December 2017’s 12/12 Portal: The End Of The (1) Energies Of 2017 & The End Of More OLD Dark Codes.

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December 2017’s 12/12 Gateway Energy & More Galactic Consciousness 

Over the last few days I’ve been feeling and sensing a lot of energy moving through the inside of my body. In particular and because it seems to be in my left leg where I’ve been feeling most of these energies. My entire left leg has felt heavy, numb and along with those specific physical sensations taking place for me due to these powerful new energies and Light code(s) embodiments. Because of this I’ve felt an inner shaking and vibrating taking place in the inside of my left leg. This isn’t NEW for me in any way and over the last 3 3/4 years since my physical AP (Ascension Process) began for me this has been one of the symptoms that has been a repeated offender. I know when the IS (Inner Shaking) happens for me that I’m in the process of embodying much more higher everything. Then the undeniable and unquestionable shaking begins as it moves around the inside of my body looking for just the right place to physically exist inside of me. From Consciousness to light codes and information that I hadn’t been embodying into myself previously. Which is what is going on for me and the forerunners of the forerunners. Some other physical changes and physical symptoms of embodying higher energies are headaches, hot flashes, ear ringing, bloated diagram, inner vibrating all over ones body, non stop thinking and much more. All of this has been going on in December 2017 on a physical level including a lot more removal of old codes, old energy, ancient negative timelines being ripped apart via these Gateways and Portals. Both physically for those on the Ascending timelines and on the physical planet with volcanoes erupting and fires burning off the old density and old codes and specifically in southern California. All of this making it vastly easier to breathe, live, exist, and embody more easily in 3D physicality.

Today is The 12/12 Portal Opening which is ushering a whole new level of Galactic Light energy, Galactic consciousness, Light energy, Light Codes and universal energies that are being embodied by us right now. Helping us to understand much more higher information about what is happening for us right now. This is what’s happening for us right now. So all of the inner shaking in my left leg and the many physical adjustments that are going on right now, via the current Galactic and Universal Consciousness downloads we’re receiving is all part of the AP (Ascension Process) that we’re living through right now in December 2017.

The Triple Portals Of 2017 (10 – 11 – 12) & The End Of The (1) Energies 

The Triple Portals: The triple Portals or Gateways as many other people like to call them usually happen between October and into December. Every year the 10:10, 11:11 and the 12:12 Portals push us and those on lower world realitie(s) to higher levels of existence through embodiment Processes of higher consciousness that brings us closer and closer to merging fully and completely with source. 2017’s little stairway to heaven has been unbelievable. With revelation after revelation right from the start. The 10:10 Portal opened up this movement of needing to let those in the collective understand just who is who and what has been going on in many organizations and industries behind closed doors. From the lowest of the lowest to even the powerful who aren’t so powerful anymore. The 11:11 Portal ushered in the Galactic Consciousness and higher information that the earth isn’t the only planet that is evolving and or even the only planet experiencing the Ascension Process. But that our galaxy and universe is experiencing Ascension into higher evolution.  Now with the 12:12 Portal we’re experiencing everything we did with both the 10:10 and the 11:11 Portals but at a higher level now. We’re still exposing the old and embodying higher universal knowledge – but now we’re going to enter a phase of healing that is certainly needed. A little healing for humanity? I think so.

Another aspect to all of this – is that as we are now about to exit 2017 and enter 2018 we’re going to have to work with a whole completely new and different frequency of energy. I’m still struggling to understand how 2017=1 energies is almost over in less than three weeks. Where did it all go? … getting over my apparent amnesia because I honestly don’t know where the time went. How has 1 energies manifested itself? Through NEW codes, NEW consciousness and NEW movements. Ones that bring on healing and peace which we’ve seen in 2017 all over the global map. As we exit those 1 energies we’ll be moving into the 2 energies. Whenever we begin to move towards the next step we have to look at the first step. The first step it seems in 2017 was “Revealing all to everyone so they can see” the next step and what most of us will experience in 2018=2 is healing. More and more healing on multiple levels. Exit everything old and enter everything fresh and brand new.

As you take that in – this is a process that has been going on for many many years. Eventually one will become two but until then and until those energetic frequencies start being felt by us do all that you can do to self care, self love and embody what you need to as we move past this 12:12 Portal and all these higher states of consciousness and higher light information.

16Love & Light16

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December 2017’s Galactic Energy: It’s Okay If You Don’t Feel Physically Fine As We Move Into December 2017.

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Transition Into December 2017 & More 3D Lower Consciousness Rearing Its Ugly Head

From the very start of November 2017 I’ve felt like a walking, talking, oozing wound that had been opened up, released itself and gave birth to a new me on the inside. On a physical level I’ve experienced a little bit of physical pain but that’s normal when it comes to integrating higher light and integrating higher levels, shapes, colors, forms of consciousness and energy. I’ve known this for almost the last 4 years now that it’s how evolution works. So I’ve felt all of these solar energies along with the Galactic energies and the Galactic Consciousness re-form, re-shape and re-structure me and my inner energy structure(s) in November 2017 along with December as its been a continuation. Its not NEW to me or for me. For others yes it is and the re-shaping of the internal body through light integration is what I and all of the forerunners have been doing all along. I will say that again “because it’s what I and all of the forerunners have been doing all along.” Throughout November 2017 I’ve also experienced love, intense states of higher emotions, of happiness, of connectedness and of  unity. Its all there and it has always been there. Not to mention the physical aspect of seeing these lights, shapes of lights, and shapes and colors of energies entering us and this earth realm. So, its been all good on all levels even the physical discomfort at times. Its part of the process.

