Being A Light-Worker In 2015 – What Is Spiritual Work?: Internal Clearing, Continuous Consciousness & Staying In Self Control

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2015’s Continuous Energy & Constant Ascension Work

Because 2015 has been such an enormously powerful push for the collective right from the get go, the theme(s) that we have been seeing for most of this year will continue to be a dominant (Factor, Role, Aspect, Part) well until the end of the year. We’ve been going through intense periods where we’re continuously raising, vibrating, moving, forging ahead, while we’ve faced nothing but constant opposition. The 8:8:8 Lions-Gate Portal, to the September X-Wave right into the September Equinox Energies. We have been busy upgrading, cleansing, healing, doing Grid work, shining our light, being the path-pavers of light for the rest of the world. So far my own experiences as I’m sure they’ve been your own experiences as well, they’ve been brutal, hard, challenging, difficult, chaotic, frantic, pulverizing, and down right strange with a twist of seriously demented.

I’ve noticed that for all of October 2015 – I’ve been doing nothing BUT integrating the massive energies that we’ve been feeling from over the last few weeks. The 8:8:8 was powerful in itself, but the X-Wave followed by the equinox energies left me feeling numb, depressed, exhausted, and aching. It’s been this constant energy, and this constant Ascension work for many and for months now. But for those who might be stumbling upon my site now, who weren’t activated or even born yet. This is what we do, and this is what is going on for so many of us forerunners of the forerunners in this time. Which brings me to the reason why I’m writing this article, to discuss what it means to be on the Ascension process? … and why we are doing this work.

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What Is Spiritual Work?

I’ve been on the Ascension process for a little over a year now, when I say this I mean my physical activation has begun – and the upgrades, information, downloads have yet to stop. The more these LW (Light – Waves) come in one by one, the more I feel them, sense them quicker, and become one with them more and more. As will you when you begin your own AP (Ascension Process.) The more they come, the more I find I can understand about myself, what my role is, and what I and all of the others in this time are doing and what they’re doing it for. Some do it for personal growth, others like myself are here purely as volunteers, and all of us do this for collective evolution. We embody light energy, house it into our beings and hold it down into earth for humanity. This is essentially what the AP (Ascension Process) is about. What kind of AW (Ascension Work) is it that we do? We do many kinds and I’ve been doing many different forms throughout 2015, as well as in October because certain jobs have been needed to be done by me in this time at this specific time. Jobs such as.

  • Grid Work: – Grid work is the process of energetically downloading light energy into your physical body vessel. Your the house and you hold the light, and then expand that light and grid it to near by light that’s expanding from another LW (Light Worker.)
  • Holding Light: – Holding light is the process of holding light inside of you during heavy download periods, and carrying that and being the Grid itself.
  • Clearing Work: – Clearing work is the process of removing, feeling out, crying, releasing of wounds, pains, and anything that is being held in the physical vessel that isn’t a vibrational match.
  • Remaining Conscious: – Being and remaining self conscious has been a huge job for me in October 2015. Taking responsibility, feeling energy, sensing what’s going on behind what’s being shown and what I can see in front of me. Staying in control, seeing that my thinking process isn’t distorted. This has been a big part of the job, remaining me and being my authentic higher self.

These have been, and always will be the majority of the work that I do and have been doing. It might be what you also do, and you’ll find that this is what you are or will be called on to do yourself. The last one being the very most important.

Remaining Conscious & Staying In Control

Over the last year – and because I’ve been an ultra sensitive being my entire life. I’ve had to deal with certain people, situations, energies that were both out of my control and this has been like a test(s) for me. These situations, tests, have come in all forms and one thing they have in connection was that I needed to learn how to stay in control through and through. Whatever the situation, I had to learn how to respond, react, and remain centred and over the last year I’ve dealt with many tests like this. From the energies clearing me out, clearing my wounds, and taking responsibility for myself and what I think. To the constant psychic attacks, hijacked dreams, PP (Possessed People) coming into my space like I experienced for most of last year.

There were a few tests where I had to just walk away from all of the drama, chaos, and choose whether letting that into my life was the right thing. Which I never did. Then there were situations where I needed to speak up, to get involved because I had to make a point and bring it home. Then there were personal lessons I needed to learn like: Standing up for myself, voicing my opinion, being heard etc. So there have been countless tests – all for the purpose of growth and continued greater evolution. It’s been so important since 2014 for me on a personal level to be much more conscious of myself, what I’m thinking, what I’m doing and if it’s for the betterment of my own growth. Learning how to stay in control of your consciousness is another thing, you have to work hard at it, and it is work that we do within this AP (Ascension process.) I’ve spent most of the time learning how to stay at the highest level of consciousness as I could. If I go down a level, I work hard at bringing it up. Sometimes I stay there for hours and sometimes days, but eventually I always return back to the highest Consciousness within myself. Over the months I’ve become better at it, and as you start to learn for yourself you’ll find that you can remain at the highest level (Love) yourself without being taken down a peg.

Before you can reach that highest consciousness level – you have to understand your ET (Emotional Triggers.) Emotional triggers have a lot to do with what your insecure about, what bothers you, and what effects you greatly. In order to overcome being taken off of the highest conscious level (Love) you do need to understand what it is that TNB (Team Negative Beings) – (Nonhuman Entities and Human being entities) are trying to get at you with. What is it that is a trigger for you? … is it fear, is it a situation you don’t enjoy being thrown into but have to be thrown into. Is it a person, a place, an emotion, a subject, does it have to do with you? Figure out what your triggers are and rectify the issues with them, once you do, there is no way you can be taken down a level or more. You can always remain up, centred, and untouched.

This is what I and many other (Volunteers, Light – Workers, Forerunners, Beings Of Light) all do, we rectify the darkness and we spread the highest consciousness and remain at the highest level. This is what we are doing at this time. If your also being called onto do this at this time, whatever time your from whether 20 or 100 years from now always try your best to remain as conscious of yourself as much as you can.

16Love & Light16

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2 thoughts on “Being A Light-Worker In 2015 – What Is Spiritual Work?: Internal Clearing, Continuous Consciousness & Staying In Self Control

  1. universalgal April 22, 2016 / 2:34 pm

    Thank you Mikey! I’m very happy I came across your blogs ( on Google plus actually), I started a profile here a while ago but never posted any blogs and your writings brought me back to my profile here… I need to get over my doubt and start writing like I want to. You are very inspirational To me! Thank you!

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    • Mikael Cam July 20, 2017 / 10:45 pm

      Hello Universalgal,

      Welcome to DLP (I hope that you do start writing, as many Ascension teachers are needed
      at this time) I look forward to reading some of your stuff. Be safe in love 7 light my dear.


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