November 2018’s (11/11/11) Gateway: Approaching Completion & Crossing The Bridge Of Light.

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November 2018 Energies & Absolute Completion(s)

On a personal level November 2018 has not “felt” or “been” a great month so far for me, and I don’t know anyone else collectively, who is having an alright time with these cosmic energetic changes that we’ve been experiencing. However, with that said – these energetic changes are needed at this time. As we continue to acclimate to these new light codes that we’ve been embodying, they will stabilize and so will the current timeline that we’re in now. For those who don’t know yet we’ve entered a new timeline on Nov 6th – and the changes that are taking place right now are very hard to stomach but their necessary for soul development. This will continue to impact us on multiple levels until we pass through the Triple (11) Gateway. Which is tomorrow. Thing’s will continue to be a back/forth struggle as we get used to where we are as individuals on our own unique paths. 

One of the few “Mental Images” that I’ve been getting a lot of over this last week and within this current time-frame and timeline, has been the word “Completion.” When I receive these visual mental images – I know that I’m being given specific messages about where we are as a whole. Completion is an excellent word for where we all are at the current moment, these November 2018 energies are helping us come around full circle, and complete another cycle that began back in January 2018 for us. Completion can mean many thing’s but the most important thing it symbolizes is: Having something that was started at some point finally finish and come to a close. This completion can be anything. A death. A new beginning, A new job, A new home. A new self realization. A new understanding of some form of higher consciousness. A lesson learned. A life event or situation of importance coming to pass. November 2018 is all about completion and these Triple (11) energies are going to bring about completion for all humanity of some kind. If you haven’t been experiencing this – you will soon, and if you already have remember to surrender whatever you need to in order to get from point A to point B. Expect many closures and endings and massive clearings to take place – during and after the Triple (11) Gateway. Absolute completion(s) = Absolute rebirth.

The Triple (11) Gateway & Crossing This Transparent Bridge Of Light

The Second “Mental Image” that I’ve received since the beginning of November 2018 has been of a “Transparent Bridge Of Light.” This has been a huge message for me that I’ve been receiving, because it’s been so pronounced throughout the entire month so far. I’m not the only Ascension Writer to mention “This Bridge” and a few that I follow, they have mentioned that they too have been seeing or feeling this bridge. One that I read frequently I believe even mentioned that she was seeing a rainbow bridge. The bridge that we’re all sensing and picking up on psychically – it is very real. There different because it’s a different viewpoint, many of us experience similar psychic messages at our own consciousness understanding of what they actually are. Which is why this specific Ascension Writer sees it as a rainbow bridge. From my viewpoint I see it as a (Bridge of light) and it’s transparent. 

This (Bridge of Light) is connected to The (11/11/11) Gateway. The actual bridge that many of us have been “Seeing” and “Feeling” is the gateway itself. I came to this realization when the image matched up with the number frequency of triple (11.) 

The Triple (11) gateway (The Bridge) – is not just something that we’re seeing, we’re all going to cross over the bridge during the triple (11) on Sunday. We’re going to be moving from the space that we just inhabited, and crossing over this bridge to a place that is better and higher. This is what the (11/11/11) gateway was always about – it was about completion for all of us, and moving from point A to point B. Now Point A which is where we were about a month ago, had a lower frequency than where we’ll be after the triple (11) and it’s energies take full effect. We were being prepared all summer into early fall all along, but now we’re going to really see ourselves, and the planet itself, shift into Point B and it’s higher and lighter space(s.) What can we expect to feel? We’ve been feeling in our physical bodies how great these energies are, when we cross over we’ll also be existing where these energies are coming from. This is the next level within the 5D and we will not be used to how these energies feel at first. Remember each dimension has different level and layers to them, this is like getting on the elevator and getting off of 3 and moving onto 4. If your not used to these energies in this new space, give yourself time. Nothing will feel familiar – which is exactly how I’ve been experiencing this early November timeline. 

The Triple (11) is the bridge. So, remember as we make the shift and as we make more room for more people in the collective to “Awaken.” Give yourself the necessary time to ease into this new level of the 5 Dimension.

16Love & Light16

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November 2018’s Timeline: A Shift In The Timeline & Prepratory Work As We Approach The (11/11/11) Gateway.

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A Shift In The Current Timeline & Total Full Disclosure

We’re only just a few days into the month of November 2018 and already, thing’s have felt much more amplified, more so, than any other major energetic event that we’ve experienced so far for this year. I say that with all honesty – as it’s been a really long time since i’ve felt such powerful new energies and codes like this. I’ve been unfocused over the last week or so, mainly, because I’ve been experiencing one situation in my life unfold one right after the other. My energies have been much more scattered, which has made it difficult for me to remain stable and firm within myself on most days. On top of the mental challenges there have been some personal issues, which I’ve been dealing with – within my personal life and within my family. I haven’t really shared anything of a personal nature on here, but I’m going to because I need people to understand why these kinds of thing’s have been happening to me and to everyone else at this current time frame. 

