve known it’s because I’ve been embodying as much as i can for my specific area. However, these (11/2) energies I’ve experienced were at a whole new level that I’ve never felt before. Of course, that’s how it’s always supposed to be. This summer I’ve been so limited in where I can go, and what I can do. My physical body has made it impossible for me to move around, go much of anywhere – and when I took the time to view the entire picture I realized that I’ve needed to be more still. I’ve also needed the alone time and isolation in order to work through, re-view, re-adjust, re-energize, re-unify, and re-unite me myself and I. If you’ve also felt isolated this summer it’s just where we are within the current process we’re on. It doesn’t help that we have 6 planets currently retrograde, which basically means returning back to the source of those issues that need to be worked through and resolved permanently in order to move forward.

August 2018’s Important (11/11) Gateway Opening

Today is the August 11th Partial Solar Eclipse and this third and final eclipse of this second wave of intense energies is the most important. The first eclipse on July 13th I barely felt it. The second eclipse on July 27th I really felt the pressure, anxiety, and intensity of it. The lead up to this third and final eclipse has been physically painful and debilitating. The reason why this August Partial Solar Eclipse is so important is because it’s an (11/11) Gateway Opening. Aside from that it’s also connected to the Lionsgate Gateway and for the last several days they have both been intertwined, while releasing 5D and 6D light codes from those specific dimensions. 

I’m already familiar with the 5D Light energies, Light codes, and their frequency which come in many forms. Rain drops, beams of Light, sparkling lights, particle forms, plasmic in nature. However, the 6D energies are vastly different in nature, texture and color. The One Male Lion being from the 6D showed me through a telepathic vision, that they were white, that they sort of glided and moved around, and seemed attached to one another like grids. The two images above underneath the title, were the best visual representation(s) that i could find online that show these 6D Light codes, light energies. 

The 5D codes and light energies are coming from the number frequency of (11) which is one of the most important ones if not the most important number frequency that there is. Aside from the master number (22) which symbolizes and emphasizes the need to be a master of self. The (11) is a number of waking up, becoming more aware, understanding that you can hold higher consciousness. Its a call to stop existing within the lowest reality of consciousness that (Gaia) unfortunately can offer to people. This (11) number frequency and it’s energies have been a focal point for all of 2018, and each month on the 11th day we’ve had an (11/11) Gateway open. What this all means for humanity right now is – another gigantic push towards being able to wake up and access higher forms of consciousness. This is so important because many more people collectively, will be crossing that bridge. There are going to be more people being activated to begin the physical AP (Ascension Process) and many more Light Workers who will be activated to embody and uplift. This is why this Eclipse is so important, and why so many thing’s are going to change. Going to change for the betterment of (Gaia) and all people of the world. 

16Love & Light16

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The (8:8) 2018 Lionsgate Gateway: A Message Of “Collective Unity”From The 6D Sirian Lion Beings.

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The 6D Lion Beings & ET Beings Within Our Universe

Over the following years since my (March 2014) Christ seed activation took place and I began my Physical AP (Ascension Process.) I’ve had numerous and varied interactions with many different kinds of ET beings. It didn’t happen for me straight away, but over time and slowly but surely multiple beings from multiple areas within the universe began communicating with me. Within the time frame of about a year and so this began for me in (2015,) I also became aware of a hand full of memories which involved these different varied ET beings from higher dimensional planes of existence. Some memories were of my one female lifetime way back in ancient Egypt, some were of my female lifetime(s) during the time(s) of Atlantis and Lemuria. Where thing’s were vastly different for very many different kinds of reasons. The main one: was that this earth back in those ancient times was much more aligned with source energy, and source light. Which made it easier for many different beings from higher dimensional planes of existences, and worlds to reach us here on (Gaia.)

