April 2018’s Solar Wind Blast: Solar Initiations Are Taking Place & The Physical Re-Wiring Process Of Our Consciousness Computer (The Brain.)

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April’s Solar Wind Blast & Initiations Of More People In The Collective

It’s mid April (2018) right now and because we’re experiencing all of these NEW to us light energies, layers of consciousness, levels of new 5D 6D energies, and 7D Photonic light energies, it let’s me know that we’re in a completely and authentically NEW and organic space. April (2018) has been all about solar activity – and while at the beginning of this year we experienced multiple portal/gateway openings, it’s what we were experiencing in order to help us get to this NEW stream/level of consciousness. The thing about solar activity is that it comes in many different forms. While the solar flares have been low, while the sunspots have been none for days, the solar winds and the coronal hole that it’s been leaking through has been active and highly so. I can always tell when the sun is actively leaking or pushing out higher light energies, in order to push us higher and higher. My body reacts to the sun and it’s specific form of activities in mild to severe ways, depending on what that specific solar activity is. When sunspots erupt my body reacts to in as if I have the flu. When it’s geomagnetic storms it’s joint/nerve pains followed by me constantly sneezing. When it’s solar winds like it’s been for the last week it’s headaches, re-wiring, feels like something is being worked on, or is expanding. Many glands as well as the left/right side of my brain, all begin to expand, and merge into one full consciously active brain. I get effected in so many different ways – and if your a light embodier, sensitive light worker, first wave, second wave, or third wave forerunner than you feel these solar activities as well.

On Friday (April 6th) I began to feel those familiar intense AS (Ascension Symptoms) which started out as mild migraines and headaches. On (April 7th) I spent the entire Saturday night at work in 3D land with the biggest migraine that enhanced, so I knew that something was being re-wired and worked on in my head and brain. On (April 8th) a close friend and co-worker was also feeling the effects of the solar winds, except it was her throat that was being worked on. On (April 9th) it was my first day off of work for the week and I slept. On April (10th) the second day off of work guess what I did, I slept some more. On (April 11th) I woke up at 6 am feeling nauseous and the migraines and headaches hit me hard. I was laying there for a good half hour waiting for it to subside. On (April 12th) my first day back to work I was raging like a bull in Spain at one of those running of the bulls events. I work in fast food and in the food service, so cooking and feeding people is the last thing I want to do. Especially when their rude, impatient, ungrateful and lack basic manners. On (April 13th) which was yesterday – my entire left leg felt weak, numb and in order to work I had to put my weight on my right leg entirely. All of this and much more during this huge solar wind embodiment of new layers of light.

This has been happening for the first wavers, the second wavers and third wavers who have been embodying first. For many more people in the collective (Those 7.6 billion people) I’ve mentioned repeatedly, many more of those people have been initiated and activated by these solar winds and solar light energies.

April 2018 Activations & Awakening Ones Consciousness Computer (The Brain) 

The solar winds began pouring out of a huge hole at the beginning of April, as it began rotating closer to earth. In mid-April it’s now facing earth directly. One of the few thing’s I’ve noticed about what’s going on in April are the many activations, initiations, and awakenings going on within the collective. My email inbox is once again filled with multiple people emailing me asking me about certain events, certain experiences and that’s wonderful to read and to be able to respond to. This all let’s me know that we’re in a new space unlike in January of this year, at a specific new level, and existing within a specific timeline where multiple people are getting activated by these solar energies from these solar winds.

One thing that I really truly wanted to write about in this article was Consciousness and it’s connection to the brain. Consciousness: Is defined as being awake and aware of your surroundings. That’s a pretty basic and simple understanding of what it means. But the actual act of being conscious, that can be very tricky because you have to go through an entire process in order to be conscious. The AP (Ascension Process) is that specific process where you become conscious. Many people aren’t conscious at all – meaning they aren’t fully awake or aware of their surroundings. When I and other Ascension writers discuss these portals, gateways, streams of new light energy entering our planet. What we’re talking about is how there is an opportunity for more people within the collective who are existing on this planet at this time (to potentially expand beyond their own specific consciousness) which they exist through in their own isolated reality. Not a lot of people take on that opportunity to expand, and most really don’t give a shit. They like the 3D reality and living and existing to work, to make lots of money, to indulge their every whims, to not take responsibility for their screw ups, to obtain as much power as they can and exploit anyone even if it’s just one single person. For those who do take up the opportunity – they begin the AP (Ascension Process) by activating the gatekeeper to their hidden consciousness. The brain.

The brain is a computer. We all know that and we all have that basic understanding about the brain. The brain allows us to store vast amounts of information about pretty much anything that we learn. That of which is taught to us by others as well as self taught. The brain is also an organ that controls all functions of the body, so once this important organ begins to lose it’s important functions the host is slowly losing his/her ability to be conscious. The brain holds down important information – but to an extent. It’s function is to let you learn only what you need to in order to survive and get by within this three dimensional reality. When you begin the initiations and activations which is the AP (Ascension Process) your brain (The Consciousness Computer) expands and begins to let in information that is so new, because your consciousness is at a higher level. New information needs to be downloaded and filed within it’s necessary folder(s.) Our brains are computers that store consciousness within it, the more into the 5D reality you walk through the more information will be stored into your consciousness computer. Your brain and consciousness go hand in hand.

