The Ascension Process: Experiencing Great Periods Of Isolation & Why First Embodiers Experience It.

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January 2019 & First Embodiers Experiencing Isolation 

January 2019 has had a few major themes since we’ve entered the (3) energy year. These themes include: Greater ascension flu symptoms, embodying new codes of light at an alarming rate, and the most important – experiencing greater isolation than many of us have ever experienced before. This alone tells me that in (2019) many things are going to get brought up to the forefront, for us to see, for us to experience, and the one main occurrence that keeps showing up in my mind. Will be the matter of The Separation Of Worlds. This is a subject that I’ve spoken about many times on here, and i’ll continue to – because it’s also another major re-occurring theme which will be playing itself out. It also has to do with why so many of us in recent years, have felt continuously, more and more isolated from the world, and the many people who still function within a three dimensional existence. I’ve been feeling the “Isolation” myself so far this month and in this new energetic year. It’s not a bad thing. It is happening, instead of backing off from the topic. It’s better to be open about it and share my experiences freely. Ever since my last article when I mentioned that I was feeling so isolated. I got an overwhelming number of emails and feedback. So, it definitely struck a cord with a lot of people. 

This article is mainly about the AP – Ascension Process and why so many of the first embodiers are noticing just how isolated they’ve become. It’s about why many of the first embodiers are experiencing constant isolation whenever they embody higher energies, why they’re being ignored, why they’re not being seen (literally) – and why those who live in a three dimensional existence don’t really notice that we live and exist here with them to. Anything that basically is causing the first embodiers to feel or be isolated. The Ascension Process is about evolving beyond what we are. In order for us to do that, we have to move from the lowest space possible into the highest place we can reach. That’s what we do. We embody light energies – then we move into a new dimension within our universe. We align. We shift ourselves to match that new frequency. Not everybody is doing this. Which is why we even have a Separation Of Worlds happening within our world right now. Two timelines. Two alternate realities going in opposite directions. Both co-existing within the same physical space. Which is why many of us have no idea why sometimes none of them really seem to notice us at all. It’s just that they’re not in that same timeline, reality, alternate universe, space, realm, even though they’re having a physical incarnation just like you and me are on earth. Those living in the descending timeline: they’re consciously living on a different earth. So, let’s get into this thing. 

Light Embodiers & Why Do We Feel Isolation?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve embodied a new layer of higher consciousness, all of it’s codes, all of it’s information and knowledge. To then spend the entire time realizing that the majority of the time as i do this – that i’m spending large amounts of time alone. The reason we’re so isolated while we embody these energies, and why none of us are together in the same place. Is so that we can embody it in our specific areas, grid those codes, and we need to do it alone otherwise it’ll be too painful around a large group of people. When we’re embodying and we have to be around people it’s one of the most energetically draining experiences. We’ve all been in that situation. We know the energies are coming down on us hard, but we can’t get out of going to work. We can’t get out of going somewhere to do something. We have appointments. Grocery shopping to do. Bills to pay. It’s very hard sometimes. If your feeling isolated or having an experience that’s isolating – think of it in terms of your being left alone to do the physical work that you need to do in peace. Would you rather be alone enduring this? or enduring it surrounded by other people who might not understand what’s going on? Feeling the isolation is a part of the process and sometimes it’s a blessing. Other times you can get sick of always being stuck at home, especially when you get into that mindset where you don’t feel like your accomplishing much of anything. Just know that you are. Your an anchor for light energy. What could be better than that? 

Light Embodiers & Why Don’t People See You?

I’ve had many experiences in my life where I’ve felt isolated and ignored because I’m (literally) not being seen by people in the other alternate reality. This one out of all of them really drives me absolutely marbles. I’ve had to learn to both understand the “why” behind it and the “how to deal with it” behind it all. I usually experience this while i’m at work and over the last few years it’s really angered me, tested me, until i finally just realized what was going on and the reason behind it. This also happens to me when i’m out in public – when people driving don’t see me and I’m walking down the street. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve almost been murdered out right, because I wasn’t “being Seen” energetically. if you’ve had these experiences where your speaking to someone and they act like they don’t notice you – then it’s probably because your not existing in the same dimension as them. Your not in the same space as other people. They can’t see your energetic print, they also most likely don’t understand who you are. What your doing here? Why your vibrating at a higher level than they are. It’s all about energy. They won’t see what isn’t in they’re reality. Don’t take these sort of situations personally. Just understand the “why” behind it because it’s likely the people who you think are being out right assholes. they just can’t see you because they’re not in the same fifth dimensional reality. 