In November 2017 I have also been harassed repeatedly and relentlessly by two people who have needed to let me know that what I’m doing and writing and feeling inside of me is absolutely wrong. To bug me. To prevent me. To try and stop my AP (Ascension Process) for me because we’re reaching a whole NEW level of light and energy like we’ve never experienced before as we shift through and past December into January 2018. One thing that I had to understand and deeply did understand – was that in many ways those two people could also sense, feel and were experiencing the same higher energies. The only difference was that they didn’t understand it and were afraid of what they were feeling. This is important and I’m going to touch on this subject and speak on it because it is important to know and for many to understand. When we are connecting to higher 5D, 6D, 7D and beyond energies, consciousness, light and as it begins to be embodied by us at NEWER and higher level(s) than it did before. There will always be some form of 3D consciousness that will rear its ugly head. There will always be some form of 3D consciousness from etheric negative beings or just from people who remain within the 3D realities and timelines. To 3D consciousness and those living and existing in 3D consciousness they will always feel the need to rear its and their ugly heads when we’re about to make a shift that is so big that we’ll move further and further away from them and from the 3D realities and timelines. Another aspect of this is that there will always be closures of timelines within the 3D realities which will further expand more people from the 3D reality into the 5D reality. Now of course, I don’t want anyone to remain on the lower 3D timeline(s) and realitie(s.) The work I’m doing for me and the work I’m doing writing on here has always been to try and help more people leave the 3D realitie(s) and timeline(s,) so they can join us in the 5D timeline and 5D reality. So, we can consciously create the world of peace and heaven on earth like we should have had done decades ago.

Some of the comments that I got from these  two people still living in the 3D realitie(s) and 3D timeline(s) went along the lines of “So let me tell you about what you don’t know” or “So let me tell you what your doing wrong” and my favorite so far has been “Stop doing this, this and this because I say so okay. Thank you. Namaste.” Do you feel the ego? Do you sense the 3D consciousness? because this is what it is and this is how it works. It’s how it’s always worked for those 3D humans and beings in the 3D reality and within the descended timeline(s) that they are existing through. As we move further into newer energies the separation can also be felt from those in the 3D realities and its causing a lot of them some serious fear, its causing a lot of uncertainty for them and many in these 3D world(s) and world realitie(s) are afraid of evolution and evolving beyond all of the 3D structures and the 3D systems. So, when you hear these comments directed at you please just know that its ego but its most importantly fear. Fear of evolution, fear of love, fear of light, fear of leaving the darkness behind and actually living in a place of peace. I do this work and continue to so that I can help those people move past this darkness. But, because they aren’t on board yet and many may never be ready. Understand why many who are working so hard to expand the 5D reality are getting hammered and hammered by those in the 3D reality like the two people who sent me emails. It’s fear and it always has been.

3D consciousness may rear its ugly head but many in those 3D realitie(s) and Timeline(s) are not ready to enter the 5D reality. Some out of fear. Some out of ego. Some because they don’t want to and don’t think they need to evolve. Different courses and classes for many on earth but the door is always open if they want to walk through. My work and other Light-Workers work doesn’t mean we just accept those who are ready. We try and we continue to help all and especially those who aren’t ready to get them ready to enter the 5D timeline and reality. So, I had to be shown and I had to understand at a deeper level where all of this 3D consciousness was coming from – its because we’re shifting towards integrating new codes, lights and energies and those who are also doing it but do not understand are also doing it. I had to be shown the fear. I had to be shown the panic. Many are reacting like this.

End of November & Removing Etheric Implants

Within the first few days of November I felt like another piece of my fractured soul and fractured higher self became integrated into my very being. Merging successfully along with the many other aspects of me that I integrated before. Around the middle of November I kept receiving face and head upgrades within that structural aspect of my physical body. Then things changed for me even more when Saturn began being activated fully by the Milky Way Galactic Center at the end of the month. Things especially changed for me on a Physical level towards the last days of November while being hammered constantly by galactic energy and consciousness. I felt for those last three days of November a serious amount of aches and pains along with energy movement in my neck. Of course, at the time I had no idea what was really going on. The energy was very localized and all in one localized area just pinging away in the one spot on the left side of my neck. When I first realized what was going on in my neck and with being pounded by these energies in the same spot, I felt the same thing happen to me again but on the right side. The same energy movement pinging away at my neck on the left side was now being pinged and hit in a localized area on my right side. They both felt like two barriers, walls, strings, implanted black strings that were sitting there being pummelled by the galactic light energy until they were removed completely on November 30th. So, November 2017 was profound for me in many new ways.