Right now a few more people globally will be awakening their (brain(s) which is their consciousness computer. This is where we are right now in a way – because many more people are slowly waking up to all of the 3D ways of existing and realizing that they can move beyond it. In April 2018 these Solar Wind Initiations are helping more people move far beyond the craziness of the dying old 3D reality.

16Love & Light16

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2018 Physical Ascension Side Effects: 2018’s (11/2) Energies & The Physical Side Effects So Far For 2018.

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Four Months In & Eight Months Left To Go

As a collective whole and I’m referring to all of (the 7.6 billion spirit beings incarnated into human beings on earth right now) we’re all living in, and existing in, the current timeframe of (April 2018.) It’s been really surprising to me, because of how fast time has seemed to have progressed in my personal reality.  I may not be alone in that mindset, where it seems like (2018) is rapidly passing us by. I mean is it really April already? It feels like just yesterday we were in December 2017, just about to start entering this new layer of consciousness. This isn’t anything new when it comes to experiencing different projection(s) of time, and while also actively being apart of the AP (Ascension Process.) Linear time is never always straight cut, or projected in one definite direction. It’s also neither always going to feel like its suppose to feel, in terms of how fast or slow time is moving.  However, having shifted into the (April 2018) space and where we’re all at right now within our own specific realities. Many of us in the 5D reality now, but other’s still in the 3D one. I’ve noticed that time or the projection of time on my personal end, and in my personal reality has really started to be mirrored back at me in an un-balanced way. While yes, time is moving by quickly and I’ve felt that. Since the start of April I’ve noticed that the projection of time has been mirroring a very slower paced movement. 

Since about December 2017, my physical body has embodied non-stop higher light energies and higher layers of consciousness. It’s been embody one level, then begin embodying the next set of energies at the next level. So on and on. This has continued into (April 2018) and it started right from when Saturn entered Capricorn to the December solstice Gateway.

Ever since Saturn entered Capricorn and we all shifted into the (11/2) energy frequencies in (January 2018) – I’ve felt non-stop physical side effects. Which is the whole entire point of my article. These side effects or as I call them AS (Ascension Symptoms) and at other times AAS (Accelerated Ascension Symptoms) depending on how enhanced they get. This has been happening for a good 3 1/2 months for me non-stop. Since the end of December 2017 and extending and expanding way into the beginning of April. Time and the projection of time for many of the forerunners in the 5D reality, has slowed down and ramped up and throughout all of this the side effects have lingered this entire time. My experience over the last few months with these constant AAS (Accelerated Ascension Symptoms) and the slowing down of Linear time and speeding up of Linear time has really been draining. We’re four months in and we have eight months left to go, but despite it all and what we’ll have to experience later on in the year. I’d like to share some basic side effects that I’ve experienced, and that I’m sure many forerunners have experienced over the course of (2018) so far.

Physical Side Effects For 2018 So Far

Some of these side effects of the (11/2) energies are familiar ones to me, because of how frequent they’ve happened to me and for me over the last four years now. Some of the others are completely new to me, because I’ve never felt some of these side effects ever before, of embodying these new light energies into my physical body.

Headaches & Feeling Lights All Around My Head

One of the most intense and common AS (Ascension Symptoms) that I’ve been experiencing over the last few years, but that has especially been happening for me over the last few months, has been the Crown chakra downloads. These downloads cause headaches, re-wiring of the two sides of the brain, the expansion of the pituitary and Pineal glands, as well as different variations of light and light energy which I’ve been able to see personally. Not only have I been seeing the lights around my head, I’ve been feeling the lights. It’s felt like I’ve been wearing a very heaving crown, a crown made entirely of light energy. Because I know it’s sitting right on my head, it’s been causing me headaches, pressures, dizziness, and instantly makes me tired to the point of closing my eyes and repeatedly wanting to nod off. This side effect has been extreme in early 2018.

Ear Ringing & Hearing Higher Frequencies

The second side effect I’ve been feeling and hearing for this early (2018) timeframe, has been the Ear ringing. This symptom is one that I’ve written about consistently for years here on DLP (Divine Light phases.) It’s a very common one, especially when your actively being apart of evolution and the AP (Ascension Process) of our earth. This symptom is not a very painful one – but there can be some pain associated with it if your extremely sensitive. The ringing, pinging, sounds, morse code like tones that fluctuate from a slight volume to a loud volume in early (2018) has been off the charts. This is basically what the side effect or symptom is, to be able to hear higher frequencies and light energies, sometimes being able to tune into the higher spiritual realms and listening to specific beings. This has been a constant side effect since 2014 for me but a continuation in early 2018.