Light Embodiers & Feeling Isolated After Entering A New Space

Embodying is what we do all of the time. When we begin a new embodiment phase what usually happens is we exit one space and we enter a new one. When we’re transitioning from the space we were in, and move into this unknown space with new matching codes. We also enter a period where we are isolated from three dimensional people. We’re always at the starting point. We experience it all first. So, when those new codes reach us – we experience them first physically. We move into a different level within our universe. We align first. We shift first. We do everything first before anyone else. For a few weeks while we’re doing that, it’s going to feel like not a single person in the world is existing. Those existing at the lowest level of consciousness are going to feel so far away from us, to the point where we won’t notice them at all either. Just like they can’t see us – neither can we see them. We can’t feel them. They’ll move up to a new space as well. Eventually. However, that level might be where we were ten or fifteen years ago. 

(2019) is going to feel isolating from time to time for many of the above reasons. Many reasons that many of us have felt massively so far this year. Don’t let that stop you from doing the work, try not to worry about this so much. Keep your eyes on the prize which is helping everybody reach their highest potential – helping everyone reach their highest potential space that they can enter. We can do this by doing the work first and bringing them up to the next level or two. If you find yourself experiencing difficulties and hard times, know that people like me and other’s are also going through these similar experiences and emotions. So, your never alone. 

16Love & light16 

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January 2019’s Solar Eclipse: Light En-Coded (3) Energies & Still Feeling The “Ascension Flu” Like Symptoms.

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Eclipse Energies & Necessary Changes Taking Place For Humanity

January (2019) so far has been one of the most: Intense, isolating, physically draining, exhausting, challenging, explosive transition into a new energetic period – that I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. I’ve never felt this way on a physical level (Which hasn’t passed yet) and it’s been since the end of  December since I started feeling like this. I’ve never felt more “alone” in the way that I do. I’ve never “had to see” everyone else literally living in their own reality based existence. I’ve never been “More ignored” by other people on a consistent basis, and when they do notice me, they attack me on a personal level because of what I’m embodying. I’ve also never felt such an intense change taking place on the inside of me, because what I feel inside of me is so huge that it’s literally washing away everything that I have ever been. The (Three Wave) is manifesting now in our world and for all people in so, so, many ways. These (3) light en-coded energies are being embodied into us and our world, which is making it harder for those who have consistently avoided the AP (Ascension Process.)

If you’ve noticed like I have those certain (I don’t give a damn about source and his light energies) type of people who live among us. Who refuse to take responsibility. Who think they have all of the answers and that you should trust them. Who generally do what they want and when they want to do it. Who don’t want to know anything about the light, the energies, the ascension process, and or the embodiment process. Things are now getting much more difficult for them. They’re now being shown and will throughout this entire year, that they’re accountable for their actions. That they too are just like us – and that they need to start living a more connected, simple, and light filled existence. Which is what we all want on a soul level – now, it’s time for them to put their money where they’re mouths are. So to speak. The same people who have avoided, ignored, not cared, abused, used, made fun of us all who’ve been forerunners of the embodiment process for years. Are now going to become activated to join us and start making some necessary changes. Change is one of the hardest things for all people. As humans we like to hold onto the tried and what we’re used to. We shun necessary changes because we don’t want to look at what we most likely are doing wrong. In the end we end up fearing the exact changes that we need, because what we go through day in and out isn’t in alignment with who we’re suppose to be while we’re here. These January Eclipses are going to force those changes and help many people move on from their circumstances. These changes are absolutely necessary for humanity to evolve and grow. Changes are a good thing – especially if you’ve felt like you’ve endured something that hasn’t been so great for you. You can move on from the person, place, object, emotion, those feelings, and end that experience. This is what (2019) is going to bring for a lot of us including myself. Through me I’ll be writing about my and our changes that we’ll be experiencing throughout this year. Embrace the change because life is going to get modified whether we like it or not. 

The Common Symptom Of Ascension Flu 

In (2019) the physical level of this (Three Wave) still hasn’t calmed down and if anything it’s escalated. It’s been over an entire week and I’m still dealing with common “Ascension Flu” Symptoms. On Jan (5/6th) we experienced a Partial Solar Eclipse which was the first big wave of these new (3) energies. The next one will be on the (20/21st) when we experience a Total Lunar Eclipse which will be an even stronger layer of (3) energies.