As we’ve transitioned into December 2017 the two etheric implants which were on both sides of my neck have now disappeared. So, these implants that I once had are now gone and it’s because of these galactic energies and organic energies that are being embodied by me now that’s helped remove more of those old devices that were once implanted into my neck. Powerful stuff and powerful realizations – not only are we embodying the NEW but were also active participants in removing the OLD that’s in us and on us quite literally. On a mental level I couldn’t focus, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t do much of anything except try to do my best to move along one day at a time. On an emotional level I’ve felt steady – I’ve not been anxious, I’ve not been having any anxiety attacks but I have been the caregiver to those who have been dealing with anxiety and stress along with panic attacks because of how great and intense the OE (Organic Energy) has been feeling for them and all in humanity. So, if you haven’t been feeling great at all it’s okay if everything that is organic that’s been coming in now has been so much to feel and so much to integrate. It’s a lot for the forerunners right now and a lot for those in humanity who are on lower stair-steps and in lower realities making their way to higher ones now. Everyone is feeling this and no its not been easy but one day at a time.

December 2017 – Yes, We’re Still Feeling The Effects Of Saturn Being Activated

In December 2017  we’ve been feeling Galactic energy from the activation of Saturn but we’ve also been experiencing higher codes, energies, lights, consciousness because of the Galactic Center being activated. For me I’ve seen, felt and experienced a lot more of the organic energies being embodied by me and the forerunners. I’ve also felt a lot of emotions from a lot of people within the collective, anger, rage, hopelessness and anxiety. A lot of things are happening and a lot of things are taking shape as we enter this next big shift. In the upcoming days we have the 12:12 Portal/Gateway – We have a New Moon on Galactic Center one day before Saturn moves into its home sign of Capricorn which along with Pluto will begin to unravel the 3D systems and 3D structures. We have the December solstice on the 21st which is conjunct Saturn and then on Jan 1st we enter 2018 = (2) energies. So we have a lot of energy going on and we have a lot to get to from here.

Stay safe and do what you need to do in order to leave behind more of the OLD you and integrate the NEW Galactic codes, Lights and energies.

16Love & Light16

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November 2017’s Galactic Alignment: Saturn On The GC (Galactic Center) & Activating Saturn’s Organic Energy.

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November 2017 & Saturn Activating The Galactic Center

For much of November 2017 things have been incredibly amplified and they’ve felt that way too. In fact all of 2017 has felt incredibly amplified and that’s because we’ve reached a whole new level of frequency like never before. So, with that said. What I need to write about and what’s going on for humanity right now is very important, so I need to make sure that I jot down everything that can give everyone a good idea about what is going on. About what kind of energy we’re dealing with. In November 2017 the energy has been unbelievably big and expansive and what we’ve been embodying its been huge. Its been a lot of work for a lot of LH (Light-Holders) and for more of those in humanity as well.

For much of November 2017 I’ve been feeling, sensing, experiencing a lot of energy entering my physical body that has felt different, that has been much newer and has felt  bigger inside of me. I feel expanded in many ways and I feel bigger and taller and more complete in NEW and wonderful ways. I’ve mentioned a little bit of this in my last article as well as a little bit of what I’ve been sensing energetically. I’ve written about the Galactic center and the current energies we’re receiving as well in that article. What we’re all feeling and embodying started on the 11/11 Portal which is Galactic Consciousness. In fact we’ve all been feeling, receiving, embodying and integrating Galactic consciousness for much of 2017. In November 2017 it’s felt so pronounced and real as its entered us and passing through and into our physical planet. This is the kind of energy that many of the AT (Ascension Teachers) & AW (Ascension Writers) who have been writing about this, making videos about this and generally spreading any kind of information about this has been talking about. Its actually a huge event if you think about it (to have Saturn activate the Galactic Center and it’s energies) which is what is going on right now. This will continue well into December. Of course, there will be some other major events and energetic shifts that will occur in December 2017 all on its own. Such as: Saturn entering Capricorn and the change in all lower 3D systems and structures in the OLD lower world reality and timelines. The 12/12 Portal Opening which I’ve sensed is going to bring much more NEW light energy as well as energy from the Galactic center. Then the December solstice which will put us physically and energetically on a whole new level of existing as a NEW embodiment of Source.

So, we have a lot going on right now energetically. If November hasn’t been easy for you its okay if it hasn’t. We’re at a new stage in this AP (Ascension Process) and EP (Embodying Process) and we have to understand that its going to take some time for us to get used to this NEWER and HIGHER energy. So don’t feel like your failing, don’t feel like your doing anything wrong because your not capable right now of moving through life in a straight line. Its okay to wobble from the left to the right and I’ve felt the same way as I’ve myself have been personally getting used to being an embodier of such new light.

Saturn & TD (Team Dark) Hijacking Its Organic Energy

The planet Saturn has gone through quite a lot in 2017. There have been certain events, timelines that have both opened and closed and many other strange coincidences that has happened in 2017 that involve the planet Saturn. Before I connect these multiple coincidences to one another I feel like I need to let a few people know a little bit more about Saturn and what his role has been prior to 2017 and what his new role is.