Knee Aches & Molecular Changes Within The Body Structure

The third side effect I’ve been feeling happened around the time the March 2018 Gateway opened up. This side effect is a very NEW one which began to happen for me because of how unique, fresh, and higher the energies of that March Equinox Gateway pushed us into. Around the end of March I noticed that both of my (Knees) the left and right side, began feeling sore and they ached. I’ve experienced this as well with other parts of my body – and those aches and sores are Ascension energies related. So, I’ve known that on a internal level thing’s were shifting and changing at a molecular level. There were and have been certain structures which were and have been being re-constructed at least on an internal level, to accommodate the new light energies being embodied inside of me. The right (Knee) the new energies finished what needed to be worked on for that side, but the left knee the work is ongoing. We are experiencing massive internal DNA mutations, and it’s okay if it’s hurts at times. Give yourself the room to accept these bodily changes in the NOW moment.

Multiple Dreams & Dream Sequences

Over the last three months my dreams and my OOB (Out Of Body) adventures have been more lucid, heavily manipulated, and have multiplied. I’ve also been experiencing more than one dream scenario or sequence all rolled up into one big and sometimes long dream(s) and or out of body work. This is common as we tend to release old energies stuck in our body structures and DNA through dreaming. 

Experiencing Different Time Anomalies & Movements

Throughout the last three to four months I’ve been experiencing different projections of time and movement of time. Linear time is never always going to progress into one direction and at or one specific speed. I’ve experienced weeks that went by extremely quick, while other weeks and days time was moving by extremely slowly. There are different timelines involved within linear time, and sometimes life is lived in a Non-linear time and measured in that way.

Leg Vibrating & Shaking

This is a familiar Ascension side effect that I’ve experienced for four years. I’m not new to any of this by any means, but when we were passing the March Equinox Gateway this side effect really shook me to my core. I sometimes forget that these side effects can happen, and because it was a while since I felt anything like that I sort of was surprised by it. It was mainly my right left towards the end of March and it only happened within a span of 5 minutes. After five minutes the vibrating and shaking internally stopped in my right leg. 

Waves of Depression & Anxiety 

This emotional side effect of the AP (Ascension Process) can be absolutely draining, and I can’t remember how long it’s been since I’ve felt such anxiety mixed with depression. I also can’t remember having spend such a long winter locked inside, and up until this point I’ve still had to remain in doors. It’s been a while since it’s felt this isolating. So through out this 3 to 4 month period it’s been dark, isolating, and lonely for a lot of Light workers. 

Obviously this isn’t the entire list of side effects and Ascension related symptoms as there are a ton more. I just wrote down some of the ones that I’ve been experiencing a lot more for this specific period. No matter which side effect of embodying light energy that you are experiencing, rest assured that one should always self care, self love and do what feels right for themselves in the now moment. This is a difficult journey for forerunners who are embodying all of this first – (but also for every single person at this time.) There are 7.6 billion people, who are experiencing 7.6 billion different realities and forms and states of consciousness and understanding. So, on some level everyone is feeling something at some level of consciousness. 

16Love & Light16

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March 2018’s Gateway Closure: The Exit Out Of The Equinoxal Gateway.

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March 2018’s Equinox Energies

March (2018) has been potent in many ways and I don’t need to say much to convince people collectively of that. They’ve felt it. They know it. They’ve experienced and lived the AP (Ascension Process) up until this point already. Since the middle of March up until now and even before the start of the new year. We’ve all been moving at our own levels of consciousness up higher and higher since December (2017). With each of us all experiencing it from different levels of consciousness, from different perspectives, from different viewpoints and with a lot of us having different understanding(s) of what’s going on for us right now. Both individually and collectively.

In March (2018) we’ve been pushed into a NEW stream of higher light consciousness and energies. This was the finale curtain, the final show, the last act in many ways because once we move beyond this time point. We’ll be living and existing it all in the new energies and the new normal. It’s been difficult this time around to move up into another higher layer of light consciousness, but we’ve done it again and we’ll continue to do it time and time again as the years progress. I’ve been struggling all month long with various issues from physical downloads, the symptoms of the equinoxal download, to my 3D job in 3D world. I got hit hard in a huge attack on me in December 2017 at the start of that level of consciousness – and as we’ve entered this one on March 20th the attacks on me and many light workers have increased. It’s been multiple attacks, multiple experiences of the unknown kind, multiple moments of needing to stay higher while they try to bring me and many of us lower. The one thing I learned during this early 2018 cycle was that it wasn’t just a “Me” experience, it’s also an “everyone” experience. My email account was filled with emails from countless people, who were needing me to explain certain concepts, topics, and help them with personal situations that they were experiencing. It wasn’t just a me thing which I often tend to believe it is, and while others are also going through it, it’s hard to see them when I’m so focused on me. It’s all been such a release on many levels and not just for me, but for everyone else.