Everything that has happened to me this year from: My financial problems and tax issues, to my occasional suicidal thoughts, and to the complete break-down of my eldest sister’s marriage to her psychotic abusive possessed and used ex-partner. This all has to do with individual soul contracts, but, it also has to do with removing toxic and negative people and everything negative and old from our lives. The removal of “Old ancient negative energies” has been a huge theme for this year. However, so has “Full Disclosure” because you might think you know exactly what’s going on. Until you really uncover another layer of the bullshit – to find that you’ve been bullshitted with this entire time and now you’ve only just learned it. Full Disclosure is absolutely wonderful – when you begin to experience the process of full disclosure, you really start to understand the truth more. The AP (Ascension Process) in a way is really about uncovering the truth, uncovering little bits of information that is being held from you. It could be information that your withholding from yourself, it could be people who are withholding information from you, and it can be about other groups of people who have done something and collectively the whole world finds out. These two themes “Removal of old negative energies” and “Full Disclosure” are big themes this year, because thing’s are being revealed to all people right now. Not just being revealed, but also slowly being removed. It can’t hold anymore power here. It’s done. It’s over. There gone. 

I’ve had to learn Emotional Distance this year – because if I didn’t, all that I had uncovered because of “Full Disclosure” due to the (11) energies. I probably would have gone crazy, or I wouldn’t be here writing this article right now. If I didn’t have that layer revealed about how much I owed in taxes that I hadn’t paid, because I had no clue. I wouldn’t have been able to correct it. If the energies and the (11) codes didn’t reveal how abusive my eldest sister’s ex was to her, in every single way possible, we wouldn’t have been able to help her as much as we did this year. We would have all been in the dark about it – me and mom had always sensed he was dark and we didn’t trust him. We just didn’t know to what extent it got to. We don’t always know what’s going on until the energies reveal it to us layer by layer. If your also experiencing similar situations like this, and you haven’t been able to wrap your minds around why it’s happening now in 2018. Try and think in terms of it as being revealed to you – so that you can see it for what it really is. The problem, or a person, or a situation. There are layers upon layers to truth. Your experiences even if their painful ones – they always have some hidden layer of truth behind them waiting to be fully processed by you. There was something that you needed to learn, to understand, and to fully see with your eyes wide open. Which is why we’ve been experiencing such unbelievable situations in November 2018 – it’s full disclosure and it’s another layer unraveling itself. 

We’ve entered a new timeline in November 2018 – I could feel it about to happen after the October Full Moon shift – I just didn’t know to what extent the outcome of this timeline shift would feel like. So far I feel a bit lost, a bit confused, and yet at the same time so rejuvenated, so confident and so powerful as a light being. The timeline has felt more negative – and I’ve felt a lot of Separation Consciousness within the collective. However, there has been some improvements in how different everything feels, and it has felt lighter in some aspects than it used to. I’ve had much more energy, I’ve been more willing to deal with life and its situations. Not to mention my life has felt better in some areas than it used to. Thing’s will change even further after the (11/11/11) Gateway, so we should prepare ourselves as we reach that destined point of completion.

November 2018 Energies & Increased Separation of Worlds

In November 2018 there has been some enhanced separation going on and as a person who wants all people to be unified. I’ve been looking at a lot of thing’s going on, and all i see is violence and intent to separate certain people from the collective consciousness. This isn’t unity consciousness – and i’m kind of saddened by the state of where humanity is heading towards. There is a huge separation of people happening right now, and it’s getting even more noticeable. The Separation of Worlds is a real separation of people that is happening right now, there are a lot of people who are not actively participating in the ascension process. They don’t know about it. They don’t care about it. They don’t want anything to do with it. In November 2018 this is getting much more noticeable, and some of the situations that I’m seeing between those who are actively participating in the ascension process – with those who aren’t have been horrifying. 

New codes bring on new situations, new changes, new challenges, new opportunities for growth and multi-dimensional advancement. Which is why November 2018 has felt the way that it has, it’s an unfamiliar layer of codes and energies that we just haven’t experienced before. This is very new to all of us collectively, but for some reason for those who don’t seem to be embodying anything – these energies are once again making them react to these new codes, lights, energies, higher forms of consciousness in an unstable manner. “Any new forms of energies, light, and codes will affect the inactive people just as much as it affects the active embodier.” We all get affected by the energies – just in very different ways. A person who actively embodies, who actively works on personal inward issues is going to handle these energies much more better than, the person who ignores the inward issues and doesn’t open themselves up to embody the energies. I don’t know what anyone else has dealt with – but on my end, I’ve had one heck of a time lately in dealing with helping my family try to understand why certain people are flipping out right now. Or why they’re feeling the physical side effects of these new light energies. I’ve been doing this for the last few years and the psychic abilities I’ve had all my life. But for many people in my family – understanding any of this is new, and so is it for those people all around the world who are being called on now in November 2018 to “wake up.” 

I had to spend some time recently with my sister at her house, as well as her kids, because she was almost murdered by her ex- husband in front of her three children.”  The first thing she said to me was “I don’t understand why he would do that?” The children they didn’t understand it either. This is something totally new for me, just as much as its new for her and the kids. Trying to explain to my unaware sister in this lifetime, who is on the verge of becoming aware, why her ex-husband, which the energies are helping her remove from her reality, who tried to kill her. Is probably one of the most challenging things I’ve ever had to do in this lifetime. November 2018, is beyond highly amplified. Our entire family was beyond horrified by these latest events. In so many ways that I could never imagine. Where am I right now? What the hell kind of timeline did we just enter? 