Most of the physical side effects that I’ve felt for this first week of this new energetic year have included: Massive Headaches. These headaches feel like I’ve been stabbed and their timing is very unpredictable. I’ve had them come on without warning, but the worst ones that I’ve felt happened on the night before the Solar Eclipse. Friday night starting at 8 pm and lasting all morning, I couldn’t sleep until the late early morning. When I woke up I still had the headache. There is a lot being upgraded in the attic. Ascension Flu: This side effect has been rampant and I know other light embodiers have been dealing with this symptom. I was sick through the passing into this new year and still have a runny nose, fever, headache, my ankles and legs feel weak, body temperature shifts from hot to cold and a sore throat. Fever Caused by Angry Outbursts: This is a new one that started recently and one I’ve picked up on. Anger. I get angry just like everybody else. I get angry for where I am, what I have to put up with. Everyone get’s angry and feels this way. What’s been happening with me is my anger is now effecting my physical body. When I get angry I notice now that my body temperature rises, and if I’m ranting onward my throat will hurt. There will be a great dis-alignment in my entire body when my emotional self erupts. I’ve been getting fevers, been getting hot, and it’s been effecting my physical self. Crying Out For Freedom: In the new year and in these new energies I’ve been desperately trying to become free from the people and places in the world that I don’t want to go to. At work I feel hopeless there. The people I work with they make me want to run away from them as fast as I can. My soul has been crying out for freedom and it’s something completely new. Little To Know Sleep: I’m not sleeping as much as I usually do when these huge energetic events happen. I’m dealing with the opposite right now. I have been sleeping less but yet still have an enormous amount of energy to get through the stuff I need to do. Going Places & Doing Things: My dreams have been eventful lately. When I’m out of my physical body at night, I’m going to unknown places, and meeting with different beings both light beings and darker beings. Isolated Like Never Before: I’ve experienced times on my path where I’ve needed to be isolated, because I was embodying and I needed the necessary time to do that. This time around I’ve never been so isolated. I’ve never felt so alone as I endure these new energies. I’m not used to this level of isolation. There is literally no-one around to talk to. Just me and all of multi-aspected selves. 

I’d like to leave a link to an old article about “Ascension Flu” symptoms because my site has been getting hit with search terms for them over the last week or two. It’s really effecting people these new energies, but when all of this physical work gets done. The manifestations will feel extremely better. 

Ascension Symptom(s): Ascension Flu (Frequent Light Energies Download) & Symptoms

16Love & Light16

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Important 2019 Energetic Dates: A High Period Is On The Way & Living Fully Within The (3) Light Energies.

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2019 Transitional Pains & Embodying The (3) Light Energies

Since December (28th) – I’ve been hit hard “physically” with what I’d like to call the “Three Wave” and or if you prefer the (The Three Wave Of Freedom.) I’m choosing to call it “The Three Wave,” because that’s what I and you are now actively embodying into our physical beingness. A New year = The embodiment of new energetically encoded light energies. Which is what we’re doing now, and it’s what we’ll be doing for all of this year. The embodiment of (3) energies and higher aspects of ourselves will be major themes. These new energies will test us, inspire us, release us from physical burdens, move us on from past events and regressions, will help us leave old places and familiar faces, and help us ride the wave of freedom in ways that we never imagined before. There are good thing’s waiting for us in this new “Space Of Higher Energy,” and while we can’t see it yet, we will as time moves forward. This transitional period as we left (2018) and entered (2019) was so powerful. I’ve still not recovered on a physical level, and all of the familiar old “Ascension Flu” symptoms have returned with a force unlike anything I can describe. I guess the best description I can give is similar to being struck by lightning. It came out of no where. I had no angelic forewarning of such an intense energetic download, and everything is still moving around inside of me like bombs of light consistently exploding and causing ripple effects. Yet, I feel so different in so many ways and it’s only the first major energetic embodiment of (3) and all of it’s intense energies.

I hope everyone has had a great transition into (2019) and that you all can be happy that you’ve made it this far on your specific individual journey. With that said, unfortunately the work continues on for all of us. Just because the rest of the world thinks in terms of measuring time by a change in a yearly calendar – most of us understand the illusion of time. It’s not a change in a year, it’s a change in energies. It’s always been about energy. I personally don’t have much to say about (2018) and the (11/2) light coded energies. However, it did what it needed to do especially with where we were at that period in time. If you’ve suffered, if you were challenged, if you experienced great discomfort. It can change and be extremely different in this specific time period. Just know that your here now in this moment, and try your best to move on with life in the only way you know how to. How much more brutal can it get anyways? Ride the “Three wave” to freedom – this is the year to do this, as more freedoms will be more available to us in this new energy space.

Entering A High Energy Period & Important Energetic Dates For 2019

January (2019) is eclipse month and because of that we’ll be experiencing a “Higher Energy Period” earlier in the year than we did in (2018). We’ve got a (Partial Solar Eclipse) on (Jan 5th) and a (Total Lunar Eclipse) on (Jan 20th) and these are such important dates. These two specific dates and the lead up to them, will be extremely powerful. It’ll be the true essence of what the (3) energies will feel like. What they will be like and how they will effect humanity for the first time since leaving the old energetic year. As with any “Higher Light Period” the integration and embodiment process will feel more enhanced, more accelerated, and I know that all forerunners who have been embodying light have experienced this first hand so far in the new year. You can feel it inside of you how magnified it’s gotten, deep down in your bones, and it’s really felt physically challenging. I spent the entire passage of the new energetic year in bed, with a blanket wrapped over me, with the greatest head pressures and pains. I’ve not been able to work, write, think, breathe, because of such a force in the energies. This has really accelerated and it’s so imperative that we take care of ourselves right now.