Saturn: Has been the planet throughout the centuries that has symbolized LC (Lower Consciousness) as well as the 3rd Dimension and being embodied into a 3D earth reality, earth world, earth realm. Saturn has had to do with being incarnated into a lower conscious world reality for so long now and because of this I’ve personally known that Saturn has been personally used, abused and hijacked by the dark to create and cause nothing but lower consciousness to remain on this 3D earth. That never used to be Saturn’s role – Saturn’s role used to be the role of full organic and fully advanced consciousness within all human beings and Galactic beings prior to being hijacked. So, it just goes to show you just how desperate, demented, putrid, rigid, and annoying the dark has been all this time. What happened in 2017 changed that. Saturn is no longer the inorganic distributor of inorganically created energies its actually now quite the opposite. It changed because of what happened in April 2017 which caused the entire timeline the dark was holding onto so desperately to completely crumble.

The first coincidence that had set something off in my mind was when 2017 started and Saturn made the first conjunction to The Milky Way Galactic Center on March 7th, 2017. Then when it stationed Retrograde in April it began to get hit with solar flares 7 of them to be exact. Then on May 5th it made its second conjunction to the Milky Way Galactic Center. When I first became aware of this it set something off in my mind because I knew it meant something important. I knew it must have meant that (Source) and (Source Energy) had closed, shut off, broke down all of the dark’s manipulations and distortions that were being created inorganically through Saturn and its natural organic energies. When you have (Source) closing down a timeline that has been active for centuries because the dark has been distorting Saturn and its energies that’s a big sign that TD (Team Dark) and their control is slowly being dismantled and its about time.

The second coincidence that set something off inside of me was on September 15th, 2017 when after almost twenty years the Cassini Space Probe plunged into Saturn’s atmosphere and literally burned up. This set something off inside of me and I felt more relieved and free. After I first heard about that I felt that Saturn gained more freedom and reclaimed more of its organic power back from TD (Team Dark) and all of the manipulations and control they had on that planet and its energies. This event set something off in me because it meant that TD (Team Dark) could no longer remain on Saturn’s front door step and take from its energy. They couldn’t feed off, parasite off of, steal from, thief off and abuse Saturn’s organic natural source energy anymore to create their timelines, to create their distortions, to affect humanity and other planets and those beings on them. This timeline has now ended and (source) made sure to it that it closed. Have you felt the shift? Like your no longer on some level having to deal with lower conscious people trying to steal and parasite off of you anymore? Well this is why.

When I connected the dots I realized that the 7 Solar Flares that hit Saturn back in April 2017 was activated by The Milky Way Galactic center and (Source) to release Saturn from its imprisonment by TD (Team Dark.) Then when the Cassini Space Probe burned up on Saturn’s atmosphere back in September 2017 – I fully understood why we had the September energies and why we felt them the way that we did. I understood why we received those blasts and those solar flare directed at us and fully embodied by us. Because Saturn was released fully and completely from having its organic energy stolen from it. Stolen from TD (Team Dark) to create their twisted timelines and dark creations against humanity on this earth and Galactic beings on other planets in our galaxy. They can no longer steal from humanity any longer and must either grow up and take personal responsibility or leave and go to a lower conscious realm to exist.

Saturn’s Organic Energies Have Been Restored & A Few Changes Coming Ahead For Humanity

Because Saturn has now had its organic energy semi-fully restored in 2017 and its been a multiple event restoration and an all year long one at that. We still have one more final conjunction to take place on Friday Nov 24th with the last conjunction between Saturn and The Milky Way Galactic Center and (source.) This means that a few changes will be occurring for humanity especially in regards to the lower 3D structures and systems that are in place right now and which have been slowly changing over the last few years. Which is something that I and many (Light-Embodiers) alike have felt and sensed. When Saturn enters Capricorn on December 19th it will join Pluto in Capricorn and once that begins we will see a lot more organic energy being embodied into earth and into us that will change and end more of TD (Team Darks) twisted creations against humanity.

The things I sense and feel that will change and or end completely in the next few years will be more focused on (Money, jobs, the end of many organizations, establishments that have a form of control over the world and humanity along with consciousness) why? Because these inorganic systems and structures in place have always been TD (Team Dark) inorganically created siphoned energy from Saturn’s organic energy to twist and turn humanity and its consciousness. They weren’t always going to remain and as we move into 2018, 2019, 2020 and beyond its going to feel like the end of the world for a lot of people in humanity who have gotten so used to living through the distorted systems of the dark. Its here and its happening now for all in so many ways myself included. Hold light and carry on as best as you can.

16Love & Light16

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November 2017’s (11/11) Portal: More Galactic Energy & Reaching A Higher State(s) Of Light Consciousness.