November 2018’s New Codes & All The Preparatory Work?

With everything that has happened to me in the short span of six days – I’ve also been preparing myself for these new codes, for this massive timeline change, along with the final 11/11/11 Gateway Shift. On a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level I have been doing preparatory work – which can be exhausting. I’ve also been helping many different beings, entities, energies, positive light and negative dark energies to cross over into the light. Every day/night I am bombarded by these beings who flock to me, some to torment me, others who need help in understanding what has been going on for them. Both levels of consciousness get returned to source. For the last two weeks this is what I’ve been doing, because these new energies are so advanced that many cannot stay in this realm. They need to be returned or moved on completely. 

The NEW codes are highly advanced (11) ones. This means that at this time we’ll be physically embodying energies that we have for most of the year, but at a higher advanced level. It’s not just the forerunners and light beings who have been doing this for years. A lot more people within the collective all around the world, are going to be catapulted to begin the Physical Ascension Process which means a lot of them are going to begin the process and I’m beyond thrilled for them. To me I’ve been experiencing a lot of energies that look a lot like snow, or even rain. It has just felt like the light energy has been falling all over the place and all over everyone at least in my area. They don’t really glow or shine or even sparkle. They just are white light that is transparent and they fall from a certain point and then, they hit me and hit the ground, surfaces, roofs, cars, and people. These are the new codes, and new energies. Some time to get used to them is of course necessary – it will take time for all people to get used to all of the new energies, and of course all the new changes that they bring. Give yourself the time that you need in order to do this. Take care of yourselves, always remember to focus on yourself, and how you can better your life and who you are. 

16Love & Light16

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2018’s Eleven (11/11) Gateways: 2018’s Great Evolutionary Push & Entering Another Destined Point.

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2018’s Great Evolutionary Pushes

For all of 2018 I have been extremely focused on my own personal, spiritual growth, and advancement – I’ve been transmuting, embodying, while working on my problem areas and building up my personal connection to the (God/Source) energies. This is what I’ve been doing for the last few months and what an incredible journey it has been thus far. I’ve had a few personal issues come up which have all included in having to deal with the government and that 3D lower system. Aside from that thing’s have run smoothly. While most of my focus has been on informing everyone who reads my writing(s) – about the intensity of these 2018 energies, and all of its physical side effects. There is a bigger picture going on for all of us right now, and that big picture will be massively revealed to much more people in the collective on the November 2018 (11/11/11) date. At the very least it will be revealed for those who are open to the energies at this specific destined point. 

The bigger picture that has been hidden from the collective eye’s view – is that 2018 is an awakening year. It’s a great evolutionary destined point in our timeline, and within this lifetime. It’s been going on since we’ve entered the (11) energies back in January. We’ve not just suddenly begun preparing for this powerful (11/11/11) Gateway – we’ve been doing it all year round because there have been a good ten gateway openings so far. It started on January 11 and continued on into October 11. Which gave many people in the collective ten chances to prepare themselves, especially for what’s to come in November. Throughout the entire year – it’s not just been the Forerunners doing all of the work for the rest of humanity. The majority of the collective has now entered these ascension and evolutionary shifts and experienced it first hand. So, there in it with us now too. The majority of them. While others still have no clue about what’s going on – that’s alright. We’ve all incarnated here for our own personal reasons, that only we can know and understand at a soul level. It doesn’t change the fact that massive “Openings” and “Wake Up calls” have been going off all year round for all of us. In more ways than one. 

What Does The (11) Frequency Stand For?

What does the number frequency (11) really symbolize? It’s actually multi-symbolic, just like everything else within existence – it stems off into different directions and tells it’s own story from multiple angles and view points. The first meaning: It symbolizes more than one aspect to anything or any person. The second meaning: It symbolizes a higher energetic frequency which exudes in the direction that it moves into. The third meaning: It symbolizes pure light and anything that surrounds itself with this energy and it’s code, will be wrapped up in light. The fourth meaning: It symbolizes enlightenment and higher consciousness. The fifth meaning: It symbolizes a great need to become aware of your surroundings and fully see what is really going on. The sixth meaning: It symbolizes a total “Wake Up” call and the need to spiritually awaken. These are the six multi-symbolic aspects of the (11) frequency, but how we experience them within ourselves is very different from one another. One person could experience a complete and total spiritual awakening, while another can be shown the signs but not react to them at all. 

So far, my experiences with these multiple (10) gateways that we’ve had this year have been a mixture of all of these symbolism(s) and then some. Some, more than others have felt much more amplified. The earlier months of this year the (11) energies were releasing issues for me and those issues were (honestly) making me feel suicidal. So, for all of (January, February, March) I wasn’t in a good place emotionally. Towards the middle of the year thing’s improved by (April, May, June) but there was a lot of inward work that needed to be done by me to get to that point. Changes in my mindset and how I thought about things. Changes also in my emotional response(s) to life circumstances. During the summer and start of fall (July, August, September and October) – thing’s just started shifting and it really looked like chaos. Physically thing’s got painful especially for October. This was all part of my process during these powerful (11/11) gateways – and while some of it as I write this is cringe worthy. It’s an honest look at what many forerunners have been experiencing with these gateways.