Over the last few years I’ve been jotting down in small lists some numerological dates, energetic dates, portals, gateways, and I’ve been making some articles about them. I’d like to continue this tradition and what I found was highly interesting, which made me believe (2019is going to be a highly interesting year. Most of the dates that I analyzed added up to 1-2-3 or 5-4-3 in some months, so the theme of (Ascending & Descending numbers) is huge for (2019.) The battle between experiencing higher levels of consciousness and the need to experience them, will be a huge reminder for humanity and the people of earth this energetic year. Creativity, higher self connection, forging new ways to be and exist, all of this and much more. So, here are some of the dates that will feel heightened for this year. From (January – June). These dates more likely than other’s will accelerate you, on a physical level, mental, spiritual, or emotional level. 

  1. Jan 2, 2019The first Ascending Frequency date 1-2-3 of the year.
  2. Partial Solar Eclipse –  A partial Solar Eclipse bringing in the first (3) energies.
  3. Jan 11, 2019The Second Ascending Frequency date 1-2-3 of the year.
  4. Jan 20/21, 2019 –  A total Lunar Eclipse bringing in the first (3) energies.
  5. Feb 4, 2019 New Moon Shift.
  6. Feb 19, 2019 Full Moon Shift.
  7. Feb 22, 2019 The full Moon leading up the 2-22 Gateway Opening. 
  8. Mar 3, 2019The 3-3-3 Gateway. One of the most powerful Gateways of the year. 
  9. Mar 6, 2019New Moon after the 3-3-3 Gateway. 
  10. Mar 12, 20193-3-3 Portal. This one is different than the Mar 3rd Gateway. 
  11. Mar 20, 2019The Spring Equinox. Also followed by Full Moon.
  12. Mar 21, 2019This is another 3-3-3 Portal which will open up due to the Spring Equinox. 
  13. Mar 30, 2019This is another 3-3-3 Portal. March 2019 will be extremely potent. 
  14. Apr 5, 2019New Moon Shift. 
  15. Apr 19, 2019Full Moon Shift.
  16. May 4, 2019 This is a New Moon shift. This is also the first  Descending Frequency date 5-4-3 of the year. 
  17. May 13, 2019 The second Descending Frequency date 5-4-3 of the year.
  18. May 18, 2019Full Moon shift.
  19. May 22, 2018The third Descending Frequency date 5-4-3 of the year.
  20. May 31, 2019 – The fourth Descending Frequency date 5-4-3 of the year.
  21. June 3, 2019New Moon Shift. 
  22. Jun 17, 2019Full Moon shift into the summer solstice. 
  23. jun 21, 2019The summer solstice for 2019. 

These are the important energetic dates for the first half of the (2019) year. These dates and energies will be part of the (3) energies and all of it’s dominion. The energies of creativity, inspiration, the trinity, the light, integrating more higher self aspects into our lower body selves and much more. These energies will feel new and different. We’ve not yet experienced a (3) year in this new cycle of earth that we’re in. This is still new territory and it’s okay if you don’t feel happy with where you are, what your doing, with the embodiment process. That’s also part of it. The annoyance of this process is also a normal part of the process and so is hating it at times. Don’t limit your emotional responses, if you’ve been doing this in (2018) (2017) (2016) and so on and on. It’s time to stop. Feel what you feel and let yourself experience it. The “Three Wave of Freedom” is just that – more greater freedom. Be free to experience whatever you need to. There are no limits. Enjoy the new energies of this new (2019) year. 

16Love & Light16

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December 2018’s Transitional Period: The Solstice Shift & Going Beyond The (11/2) Energies.

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What A Week & Into The Big Shift We Go

Nothing this week or this month has felt familiar and I’m sure that many of you share similar sentiments. Nothing. Not a single thing. If I were to explain how I felt this month has been overall … is that, (December 2018) went by so fast. Like the speed of light fast. I’m a little confused at how it’s (Dec 20th) right now. Where have I been? What have I been doing? How has this acceleration of time been alluding me? On top of it all it feels just like yesterday that we were starting out at that early December point. With a lack of familiarity and the sudden acceleration of time – I find myself struggling to get through a day. I do. Maybe you do to. The term “Not enough hours in a day” comes to mind, and you just don’t have enough time or energy to do what you know has to get done. This really has felt so extremely accelerated and between (December (1st) to the 12/12 portal,) to now at the doorway to the solstice transitional period. We’ve definitely had a ton of energetic events happen one after the other. It’s been a big week and the lead up to the Solstice and this Full Moon shift has felt and looked absolutely crazy. Dealing with the lower 3D world and everything that it brings with it at this specific time, it’s challenging as a extremely sensitive person. Watching as people run back and forth, as they engage in activities, purchases, give energy to, and all at the same time surrender their morals, values, and sovereignty to the material thing’s in this world. It’s really frustrating as hell. The thing about these emotions are – they do become a part of your process, and you do have to deal with how you feel about the majority of the population who is still so stuck in it all. 