March Equinox Symptoms & Massive Depression, Anxiety And Transmuting

The week before the March 20th Equinox I noticed myself slipping into a short but very common AD (Ascension Depression). This depression lasted almost 1 1/2 week(s) and it wasn’t just me and my energy feeling low at that current moment. I was also feeling a bit isolated, I felt very detached from anyone and everybody, and to make matters worse I was noticing that I was feeling anxious.

Over these last few years the AD (Ascension Depression) and AA (Ascension Anxiety) has hit me hard. It’s never lasted long for me but generally I know I’m releasing something huge when I go a week or two feeling like this. I tend to hibernate during these moments, and what I’ve felt and looked over is that during these times, I’m feeling a massive separation from source and the organic energy and love that source provides. To transmute is a huge job – your literally right in the middle of the blackness, the darkness, the noise, the mess, and your feeling every single molecule of anger, hate, rage, negativity and your releasing it whether you want to or not. I’ve never enjoyed doing this clearing work – and I never will so long as I’m still in this meat suit. March (2018) was all about transmuting for me, feeling dis-connected, and having to return to a lower reality/timeline in order to clear more of this on a collective level. After the 18th I began to exit this temporary role, and by the 20th the download of equinoxal energies began. I was hit especially hard in the crown chakra region, followed by cranial pressures and headaches. All of this week I’ve been tired and the forced sleep has returned for me again, where you have to literally stop and go lay down. The inability to focus or concentrate on anything has been something I’ve been struggling with as well. My whole entire body has felt numb, weak, strained. I’ve been sneezing, coughing, my ears are constantly ringing, I’ve been feeling stressed out and pressured by those who don’t embody energies in the same way as I do to move fast enough for them. So, it’s been a huge movement through this equinoxal point within the current time we’re in.

Exiting The Equinoxal Gateway

Towards the end of March we’ll be exiting the Equinoxal Gateway and the closure of this Gateway will be ushered in by the Full Moon on March 31st. As we move further into April we’ll experience over the course of the next three months (April, May, June) preparations within this three month cycle. Just like in (January – March) we’ll be experiencing another push higher and move through another stream of higher consciousness and light energy in (June – September). So, as we enter one embodiment of higher consciousness we’ll be preparing for the next one which will get to it’s most extreme in July and into August.

Self care and deep breaths forerunners of the forerunners – (2018) is going to get more higher and more lighter.

16Love & Light16

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March 2018 Gateway Preparations: Why Has March Amplified & Entering A New Layer Of Higher Consciousness.

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March 2018 Has Felt Very Dense

At the end of February (2018) I started to notice that once again the collective timeline was going to change, shift, and be modified once again. I began to feel and see what was shown to me by my higher self and my higher light team members. What was in store for me on a personal level, and for the collective as soon as we would near March and the approaching gateway. What I felt for me on a personal level was that thing’s were going to get harder, denser, heavier and that I’d have to retreat a little bit because I’d have another aspect of myself, another layer of light, and more reunion with source to experience fully. Collectively, I saw that thing’s were going to get more 3D – ish down in 3D land. Which means more layers of all that negative, dark, satanic, crap was going to be peeled layer by layer for more to see, for more to feel, for more to understand and for more to transmute and move beyond it.

March (2018) has been exactly what I saw and felt. It’s been dense, it’s been dark, and it’s been extremely heavy. But why? … March (2018) is a finale month. In many cases what we experienced in January and into February were more consciousness preparation(s). We’ve been preparing for this New Moon on March 17 and the Spring Equinox on March 20th. Before I get to this. I want to mention January and February because of what a huge stepping stone for the forerunners, and many within the collective who got activated this was. We experienced multiple layers beyond layers of higher bits of consciousness that was downloaded into our bodies. We were prepared on an energetic level for the gateway that will open up on March 17th through to the 31st. The reason we’ve been prepared all of this time, was because we couldn’t physically handle all of the energies we will be experiencing with this gateway without those early-in-the-year energetic preparations. So now here we are. As a forerunner and activated light worker for four years now, I’ve always experienced having to transmute dense and negative 3D energy which is what we’re doing now in March 2018. Which is why everything feels so Ahhh! These are more layers and layers being revealed for all of the forerunners and light workers to embody, transmute, and remove energetically from earth once and for all.

Dealing With The Old Lower 3D Systems

In March (2018) I’ve done nothing but deal with lower 3D systems of all kinds. From having to deal with my taxes, to dealing with my job and (all that requires) along with the people, to getting my passport done, and lastly adopting a new cat into my life. So, the papers, the systems, the rules, and all of what this requires, not mention what it takes out of you energetically has been front and center for all of March for me. This is what was shown to me – and all of these thing’s which were going to hit me all at once. Now, I understand since October (2017) a lot of the old rules, the old systems, and the old 3D people have been expiring left and right. However, unfortunately in March (2018) some 3D systems will remain in place that to be honest I really wish would hurry up and get dismantled already. Like all non-organic source created thing’s they to have an expiration date, and they will soon follow with what’s already gotten expired.