This is our destined point – and more people are going to get this “Wake Up Call” to become more consciously aware of what their doing. More people are going to experience what we’ve been experiencing all of this time, and more people are going to be catapulted into experiencing fully the evolutionary process and all that it entails. Things are going to get more amplified – so take stock of what lessons you’ve learned during this year, what experiences you want to take with you into the new, and prepare yourself for the incoming energies and November 2018 (11/11/11) Gateway shift. 

16Love & Light16

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October 2018 Life Transitions: Those Intense Monday Energies & The Very New Transitional Energies.

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October 2018 Energies & The Horrible Monday Physical Symptoms 

Every now and again I’ll have moments within my physical earthly experience, where I’ll be reminded of the actual horror of what Transmuting and what Embodying really is. How it feels. How it puts pressure on my body. How the process is at it’s greater core. The real struggle of it all. The emotional bullshit that i go through. The most important aspect of it, the release afterwards that can leave me feeling empty. These familiar experiences for both these processes happened to me again during these last two weeks. The first week: Last week I experienced the transmuting and spent most of that week physically cleaning up the pain and the fear in the air. The second week This week I’ve been embodying very strong, unfamiliar, light energies and codes – which has been like living in a horror movie. That might be a very strange thing for many of you to be reading. Did he just say embodying light energy is like living in a horror movie? Yes, I did. Don’t get me wrong, I find the energetic work that I do very purposeful, that doesn’t mean I haven’t had moments while doing it where the discomfort bordered on nearing the end of my journey. A few moments where I’ve been doing both Transmuting and Embodying I’ve almost literally died, that’s not an exaggeration that’s full disclosure. Most of us are aware of how we get, how we feel on a physical level – and it’s such a powerful process that it can fill you up and expand you until you literally can’t take anymore of it. Believe it or not more times than you can imagine I’ve been nearing death, and then suddenly and completely things begin to lessen up for me and I manage to make it through. This week was no different and I found myself having the same physical experiences. 

Monday October 15th: Was one of the most painful days that I’ve experienced on a physical level since the Easter week in March 2015. During that entire week back in March 2015 I was laid up in bed for an entire week, due to unimaginable lower back pain. I also experienced Flu symptoms, fever, chills, headaches, and general tiredness/weakness. This past Monday on October 15th – I spent the entire day in bed with those old familiar symptoms. Which were much more severe in nature. 

On the Monday when I woke up I couldn’t even get up, and one of the first thing’s that I noticed that was happening to me physically were the intense headaches. The headaches turned into migraines, which then began to vibrate. The vibrations moved into my neck, and down into my shoulders. These specific upper body symptoms have been happening to me for all of October and it hasn’t stopped yet. It usually always starts from the head as I embody light energies, then it moves downward towards the rest of my body. After a few hours of staying in bed, I had no appetite – which happens with me sometimes. Then i began to get a fever/hot flash which extended down into my left leg. My left leg began vibrating, So I’m laying in bed – my head is vibrating while my entire body is heating up and my left leg is heavy and vibrating simultaneously. The hours continue to pass and I still have a fever – my appetite is still gone, I’m still drinking lots of water. But generally I’m weak and there isn’t much that I can do until this aspect of embodying these very new energies ends. This was a very scary time for me – and I’ve had very many moments like this in the last four years where it’s gotten this severe. 

After an entire day of not being able to leave my room space because of what I was doing – the fever finally vanished out of no where. My migraines continued but at least I could get up and move around. My appetite came back with a full force. The vibrating dispersed. Suddenly, after an entire day passes I’ve gone from being okay, to being in a deadly state, to regaining back my energy and strength out of no where. 

More or less I’ve had familiar experiences like this – where the embodying process is quite severe in nature. While I don’t discuss these more dire experiences, and I usually tend to share more of my fluffier stories, where embodying is fun and light and natural. Their are times where fluffy becomes a nightmare, and I wouldn’t be being as authentic as I can be if I didn’t share (full disclosure) how severe Transmuting and Embodying can really get. 

October 2018 Energies & We’re All In A Transitional Phase Right Now

One of the few things that I’ve become aware of since September has been Transitions and nothing but tremendous Transitions. These feelings have gotten even stronger in October and it will climax in November into December, when we make one of the biggest shifts that we’ve felt in a really long time. This shift is going to happen after the 11/11/11 Gateway, and all these life transitions that we’ve been feeling and experiencing right now are the direct preparations for this intense gateway. We’ve been experiencing dismantling in every aspect of our life, so that we can be better prepared to enter through this gateway and the very new to us energies that we’re feeling today. It’ll get much more intense – as it usually always does, and when it feels like everything in your life has gone wrong. Try your best to accept that these endings are happening to help you on your journey, because usually when things die off, there is always something new waiting to be experienced by you. Something is always entering your life to replace what’s no longer there, and the only difference is it’ll feel and be much better. 

