2015’s 11/11 Gateway Opening & More Incoming Light Energies

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Upcoming 11/11 Portal & Gateway Energies

Tomorrow is the 11/11 Gateway opening – and boy has the lead up to it been unbelievable. It’s been feeling dark energetically, I’ve had to deal with energy that has felt extremely dense, and I’ve had to deal with the onslaught of physical symptoms that I know are for the higher good, but that have me absolutely exhausted and fried at the current moment. Over the last few weeks starting from late October – into early November 2015 the energies from what I’ve been able to sense and feel has really begun to pick up for me. Which means that for those of you who are (Starseeds, Forerunners, Light-Makers and Path-Pavers) your also feeling the same exact greater expansive energies within you that’s taking place. All here now to change you, shift you, mold you, and upgrade you at this time of great evolution. I’ve been experiencing more greater and enhanced AS (Ascension Symptoms) and much more of the usual APS (Ascension Pain Symptoms,) I’ve been feeling a lot more of TNE (Team Negative Entities) and their attacks against me have been flat out brutal, annoying, frustrating, and a ploy to stop me from doing what I’ve been doing all along which is to hold light and raise the frequency of the planet at the current moment. I’m Tired & Wired and finding it difficult to catch any sleep when I really want to. My mood fluctuates between really happy, to extremely sad and depressed. The list goes on and on … as there is so much that I can sense is changing within me at the current moment and it’s because of this 11/11 Portal push into higher everything and the multiple energies entering into us and through us at this time.

These are just some of the symptoms that I’m having that have been getting stronger as the days have grown near. As we now enter the 11/11 Gateway/Portal and experience full blown out disclosure with the 11/11 energies.

More Aches, More Shifting Pains, More Higher Information

The 11/11 gateway is such an important yearly event, becausimg_2055e your literally changing frequency which brings on the aches, and brings on the pains. However your also being upgraded with higher information – and your also learning more information about the AP (Ascension process.) Your also learning about the future and why these energies are now opening up to you and why this information is now being shared. As is the case with anything that you learn and it can be just about anything, whatever that information is  that one learns, it’s been in my experience that it’s always  been on a personal level. So whatever you learn about yourself, higher self, or a situation that your going through it’ll most likely help you understand it better. At the end of October 2015 I got hit with AFS (Ascension Flu Symptoms) and it lasted for about 5 days. I bring this up because it’s important that I do because it makes a point that I’m trying to explain here.

On October 29th I felt weak and faint which is a common symptom of Frequency upload(s), I felt Solar plexus pain, I felt Throat chakra pain, I felt Crown Chakra pains and I was short of breath all morning with a hint of nausea. I was embodying these latest NEW energies and it did what it usually does which is cleanse and upgrade me of any OLD lower 3D structures within the vessel. So I’ve been doing all of this and having to deal with running errands for other people, doing things for other people, and what I learned was that my body was built differently. That I was different, and that during these times of embodying that I just couldn’t do anything but relax and do what I needed to. I learned that I need to let other’s take responsibility for themselves, and this is what this higher information showed me.

This may be the case for you – and maybe you’ve recently seen, heard, been shown something and it was brought to your attention for reasons that are specific for you and your growth. Do remember that in times of embodying that you will always find out something new about yourself, or a situation and it will be brought up into the light for you to see clearly and from every angle. This is what 11/11 is about, being more in tune with source and source energies, receiving and learning higher information, and evolving and growing whether physical, mental or spiritual.

Enjoy the 11/11 Portal/Gateway energies everyone.

16Love & Light16

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