Astral Travels In 2015: Memories Of Peru & Astral Visits To Machu Picchu.

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Amplification Of Greater Evolution

Ever since the 11:11 Portal/Gateway opening I’ve felt, Sensed, Perceived an amplified burst of Light energies and that’s not the only amplification. I’ve felt amplified physical pains, I’ve felt amplified changes in my reality, and I’ve felt tremendous amplified states of TNB (Team Negative Being) interferences and negative activity throughout the world. November has been a strange month and I’m definitely still dealing with all the dark dense negativity, but I’m also having some serious experiences with my dreams, my dream states, and some memories coming back to me from the past and many of them being from my past lives. So there is a lot of changes going on, and many changes still to come as we move further through the AP (Ascension process.)

I’m familiar with re-connecting and being shown once again my past lives – and to be honest this has happened to me more times than I can count at this point. I’ve lived my life in a sort of non-linear manner and it’s how this process has been for me. Nothing has happened to/for me in a timely ordered fashion, and thing’s have come up for me from places, times, from when I once existed and then I’ll find that I’m still living that event, situation, once again but from this Michael body and this Michael perspective. So, I’ve experienced it once before a long time ago in another place and time. Yet, while I’m here now I’m re-living it as I’m embodied as another aspect of myself. I’ve been in one place, but then I’m skipping through the past and the jumping timelines has been a really tiring experience in my every-day life. This is the biggest amplification that I’ve felt ever since I’ve began being embodied by these NEW Light Energies. This always happens for me when these energies begin, thing’s get brought up and thing’s from the past get remembered. So as I continue writing this I’d like to share a past life of mine, where I was a woman in Peru around the 1300’s and in this past life I was a dancer. I wasn’t just a dancer, I was a living, breathing Light worker in that timeframe.

My Past Life As Peruvian Light Worker/Woman In Peru

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What I remember about this lifetime was that I volunteered to come down from my location in the higher dimensional realm where I come from, and in this lifetime I incarnated as a woman once again to spread the (Feminine Goddess Energy) one half of the divine sacred energies of the Masculine/Feminine template. I was born in Peru in the year 1351 AD just before the Inca Civilizations and empire ruled the southern American continent, and my mission along with a small group of other’s including my Flame was to do massive GW (Grid Work) which involved creating structures of light, opening portals of light which could act as a GP (Grid Point) an area where source/light could enter and inhabit earth. I and others who also incarnated into the small village, were contracted and we fully agreed to be the forerunners that led the other Light-workers who came after us to then live and breathe the process and create the Inca civilization and empire.

My memories of who I was as a Peruvian Woman in the 1300’s is fleeting, but I do know a few things about who I was and what I did. In the one vision that I’ve received from this lifetime I saw myself as a dancer, and when I had the vision I could feel strongly that this was what I loved to do the most in that lifetime. I remember it was night time, and most of the people in the village were celebrating. There was a  small group of us, and we were all celebrating and doing a ceremony involving the Moon and her energies. I was dancing around the fire that was built and I was not only embodying the Moons energies, but I was spreading light through the movement of dance.

I was rather short, I was dark skinned, I had long dark flowing hair that reached my bum and I had feathers scattered all throughout my head. I was wearing strings the color of red wrapped around my arms, on my ankles, and this wonderfully beautiful decorated necklace made of strings and feathers of different colors which hung from my neck. I wore a small white fabric in the form of an ancient dress, and my breasts hung out and free.

The most important piece of information that I remember receiving from any of the visions and memories that I’ve seen, felt, and experienced has been the memories of dancing and celebrating the sun. I remember it was one of the biggest things we did, we would dance in celebration of the sun and what it meant to us. Because Sun is source, and we knew that. We knew that it’s where we came from, and where we would return to when we left the physical bodies we inhabited. I’ve looked online for any signs of this dance and many of the Inca people in Peru still do this dance today. The dance of the sun, to honour the sun god Inti. They do this on the day of the winter Solstice, and while the dances have changed over the centuries the reason(s) and purpose(s) behind it is still clear and still the same ones from long ago. They celebrate the source/source energies and they welcome it, which is what me and those forerunners of the 1300’s did all those centuries ago.

Recent Astral Travel & A Dream Visit To Machu Picchu 

My experiences with Dreams, and Astral travels have been plenty over the last year or two. All of them have happened for very multidimensional reasons, mainly because many of my aspects are now currently intertwined in this 2015 timeline and it has to do with where I am in this AP (Ascension process.) The last few months have been unbelievable especially with where I’ve been physically, and emotionally. Also energetically. Ever since the September X-Wave arrived – boy did things change drastically for me. Especially in the dream area. However, not just in the dream area. Things have changed big time for me with my dreams, my past life memories, astral traveling and having serious OBE (Out Of Body Experiences.)

The most recent AT (Astral Travel) that I’ve had this month which brought me on here to write about this past life memory was one I took to Machu Picchu in Peru. This is a place that I’ve never been to in the real waking world, however as soon as I woke up and re-entered my physical body as is the case with these At (Astral Travels) I immediately knew that this was a Mission/Job that I went on. I astral traveled to the same location that I remembered was where my village used to be, I knew it was the same place because I could feel it, sense it, and knew that it was the exact location. it looked different, with many trees and plants that have grown up and into the sky. I remembered that I pulled something out of the ground, and retrieved it. As soon as I grabbed what I needed to that’s when I woke up, and the dream travel and it’s memories stuck with me for days afterwards. For those who don’t know AT (Astral Travels) & DW (Dream Work) is a common Light-Worker practice, tool, and a major part of our jobs. We go places, we meet with groups of people, we leave our bodies for extended periods of time in order to do something of great importance in other places. Sometimes we remember these places, and at other times we really don’t. Sometimes we also remember these missions/jobs and other times we don’t. This doesn’t happen to every light-Worker at first, sometimes it takes a while to remember but for other’s it’s instant because we’ve incarnated before and on other planets and star systems and have done the same thing before.

November 2015 – Has become greatly enhanced in so many ways, and it’s only going to get more lighter, evolved, greater, and beyond anything we have physically experienced thus far as we move closer towards the Winter solstice. Give yourselves a pat on the back, and remember that you are loved in so many beautiful ways.

16Love & Light16

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