One of the reasons why I decided to mention Transitions in this article is because it really has been an amplified theme right now. The few emails that I’ve received from the handful of people these last few weeks, more or less have discussed in some form or another “feeling stuck” in their current life. They know that they “need to end something” and or that they’re in a “transition of some kind.” So, I’d love to address some of the ways in which it might be easy for people to make Transitions in their life. I also am going through multiple Transitions and currently it has to do with leaving one job and beginning another job. This place will always be the most important work that I’ll ever do in this lifetime. There is no question about that, nothing else is important. However, this place is entirely free. I chose it that way because it’s the way of the future. Freedom of knowledge, freedom of information, and freedom from negative lower everything. Which includes money. At the time we’re not there yet. Which is why I’ve been transitioning from my current work environment which is so toxic, to a more freeing work environment where it will leave me able to write more and still get what I need to survive. So, if anyone else is going through a similar transitional phase right now. You are definitely not alone. Everyone is feeling the heat right now. How you handle these mini-earthquakes that threaten the very foundation and structure of your life is very important right now. 

I’m not good at Transitions and I don’t know anyone else who really is. I have no patience, I have anger issues, I’m not good with waiting, and I generally know myself well enough to know that I can’t handle transitions of any kind. The one good trait about me is my ability to “Adapt.” This I have. I might be shit at everything else, but the ability to adapt to unexplainable and sudden life alternating events is something i’m good at. I’m very adaptable to sudden changes, and when your going through transitional periods within your evolutionary experience. You have to learn how to adapt to anything and everything. I have no control over anything that happens within my AP (Ascension Process) or EP (Embodying Process.) I’ve always known that – there is nothing that I have that much control over accept learning how to be adaptable to the many changes. That would be my first piece of advise.

The Second piece of advice that I’d like to give is Allowance. On a daily basis I’m probably worried, concerned, doubting myself, and my emotional responses to thing’s aren’t as great as I’d like them to be. That’s all okay. I’ve had to learn in these transitional times that a huge part of moving from one space to the next in my life, involves just “Allowing” myself to feel everything that I’m feeling. Allowing myself to think anything that I want to, and not restrict my emotional and mental reactions and responses because it’s typical to not react or respond to them in the normal way. I don’t care. I or you are not meant to do thing’s in the way society tells us to. Follow your gut instincts and actually allow yourself to feel and just be in the moment within your current transitional phase. Allow it to happen. 

The third piece of advise I’d like to give is. Learning to release the need to Control and then consciously creating what you want. This would be the third piece of advise I’d give to anyone who is Transitioning from one phase of life to the next. There is absolutely no controlling the evolutionary process, the work that we do finds us not the other way around. Sometimes, that work is going to ask you to take it easy one day – when your at the most busiest. It always tends to work like that, so there is never any way to actively control life and it’s circumstances. The best way to get done what you need to is to consciously create, or overwrite the unexpected and consciously create over it. That’s usually what I’ve done myself and it tends to work for me. I also keep thing’s simple. I’m not a complicated being – and keeping things at it’s most simple will help you to consciously create what it is that you need or what you need to get done. 

In conclusion: My advise is to Adapt to the current changes and climate of your life. Then Allow yourself to react and to deal with the emotional responses and reactions these changes bring up. Lastly, when your ready Consciously Create and let go of trying or needing to control the process. 

16Love & Light16

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2018’s (10/10) Gateway Shift: World-Wide Collective Changes & The Real Emotional Struggle Of This Last Week.

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Hi Michael 

How are things with you?

I feel more and more light upgrades every week now. I get over one lot then I am hit with another lot. I feel weak, have bad lower back pain, and aches all over some days. It’s making me depressed; I can’t get on with my life to do anything. I feel stuck like I am being taken over my life as I once knew as completely changed. Head is pulsing with pressure in the back, top and front. I can’t even heal anyone much as it drains me. Why are we having this light? I don’t get it, what are we doing with it if it’s making me so down. I see other people having beautiful awakenings getting really full of joy and bliss and attracting money. I am the opposite . Is it ever going to stop? Why is it just me? Nobody is getting them. What actually is the out come? Sorry hitting you with so many down questions but I feel I have had enough of it all.

Blessings Melaina 

2018’s 10/10 Gateway & How It’s Manifested Into Physicality

I received this email from one of my readers early this week, and when I read it quite frankly I was taken aback by it all. Mainly, because she described to me exactly what I’ve been experiencing this entire last week. The wording about the constant physical discomforts, right down to questioning why everyone else just doesn’t seem to be able to feel this like she does? Her emotional struggle of understanding why other people are having a much easier time, also hit close to home and the real struggle of what being a Energetic Transmuter and a Energetic Embodier will do to you on all levels. It all hit close to home – as I’m sure it will for many of you who are reading this as well. I’ve been feeling the exact same way since around the end of August – when these intense (Light Energies) began to escalate into deeper, purer, higher forms, of higher unknown to us (Source) energies. We’ve had about three other shifts just like this one in such a short span of time, and they haven’t been slight either. Before I explain what’s happening for us this week and right now, I just want to personally thank (Melaina) for her very honest email about her personal struggles. Those reading this right now – myself included, we thank you for highlighting such strong emotions that are extremely relatable to all of us. It brings us closer together – when we share this kind of information, about our own individual journeys. Thank you.

