Still Fighting Off The Density: Still Clearing Negative Energy & Feeling Much More Source Light.

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Still Dealing With Dense Dark Energy

It’s been about two weeks since the 11/11 Gateway opening and I’m still fighting off the density. When I say Density I mean all of the dense dark energy that I feel around me and the area that I live in, which also includes many places, many objects, and many people. Don’t get me wrong it’s not all been about dealing with the dark and dingy, I feel more source energy and source light more now than I have in many years. This has everything to do with the stage that we’re in currently, within this AP (Ascension Process.) However, the purpose of me writing about this article is to explain to many who are just coming into their own as awakened beings the nature of dark and dense energy. Also, and what they can do in order to deal with dense dark energy and how to bring about healing because of these dark dense energies.

I’d like to share a small event that occurred in my life last week with those of you who might be reading this, and I hope that it might help you all understand more about dark dense energy. This is more or less what I’ve done my entire life as an (Incarnated Volunteer, Light Being, Starseed) and as you become aware of your role you’ll understand that this is what you also do to. Before I begin, I just want to mention that this is something that I don’t ever write about, or talk to anyone about. Most people wouldn’t understand, and they wouldn’t know because it’s not what they’re here to do. However, for me this is what I am contracted to do as a volunteer. This might also be what some of you also are contracted to do, or that many of you are currently doing yourselves.

Nov 18th, 2015 Mission & Clearing Massive Negative Energy

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Nov 18th, 2015 – Had started off as a typical usual day. I had woken up and the density was all over the place and lurking from the second I got out of bed. I had plans to survive the day, and that involved doing what I usually do which is stay in and hide out. Do some embodying, transmute some energy, and sit quietly as I do this work. However, that wasn’t the case. Now before I continue further, I need to mention that there are certain situations in my life currently that are exploding for obvious reasons. There are many people that I’ve had to be around, that I wish I wasn’t around because they’re not at all what they seem. I’ve got full understanding and awareness that some of the people I’m living with, are like me but other’s aren’t and we’re all different in so many ways. So I know what my role is, and I know in a few years time that I won’t be with these people because I’m being guided already to leave these specific people.

In the early morning hours, right when I was about to get started on Transmuting and just being in my own higher space. I was (Interfered with) which means that what I was planning on doing, embodying, transmuting negative energy, and just being while I was being upgraded. Those plans, that work I was going to do got stopped. It got stopped because my eldest sister was moving homes, and she needed the help. One interference led to the next – and I got placed into a situation where that was what I needed to go do. However, that wasn’t the real reason that I was being thrown into that specific situation. At times this can/will happen, where interferences seem like they’re stopping you and most of the time it usually means they are. At other times, some interferences have a specific reason or higher purpose behind it. Which was the case for me  on this specific day. So I left the house with my earth father, and he isn’t my real father. We got there, and waiting for me was a huge house waiting for me to clean it up. So there I am standing outside, looking straight through a house that was holding nothing but negative energy. As is the case with being a (Volunteer Light being, Starseed, Empath, Energy Cleaner) we clean energy. That’s one aspect in this whole thing that we do, and our entire makeup is so multidimensional that I sometimes lose track of all the many aspects we have and all that we’re here to do.

So, I begin scoping out the area. I walked into the house and it felt dark, I could feel the dark energy all around me. It was Dense, which brought on physical shivers. I immediately got a headache, and immediately received visions and could feel some of the events that had taken place in that space. None of those specific events were good, just to spare you the details. However, the process of clearing the negative energy began and I called out to source to help me remove those memories. The entire process took two hours long – the house felt like it was on fire, there was a certain smell of salt or sulfur in the air and the energy was being transmuted through me. Now this is what I need to emphasize about Transmuting and Energy Clearing. Everything gets transmuted and cleared through you, through us, and through our bodies. We’re built for this, we’re made for this specific reason – our body structures, templates, DNA, Codes – this is why we agreed to come in these specific bodies. To transmute and to embody. 

When the clearing was over – the Beings of light that were with me left, I left with my earth father, and my eldest sister left soon after that. The house was clean, the house was clear, the memories that were held in there were released and so was the negative energy. I was interfered with to go there, for no other reason than to clear and transmute that – and clean the energy that my sister and brother in law had created. So that the new home owners wouldn’t have to deal with those memories, energies, affecting them personally.

2015 – is starting to really amplify in so many ways, and as we enter 2016, 2017 and beyond we’ll really start to experience more negative dense energies being released and cleared through us.

16Love & Light16

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