The Annunaki/Reptillian Aliens & Running Our Government

During my own Ascension process,  I have found it frustrating as hell having to sit back and watch as many other people continue to be part of the illusion. While I see the world for what it is, and I see the illusions, lies, and flat out grand schemes for power and control over humanity. While it’s taking place i find It’s painful, it’s exhausting, it’s nauseating and after having written countess articles about many higher conscious information that could help many people become alert. I still find it hard to realize not many are becoming aware at this time. It will take time, but the world, doesn’t have much time left.


Through out my entire experience as a Light-Worker i have become aware of the beings who consider me their enemy, and i’m aware of them as seeing themselves as my enemy. The Annunaki/Reptilian beings are a alien race, yep, and the main reason that they are here on this planet, and aware of our planet is because they have an interest in making us their slave race. How will they do this? By creating, controlling, manipulating events to their advantage and to our disadvantage. Money, jobs, the system that is in place, religion and the government. These are all forces that control, make you give in, waste your time, absorb your energy, make you tired. These alien beings are evil, vile, disgusting, perverted creatures who have come here to try and control us all. As many of them are not just psychically controlling beings from the astral realm, and many lower realms where they reside. Many are incarnated here as many people “Pretending” to be upstanding citizens. These people are running the world, they are our kings/queens, politicians, presidents, in the music/film industry, priests/religious figures. They have created a complete system based on focusing ones energy entirely on materialism, money and for what to make us forget and for control. Being a Light-Worker i have a mission, and right now it’s hard, as many people are not yet aware, so i’m having to spend lots of days doing what i can and waiting for more to become aware and trust their higher self.

The Annunaki/Reptilian beings are controlling the world, they are in the government, they are making you/many people in the world lose track of who they are and their real purpose. In 2015 we are now becoming much more aware, and many more have awoke, but not the entire world is aware of what is going on. Light-Workers we have a longs way to go but we are the light and we are shining so bright that many of these dark alien beings can no longer exist in this time and place. 🙂 yay! However we haven’t gotten rid of the every single strand of control there is in the world. The picture above is a reptilian being, and if you are not or have not been aware that these are them, please take a good close look and remember that these alien beings are here in this time. How do you recognize them? For many clairvoyant people, and for many who have this gift. They can appear clairvoyantly out of no where, with eyes like reptilians looking in on you and what your doing. I have also experienced this myself from time to time, and it can be really annoying having them invade my space.

I write this article not to spread fear based consciousness, but to make as many people aware of the truth and what is going on at this time. Light and love brothers and sisters, be aware and stay conscious of what is going on around you at this time.


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