So, what’s really going on right now In early October 2018? We’ve had {A Venus Retrograde cycle begin, A New Moon pass, The 10/10 Gateway associated with all of this is upon us, than another 11/11 on Thursday.} Not to mention – We’ve been enduring Solar winds, geomagnetic storms brewing, intense hurricanes, and massive transmuting of old lower negative energy. This is not easy to have all of this hit us all at once, and the build up happens inside of us which is far worse than the release.

What we’ve been feeling physically, sensing psychically, and embodying lately for this week are the NEW energies from the (10/10 Gateway.) To many people who have been sensing this, this week – it’s yet another massive shift. Many sensitive people have felt this coming for a while now, just like they felt all of the other energetic shifts at a deeper molecular instinctual level. Something, does feel different to me about what’s happening now in this early October shift. I’ve said this before on here – but, i’ll have to say it again. This feels NEW to me and that’s because it is – much more so than the other three shifts we’ve had. Collectively, we have reached a new area, space, trajectory, new layer, higher level on the ladder, and crossed beyond one bridge onto another higher dimensional bridge. I’m not used to where we’ve suddenly moved ourselves onto and or into, so I’ve personally had some intense emotional reactions this week that I usually don’t. It’s difficult to pin point how these energies are going to manifest for us in the physical, they can feel so big to us and then when it happens you barely feel it. Then it’s the same for the opposite, they might not even be on your psychic radar and then you get slammed with very strong energies you didn’t expect coming. Be prepared to expect the unexpected when these strong energies manifest in physicality. 

The Emotional Struggle Is Real & NEW Emotional Reactions

This entire last week since about Wednesday October, 3rd – it has felt very, very dark and nasty out there in the world. I am used to this to an extent, but things must have really sparked up because it’s felt like a whole new level of dark and nasty. I’ve not been handling it well, and that includes a lot of changes going on in my reality. There have been some new situations that have me feeling much more emotional than I usually get, I’ve wanted to just break down and cry a few times this week. A dear friend at work has found a new job – so she’s moving onto the next part of her own individual journey. So, this time around I’m the one experiencing from another vantage point someone who is leaving my reality. This happens all of the time, and I’ve written about it but I never fully experienced it. I will say this “I have wished a time or two about some of my immediate family members who I’ve fantasized about, would leave my reality but who never did.” That’s just some ascension humor for you, but seriously I really have. Instead the ones I find who I’ve built an organic relationship with, always seems to be the ones that have to go. I’ve had to cope with it and find ways to handle the emotional reactions that I’ve been feeling, so this is new territory for me and you if your experiencing this. 

The best approach is to expect the unexpected, if you find yourself reacting in NEW ways you don’t usually react in – I encourage you to explore those reactions. Why? and why did I react to a situation like this? Why? and why am I much more emotional this time around than the last? Allow yourself to deal with your process in the way you need to. If you need to cry, to scream, to spend the day alone in your own space, to ignore everyone to make it through the day, to find a room and curse with the door locked. Then do it. If you need to feel depressed, or to feel your emotions at a heightened level. Then feel them out. Listen to what your emotions are telling you from within, there are always hidden messages. You will understand what you need to do next, when you need to if your feeling stuck. Just listen to messages within your emotions. Handle your process in the way “you” feel is comforting to “You” and who cares so much about what other people claim is “The Proper” way to be a Light-Worker. “You” are not here to be proper, or to care about what someone else tells you you need to do, or how you should react to your own process. Does that even sound organic to you? Does that even sound like what someone would say who has your best interests at heart? I personally have never paid any attention to those types of people, to those types of ideas, and I’ve generally kept all that non-organic controlling dark stuff over there. I keep the non-organic stuff over there and I don’t allow it to infiltrate inside of me. Not in here. 

Why Are We Embodying These NEW Light Energies? 

From time to time I get asked a few questions from people about the Light Energies, The Light codes, and anything that is currently upgrading us and shaping us to grow and evolve. There very important questions – because a lot of the times, many people who are enduring the AP (Ascension Process) just want to know how the process works. We “Embody” light energies because we can – our physical makeup makes it possible. Pretty simple. Why does it continuously keep happening? This question is one of the most popular ones believe it or not. Many people can understand that they were contracted and fully agreed to do this, but many people don’t understand why it continues to happen. Isn’t once enough? If not then why isn’t it? Our world is filled with (7.4 Billion) people, and about 5 percent of all of us agreed to come down here and embody the ascension process. We can understand that a good majority of our earth’s population isn’t embodying anything. They don’t feel it. They don’t know anything about evolution or the ascension process, at least not at the same level as we do. The reason we continue to embody is because 1) not everything we embody is at the same level – we are always embodying the next highest layer of energy.  2) We embody it so that the rest of the world can begin to do the same, and many more people are doing just that in these 2018 energies. 

Why does it feel like I’m not accomplishing anything or doing nothing at all when I’m Embodying or Transmuting? I’m not exactly sure who wrote that when we transmute or embody we’re not accomplishing anything, or that we’re doing absolutely nothing. This is the most inaccurate piece of information that I’ve ever read, if anything your doing everything and the most that you could possibly be doing. If it feels like your doing nothing – you are in the sense, which is why we have to do nothing in order to fully embody these light energies. Embodying is not easy, which is why we’re called on to slow down at these specific times. Transmuting feels the same, and sometimes we do both at the exact same time. We release negative energy, while we embody new light energies. We’re purifying the earth. That’s not nothing. That is everything. If you feel like your not accomplishing anything, it’s imperative that you realize just how much you and your body is actually doing. Your doing so much good for the world through your physical body, and you can’t forget that this is what your doing. No matter how many times your doing it, no matter how painful it is to do, and no matter when you feel like giving up. 