So, into the transitional period we go. This time period that we’re moving through right now was always going to feel big. Mainly, because it is a big event. Put aside everyone and what they’re doing. What is it that you feel you need to do? Where do you feel you need to go? What have you looked within yourself and thought “That’s it. That’s something that’s eating away at me. How can i correct this and get rid of the feeling?Self examination. What is it that is inside of you (beliefs, feelings, emotions,) that you no longer want to have live and exist inside of you. That is something that I’ve been doing, and my emotions have been on a roller-coaster ride all week long. I’ve been doing this and some of you might also have been doing this, because we know that we’re in a transitional period. The December 2018 Solstice is a Transitional Period. It’s a transitional period because we’re no longer going to be experiencing the (11/2) energies. We’re going to be living within the (3) energies that (2019) has to offer. That’s going to be an even greater and higher frequency of energies, that we haven’t felt before. People are going to react differently to these energies. Thing’s will shift greatly, and more and more people will suddenly realize what they need to do. It’s going to be a marvelous year. We just need to get there first. This Full Moon is going to bring a lot of these thing’s up. Further personal issues for all people will be ultimately be re-unified and dealt with from within. Whatever doesn’t get fully corrected, healed, dealt with – can always get done in the new year. 

The Solstice Energies & It’s Painfully Obvious How They Feel

The lead up to this 2018 Solstice has been “painfully obvious” to me and any forerunner who has been feeling these energies. The physical acceleration has felt just like the acceleration of time this entire month. I guess that’s the greatest connection of these energies isn’t it? Getting back to the physical side effects. They’ve been so powerful to the point where it’s felt like I’ve got a rocket in my body shooting in/out of me. I’ve been so tense, so compressed, so physically tight and I haven’t been expanding as much as I usually do. Thing’s have just felt like this for me and for me it’s a natural part of my life, but not everyone seems to approve of that. I’ve had some unusual incidents happen to me concerning my physical symptoms, that I usually don’t ever experience. A majority of the situations have happened at work, and of course it’s always going to, while being at that specific lower level. With being in a lower leveled place, you unfortunately have to deal with people. Everyday people who have no idea about the AP (Ascension Process) and that’s fine. I’ve always been around people in my area who don’t know these thing’s. I’ve always been around people who don’t get it, and you will be around these people. It’s just the way that it is. 

The few interesting thing’s about this 2018 Solstice Gateway is that a few people have been picking up on how tight, tense, and compressed everything in my body feels. Where as they don’t usually notice that. One male co-worker this past week, almost seemed to be ridiculing me, because of my ascension symptoms, and how I didn’t look happy enough to be working with him. That has to do with me physically experiencing pain with headaches, energies running up and down my body, vibrating. Generally he wasn’t happy that I was embodying the light energies and because of that I didn’t have the right attitude. 

So, that was a new thing to experience in the workplace, people taking notice of how the energies are effecting me physically. But they don’t understand it. They also don’t have much respect for it. You can’t really say anything about it either, because it’s a completely different conversation to have. I don’t have those kinds of conversations with people in public about what I go through on a physical level. I go through it quietly and on my own. However, thing’s are changing because people are changing. More and more people are going to feel what your going through. Some, will be happy about it, and other’s won’t and it’s because they aren’t going through it themselves.

I didn’t address this male co-worker. I didn’t stop to explain it to him. I ignored the comment and I moved on with my life, because there are so many more wonderful thing’s happening to me in my life than that one unpleasant moment. In other words “I don’t give a shit” and i don’t mean for this to sound rude – but I really “Don’t care” that other people don’t like that I’m enduring the physical side effects of the ascension process. I don’t like that I’m physically experiencing it either. But, I am. At the end of the day if you are and they aren’t – you can’t care what they think, or what anyone thinks. This is your process. Live it. That was challenging for me though – and it was a huge test for me and I’d like to think that I passed that with flying colors. 

A big physical side effect that December 2018 has me dealing with is “Rib cage Pain.” I’ve experienced this physical side effect on a few occasions, but, not to the extent that I felt during this past weekend. Last Sunday I was at work again – and i felt this incredible sharp pain in my left rib cage. I stopped for 3-5 minutes. Drank some water. Waited for the pain to subside. What I felt was energy moving in and out of that area, and it stayed there for a good while. Causing me sharp pains while I worked on breathing slowly, only when I inhaled in the pain hurt even more. When I massaged the area that helped slightly, and just as suddenly as it came on it disappeared and the rest of the night it never came back. I’ve had this physical sensation for years, and it first began for me when I was (15) long before I was activated to understand what I was physically doing. But, this has been a challenge for me this month. 

