October 2015 Energies: Energetic Changes, Grid Work & Connecting More With Greater Higher Multi-Dimensional Light Beings.

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October 2015’s Intense Energy Shift 

October 2015: The October 2015 energetic shift, energies, cosmic energies, and higher frequencies has left me feeling absolutely tired  and it has a lot to do with the fact that what I, and what (you) TF (The Forerunners) are essentially embodying right now is extremely new. Not only is it new but its preparing us to reach that point where we’re expanding more than we’ve ever expanded before.

The summer and fall energies in (August & September 2015) respectfully have taken the AP (Ascension Process) for humanity to a whole new level. Which is what is going on for us all right now In October 2015, we’re reaching and continuously existing within the newer and much higher level of embodying at a new higher level energy frequency. This will happen each time we move up towards a new level of higher energies, and when we move up another step we essentially are going to be embodying new energy frequencies we hadn’t been doing previously. I need to emphasize this – because many who are embodying the process, who are living the process, and existing within the process of embodiment are having a hard time understanding this phase in and phase out process. Many also don’t know that each time something new hurts within them, or something new feels off within them – its actually the new energies being embodied within them. Which is so important for me to state – because I know in the future when many people come onto DLP (Divine Light Phases) and read this higher information then they can fully understand that there are levels, phases, aspects and parts to this process. it’s very much take one step – embody what you need to and then move on to the next step and embody the next level of light frequencies. So on and on.

So, this EP (Embodying Process) or aspect, part of the AP (Ascension Process) is what I and so many have been doing throughout October 2015 and we’ll be doing it well into November and when December comes we’ll reach a new step. December 2015: is another step higher, which means more of the new level energies being embodied into us. I fully understand that all of this information might be a bit confusing, it might take some time getting used to it, and even take two or three more times to read, process the information, and be able to fully understand what I’m saying. So do give yourself time to grasp the process of embodying and how it works.

August, September And October 2015 Energies & Massive Gird Work

Over the last few weeks I’ve had to deal with massive headaches, constant inner vibrating, incredible left leg vibrating, massive energy downloads coming in from the crown chakra area. That’s just the physical. I’ve also had to deal with a lot of 3D lower consciousness, a few lower conscious people, and this list includes the “not so handy professional contractor” the one from September. Meanwhile embodying and gridding the new energies, and handling my physical pains while having to deal with all of this. I’ve always disliked having to deal with some of the lower conscious 3D people, things, situations, events that try to integrate themselves into my life right around the time that I’ll be expected to or be fully embodying the new higher energy frequencies. I knew I’d have to deal with many of these things when I agreed to incarnate here, but lately the situations, the people, and the events are getting more amplified and in greater ways.

In October I’ve felt greater enhanced physical discomfort because of embodying higher energy frequencies. This is what I call GW (Grid Work) or Reap & Sow which basically involves being aware of the fact that your embodying light energy, finding the time to integrate them without interruptions, and then gridding it into your body and into the area where you live. You reap and then you sow. I’ve done Grid work for so many years and even long before I activated my star seed, my crystalline seed, and became fully aware of my mission and what I was here to do. For years I’ve done this job – and the most important part of doing this work was the lessons I learned and how it helped me evolve to the point where I activated my crystalline star seed within. It’s not hard work, but it can get painful at times. I remember doing massive grid work, clearing work, and healing work for all of 2014. I used to just sit on the couch and I would just vibrate and shake. It was a very difficult time for me, but with time it all changes, evolves, and you learn how to cope while also adapting to the pains as they come. October hasn’t been as difficult as all of 2014 – but it’s still been hard work. I, and you have been embodying all of the August, September energies within us all through-out October 2015 and its not been so easy. So give yourself some well needed rest, some well needed time to adjust to everything that is new and throbbing.

Another Thing – Connecting To Higher Multi-Dimensional Light Beings

One thing that I’ve noticed greatly in October 2015 has been the greatly amplified amount(s) of higher Multi-Dimensional light beings that I’ve seen floating around, near by, close to, moving through and on the inside and outside of my home space. There really making greater strides to connect with more of humanity at this time – not to mention that some of my very own contacts have decided to leave me while new ones have arrived to help me on my next steps within the AP (Ascension Process.)

October 2015 – has been divine in so many ways, uplifting, as equally painful but none the less a wonderful time for humanity within the current timeline.

16Love & Light16

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2 thoughts on “October 2015 Energies: Energetic Changes, Grid Work & Connecting More With Greater Higher Multi-Dimensional Light Beings.

  1. Gina April 13, 2016 / 1:43 am

    With my recent thoughts and Journey, this article is percent timing, divine timing. Thank you, your writing is excellent.


    • mikeymurdock April 13, 2016 / 2:54 pm

      Thank you Gina – i’m glad to have helped you in the right time.


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