A Week Of Fighting Off The Density: The Reptilian Beings & Their Dark 3D Lower Missions, Blatant Attacks, And Twisted World Structures

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2015’s 11/11 Was Vastly Different Than What I Expected

This year’s 11/11 Gateway Opening was so unbelievably different, so unbelievably  vast, and so unbelievably unexpected and one that I have never experienced before. Why? because of the NEW Energies that we’re tuning into prior to and just after the 11/11 gateway. However, where there is Light of course as has been the case since I’ve awakened there has been darkness. Unfortunately 3D Polarity Consciousness has always been a hard pill to take, and an even harder one to swallow. This entire week has been about fighting off the density, shoveling off as much as I could from my home space, from out of my area, and trying my best to not spiral out of control while the dark dense energy moves through my area. I say this because of the events that took place in Paris this week; which really effected me greatly. As is the case with all of these events when they happen, I always feel them. It spreads through consciousness – and what usually happens is people’s reactions, fears, concerns, worries, pain(s) also spread and it’s taken all that I have to remain sound of mind and try not to be effected by it all these last few days.

While it’s been a wonderful Gateway opening, with NEW energy that I can sense has never reached us until this point. Much of the same usual repulsive dark energy has been swirling around like a tornado causing destruction, panic, and spreading tremendous fear.

The Reptile Beings & The Surge In Dense, Dark, Negative Energy

reptilian_211                   reptile_eye_by_knabobar-d718c47                  msfgmsrgsky

Throughout my entire AP (Ascension Process) I’ve been very well aware of (Demons, Demonic Entities, ET’s the negative ones, Reptilians and so much more) and the dark agenda. This is a topic that I’ve wanted to write about and you can tell I’ve stayed away from it so far and just focused on writing about the energies. It’s not that I’ve not wanted to, It’s just that my life get’s crazy dealing with these atrocious monsters that I haven’t wanted to fully disclose them on here as of yet. However, the latest surge of negative energy is because I know for a fact that TNB (Team Negative Beings) are the ones behind these latest attacks. Plain and simple. This isn’t news to me, and it isn’t news to other’s who know fully that this is the case. The few pictures that I have up are a visual representation, and it may vary slightly from what they look like. Reptile beings, reptilians. I stumbled upon a bunch of articles by the lovely Denise Le Fay a while ago and she spoke of these beings, and as soon as I read about them something went off in my consciousness. It was like a memory was triggered, and everything that she had written down about them became like an awakening memory coming back about these specific beings.

I knew when I was reading them, that I had run into these beings before in many past lifetimes, and that what I’m doing here now involves dealing with them once again. My mission involves: Raising the frequency of earth, evolving, embodying the light, transmuting dark energy and cleansing, as well as dealing with demonic beings of various kinds. In the last year or two I’ve had my butt handed to me by these beings, who have repeatedly attacked me like never before. They’ve known that I was ready to begin my own AP (Ascension Process) and that the work that I’m doing now was going to interfere with their DA (Dark Agenda.) I’ve known for a very long time now that I was being messed with because I was being prevented, because these specific dark beings do their damn best to try and prevent the Ascension Process. The DA (Dark Agenda) has always been: To prevent the light, to prevent the Ascension process, to cause as much fear as possible, to stop anyone vibrating higher than these beings from spreading higher frequency to others. 

Their main objective is to: 1) They want to prevent the AP (Ascension Process) as much as possible. 2) They want to create an off world where they can feed off, retain energy, live and exist a little bit longer through us. I have no doubt that these beings aren’t going to just die off without a fight, and over the last two years thing’s have gotten extremely crazy for me and protecting my self and remaining conscious has become a daily practice.

Lower Structures & Lower Beings Thrive On Lower Energy

One thing that I’ve learned throughout this entire Process has been that Lower Structures are built by lower energetic beings. The system of Work/Money, The structure of Religion(s), the abuse of lower urges Sex/Lust, the abuse of Alcohol/drugs and many more – if it’s easy to do it can be used to create chaos and wreak havoc on people. I’m well aware that the reptiles, parasitic beings, entities, and demonic beings create lower energies, and they create lower vibrating systems/structures and lower physical manifestations to lower the collective conscious. They do this to control the collective conscious, to inhabit them, and to take control of collective consciousness.

They thrive on lower energy, and if certain people have and exhibit lower energy they will then jump on the bandwagon and use that lower consciousness to their advantage. I’ve experienced this puppeteering personally … when I first moved into this house last July, the presence of a Portal Person became known to me. This woman came into our lives quickly and out of no-where. We didn’t have prior contact with her, but every single day there she was at our front door. If she wasn’t at our front door, she was in our house spreading her negativity. It took a while for her to leave me and mum alone, but she eventually did what lower energetic people do when they can’t get through or when lower energy clashes with higher frequency. She left and never came back. The NB (Negative Being) using her consciousness, couldn’t do anything more to harm me and mum so it stopped using her. The sad part was – She never knew she was being used – which is usually the case. Many people who aren’t aware, are really not aware that this is happening to them.

Lower energy attracts lower energy – it seeks out lower energetic consciousness and infiltrates it, uses it, manipulates it, and controls it. This has certainly been an interesting 11/11 and so many important thing’s are coming up right now for us so that they can be seen. You have to see these thing’s now in 2015 – so that you know what’s going on, so you can be aware that this is what’s going on.

16Love & Light16

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