Expect much more of this to happen – as we move through this March equinoxal Gateway. When we move beyond it, we’ll experience more finales, more endings, more goings, and more shifting within ourselves and others. Some systems will do that do, and as we reach a newer and higher consciousness level/layer more of the negative will be removed. The earth is once again removing more negative energy from her grid lines, key lines, and focal point lines that TD has implanted onto her. In return the forerunners are embodying and anchoring new grid lines, new grid keys lines, and new focal points within earth and her aura. We are doing this through our physical bodies – and one by one we’re connecting to other forerunners and unifying the grid lines of earth. This has been something that has been telepathically communicated to me, and what I’ve seen as well within earth and what’s going on for her. Not to mention all the lights, the energies, the structures that I’m seeing re-shaping the earth right now. This is so important and only in (2018,) and all of this will only expand greatly as we move into the rest of the 2/11 energetic year and amplify greatly in (2019) and beyond.

16Love & Light16

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The New Physical 5D Earth: Lighter (Light) Energy & Physically Seeing New Lights, Colors, Shapes And Sizes Re-Shaping Earth.

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The New 5D Physical Earth & Lighter Light Energies

As we’ve transitioned into (March 2018) I’ve noticed and also for all of (2018) so far, that it has felt like we have reached a whole NEW layer of higher consciousness. We’ve reached a new layer of higher energy, of higher light, and of having a higher understanding of ourselves and why we’re here doing what we are doing in the now moment. It doesn’t take a lot of convincing for many people to know that everything we’ve experienced so far this year, goes beyond anything we’ve experienced before. This NEW that everyone is feeling is the NEW layer/level of this consciousness, and some people like to refer to this as a NEW space/place that we have moved into at the start of this brand NEW year. When AT (Ascension Teachers) say “we’ll be embodying a new layer or level of consciousness,” we also mean that we’ll be moving into or through a Higher Stream Of Consciousness. This is what happened with the (Jan 31st) eclipse and the (Feb 15th) eclipse. We’ve entered a NEW timeline, but we’ve also entered and moved into a NEW stream of consciousness.

In this New Stream Of Consciousness that we’re in now, everything is so NEW that we won’t be able to fully grasp just what is what. Our perceptions, our views, our perspective will change or be modified. Just to point out also that there are 7 billion different spirits in human form on earth right now, so there are 7 billion different perspectives, viewpoints, beliefs, and perceptions about our earth and what’s happening for us all right now on it. When we move into a new area, it can manifest for any person in any different way. So, while we’ve been pushed into a New better understanding of ourselves. Many people will interpret what’s coming in for them in whichever way, and it might be in a different way than what you or I might understand it, feel it, or fully know it. Higher consciousness is just that, accepting higher knowledge entering you, me and all of us. Sometimes we might not have the words or the proper phrases in order to describe the new consciousness layer, or level that we might be embodying. Other times we might have multiple words or phrases. In (2018) and for right now this is what’s happening for all of us, understanding that we’re at a whole new level within the AP (Ascension Process.) So, it doesn’t matter if you can’t yet understand the energies, or have a name for the energies, or have a phrase or even a concept for these new energies. You just have to feel them to know them. This is the NEW 5D Physical world reality taking shape, taking form, manifesting into each persons reality in whichever way it manifests in.

Recently I’ve been calling the late (2017) into early (2018) energies Lighter Light Energy and along with that, I’ve been calling the new consciousness we’re embodying  Lighter Light Consciousness. This is how I’ve thought of them. This is what I’ve had to call them. It’s how I’ve seen them, felt them, and experienced them. It’s how it manifests for me within my reality. The next layer of consciousness and light and this is how I word them. This is my perspective, this is my viewpoint, this is me expressing what is obviously manifesting on planet earth right now in 2018.

Lighter Light Energies & The Physical Structures Of Light Manifesting On Our Earth

One thing I did want to mention about entering this new area, place, space, New Stream Of Consciousness and having had embodied this new layer/level – is how I could literally feel myself move into it. I’ve had a couple of moments each time we’ve embodied another layer of higher consciousness, where I’ve felt myself slightly shift or move. It’s the most surreal experience and it’s always happening time and time again for me. The inward shift is real, but then when your experiencing it on the external while standing in one spot, and you feel yourself literally shift from one space to the next. It can be intense. This of course has happened for me once again – and now that we’re in March we’re going to be experiencing new physical shifts, changes, at a whole new level then we’ve done before.