October 2018 and all of it’s energies are reaching it’s first climatic point – do whatever you need to do in order to feel at ease. Also, remember that this is “Your” process and not anyone else’s – so, do whatever you have to do for yourself. Don’t worry about what anyone else is saying, advising, you know yourself the most. I encourage you to take care of yourself in these intense times to the best of your abilities. 

16Love & Light16

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Early October 2018 Energies: Head & Shoulder Re-Alignments. While Still Acclimating To These New Energies.

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A DOUBLE STREAM OF SOLAR WIND: Two holes in the sun’s atmosphere are turning to face Earth, each spewing a stream of solar wind toward our planet. Estimated times of arrival: Oct. 4th and Oct 7th. These are “coronal holes”–places in the sun’s atmosphere where magnetic fields open up and allow solar wind to escape. They are dark because the glowing-hot plasma normally contained there is missing, now en route to Earth.


Solar wind spewing from the smaller hole (right) will arrive first, causing polar geomagnetic unrest but probably not a full-fledged geomagnetic storm. Solar wind escaping from the second, larger hole (left) will follow days later bringing a chance of G1-class storms. In both cases, equinox cracks in Earth’s magnetic field will permit the solar wind to spark Arctic auroras.

 Personal Life Alternating Experiences During This Latest Shift

Since the last article that I wrote: Life just hasn’t been or felt like a lovely walk in the park for me. That’s okay, I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have grown or had many opportunities to continue to grow into the Michael person that I am in this right now moment. However, this latest shift has caused great internal disturbances from within me – which is normal because we all have work that needs to be done. This time – I have been taken to a whole new level of internal disturbances that I didn’t even know that I needed to deal with. I’m sure many of you can relate – and have clearly noticed just how escalated up everything has felt since last week. 

The end of September 2018 right into these first few days of October 2018 have felt very interesting. I’m the type of person who is very sensitive to swinging shifts within the energetic climate of the planet. If something changes energetically suddenly and without no warning, I go straight into full alert mode. That happened at the end of September right when that Harvest Full Moon shift happened. Ever since it’s been constant energetic integrating, major acclimating to all the shifts and changes that have happened, and it’s been feeling and living with the physical side effects of embodying the latest light energies that have been penetrating the earth. It’s been down right powerful this last week. It’s felt so life shattering and of course this late September Shift into early October was always suppose to feel like this. I can’t seem to fully grasp just yet, how it’s manifested into the physical reality for me, and I’m sure of many of you have felt the same experiences and emotions this last week.

If there has been a crack or small tear anywhere in your personal life, emotional life, spiritual life, at work, in your family, with friends, and or just witnessing random people. Understand that this shift has just amplified all of the many triggers and inward issues that people and even you/I hold inside of us. It’s gotten amplified and expanded to dramatic levels at certain times, for self correction purposes. I’ve written this time and time again here on DLP (Divine Light Phases) – about how each newer and higher level we reach, we’ll be called onto self examine, self correct, self care, and to dispose of anything and everything that we hold onto that needs to be let go of. Anything, that gives off a slight disturbance within us. Is going to have the light shine on it, for the sole purpose of us individually seeing exactly what it is, so that we can fix it. It can be an emotional reaction, it can be a thought process, or even just a painful emotional experience that’s been sitting somewhere inside of you for the last ten years that isn’t energetically aligned with where you are right now in your life.

These kinds of powerful shifts will continue to happen until people do, do the actual internal work. If they ignore it this time, which many people have – they’ll be hit harder in the next shift. Which is on the (10/10 Portal.) Why do you think so many people out there in the lower 3D realities are constantly having the same problems? Over and over. Why do you constantly see them as time goes by having to deal with thing’s that are even more problematic than the previous time? They didn’t do the work, they didn’t change themselves enough to warrant the recycled issues to stop. It doesn’t mean that these people are bad people, it just means they’re fractured and broken in some aspects of their personality. They just don’t want to see it, recognize it, and either get help for it or learn to break those cycles and all to familiar patterns. There have been many personal life alternating changes happening, with many people once again getting triggered all over the place myself included. If this is happening to you surrender to the process, and figure out what those causes are within you that is being triggered. When corrected, you will understand the pattern next time and be free from repeating that pattern. 

Unbelievably Painful Physical Side Effects 

For all of (2018) one of the biggest Ascension Symptoms or Physical Side Effects of the (11/2) energies has happened in the physical area of the (Head, neck, shoulders, and upper back) which has bothered me the most on a physical level. This area has been where the Light energies have gone for the majority of all of (2018), with the beginning of this year the majority residing in the areas of my (Legs, knees, ankles and feet.) In May I first felt the energies move in and stay in the area of my neck, and in September and October I’ve felt the exact same modifications, upgrades, and implantation’s of organic light energies enter and stay inside those areas. I’ve had a very difficult time this last week with the physical side effects of this specific region. It came on very suddenly, and still remains with me until this day. I’ve had headaches, dizziness, heaviness in the head, neck stiffness, shoulder tension, upper back tightness. All this has made it very difficult for me to sleep, which I can’t do most nights but this is the current modifications, and this is where the light has gone for the time being. 