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Feeling A Little Bit NEW & Expanded In November 2017

Since the last week of October 2017 moving into all of November so far I’ve been feeling, sensing a massive physical re-construction that has been taking place inside of my physical body. This is obviously the usual changes and soul fragment(s) that are being re-embodiment back into my body, along with a massive amount of transmuting of old negative energy of course. That isn’t anything NEW and I’ve always been doing this re-construction work and as you know many forerunners have been doing this as well. We’ve also been clearing all and any of the remaining lower negative energy and we’ve just been soaking it all up. We’re the negative energy busters and we do this year after year. So, (I – You and all of us) We’ve all been doing this work and much more while integrating the NEW light energies. Talk about exhausting. So, it’s not a surprise that we all are going through so many physical changes, shifts, pains, aches and other fabulously wonderful growing pains as we’ve been integrating the newest Light energies in November 2017.

On Saturday it was the 11/11 Portal/Gateway Opening which added more energy to the already high intense energy that has been swirling all around us. In my previous article I wrote about the early November Solar blast (which I’ll be leaving a link to at the bottom of this paragraph.) I briefly wrote about these November energies. What I didn’t get a chance to say because of all the physical (everything that was going on for me) was that the November blast was connected to the 11/11 Portal Opening. That this early November 2017 Blast was connected to this 11/11 Portal opening because of where I sensed the energy was coming from. The energy that I sensed it wasn’t the usual HL (Higher Light) energy from the 5th Dimension. Where I felt and sensed this energy coming from was from the Galactic Centre. I’ll be writing about this topic in another article because November 2017 is when Saturn is on the Galactic centre. So, important energies will get activated within humanity and already has since the end of October. These energies are GL (Galactic Light) or GC (Galactic Consciousness) which is where this recent download has been coming from. All of this is all connected – which is why I’ve felt like a completely NEW and Expanded being ever since the end of October 2017.

Early November 2017 Solar Blast: Huge Blast Of Light Coming From Solar Winds & Lots Of Physical Embodiment Pains.

The Physical Symptoms & Changes From The Galactic Light Upgrade

Over the last two weeks since the beginning of November I’ve been feeling a mixed bag full of physical pains and going through serious molecular changes and upgrades. I’ve also been doing a lot of TCW (Timeline Closing work) of old (TN – Team Negative) inorganically created atrocities and events. If the physical pains wasn’t enough I have also been experiencing blatant attacks from many TNHB (Team Negative Human Beings) through constant harassment, constant sexual harassment at work and constant harassment through them emailing me repeatedly. So November 2017 has been a little bit of everything all rolled up into one. Notice the similar issues that are being brought up at this time for many and people especially in “Hollywood” have been getting exposed for what they have always been. Why? So that people can fully see for themselves who and what they are and what they’ve been doing. Nothing and nobody can hide from the light or Source. Like always I’ve moved on and I’ve ignored the lower realities playing out by many who still live and exist in it. So none of these situations that are happening to me personally have bothered me in anyway, but we can’t ignore these situations being brought up now and in front of the consciousness screen for all to witness right now. This and more has been happening since The Galactic Light embodiment began for me on the night of October 27 with general tiredness.

On Saturday Oct 28th I felt achy and I knew something was going on energetically because my head was pounding and more work was being done as my physical body began to de-construct internally and embody energy from the galactic centre. Sunday Oct 29th I felt my heart centre expand and my throat chakra being worked on and on this day I was attacked by a negative Male co-worker at work. All part of trying to prevent me and my work from being done. On Monday Oct 30th I was on the couch sleeping in/out. Tuesday Oct 31st I was still sleeping in/out but I immediately felt like a rush of energy had entered my entire body and I felt the connection to another fragmented piece of my higher self. Wednesday Nov 1st I began to feel better but I could feel the energy hammering away at my throat chakra and all of the blocked energy that was sitting there, by then all I had to do to relieve congested pains was expand my heart and fill it with love and the pains went away. Thursday Nov 2nd I felt off but better and noticed that my voice felt and sounded different to me and I couldn’t recognize my own voice. The days leading up to today I’ve had constant face upgrades being done. I’ve also had inner ear pain and a constant ringing which I haven’t felt or heard in a very long time. I’m still feeling the intensity of these GE (Galactic Energies) and this will continue well into November.

What a time to be a living and breathing as a forerunner in this crazy AP (Ascension Process) while doing this work right now. Self care, rest, being kind to yourself and discerning the many different energies right now is so important for us all right now especially as we get activated my the GC (Galactic Centre) energies and by Saturn hitting the Galactic centre later on in the month.

16Love & Light16

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Early November 2017 Solar Blast: Huge Blast Of Light Coming From Solar Winds & Lots Of Physical Embodiment Pains.

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Early November Solar Blast & All I Can Say Is Ouch

Since about Friday Oct 27th around the evening time I started getting blasted by the energies on a physical level by the latest Solar winds, solar energy, solar everything that has been coming into or passing by our physical planet. Now over the past few days the energies have been beyond challenging, incredibly painful and I mean for about the last 4 to 5 days this has really hurt. What I’ve been feeling has really been hurting me on a physical level – this is the biggest ouch that I’ve felt since about the time in March 2014 when I was first physically activated to begin my physical Ascension Process. I’m so numb on a physical level but I’m also really feeling this absolute solar galactic light energy coursing through my veins. I can only imagine how tired, how run down all the forerunners of the forerunners are really feeling at the current moment. I’m right there with you – and all that I can really say is ouch at these early November solar energies coming in at the current moment.