The main reason that I wanted to write this article, had to do with all of the physical Lighter Light manifestations that I’ve been seeing on a clairvoyant level. This has actually been happening for me since (2015) where, I’m seeing all of these light energies, light structures taking form(s) within the new 5D reality of earth. When I say light energies and light structures, I do actually mean light structures that are manifesting literally within the etheric plane on our planet earth. Some of the lights that I’ve seen entering physical earth during (Portals, Gateways, Eclipses, Full moons, Days where solar activity is higher than normal) have been some of the most amazingly, awe striking, sights I’ve seen on a clairvoyant level. I’ve never seen anything like this before up until I started seeing these magnificent lights, light pillars, and  light structures. It’s indescribable to me – and like I mentioned before where we might not always have the phrases or words. I myself don’t have the words or the phrases to describe these energies and lights and the forms that they’re manifesting in. So, instead of trying to find the words to describe what I’ve been seeing. (Which I wouldn’t be able to find because it’s other worldly.) I’ll be showing a few visual representations of some of the light energies that I’ve seen. How different they are from one another, and how they’ve entered the physical reality on planet earth. So here we go.

8975483936_0e03745ae0_b1) Stream Of Light – Many times I’ve seen the energies pour into our physical earth in powerful streams. It’s a continuous movement of multi- colored light energies, that move from side to side. They always come in, in one direction and at times they move upwards and downwards when in motion.

gettyimages-185010849-800x533          stream-lights-23677367         ef78c550-7434-4439-8970-8d9e0fbde955

newfibertechnology2) Flowing Lights – Many times I’ve seen the energies pour in all squeezed in together. Multiple lines stacked up one by one on each side. They’ve always moved simultaneously together, and always moved in one direction flowing together just like the picture to the left shows.

light_twist_525        image-20160407-13983-3puq0t        Blue-Fibre-Light_iStock_000013615082XSmall

0657d7bd97bc68f3) Downward Flow Of Lights – Many times I’ve seen the energies pour in a downward flow. Similar to flowing lights, the difference however is the energy pours downward rather than moving from multiple angles. There has never been any movements to the side or other angles, they have always moved from an upward position downward.

blograysoflightfromheaven       magic-blue-light-rays-and-particles-loop_ej03cux7x__S0000       1

124) Spherical Tunnel Lights – Many times I’ve seen the energies pour in the formation of a tunnel. Spherical, circular, round all words that come to mind when I want to describe this energy. These energies manifest in a spherical form, and the movement is a 360 degree turn that goes from back to forth in both directions.

11      112      11

blue-light-stripes-and-particles-loopable-background_413cgvcmg__F00005) Pillars Of Light – The majority of the time that I’ve seen any kind of light energy, has been the pillars of light. I’ve seen this one the most and its especially appeared to me within my home. It’s always been transparent and always has had a white/blue tint to it. It comes down from above and goes all the way down, there is no movement at all just a huge pillar of light.

maxresdefault     1    beautiful-stardust-and-light-beam-background-video-in-4k_njrbojd0__F0000

1236) Particle Lights – Many times I’ve seen the energies pour into our physical earth as small particles. Really like little snow flakes. Shiny and bright. Movement almost looks as if they’re gliding slowly down. It’s not a powerful, fast, free fall of light particles. Its gentle and slow. They have always looked transparent, white, but I’ve seen green and blue colors as well.

19    maxresdefault1    maxresdefault

771b35_0336cf74bf1f41e4881fe7cbe35b707b~mv2.jpg_srz_1440_810_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz7) Rain Drop Lights – Many times I’ve seen the light energies manifest as if they were brilliantly lit raindrops. They all move in the same way, from above down below. But they’re really bright, muti-colored and almost look like snowflake like crystals. They have sharp edges. When they do hit my aura and enter my aura field, they also cause pin like effects on various parts of my body.

111   146113656   falling-particles-background_ensckiq8x__s0000

These (7) classes or types of light energies are the majority of the light energies that I see on a clairvoyant level. These (7) classes are the not the only ones that I’ve seen, but at a later date I’ll do another article to illustrate just what else I’m clairvoyantly seeing in the (2018) now moment. These are the shapes, the forms, the manifestations, the structures that are being made to transform this planet. These are the energies that are here re-creating the world, re-creating the grid lines of earth, re-creating the old energy into new powerful transformative light energy to hold itself down on our earth.

While we don’t discuss the light energies and what they look like very often,  with the exception of only just a few AT (Ascension teachers) that I known of. In (2018) myself and others will begin writing about, talking about, and openly sharing more information about these light energies. Isn’t it wonderful to finally get some kind of visual to all of this, because its not just about embodying the light energies. It’s about seeing them as well and how they’re physically manifesting on earth right now.

16Love & Light16

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February 2018’s (22/22) Portal: The Ascension Process & The Importance Of Self Sovereignty.