There have been massive alignments and re-alignments going on with our physical selves, and this will continue on for as long as we have physically gotten used to how these new energies feel. It’s a process. It’s a limited time only experience, and it’s life. We can make it as difficult as possible, or we can gracefully move through these energies like pure, radiant, light beings. The choice is ours – even in the midst of chaos, loss, unbelievable pain and annoyance at times with this experience. 

16Love & Light16

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September 2018’s Equinox Gateway: Surges Of Physical Energy & Further Light Energy Causing More People To Believe.

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CHANCE OF STORMS: NOAA forecasters say that G1-class geomagnetic storms are possible late on Sept. 22nd when a solar wind stream hits Earth’s magnetic field. The gaseous material is flowing from an equatorial hole in the sun’s atmosphere. We believe a storm is more likely the next day, Sept. 23rd. Either way, the first auroras of autumn are in the offing.

AURORAS AND THE HARVEST MOON: The Harvest Moon is coming on Sept. 24th. It could be greeted by a display of Arctic auroras. NOAA forecasters say that G1-class geomagnetic storms are possible beginning Sept. 23rd when a solar wind stream is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field.

September 2018’s Equinox Gateway & The Energetic Relief

Last week I wrote an article about how all of the September 2018 energies were causing great clearings – as well as great purification’s on earth – which were being transmuted by the forerunners, and many light embodiers. This week the atmosphere feels a whole lot different all together; the atmosphere feels lighter. One thing that I noticed last week was how incredibly heavy, and tiresome the energy within the atmosphere felt. I was dragging, I was exhausted, I was transmuting, and I was cleaning all of the external through the inside of me. It’s hard to ignore all of the lower consciousness, all the dying lower world beliefs, all of the hurts and pains coming from tons of people – when your within range of all of them and those specific areas that are being effected. Southern Ontario which is where I live – isn’t as far away from The Carolina’s. It’s closer than most people think – which is why I found myself feeling all the fear and panic, not to mention a lot more coming from those areas this past week. On the other side of the world in Asia which is quite a distance away, they were also experiencing a typhoon of their own, which added to the physical barrage of pains and constant transmuting. It goes to show you how something so far away can really effect the world and all people at large, and this is what happened with these powerful September energies. 

Now, as we approach the Equinox Gateway we are entering it with a clean slate. Almost overnight when the pressure had reached it’s final peak – the only thing left to do was clear and clean away all old energies in those two specific areas. When that happened the pressures and all that was built up in intensity, suddenly got released and more of the old was removed entirely. On Saturday Sep 15, the energetic relief came and instantly my entire body eased up. Everything looked and felt so much lighter, it felt so much better. My physical body and transmuting side effects eased up – I didn’t feel the intense inner heat, the hot flashes, the headaches, the fevers. Everything cooled down and in front of me I could see a path for us all to move toward. It all felt and looked like we had already moved into a higher place. Which we will continue to do as the year moves towards it’s completion. 

The Solstice Gateway & The Next Incoming Energetic Shift. 

On Saturday September 22nd, the Equinox Gateway will open and throughout the next few days of the (23rd, 24th and 25th) we’ll be embodying much more, much newer, much lighter, and much brighter codes and energies. Already, this entire week I’ve been feeling some unusual effects on my physical self that are new and highly at odds with how I’ve always felt. This is expected, as thing’s will effect us on multiple levels when it’s completely new. At times we won’t recognize these new ways because we’re not used to them. However, that soon changes when we acclimate to the new energies. One thing that was really different – happened to me on Monday, Tuesday and this past Wednesday. What I experienced “Was vast amounts of energy surging through my entire body.” accompanied by endless amounts of energy unlike which I’ve experienced before in the last four years. I haven’t felt like that in a very long time, not since I was activated to begin my AP (Ascension Process.) I managed to get anything and as much as I could get done, while I felt this energy surging through me before it ended. It ended on Thursday and by Friday morning the energies from this next wave were already reaching me. 

On Friday Morning, the energies had entered through my crown chakra and began to sit in the upper most parts of my body. My right shoulder, and the right side of my neck has been vibrating because their is light energy just hammering away at this specific area. When you feel something like this, it generally means that the energies are hacking away at some kind of negative implant or blocked energy that is sitting there. When that”s been removed that area then becomes capable of embodying new energetic codes that implant into that said bodily area. It’s powerful stuff what’s going on right now, and it’s equally powerful what these light energies are doing to us and for us. Many more after this shift will begin to believe that what’s going on right now in the world, is bigger than they realize. Many will begin to see how the AP (Ascension Process) is really unfolding; that it always has. Many more will begin to believe that something extraordinary and significant is happening to them. Not just physically, but spiritually.

Continue to be, exist, love, acclimate to the energies and prepare as best as you can to the new physical effects of this next shift as it comes to pass. Rest when you need to, hydrate when you need to, let go when you feel it’s necessary for your growth, examine yourself when your being called to do so. Most importantly get lots of rest and personal time for the self.

16Love & Light16

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