To All Light-Worker’s: Understanding Higher Dimensional Spirit Guides?

Dimensional Beings & The Ascension Process

During the beginning of my Ascension Process In Sep (2013), one of the best things that i can remember, is that i carry around with me knowing that i have the knowledge of having reconnected with oneness.The universe is big, it is truth, there is magic all around the us, there is oneness and connection to all beings here. There is connection to different other planets in our galaxies, and the fact that i now can remember who i am means a great deal to me. It has and will continue to shape my spiritual growth, and how i do want to move forward while living physically on Gaia. Knowing my place in the universe as a Light – worker/Psychic was a truly painful realization, but it was a process i have grown to enjoy. It had nothing to do with the body pains, the embodying of light energies, the endless supply of love energy, the big polarity issues, the difference between me and the false world. It just has everything to do with knowing my true self as a whole.

Part of being enthralled into this Ascension process is reconnecting, re-learning about, remembering, not just who we once were so freely but who we have always been. Part of this re-learning process is extremely painful, as those of you who are Light-worker(s) know but we also get to experience a reconnection to friends/family from back home that we left behind. I find that i have written mainly about one side of the polarity spectrum which is the negative side, now i feel the need to write about the positive side. I find i tend to focus a lot on the negatives about this Ascension process. I have had moments of joy, love, peace and connectedness to the earth. Connectedness to life and to my own spirit guides and helpers. Because of this i do think that i overlook the small moments where it is good, while focusing on all the negative and forget that finally the good things are happening on this planet now. What i need to write about today is the reconnection to my friends, helpers, protectors, spirit guides, watchers and whatever else you like to call them. This wasn’t a quick transition for me as i wasn’t very good at telepathically communicating with my own spirit guides. It took a lot of practice, it took a lot of patience, and lastly it took me wanting to connect/communicate with them for it to happen.

Spirit guides are light beings from the higher realms – home based dimensions that have agreed to assist you as you journey your way down into different incarnations.You agree on who you want as spirit guides – you then write up a soul chart – then you work on your soul chart and include in specific moments when you will go through struggles.They will be there to help clear past life issues yet to be dealt with, they are there to guide you to go/do what your there to do your mission/purpose and they will also be there to protect you when your in danger.Spirit guides are already known to us as friends who we were connected to from back home within our soul group – it is rare to have a family member who has already deceased as a spirit guide however they can watch and see you if your going through difficult times and try to connect if necessary.How many do we have seems to be a popular question? I have many a feminine guide named (Ava) i have a masculine guide named (Ohayos) i have dragons if you believe it or not,along with Ascended masters at my beckon call and Archangels who are there for me if i need help.We have so many protectors that we sometimes forget that we can ask them for help – to tone down the energies when they are hurting the most.They offer us a service where we can ask and they can give us relief … but it is up to you to ask for this relief.They follow a code of free will and will never intervene in your choices/decisions unless you ask out loud for help.

I usually call in for protection first than i say (Spirit guides ,Spirit guides, Spirit guides who come from the source my creator and only you i want to connect with and nobody else…I ask you to connect with me) Then i’ll ask what i do need help with and i’ll usually get the support/help i need immediately.I need to mention that i say this three times before i be-gin,it’s what works for me and it is how i connect.This may not be how you do/want to connect with your own spirit helpers and it is your choice whether you want to try your own brand/form of communication

Ascension Process & Spirit Guides

I need to mention a small bit that deals with our (Spirit Guides) and the awakening and ascension process. I know deep down in my core that becoming aware/awake is written into our soul charts and that we go over what will happen when the time comes with our spirit guides. When we become aware of all that is real and all that is false we understand what is real and what is false. To be disconnected from spirit/spirit guides is not the way to live a spiritual life on gaia. We can’t claim to be light beings then ignore the connection we have with our source and those who we remember from back home. I’d like to explain what role spirit guides play in the Ascension process and it is pretty simple. During our awakening the role our Spirit guides play is the role of the protector… they protect us from the negative attacks, they protect us from going overboard on an emotional level, they try to connect with us so we can see that there is nothing to be afraid of. The level of protection that they offer is endless and it is always there and will forever be. During the continuation of our Ascension process they are there to support us in anyway, with our pains whether emotional or physical, with love for us and all we are dealing with and going through.