Whatever your going through right now. Whether it’s physical pains, personal self examinations, transitions in all areas of your life. Make time for yourself. Treat yourself with love and kindness, especially for whatever your experiencing in these tough times. It’s not easy and sometimes other people won’t understand, not because they don’t care – more because they don’t understand the level your at and what your doing with your body. Stay safe and self care. 

16Love & Light16

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December 2018 Alignments: Growing A Crystal Light Crown & Graduations On All Levels.

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(November – December) 2018 Energies & Growing A Crown

This article is something that I have wanted to write about for almost a month now, but that I haven’t had the chance to yet. With everything that has been going on in my personal life, and all of these energies week after week. It’s been very difficult and I’ve not gotten the chance to do more of what I’ve wanted to. Hit on the types of topics that I feel I need to write about. So, now that I’ve got the time. I can finally write it. This might make more sense to a lot of people right now as we approach the Solstice and the Full Moon energies. This is a big shift that we’ll be experiencing, because it’s an exit point out of the (11/2) energies and the space that we’ve been in this entire (2018) year. That’s over and that’s done with. So, when we reach the (21st, 22nd, and 23rd) it’s going to be extremely heavy with the energies. It makes more sense now because of where the forerunners are, in each group, and of each age. Whether you started this 20 years ago, 10 years ago, or 5 years ago like me, or just beginning. For all of us (Some of the experiences I’ve had) makes a lot of sense to you now, because it’s also been happening to you. Because of that – this solstice point we’ve reached is going to bring on an ending of sorts and a new beginning. A new level reached and an old one left behind. It makes more sense to all of us now as I write this, and had I wrote it a month ago like I wanted to, there wouldn’t be a lot of people who could connect to it. I’m a big believer of (Thing’s usually happen when they need to at just the right time) and in this instance, it worked out this way and right now is the right time. 

I don’t even need to write about the difficulties on a physical level that the (November & December) 2018 energies have felt like. You already know. You’ve been experiencing it. The interesting thing about these two specific months have been the thing’s that I’ve been experiencing. I’ve been experiencing some really wacky stuff. I really have. Which you might also be experiencing as well. Which is why I wanted to discuss the dreams, the out of body experiences, and the new light crown that has some how formed on my head. Over the last four years almost five I’ve not seen, felt, or noticed on a psychic level any crown on my head. Nothing. I’ve felt nothing in that area of my aura. So, when (November 2018) started and ended that’s when I began to notice something forming etherically on the top of my head. The triple (11) gateway was interesting because I had various awake visions and images of me with a crown on my head. Around that time I had a dream of me in a white monk like gown wearing a crown on my head made of crystals and light. I even had an out of body experience one night, and I was above my body looking at light energy moving into my head but creating something just above my skull. In (December 2018) this escalated further and has been with these intense full head aches, pains, and skull vibrations. So, obviously something is being formed up there that wasn’t there before. It started off as just a light feeling. But, as of today as I write this (I can fully see an etheric crown, that is bright, shining crystals surrounding it and it’s still be worked on.) There is still some work to be done in these next intense few weeks, and it’s not by any means a “Completed” process. 

If you’ve also been experiencing this wonderful and blessed phenomena, then it’s likely that your also forming a crown of light on your head. If your head has felt heavy, and like you can feel something forming, taking shape, sitting there and you can’t understand why your feeling this way. It’s likely that you’ve formed a crystal crown of lights that wasn’t ever there before. Like I mentioned earlier depending on how long you’ve been living the AP (Ascension Process) you might already have a crown, and working on a second crown, or a third crown, or just enhancing that crown that you have to an even bigger one. These are thing’s that are happening, and happening for people like us, and yes they are extremely strange. Although, blessings because while it might be strange now it won’t be in the future – when we’ll all be modified, and be able to see certain aspects around one another that we never could before. 

Alignments & Collective Graduation(s)

(December 2018) has been about Aligning ones higher self to their lower self body. So, we’ve been going through a lot on a physical level and an emotional level. However, one thing that I can say is that there have been a lot of graduating themes going on at this time. We’ve all managed to get to this point and for a lot of us we’re graduating to the next level. We’ve done the work. We have learned the lessons. We have learned about ourselves individually as people. We have embodied and let go. We have begun to heal who we are through our triggers. We have have reached a higher understanding of each other. Because of that. We have graduated and just in time for the Solstice Transition and wave of light energies. We are more in alignment with who we are suppose to be, and while that’s not every single person in the world. That’s still something to celebrate. Even if you don’t think it’s something that is worth celebrating, or you can’t feel it at all. We have. 

Give yourself a round of applause for making it this far from where you’ve been, and where you’ve come from to where your at right now. It hasn’t been easy at all for anyone. But, we’ve made it to this point and we’ll continue to move forward and create a second crown, a third crown and more. That’s what we do, and that’s what we’re here for. Self realization and the bringers of peace. Sometimes, it’s just nice when we get rewarded with a crown or two. Enjoy your crowns forerunners.