Every now and again since my Physical Ascension Process began for me back in (2014) I’ve experienced (Higher Dimensional, Universal, Galactic, Photonic, and Unity Consciousness) and all of those necessary energy upgrades that were happening because of the fact that the earth and humanity was also receiving the same energies and the same uploads.  However, its never felt like this. I mean its always been a bit painful and uncomfortable in many ways. But this, its never ever felt like this for me personally before and that is something that is really sticking out to me and for a very obvious reason. I’m feeling like this, I’m feeling this badly because this magnitude of solar light frequency hasn’t been integrated into my 3D body before. Whatever the hell frequency level this energy is at – I’m not used to feeling this inside me. So, this rampant solar wind energy we’ve been experiencing for much of October that isn’t going to ease up into November is absolutely NEW light energy. There is no doubt about this in my mind. I knew October, November and December were going to uplift us – but I didn’t think I or you could actually physically feel like we were dying because it hurts like this so much. This is just more of the very NEW that we’re all going to have to get used to, that we’re going to have to adapt to because if you’ve begun your physical Ascension Process your going to be feeling every single physical aspect of this.

Physical Symptoms & The Early November Solar Blast 

Any time anything feels off, strange, different or unusual within my body I usually always go search online to see what’s going on with the sun. If it’s not a Gateway, a Portal Opening its usually solar activity. Now I already knew October was heavy with solar activity – earlier in the month I spent a week with stomach issues, bloated stomach, stomach aches and pains and we were constantly dealing with Geomagnetic storms and coronal holes opening up blasting us with Solar winds. Then towards the end of October a gateway opened – and now as we transition towards the start of November they’re saying by the 2nd solar winds from a coronal hole will hit us. However – I’m being hit right now (Because the forerunners) will usually feel anything different energy wise first. So for those that feel (Flu) symptoms right now – as we move into November we’re experiencing more solar winds.

All my Ascension symptoms have been (Flu) type symptoms over the last four days – coughing, sore throat, ears are hurting, my entire body is aching, I’m hot and cold, I’ve got chills running up and down my body. I’m sweating hot and cold, my bones ache, I’m hungry, I’m tired, I’m thirsty. My head aches, my face feels full and I feel a lot of energy moving up and down my entire face. My ears are sore, my entire body pulsates. My heart beats extremely fast and quick, I’m feeling an expansion of my chest area. I could go on and on with these symptoms. Throughout my tenure as a Light-Worker any time that I’ve felt (Flu) like symptoms has been when anything solar happens on the sun. Solar activity has always made me feel these (Flu) Symptoms. I wrote about this extensively in an old article a year or two ago – and I’ll leave the link at the bottom of this paragraph for those interested in reading about the common symptoms.

Ascension Symptom(s): Ascension Flu (Frequent Light Energies Download) & Symptoms

I usually write much more – but I need to hit the couch and wrap myself up in a blanket and pass out. Self care Light-Workers especially in these times.

16Love & Light16

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October 2017’s Gateway Blast: Moving Beyond The 10/10 Portal & Much More Evolutionary Physical Pains.

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What Is Going On In October 2017?

Over the last few years since I’ve began my physical AP (Ascension Process) and as I write this its now going on to be four years since I’ve had my crystalline seed activated within. Time really has been flying. But, getting back to the point that I was trying to make – I on a personal level have gotten very used to the energies when they come at us like they have in October 2017 in these huge bursts, blasts, explosions, waves, and anything extraordinarily big and in your face kind of like we’ve been experiencing time and time again. So for me and for many of the forerunners, especially those who have been doing this kind of IW (Integration Work) over the last few years, decades, and for the forerunners of the forerunners the last 50 years or so give or take. All of this is not NEW to me and or you or them in anyway – but the energies coming in right now are extremely NEW in every single way. I/you/them haven’t integrated energy this high in frequency before and because I/You/them are doing it now in October our own personal frequency is also changing.

This is what is happening in October 2017: This gateway burst happened right before The 10/10 Portal and opened us up to receiving greater energy from the photon belt, the 5th Dimension and the galactic centre along with the sun our solar home base. The sun has not been letting up all month long and while its not the flares – its these solar winds, Geomagnetic storms or huge gaping holes that are opening up and letting solar energy and light energy enter the entire space around the sun until it hits us and enters into us. During the 10/10 Portal we experienced a continuous geomagnetic storm which has been affecting us greatly especially on a physical level. After the 10/10 date past the geomagnetic storms still continued – and we’re still dealing with these storms which will once again get greatly enhanced in coming days as we move past this October Gateway. What exactly is happening here? and why is it happening? We are embodying the next level of energies – and preparing for greater levels of light energy once December 2017 comes. This is all preparation work that we’re doing for the next upcoming shift in December which is getting closer – time is just flying and its hard to believe that November 2017 is just around the corner and its 11/11 Portal Gateway is also ready to uplift us to newer and higher space(s.)

