To All Light-Workers: 2015’s 11/11 Portal/Gateway Opening Energies

The last few weeks from late October – into early November has felt really enhanced all of a sudden. More of the usual pains, a lot more of the attacks, my sweet goodness the attacks, having trouble sleeping i’m not getting enough of it, the oh soo many interferences have been high, my creative self as a whole has enhanced, i have fluctuated from being happy to getting extremely annoyed and angry. These are just some of the symptoms that I’m having that have been getting stronger as we are now entering the 11:11 gateway/portal. It’s always a wonderful time period to be in as it is during the last gestation of each year, we get the opportunity to embody/deal with more of our own inner darkness. With these portals/gateways that we do/will be passing through we forget that we’re really working on loosening the dark aspects that are within us, and embodying the light which is why are bodies start purging/releasing like crazy around this time period. It can be really intense as our bodies are literally crying from being on such a dense planet, my gosh i’m starting to wonder just how much more my body can handle? Am i the only one feeling numb at this point? I literally spent one week feeling the Ascension flu symptoms at the end of October into early November.I was so achy i wondered how i was going to walk my niece to school in the mornings. On the 29th i was in so much pain i thought i was going to faint/or die. Solar plexus pain, Throat chakra pain, Crown Chakra pains and i was short of breath all morning. Thank source for that H2O!

The 11:11 portal/gateway is such a wonderful spill of cosmic conciousness into such a fake flat out retarded/half ass backwards matrix. That being said this is a time to be aware of the fact that we are heading into a time period where a lot of energy is coming into us and onto our planet now. If at any point you need to stop and take a break, rest up, relax, need to do less than by all means don’t hesitate to do what feels right for you. Follow that wonderful intuition of yours, if your spirit team is telling you or mentioning frequently that you need to just be for a while than be for a while. Don’t take the chance of thinking you can do everything and especially for everyone when your feeling these energies so intensely. I’ll be working on my inner self with my butt parked on the couch. Be smart and be aware of how much you can handle. These are higher loving times but it’s also intense purging/work time as well.

Seeing 11:11 & Number Sequences As We Get Closer To 11:11 Gateway

Just like this past summer and seeing the 888 number sequences before the Lionsgate portal i’ve been constantly seeing 11:11 everywhere!!! It has been repeatedly. I have seen it on road signs, i have seen it when i check the time on the clock, on the television, in commercials, when i check something on my phone, i’ve seen it on license plates on cars. It has been revealing it self to me on numerous occasions … so universe i have gotten and picked up on your messages. When you see these signs it means each Light-worker is being shown that this particular gateway/opening is coming near so prepare yourself to receive the energy. While were on the subject of number sequences i have been seeing triple and quadruple everything as well. I’ve seen (111/1 – 222/2 – 333/3 – 444/4 -555/5 -1212 -777/7 -999/9) It has been insane and mainly i’ve seen 111 and 222 along with 1111 – these each have there own meaning and if you look online you’ll be guided to which ever number sequences and the meaning behind it that you will need to know about specifically for you. I can not tell you how many times i have been aware of these numbers and as the song goes i’m “Blinded by the Light” hell no i’m blinded by the numbers … 😉 Leave me alone numbers … their stalking me! You have to have a sense of humour to make it through as a light-worker and sometimes the outright craziness can do that for you.

What Is The 11:11 Gateway & Why Is It Important To Light-workers?

What i sense from this 11:11 portal/gateway is that this is the actual number of the Light-workers and star-seeds and conciousness itself. When you see this source/universe is basically saying to you “Dorothy your not in Kansas any-more” wake up! You were never in a tornado, your house never flew up in the sky, your house never landed on an evil witch however the flying monkeys are real and following your own yellow brick road is the whole entire reason your here.It’s all about the crazy journey where your yellow brick road leads you to. Where to? That’s for you to know, but if you don’t stop thinking your in Kansas your never going to realize the yellow brick road exists. It’s a wake up call to all Light-workers, start following your own path, stop wasting time on lower third dimensional situations, people and things. It’s time to learn about yourself, learn who you are. By the way who are you? do you know yet? I’m not talking about the simple superficial facts i mean the deep inner ones. Journey through your mind, through your soul, and your spirit. Essence is of the time as time is of the essence, do you really want to leave here not knowing more about yourself? What can you change so that it can be unleashed within yourself and released from the clogging of this world? 11:11 is light/consciousness but it is a clear light message to all Light-workers! Your still dreaming, but you can wake yourself up just take the leap to wondrousness.

11:11 is a sure sign for those who are not awakened but who are now/soon will be that the life they live is false. It is not real so it’s about time you/they got real because they’re/your light is also needed in order to spread peace.

As a psychic and sensitive i’m really good at picking up on these sort of things and i know for a fact that this 11-11-15 portal will not only wake up more people, but will bring a second big wave like the wave – x that happened on Sep 27th and the weeks after it.This is just a heads up to be prepared for this because it means more body purging, more body work, more pains, more transmuting, more light embodiments, more code awakening, more awakenings which is wonderful but i’m not happy that it’s happening at the expense of my already run down/broken body.

Enjoy the 11:11 Portal/Gateway energy everyone!


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