We’ve had many different beings within our universe visit us, and also incarnate here on (Gaia) which is why even today, we can see parts of their DNA intertwined within our own. The 5D Pleiadian beings from the Pleiadies Star System. They incorporated into our DNA their long slim figures and blue eyes and blonde hair. The 6D Sirian beings from Sirius known as the feline/cat beings. They incorporated their hair, height, and eyes into our DNA. The 8D Orion beings from the Orion Star System. They incorporated their height, black/blue hair, and broad shoulders. The 9D Arcturian beings from the Arcturus Star System. They incorporated their high cheek bones, shorter figures, and integrated themselves into many Chinese, Japanese and Asian cultures. All of these beings have helped develop and further our DNA long ago. There are many, many other ET races with varied physical attributes, these however are the more common. Along the way on my own AJ (Ascension Journey,) since (2015) onwards I’ve met two 5D Pleiadian beings. One male and one female. I’ve also met one male 6D Lion being who has appeared to me over the last two years, each time around the (8:8) Lionsgate Portal and or for many as they call it Gateway. This year isn’t any different. 

This 6D Sirian Male Lion being over the years has appeared to me as an actual lion being with a huge mane. His entire aura and appearance is a transparent white with his fur being a slight yellowish/orange mixture. His eyes are intense, deep and look right through you almost all knowing. He has spoken to me telepathically. His garments are a long white transparent robe with shining crystal matter implanted on them. He’s about 7 or 8 ft tall. His demeanor is always laid back and he always has a look of wisdom about him. His basic reason for appearing to me, was so that I could write about him. Write about what’s going on in his dimension, with his race. To write messages that he and his race feel needs to be heard at this time with where we are in the Ascension Process of earth. He is here to help uplift and assist. 

The (8:8) 2018 Lionsgate Gateway Opening & A Message Of  Collective Unity

Over the last week especially starting last Wednesday. I’ve been feeling the latest energy codes, Sirian Light Codes, 6D and 5D light codes entering me. However, I’ve been feeling two different kinds of energies. The first via the (11/2) energies which is coming from the Aug 11 eclipse gateway, and the second kind of energies which have felt different to me have been the new 6D Sirian Light Codes. The (8:8) Lionsgate Portal/Gateway is a yearly gateway and within this gateway we embody newer and higher 6D Sirian Light Codes into our physical body. However, in (2018) unlike in (2017) I’m feeling two separate energies and that’s because there are two major gateways opening up within a span of three days. We have the 8/8 Gateway opening up today where we’ll be embodying 6D light energies, 6D higher consciousness and Sirian Knowledge. On Aug 11 it’ll be an 11/11 Gateway which will activate more people – so that more of those people who are existing within the 3D reality and world can awaken to enter the 4D and 5D world(s) and realities.

The 6D Sirian Light Codes have really been intense and on a physical level I’ve had the worst lower body symptoms that I’ve felt in a really long time. Many other people who are embodying these 6D light codes and 6D Sirian consciousness might be feeling the same symptoms that I have. I’ve felt intense aching legs. I’ve felt energy moving up and down my legs. I’ve felt muscle weakness. I’ve been tired even with little to no movement on my part. I’ve been sleeping a lot in/out this entire week, especially on Monday Aug 6th. My belly and abdomen have expanded because these new 6D codes, lights, and energies have been expanding me. I’ve had lower back pain extending into my left leg. I’ve experienced short but painful temple pains and headaches which come and go quickly. My Ankles feel weak and tired. There is a lot going on right now – and with two different gateways opening, but also connected it’s feeling extra intense for very obvious reasons. We’re leaving behind another lower level of darker consciousness, and entering into an even brighter and lighter place where we can access and tap into higher light consciousness. 

The message that my 6D Sirian Male Lion Being friend has is one where emphasis should be placed on working towards collective unity. Uniting everyone, every soul, in every place. Whether they be animal, human, male, female, child. Unity and love is the only way to get through these transitional times, including the ones where we have not yet crossed. This 6D Sirian Male Lion Being wants everyone to know that he, and all the others within the higher dimensions, are working towards uplifting this 3D earth. That these 2018 6D light codes will help all people to be able to reach their higher selves if not right away eventually in the future down the line. 

16Love & Light16

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