Ascension Symptom(s) Due To The October 2017’s Gateway Opening

October 2017: Has hurt me so much on a physical level I can’t believe how much pain I’ve been in. Mum is also in a lot of physical pain and the last week or two for the both of us have been excruciatingly painful. We both have a lot of earth energy in our life charts, I have five planets in earth signs while mum has 4 planets in earth signs. So we’re both here to ground light energy – but its not been easy for either of us. The biggest complaint for us both has been the Tummy pains. We’ve both been feeling bloated, we’ve both been feeling like anything we eat we can’t hold onto it, we’ve both had frequent visits to the bathroom because we’ve noticed we’re both releasing a lot of old stuff hiding in our bodies. We’ve both been breaking more of our own individual DNA strands, inner blue prints, inner codes and embodying more light and shifting our DNA. Me and mum have done a lot of work together over the last few years – when I get hit she’ll get hit with the same light energy a few days later or vice versa. It can be a frustrating process because we seem to be the few people in our family that actually are embodying the process, and other members aren’t going through the process of Ascension themselves and it can be challenging to get some time to relax or even just explain why we don’t feel so great. It can challenge us both, because my father and sister don’t understand this process or even know we’re going through this and that we’re doing this work. So, the last few years have been challenging for us both.

The multitude of Ascension Symptom(s) in October has been (Bone aches, deep tissuesystem_diagram_lg achiness, powerful headaches, flu symptoms and especially nerve pains) its like anything that is deep down on the inside is what is getting hit the most. The human body has a lot of nerves and its made up of a lot of nerves – as you can see from the picture on the right. It feels like every nerve has been personally touched by the light, and its not a fun gentle caress its felt like an agonizing sharp pointed object has been plunged into various places throughout my body. It feels the same way with every bone in my body as well, they just ache all over the place. I’ve never felt so uncomfortable being me and I know many other Light-workers are feeling, experiencing and going through the very same pains. It doesn’t stop there because the tummy area has been a huge hot bed of activity – lower back has been hurting very much so as well. Even my eyes have been bothering me this month. I can’t see so clearly, my eyes are ultra sensitive and they close in on themselves if I’m in a space, area or place where there is a lot of negative activity going on. I’ve had to stay close to my home and avoid jumping to lower timelines, or lower world realities but unfortunately I have a job and sometimes I have to leave my wonderful light filled higher home base space to go work in that lower dark negative disgusting work place space. October has been a little bit of everything for everyone I think, and its only just the first of our triple gateways. We still have the 11/11 and 12/12 gateways to fully embody still.

All of this I’m sure if your reading you can relate to, it also can seem like its coming from a bit of a negative viewpoint but actually its really not so negative at all. Sure it hurts and its been hurting for a while now – but what this means for us and humanity is so wonderful, so important, so special and so divinely orchestrated. Its actually just more of the earth and humanity going through evolutionary pains and while it hurts now we’ll be reaping the benefits of the work we’re doing right now in the coming months and years to come. This is the best outcome we can possibly have right now – so keep doing what your doing and if that means extra sleep and more time for yourself all the more reason to pamper ourselves.

Upcoming Events: 11/11 Portal, 12/12 Portal, Saturn entering Capricorn, The December Solstice Gateway which will uplift us past the 1 energies and into the 2 energies in February 2018. Its still a lot to go through – but it’ll push us higher through the 5th Dimension.

16Love & Light16

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2017’s 10:10 Portal: More Removal Of The Old Lower 3D World(s), Burning Fires, Continued Hurricanes & More Pieces Of The August Eclipse Puzzle Are Now Being Connected.

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Removal Of More Lower 3D Energies In October 2017

Right from the very end of September into the very beginning of October 2017 I noticed, I felt, I sensed, and I realized that I experienced a very strong shift from where I was existing from in September and August. Those two months were powerful and energetic in their own right and universally strong months as well – but right from the start of October the energy enhanced for me. In a way that was hard to miss, and up right in my face screaming “feel me, Acknowledge me, notice me.” The feeling of existing now in a much newer and higher powerful consciousness for me felt more intense than when I was living through the August eclipses, or the September Equinox energies. In-fact right from the get go it’s felt like a more powerful month than August/September combined. I’m dubbing October 2017 the month of clearing, and so I’ve decided to call it (The Release.) I’m mainly choosing to call it that because I’ve never seen so much releasing, experienced so much personal releasing like this in a very long time. It’s like the entire universe (because this is a universal Ascension) and earth herself is in the midst of a serious enema. I hate to be the bearer of bad poop – but everything that was happening in August and September is still happening in October. The only difference is that its happening at a much higher level and this level of clearing is coming off of the heels of entering the 5D and experiencing the first embodiment of what the 5D has to offer us. We’ve pulled back the curtains – and now its light, light, light all of the time. The dark has been and will continue to come out full force, because its now finding it very hard to stay hidden from the light.