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Coming Out Of The Eclipse Energies Like A Radiant Crystal Light Being

It has been a challenging month on all fronts and I do mean with all of the energies, with all of the Portal openings, and with all of the global events that have happened in order to push us higher towards a better way. It has been most challenging for me since the middle of January up until this point, mainly because of the two eclipses which took place on (Jan 31st) and (Feb 15th) respectfully. However, despite all the physical changes and inward shifts due to embodying the light energies that we are still embodying. Coming out of the eclipse timeframe, timeline, and period I feel like a radiant crystal. A crystal that has been molded and plucked, hammered and banged against, softened and smoothed out, and now after all of this time and effort. I feel like a shiny bright crystal light being. This only happens when we’ve repeatedly been worked on, worked on, and worked on some more by the energies to change us via the embodiment process. I feel different; I’ve grown in new ways. I’ve learned how to be in a totally new way that I hadn’t been living in before. My perspective on multiple things have changed and my perceptions of myself have changed as well. I look around and everything feels new to me and that’s because it is new, and of course some of the old is still hanging around to not refusing to let go. Well (for now) until it to leaves the grid lines of the earth, into full extinction. There are many changes, new grid lines being created, new layers of consciousness’s being embodied and all thanks to what we’ve embodied this eclipse season.

We’ll be experiencing more and more of this new level of consciousness that we have never experienced before enter us, and enter our planet for integration well into March 2018. When we reach the spring equinox we will once again be embodying another layer, another level, of higher consciousness. What we’ve embodied during the early 2018 eclipse season has been a big preparation for what’s to come in March. So hold onto your shimmering selves, as we journey towards another stair step. As for the eclipses I’m so glad that this integration period is over, and at least on an energetic level it can calm down a little bit for all for a little while.

The (22/22) Portal & Being The Master Of Your Own Ascension Process

Today is an important day because it’s a (22:22) Portal. In my line of work as a writer and especially on DLP (Divine Light Phases) numerology, and number frequencies are everything to me. Which is why I always try my best to figure out when portals and gateways will be opening, and which number frequency we’ll be downloading collectively. So, you can see why I’m excited to be writing about this specific portal. I’ve been waiting patiently for this Portal event for some time now. I first figured it out last month while working on an article at the time, that dealt with important dates to know at the beginning of this year. So, when I found it I immediately felt it’s importance and why it was going to be an important portal for humanity at this time.

The numerological calculations start off with the month of February which is the 2nd month of the year, so automatically we get a 2. Then we get the day which is the 22nd and already that’s (3) 2’s. Then the year which equals to 2 and is also an 11 year. So we end up with (22/22.)

One of the many multiple reasons why I was so astounded by finding this, was because it went beyond just being a portal. The energies itself are going to be so important, and they’ll be coming into all of us and our earth right after such an intense eclipse season. The (22) number and the energies surrounding it is an energy of mastery, empowerment, organic energy, sovereignty and that’s a powerful energy in itself. One of the reasons why that got highlighted or as a better description became illuminated to me, was because I’ve been noticing so far in (2018) how many people are now re-claiming their own power. With all the movements going on, the fight for women’s rights which is still ongoing and as well as men’s rights. With all the exposures, with all the disclosure and with everything coming out to be healed and transmuted. People are returning to a place of inner strength and power, which has been stolen from them by inorganic 3D lower conscious creations by negative entities and the like. This year (2018) is a year for healing, a year for empowering ones self, a year for learning how to be a powerful being again, and a  year for being sovereign.

What I do want to say concerning the Ascension Process and the Master 22 number, is that the AP (Ascension Process) is not just about integrating light, energy, light codes, higher consciousness. It’s also about re-claiming what was lost a long time ago, which is every single person’s organic energy. Which is every persons organic power. “We” as time goes by are becoming the consciousness level that we embody, and that eventually manifests into our realities. This is also part of the Ascension Process, learning how to regain ones own power and learning to be sovereign. You do have to become a master of your own process and your own journey, because giving away all your power and control was the old way which is no longer going to be existing for very much longer. So, expect this energy from this portal to bring you greater empowerment at this time. Expect it to bring you greater self mastery. Expect it to bring you knowledge of how to release the old negative ways of letting everything and everyone around you control you, and to become an empowered, higher, stronger, light crystal being as we move towards the March spring equinox.

16Love & Light16

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February 2018’s Solar Eclipse: Solar Activity, CME Eruptions, Sunspots & Multiple Physical Activations On A Global Scale.

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A February Like No Other

We’re now midway into the month of February and about to be pushed energetically towards our second eclipse. While we’re being prepared for this energetic push, I have to just say that we have reached an entirely new level within the AP (Ascension Process) of earth. This is the start of the 7th week of (2018) and while I knew that the (2) and (11) energies were going to feel different. I didn’t think the energies so far were going to feel anything like this, on a personal level for me I feel as if it has been a February like no other. Nothing has compared to the level of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual changes that I and so many people have been facing globally. Around this time last year (2017) with the (1) energies. What we experienced then was the beginning of where we’ve ended up now, and while yes the energies felt much different a year ago. What we’re feeling inside our bones now is a continuation. However, the difference(s) are by far easier to tell and it’s because we are moving into a new level of consciousness and understanding. This will happen again in (2019) and (2020) when we reach newer and higher levels of conscious sates. When those levels approach, we’ll all be able to feel the differences in energies when those years, and those energies arrive for us all.

