Astral Traveling & Doing Dream Work/Missions At Machu Picchu In Peru

I feel the need to share this article and the topic that i need to discuss for today because my higher self needs to both understand, yet also spread awareness and educate at the same time.Through out this entire Ascension process i’ve been taking slow steps one at a time,one of the ways i get to the next step from the previous one is by learning everything i need to in order to ascend higher.Higher knowledge means higher understanding of the self, when we understand our higher self we can continue up those higher levels of pure conscious awareness.Today i reached a new level within my ascension process, within my ability to be aware, within my ability to be fully conscious. The topic that i need to spread awareness about is Astral Travel in some respects known as (Astral Projection) or OBE during sleep/dream states.

Last night i became aware for the first time that as a Light-worker but also as a spiritual being in a human vessel i/we can astral travel through dreams/sleeping states. I feel like i’m having a blonde moment here, but not that i’m generalizing it’s all normal for me or you to grasp and understand information (Higher information) at our own pace. This has happened to me last night while i experienced an astral travel through a dream state. The most important thing about this experience was that for the first time i suddenly under-stood what was happening, that while i was asleep i was actually out of my body for a rest period. That in order to deal with the pains i need to shut off, to sleep as is needed in this crazy ascension process, and end up free for a temporary time until i am ready to re-enter my physical self again. We all need to exit our bodies for a time while remaining attached to our psychic cord/silver cord which keeps us connected to our physical selves. Do you think it would be possible to remain here on this dense/negative planet 24/7 a day without taking a break to re-charge our vessel? It’s unmanageable. If your unsure about a dream that you’ve had, unsure why you dream of being in specific places or cities in the world, why you find yourself doing some of the thing’s your doing in your dreams your actually meeting people and going to these places in the world. It took me a long time to make that higher connection between sleeping – dreaming and being out of my body on a daily basis while Astral Traveling. Isn’t it amazing when you can begin to grasp all the wonder of multi-dimensional higher self understanding.

Astral Traveling & Doing A Dream State Mission/Job In Machu Picchu In Peru

It’s hitting me like a slap in the bum 😉 that as human beings we are so much more than what we all think we are. As a Light-worker and Psychic i know just how much more we really are, it’s an inner knowing but sometimes even i have moments where i’m in awe of the wonderful experiences that i do in fact get the pleasure of experiencing. Although i don’t get many opportunities to experience such wonder.I live a hermit like life, i feel all and socialize with very few…so when i find myself astral visiting places like Machu Picchu in Peru, i know it’s a rare event where i leave the comfort of my appointed zone.I have full knowledge and understanding that all Light-workers are appointed to their location, to do a mission and i know that i’m living in this house/location for a very specific reason. When that mission/job is done i’ll either exit because i am done with what i was called to do or move to another house/location because it calls for me to do so. However never have i been called to Astral Travel to a specific area like this before. Never have i felt the need to be aware of where i was? What i was doing? Why i was there for? So there i was astral traveling through the forest near the hills of Machu Picchu in Peru, the Toucans flying everywhere, trees everywhere, i felt at peace with myself, children running through the paths, i was searching for something but ended up not finding it. Truth be told that didn’t bother me and from a higher self perspective i found the reason why i was there, which was the full knowledge and understanding that i can Astral Travel. That i have a past life connection to the Inca civilization. That i can/am to share this information on Divine Light Phases. It doesn’t get more enlightening than that! This is just another form of jobs/missions that i tend to get as a Light-worker, all fine, all working closely together within the universe, within the current time frame that we are in.

I know some where along the line i’ll have to share my knowledge of the Inca civilizations as i remember it to be, another job/mission of mine to spread awareness and get us back to a place where we are balanced co – habitants of earth and not these lower,unstable, un-awakened beings that we have become.

Enjoy The Astral Travels Light – Workers



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