Its not just me or you – but hasn’t releasing our own personal issues, problems, patterns, old habits that have been on repeat for years on end now been wonderful? Yes, but its the entire planet now that’s had to come to terms with itself. What ever is hiding, lurking, what ever is beneath the surface, what has not yet to be put on display for everyone else to see yet is happening right now for a lot of people. There is shock, there is horror, some fear, and a lot of people who haven’t been acquainted with the AP (Ascension Process) this entire time is really getting a taste of light and the awful mess the dark has created in this realm. This is more removal of the old patriarchy, the old lower world(s), of the old realities, and of old lower consciousness that’s been running amuck for years, decades, centuries.

10/10 Portal – Hurricanes – Wild Fires & Do you Know That The Earth Is A Living Breathing Entity?

On Oct 10th it was the annual 10/10 Portal/Gateway opening. For those who don’t know what this opening is – its a yearly portal that opens up as we move closer to the next embodiment as we near the Winter Solstice every year. There are three of them – the 10/10 Portal – the 11/11 Portal – and the 12/12 portal. The trinity Portals. On a personal level I’ve had my own personal stuff to deal with when its gotten to this time of the year, and around the same time of these Portals. I’ll always find that the energies shift, switch, increase in frequency and every month the energy frequency increases until the big build up of energy that gets released on the winter solstice. (October – November – December) these three months I’ve always found difficult because I’m usually always dragging myself through constant existence. This year the 10/10 Portal was secondary to a week of seriously intense, achy, hell like dense conditions that had me exploding with energy. The full Moon in Aries/Libra really was about balancing the Masculine/Feminine and the balance between these energies that lay within my physical body. Not just mine, but in all people and in all Forerunners.

This years 10/10 was much different than last years – this year it seems Cosmic/Universal mother Earth wasn’t having it. I’ve never experienced a 10/10 like this before! its really been physically painful, debilitating even. To add to the mixture – recently fires broke out in Northern California, hurricane activity is still pretty high and on October 6th a CME erupted from the other side of earth. It’s shot in the direction of planet Mercury. So now, Saturn, Mars, and Mercury have also  received heightened light energy raise the energy frequencies on those planets and for those beings currently existing on those planets. There is so much removing of old templates, DNA, energy blockages within certain areas of earth right now and as a sovereign entity in her own right she is clearing, cleaning away all of the wounds caused by (Dis-Harmony, Darkness, and by Lower Consciousness.) She is a real living, breathing, and in pain being who is existing and a lot of the connection(s) between our physical pain is really because I/You are feeling her pain that has been caused by a tremendous amount of lower consciousness since the beginning of her birth. The storms, the fires, the hurricanes they still continue – because its a manifestation of healing. California is hit with fires yearly – and look what lives there and all the darkness that is associated with that area. It is being cleansed right now, hurricane after hurricane hitting the U.S coast(s) why? look at what’s been going on over the last year in America. Continuous releasing of the old, of the dark, of the demonic entities at work – the removal of lower consciousness is in full force. Mexico to, Canada to, and central America. Its all getting released. The first puzzle piece: if the eclipse past you and your general area, space, country, anything dark, lower in any way is being removed. Its being erased.

The Importance Of The August Solar Eclipse & More Pieces Of The evolutionary Puzzle

The August 2017 Solar Eclipse was so important for humanity that many people in thesolar_20170821-599x599 collective don’t even realize it. It was one of the single most important events of the early 21st century (Energetically, Spiritually, Evolutionary) and it will continue to usher all of us towards existing through the heart and from love as an energy source. If you look to the picture that I’ve added on the right, its of the Aug solar eclipse and the path that it’s taken. Notice how its around the same exact area where we’ve been seeing, feeling, and witnessing massive changes around the coasts of the U.S – The Caribbean islands, most of Western Europe and Northern portions of South America as well as Central America and Canada. This is another piece of the puzzle that we can now put together – these areas were the most effected by the Solar eclipse. This area was going to be the focal point of all the healing, clearing, cleansing, of some of the most profoundly old lower consciousness that was going to be confronted and pulled right out of these areas from the roots.

From Hurricanes, to fires, to disturbing people who have been holding onto power for so long being brought out into the open to be seen for who they really all. Plus more, as we get past the next few months. All these (End times realities) of people fleeing their homes because of hurricanes, fires, and any other weather related anomaly – which also includes constant upheaval because governmental decrees and laws make no sense to anyone as well. This is another piece of the puzzle, its not the end of the world but it is the start of the end of lower world realities that is taking place. During the summer we experienced a profound shift – and because we did we embodied more new light. Now in October, November, and December we’re experiencing the release of anything lower in frequency and replacing it with any new higher energy. Living and existing In a higher state, in those areas because its time for us to live in that higher energetic bliss now – we’ve been working so hard for this. The time when many people in the world would begin evolving with the forerunners and holding our light high enough to reach the darkest of places.

Everything is going to eventually connect – it really is like placing the puzzle pieces together in order to see the bigger picture. We haven’t exactly seen our bigger picture yet, but in the coming weeks, months, and all of next year we’ll discover more of the pieces we need for the puzzle. What’s going on right now is truly important for us all, for our individual AP (Ascension Process(s) as well as our connection to one another. I know its difficult but just keep holding onto that higher light and hold higher love.

16Love & Light16

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