The best word(s) to describe February (2018) has got to be abnormal and changeable. Its abnormal to me in the way everything looks and feels to me, and while things definitely don’t feel normal its because it’s all so NEW. As a light embodier and as a forerunner in all of this, all the changes that I’m witnessing with what I’ve been experiencing has been vastly different from any other year. As the years go by I’ll likely be saying the exact same thing at those moments, but for right now I need to express just how many things are changing in the right now moment. Things have shifted for me from the many physical changes happening to me, to some of the situations that are happening around me. I’ve felt the AAS (Accelerated Ascension Symptoms) take over on the inside of me, and all of February since the first eclipse my body and my way of functioning has amplified but also been disrupted. I’ve felt extra heavy, tired, numb, tense, stressed out, hungry, my sleeping pattern is a mess. The global changes that I’ve seen are extreme. I started noticing these changes happening in October 2017, and they haven’t really stopped. I think the greatest example of how the current energies are being manifested, within the current level of consciousness the earth and humanity is embodying. Is the Metoo and Timeup movements. These movements began as a manifestation of these light energies, codes, and higher states of consciousness. Its the Divine Mother/feminine/goddess energy which is returning to earth.

Another change I feel in February 2018 is in the monetary system, which has also changed for me. Things have been cut, taken out, and I’ve been getting less of benefits and I’ve noticed the serious changes in this one specific area where I live in as well. Not just me but for a lot of people who live in Ontario. Money and especially the system of money is going to really change the further we get into (2018) and in the coming years. Thing’s will continue to change for those certain men and women who are being ousted right now for who they’ve always been all along. The “Powerful Monsters” as I like to call them. Things will also be changing for them, and it’ll be interesting to watch all those power hungry monsters at the top lose their precious power. Now, that source has brought up the injustices done by many men and a few women all over the world against other women and men. Well, not only will they lose their power over everyone. They’ll also start losing all the important materialistic assets that they hold dearly.

This is (2018) – and this is what the AP (Ascension Process) of earth is all about. Its Timeup for these beings who have been all about materialism, who have been physically abusive, who have been verbally abusive, who have been sexually harassing women and men, who have been controlling, who have been parasitic, who have and continue to be ignorant, who have been stealing energy, who have been hiding their atrocities and getting away with it, and who have been all for themselves and screw the rest of humanity. Its also Timeup for anything and everything that is no longer in harmony with source, and it’ll all be getting exposed in (2018) for all to see. Its also Timeup for every single 3D system that there is. Of course, it is a slow death. Make no mistake all the old ways of existing and being are going extinct just like the dinosaurs. Bones buried beneath the dirt, sand, water, and earth and all.

February 2018’s Solar Eclipse & Higher Than Normal Solar Activity

Today we have a Partial Solar Eclipse which will be altering the current timeline that we’re in. This has been a more physically painful lead up to an eclipse I’ve experienced in a very long time. Last years great American eclipse doesn’t compare, and that might have something to do with all the (2) and (11) multiple portal openings we’ve been experiencing lately. Psychically these two eclipse(s) in early (2018) have really stood out and popped out at me more than any other eclipses over the years. All (2018) long I’ve been seeing in my minds eyes a huge line. In this line I’ve seen a few people above it, and the rest or the majority of people that I saw were below it. This vision of this line has amplified the closer this second eclipse has gotten. I spoke about this in my last January article, and I referred to this vision as The Line Of Separation. The line of separation has existed for many years now, and many AT (Ascension Teachers) have discussed this. This was the first time for me on a psychic level, that this was being shown to me and had me focused intensively on it. What I’ve been seeing with this vision of the line of separation lately is that the majority of people at the bottom of the line, are moving over into the top of the line. When I first saw this, I knew for me that what I was being shown and what I was seeing, was that more people were starting to move into the 5D reality.

As has been the case since December (2017) and even more so in January (2018) – many more people have become physically activated to begin the ascension process. So, it’s made sense to me that much more people in the collective have now begun and started to embody the ascension process for them at least on a physical level.

February (2018) has felt so different because of all the solar activity that is going on rightar2699 now leading up to this solar eclipse. We’ve had to deal with solar winds and will continue to in the upcoming days. We’ve had a sunspot (2966) which has grown and morphed in size since the start of February, and on top of that its erupted multiple times. On Feb 12th the sunspot exploded and hurled a CME directly towards earth. They say the CME which exploded off of sunspot (2699) is heading our way today. However, if your a highly sensitive being like me you’ve already been feeling all of this. If you a highly sensitive being like me you’ve also been embodying the light energy, and well as embodying more higher consciousness. While they’ve only been C and B class solar flares that erupted from sunspot (2699) that’s been more than enough to make me feel numb, achy, and exhausted over the last few days.

We have one last eclipse to get through and then we’re likely to see beyond all of this with clarity. We’ll be able to understand our new roles, and the new movements we need to take. We’ll understand the energies we’re embodying at this level and what that means for us and humanity as we move further into (2018.) For now as we continue to embody these new codes, energies and higher states of consciousness. Remember to self care, and self love at this time.

16Love & Light16

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