Being A Light-Worker & Negative House Cleansing

The last few days i’ve noticed myself needing much more sleep than i usually do, so on a psychic level i immediately knew that it meant i was/am still transmuting these latest light energy wave energies into myself. No new story there, as i am getting used to the cycles when this anomaly plays out. However what is new are the strange events that happened on Nov 18th the day of the energy waves, as i was unaware that what had happened was some-thing that i could even do as a Light-worker. Being Psychic is one thing,  but being a Light-Worker is another yet they’re both very much connected. Think of a piece of string, each end is separate, and yet they meet in the middle as one strand.It’s this clairvoyant gift that connects with this other gift of healing, however it took me until this time on Nov 18th to realize that the gift is one and the same.

Nov 18 marked an end to a phase/cycle for me within my Ascension process.

When this happens it means something new will begin and what used to be suddenly drops out of my life. Since that time i have been able to have more quiet time, more time to rest up, more time to self heal and more time to look deep within myself. I have been more subdued but it’s just making it possible for me to continue on into my next phase. The morning of the 18th i woke up feeling just awful, then i felt like i wasn’t being heard because i was being pushed to go and help my sister move all of her stuff from her house that is about an hour drive away. I left half awake, no warning, didn’t eat a thing, felt some of the Ascension pains coming on and i have been all too used to doing such stuff on a whim for people all my life. I remember feeling agitated while on my way there, because at the end of the day you get tired of being everyone else source fair enough. When i’m going through the gosh awful pains, i can’t deal with the pain and do everything for everyone else that they need done for them. That is why when we awaken and find ourselves realizing who we are, we stop wanting to do everything for everyone else. We understand that it’s not part of our purpose/path and or our mission. We understand that we are meant to go deep within and heal ourselves, our pain, our past lives lived, our very existence. When we do that it frees us from everyone else and in return because we aren’t stagnating they aren’t either.By us dealing with our stuff we leave the door open for them to heal themselves, whether they choose to or not is up to them.I needed to stop being everyone else source and i have been thinking/feeling that for a very long time. It has taken a while but when you want/think of a direction you want to go in your life, within your life’s path, the universe is always there and can work with your inner wants to create it. I have successfully manifested/created with the universe by stating “I can’t do this for everyone anymore” so in return the universe has helped create change where change was due. It left new doors open for me, as well as for all involved in my life.

Don’t write off manifesting/creating with the universe! All one needs to do is think and ask and you shall receive.

Light-Workers & Dealing With Negative Energy Including Exorcising Negativity

Something that I was already aware of was that I shed light where darkness treads, how-ever what I didn’t know is that I could eject it from certain areas. A lot of Light-workers still don’t know a lot about themselves and that’s fine, awakening is a re-remembering of ones higher self. A lot of us are very different from one another, yet funnily enough the same because we have a special purpose and that we carry the light where ever we go. Some of us are here to deal with spreading the message of peace. Some of us are here to embody the energies and spread it around the world. Some of us are here to deal with negativity head on. Some of us are healers of any kind and it’s up to each one of us to find out what that particular gift is. Some of us are here to experience a lot of pain as a way to experience life/grow spiritually on earth. Some of us are here to fight/evict/cleanse evil because we have that gift. Some of course are here and manage to take on all of that at once including healing/releasing their entire lifetimes experienced while having been on earth. So it’s not easy.

There is one specific group of light beings, who are here to do very special work, because they have the gift to do this kind of work.The world is a place with many portals, many gateways, many specific areas within different locations where there are either positive energies along with negative energy.They are vast and are spread around the entire globe, which is why some of us feel a calling to move to a specific area or be in a specific place at a specific time.Which is also why some places around the world are more peaceful, while other places have daily unrest and chaos.Some Light-workers were born into these areas, or migrate to them because they have a special energy/light that can protect, close, destroy such negative portals. Not every Light-worker has these gifts, and if you don’t please don’t attempt to deal with negative portals because it’s not you who can deal with them.There is one positive portal up near (Sweden – Denmark – Finland – Norway) that i sense, there is a big negative one in the Middle East that spreads out throughout the other middle eastern countries well into asia.These are examples of where this energy is, at least with where i can sense it.It’s important for us to realize what our gift is individually! Learn your gift light-workers.

Dealing With A House Exorcism & Seeing The Number Sequence 999

During the five years my sister and her family have lived in that particular house, they have been attacked repeatedly from lower unaware beings. They have had repeated health/accident issues with the kids. They have had lower/unaware women being used by Negative beings trying to ruin their marriage. So a lot of negative incidences have occurred and i’ve experience negativity in that house when i first awakened, the minute i walked in there my third eye chakra felt tight during a thanks giving dinner .While helping them move, i realized i was there for another reason. I was there to do a house exorcism! I had no idea as a Light-worker i could do that, i guess it is one of my gifts to deal with ejecting negative energies that are trapped from inside certain places. I’ll explain the entire thing in a much simpler way.

•When i got to my sister house i immediately walked in became aware of a negative being presence in there. I immediately knew what i had to do and began trying to clairvoyantly sense where the negative energy was coming from inside the house.

•The Energy was down stairs near the furnace just underneath it, so i stood in the basement hands open calling on Archangel Michael to help me release the energy from the house. As my hands were open i could feel warm energy radiating from them, as i did this.

•The negative being Named “Ramroth – The tempest” was trying to clairvoyantly get me to leave him there. I didn’t listened and continued to eject him from under the house.

•The entire process took about an hour. The house got really warm inside – the smell coming from the vents smelled like burning sulfur – the negative being looked like the black smoke from Lost if you have ever watched that show.

•The ejecting process took an hour – i could clairvoyantly see the black smoke coming out/up from the windows – the doors – the vents – any cracks in bricks from the the exterior foundation he was being evicted and released.

•Half -way through the process i saw a Lady-bug on the sliding door which means that love – positivity – and good luck were on it’s way for the couple that would be moving in.

•After he was evicted/released the house became cooler in temperature – the smell went away and i could clairvoyantly see angels and a few guides from the couple who were over – seeing the energy in the house for their charges to move into.

•The angels were clearing/cleaning up any negative residue personally which i have never seen this process before so it was interesting.

•They left and when it was all said and done with i left the house – got in the car and drove off.

That was the entire experience for me – very unusual as it was the first time that i did this. The ride home it became clear to me that something in my life was coming to a closing, i kept seeing the number sequence of 999 the entire time.Mainly on road signs – so after doing some online research the number 9 resonates with endings/completion. If you see 99 it emphasizes endings even further. If you see 999 or 9999 it means something in your life is ending completely, accept it and move on with what the new. To be quite honest it was all so strange – but i’m glad that i get the chance to continue on here and with where-ever the journey takes me.

Peace & Love Light-workers!


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