16Love & Light16

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Approaching 12/12 Portal: Moving Into New Directions & Deciding Where To Put Your Energy Into At This Time.

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New Directions & Current Life Check Points 

Well, What can I say? (December 2018) has been everything that I wanted it to be, and everything I never expected it to be all rolled up into one. It’s hard to believe that were only on December 10th (as I write this) – but we are. Ten days. I feel like I’ve changed so much, while having gone through two life times worth of emotions, and experiences in the last ten days. Ten days. In the last ten days: I’ve decided to quit my job, I’ll be giving my two weeks notice on Thursday. I’ve applied for a new job, and I have an interview on Thursday. I’ve been an emotional mess (Learning to let go) and it’s not been easy. I’ve been confused, in physical pain, feeling pressured, cried, been so dis-respected as a human being, had to rise above the people who’ve treated me like absolute crap, held my tongue, realized my worth, and had to learn to say goodbye to the old because it’s pointless to remain living along side it. These December Light Energies are not playing around, these are some really intense times that we’re living in. It’s a very big Transitional Period and it has a lot to do with the fact that we’re moving out of the (11/2) energies and heading towards the (3) energies. That’s not until we enter (2019) – but, we’re feeling the transitional energies and new directions are opening up for all people. Along with new directions are life check points, where all of us will have to consciously make a big choice whether to stay existing in the old, or moving into the new with the new energies. 

(December 2018) has been so important because we have been experiencing multiple (Life Check Points.) A Check Point: Is when (Source) gives you or me or humanity as a whole an opportunity to experience new energies at the same old level, or experience new energies at a different level and in a new space. The 12/12 Portal really is just about making a choice in the right now moment. A choice between continuing to exist at the same old level you’ve been used to, or place your energy in the new light that’s coming in for all of humanity now. A check point is similar to a timeline and a life review in many ways, it’s a stopping point where you will stop and see which direction you want to move into. Which direction is the best one for you and for your path. You have to check yourself right now, before you can move on from this specific point in your life. It can be really scary – if your in this situation right now like I am. The fear alone of making a decision can paralyze you. One of the biggest issues that I’ve been working through has been, the stability and security of the last three years for me. The ability to have that and having to let go, let go of everything that feels familiar is a huge issue for me. I’m not good at letting go of having security in my life, and sometimes taking a risk and hopefully end up in a better place isn’t something I’m good at doing. I need a change. I’m not currently aligned with where I am and what I’m doing, and for the last year I’ve had to realize this more and more each day. It’s just so hard to take that risk, but I have to because I need to. That’s one aspect of the AP (Ascension Process) that really frustrates me – is that “When a part of your life suddenly becomes over.” It’s just done. You can try and pretend and stick around doing it for whatever reasons, but it’ll constantly be brought up for you to re-examine. When something ends it just ends. That’s the worst part of this process because “You become aware of the fact that you have no control” over any of it. 

Energy & Putting It Where It Serves You At Your Highest 

I’ve been working with energy for years now and so have a lot of us. We’re energy workers just as much as we’re light workers. Energy is so precious. It is one of the most important thing’s that we have, and it fuels us on a daily basis. If our energy is low then we don’t function at our highest potential. We’re not serving ourselves at the highest possible level that our higher selves function at. Energy is extremely important. One of the themes that I’ve been experiencing with these approaching 12/12 energies has been, being very careful where I place all my energy into. More specifically: Where I choose to put my energies on a daily basis into thing’s that serve me at my highest level. After going within – I find that I’ve placed most of my energy a good majority of the time into stuff that I shouldn’t. I waste my energy and because of it I waste my time, which could be better spent with me putting energy into thing’s that serve me at my highest level. I think we all tend to do this, and that’s okay. These December Energies are going to help us re-focus, and it’s also a reminder that we should put our energy into what we want to.

On a Physical level thing’s have been reaching epic proportions. My body aches, my left leg is vibrating, the ears are ringing constantly, I can see the light energy crawling under my skin and pulsating. I’ve been seriously exhausted, with a sudden need to sleep as soon as it hits around 4 pm in the afternoon. Aside from being really emotional – and working on myself this is how the 12/12 energies have been feeling for me on a personal level. There is no way to know how to experience everything in a perfect way, because this process isn’t perfect in anyway. Self care is really all you can do in these challenging, but ever changing energetic times we live in. So, self care and really do what is going to make you feel better. 

16Love & Light16

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December 2018 Solar Energies: It’ll Be A Month Like No Other & Feeling It In Your Bones.

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SPOTLESS SUN HURLS A CME TOWARD EARTH: Yesterday, Nov. 30th, a filament of ch_strip (1)magnetism in the sun’s southern hemisphere erupted, hurling a CME into space. NOAA analysts say the expanding cloud has an Earth-directed component. The slow-moving CME could deliver a glancing blow to our planet’s magnetic field on Dec. 5th, possibly sparking polar geomagnetic storms.