My connection with my spirit guides during my awakening was that of being healed. I was really sick there for a while i picked up a ton of bacterial infections, and was repeatedly attacked not to mention healing a leg/knee wound from when i was killed in a past life in Egypt centuries ago. The role they played were “healers” some people need more healing than others while some people need more protection more than others. Some people are at different various stages in their spiritual growth as light beings – other people have had far greater painful experiences in this life and in others than most so more people are handling their own at different stages. It is not a good/bad thing it just is what it is we really are doing our own individual work. The current role they play in my everyday life is that of the protectors – they really do help me when i need them to. If i am finding the energies painful they help tone it down when i ask – when they want to connect with me they send me feathers – they speak to me and they also when asked give me advice. They try their best to look out for me and what is in my best interest on various issues in my life and where i want to go in life.

The connection to ones own special spirit team is an amazing one, if you have not yet connected or are trying but are finding it hard remember to take it one step at a time – Be very patient – Make sure that who you are talking to is really your spirit guides and not “The Negatives” pretending to be them – Call in protection before you connect and learn to discern when it is them and when it is not. This awakening process is a “Re-exploration of all that of who we are” and connecting to spirit is just one aspect in an otherwise big part of being spiritual.

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8 thoughts on “To All Light-Worker’s: Understanding Higher Dimensional Spirit Guides?

  1. Tammy Richardson April 1, 2016 / 7:01 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing this!


  2. Ada Braam April 4, 2016 / 5:31 pm

    Thank you for sharing,
    What do you do, when you try to heal some souls and there are negative energies watching..


    Liked by 1 person

    • mikeymurdock April 4, 2016 / 5:36 pm

      Hi Ada

      When I do that sort of work, I make sure that I clear my area. Clear my own energy.

      If negative beings, and or negative energies are near watching. I make sure to shield my self with divine light. Then I proceed on!

      Usually before I do healing for some-one, I need to clear my aura, and my energy, especially make sure before hand that negativity is not around, or watching. Sometimes, they come back after the fact, but I still do what I can for them and then make sure I cleanse myself and them when it’s done.


  3. Debra June 7, 2016 / 10:19 pm

    What do you do to clean your own energy field before and after, and how would you know if negitve energy is around or watching before and after?


    • mikeymurdock June 7, 2016 / 10:50 pm

      Hi Debra

      I use Gonesh sticks, incense sticks, and I cleanse my entire aura/house by calling in divine spirit and light.Many people believe they’re just for fragrance purposes, or toilet usage, but they are powerful tools if you know how to use them. I also have cleared many spirits with them. It’s all about being connected to the higher divine, the realms, and the light beings who assist.

      When negative energy is around, i’ll feel it, in my body, mostly like something feels wrong, or wrong in the area. Even in people, if some thing feels off about them, I know they’ve got negative spirits latched onto them. the best way to describe it is I get the shivers, and I also get a nauseous feeling in my stomach. When I feel/sense it, or those feelings, or get those reactions, I cleanse my aura immediately. How do I know they’re watching, they always are! Which is why I protect myself and my aura as much as I can. Never forget , if your vibrating high amounts of light frequency they know who you are. You shine in the darkness. How do I know they’re watching after, they always watch, but if you do clearings you won’t have negative energy residue around you. It’s important to do it daily as well. Keeps you and your aura clean.

      I do ask for protection from the archangels, especially Michael and Raphael.


  4. Debra June 7, 2016 / 11:30 pm

    I have been told for me it’s like a moth being attracted to the light but can you be naturally protected or that your vibe is so high it’s just a given? But I burn sage and frankensense daily along with rose


    • mikeymurdock June 7, 2016 / 11:58 pm

      I’ve always had to call in protection, but there have been times where I’ve been protected divinely by my guardian angel. I firmly believe many are divinely protected in key important moments of their lives. I’m being told “You’ve been protected by divine intercession, by your own guardian a few times”.

      I know many light-workers, who have reached a point where despite negative attempts on them, they have risen so high in vibration that it doesn’t effect them. They’re so aware of it, they can see the attempts before it happens, or while it’s happening. So yes there is a point where you reach, where you can be naturally protected.


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