This is a “coronal hole”–a place where the sun’s magnetic field opens up and allows solar wind to escape. We’ve seen this coronal hole before. It opened in June and, since then, it has been spinning around with the sun, lashing Earth with solar wind about once a month. The last time it happened on Nov. 4th.

December 2018 Solar Energies  

The end of (November 2018) and the transition into early (December 2018) was one of the most exhausting transitions from one month, to the next, that I’ve ever experienced. Such powerful days we’re living through, and it’s completely wiped me out. Like most of my experiences in the last four years of my life – I was lead to something that explained why thing’s felt this way for me and you during this specific time. While looking up what’s going on with our sun, earlier this week I realized that our sun was doing some interesting thing’s once again. It all started around the same time that I started noticing some NEW and improved physical side effects, that i hadn’t felt much of before. The Solar Light Energies are back, and this time they feel completely different, to the point, that I didn’t realize that it was energies coming from the sun that were sparking my physical side effects. They didn’t feel like the usual solar wind, geomagnetic storm, type of energies like I remembered them. Then I realized that we’re not where we used to be, so we’re likely not going to feel these side effects in the same way we used to either. So, it’s all felt extremely different, extremely NEW, but, in a lighter and better way than ever before. Even if it doesn’t feel all that great to be physically experiencing it from time to time. The difference in how it all feels, tells me we’re in new territory that we have never been in before. I’m real happy about that. 

Since the end of (November 2018) I’ve been feeling these NEW Solar Light Energies, in such a profound way – that I’ve never experienced them before. In a truly deeply molecular and deeply profound way within my body. Since about (Nov 29th) I’ve been experiencing Sharp Skull & Head like pains all over the place, it’s felt like little pricks of a very large needle poking me on the top of my skull. This has really taken me back at times, and whether I’m at home protected in my light filled space, or at work, my reactions to this have been very verbal. Loud verbal response(s) to what I’m feeling, have become very normal to me with these consistent needle like pricks into my skull pains. The worst side effect has been a NEW one for me, with where I’m at on my own specific level. Another head side effect has been this unbelievable Head Being Compressed Sensation. It feels like everything inside my head is closing in on itself, compressing inwards and accompanied by lots of pressure. The worst side effect has been a NEW one for me, with where I’m at on my own specific level. This third NEW side effect i’ve been feeling and sensing, Bone Aches and absorption of Solar Light Energies into my bones. This has been a huge NEW sensation for me, feeling these energies deep within my bones. It’s a strange feeling and it’s twice as worse as nerve pain, because it’s so deeply ingrained inside my bones. It permeates especially into my left leg bone, both bones in my arm, and my right wrist. This is deep molecular integration at work here, and not an uncommon side effect when it comes to embodying these energies. These are massive intense re-constructions that are going on for all people, even inside our bones which have been aching so far in (December 2018.) I’ve not yet managed to find a way to acclimate to these intense deeply rooted bone aches, and if your also experiencing these side effects as I am. Do the best that you can at staying as calm as you can, stay open with whatever emotions your feeling, but most importantly always take care of yourself in whatever way works for you. 

Thing’s are going to massively shift once again on Thursday as we head into the New Moon energies, which are being felt already by these Solar Light Energies. Which will stretch into the 12/12 Portal next week on the Wednesday. So, we have a lot going on energetically.

It’ll Be One Spectacular Month & It Won’t Stop

Aside from the (December 2018) energies which have been coming from our sun, and the physical side effects. We’re in for a really intense and powerful month, which is going to feel twice as great as anything we’ve experienced so far this entire year. It’ll all be on the heels of each other, one intense movement in time after another. It really is going to be a spectacular month with the energies, and I need to say this now because it’ll better prepare people for the energies we’ll be embodying. It won’t end in December either. It will continue on the same spectrum, at the same intense level heading into (January 2019.) When we reach the new year (2019) we’ll be exiting out of the (11/2) energies, and we’ll be moving into a (3) year. In January we have the first wave of intense new (3) energies and those codes, because of the two eclipses. Much of February will be about embodying these (3) codes, and then in March we have the (3/3/3) gateway which will bring even more codes. It’ll be an amazing month but it’ll be an even more spectacular beginning to the new (2019) timeline period. 

Don’t expect these energies to stop because as NEW and different as it feels now in (December 2018) when we enter the (3) energies, we’ll be experiencing new to us side effects that we haven’t felt before in (2019.) The most important thing about the (3) energies is: Creating and being a conscious creator. So, despite whatever new energies we’ll be feeling on a physical level, that’s just one aspect to all of these new codes coming in. Consciously creating with these NEW codes is going to be so important in the next coming weeks. Are you ready for December and the new (2019) energies? I am. I’m so excited for them. 

16Love & Light16

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