Being A Light Worker In 2015: Real Light Warriors, False Light & Those Beings Who Are Trying To Prevent The AP (Ascension Process)

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Dealing With Polarity As A Light Worker

For most of my life as an (Incarnated Volunteer – Light-Worker) I’ve had prior knowledge that planet earth is a 3D (Dimensional) plane of existence where there is free will and lots of polarized Consciousness, and that I and you have been living in this 3D realm time and time again. I know that I didn’t incarnate here because I knew it was going to be fun, or easy, or that I wouldn’t grow and evolve through multiple challenges along the way. Of course I knew it was going to be a handful, and I knew I was going to be tested every step along the way. This is what happens when your a Light-Worker facing, dealing, living and breathing alongside a world that has polarized Consciousness. This is what happens when your a Light-worker living and breathing the AP (Ascension process,) your going to get challenged, your going to be tested, and your going to grow and evolve because of these multi-faceted tests. This is what we do, along with holding the light for all of humanity to Ascend/Evolve should they choose to move out and away from the 3D and higher into the 5d way of existing and being.

Since my starseed activation I’ve been sick, I’ve been attacked by Demonic Entities, I’ve been prevented to start my Ascension process. I’ve released, I’ve healed, I’ve learned to self love, and most importantly I’ve had to deal with Polarity and Polarity Consciousness. As much as I absolutely have had moments where I have “Hated” having to deal with polarity, I can’t deny that having gone through those multiple Multidimensional tests hasn’t helped me grow and evolve to where I AM at this current point in time. It doesn’t mean that Polarity Consciousness is normal, organic, and real. Polarity Consciousness isn’t the end game – and many of us (forerunners, Light beings, Starseeds) are here to unify this 3D planet in 5D Unity Consciousness. This might be the way of existing, and has been the way of existing for centuries on 3D earth. However, that’s been changing and it has been in the works and finally happened at the cut off point on 21-12-2012. We’ve now begun moving into unity consciousness since 2012 – and each year we get closer and closer as more and more humans become activated through the energies. There is a connection I do need to make here, and it’s between light-workers who are living and breathing the AP (Ascension process) and specific beings who aren’t living and breathing the AP (Ascension process) but who shoot down, make fun of, fight against, speak out against, us and what were all about. What all of us who are on the AP (Ascension Process) are doing at this current timeframe. It’s amazing because being highly sensitive, I get to feel, sense, and know all at once what’s going on with these beings both human and nonhuman, and what their specific purpose and end game really is.

Everything in this article has a lot to do with who is Ascending at this current time, and who isn’t. It has a lot to do with the fact that not Everyone is going to be skipping along, and holding hands with one another through this process. Not Everyone is going to be going through this AP ( Ascension process.) 4fvgdaq_th

The False Light & Those Who Are Working To Prevent The Ascension Process

It’s become blatantly obvious and painful for me as I’m a highly sensitive being, in having full disclosure, knowledge, prior facts, information about what is going on right now for everyone in 2015. It’s one thing to know and be a (Light-worker, Light-bearer, Light-holder, grid-worker) but it’s another thing altogether – having knowledge that their are specific beings both human and nonhuman working against I/You and the missions we might have that will bring on more of the AP (Ascension Process) on planet earth. I’ve had days, moments in time where just dealing with these being(s) both human and nonhuman, etherically and physically has been down right energy consuming, terrifying, outrageous, maddening, and life threatening.

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Writing about this topic now is bringing up some memories from last year, back in mid – 2014 when I first moved out of the old space/home I was living in for my entire life at that point. I was 24, and was having odd dreams, having serious symptoms, and was beginning my physical alchemical AP (Ascension process) and SA (Starseed Activation.) The second I entered this now house that I’m living in, TNB (Team Negative Beings) these nonhuman etheric demonic entities that I’m speaking about, began attacking me in every way possible. The same day we moved in – we had a visitor come to the house, a woman, she was an obvious PB (Portal Being) who was being used and possessed to come over and take a look at me, at mum who was also becoming activated, and see just how far along in the process I/We were. I remember thinking it was odd that she came over to help, by the second day her energy felt wrong and massively negative. The third day she came over my mum fell threw a glass door and hurt her shoulder pretty badly, and I got psychically attacked in my bed that third night by those TNB (Team Negative Beings.) It didn’t take me a while until I figured out there was a connection, but I have to say I HAVE NEVER, in my life felt so terrified as I did that night I first got psychically attacked. They tried to hold me down, they put every single weight they could on me to the point where I was struggling to move. It was a resistance, a flat out attack against me – because of what I was going to be doing in the future. What I would be writing about – right here on DLP (Divine Light Phases.) 

As time went by, the woman eventually stopped being possessed. This lasted for me from the second I entered my new higher space/home, in July 2014 – Feb of this year. The interferences, the flat out attacks, the random visits to the house, the frequent visits to the house, the strange and dark events that would happen whenever she came around. That lasted 7 months, and by spring 2015 I was in a completely new place/space within the 5D timeline. The TNB (Team Negative Beings) that were using her slowly moved out of my reach. I had raised my frequency, and entered the 5D timeline to the point where they could no longer reach me, attack me, and get to me personally themselves. The only problem that I’m now facing, Is that they’ve changed how they choose to get to me. It’s not as dark, blatant, or in your face as it used to be. It’s not direct attacks anymore, it’s turned into cunning, manipulative, and new ways and because they now can’t get to me personally themselves like they used to. Their new way of attacking me, derailing me, and interfering with me and my light work has been … to repeatedly possess/use people now through their consciousness to get to me. It’s a new ball game entirely, but this means that they’re no longer able to get at me through their old lower 3D ways anymore.

This is one ex. however this is an important example of NBI (Negative Being Interference) and some of the situations I got thrown into, that helped me to grow, that helped me learn to deal with Polarity Consciousness. Now do you understand why not everyone is going to be Ascending? Why, we all won’t be skipping into the light together? … there are many on this earth who are trying to prevent the AP (Ascension process) individually and collectively. Some who are etheric demonic entities, and real human beings who are either manipulated and used or who choose to personally help prevent the 3D ways because they are avoiding responsibility and personal accountability for the self.

Warning Signs & How To Tell When Your Being Prevented

Not everyone wants this AP (Ascension process) to happen and we all know that, but for those who don’t let me share some of the signs that I’ve noticed from my own personal experience in my own personal life and journey. It’s not just the media, or those in the public eye, especially those in politics. There are may signs from many people and in my experience, they have been neighbours, family, and anyone that is in my general area.

  1. When you find yourself about ready to start the day, you have a specific plan and someone unexpected shows up at the door who you didn’t expect. In many cases I’ve become aware that some neighbors start problems because they are being used. Some family members start problems because they’re being used. As much as I’ve hated it, most of the people around me get possessed and used all of the time.
  2. When a situation goes from great to life threatening in a flash second, that’s when I’ve noticed some people are being used to prevent you from doing what needs to be done. Also, I haven’t gotten any life threatening situation come my way but the jest is that when something normal turns into a crazy display it’s likely something is preventing you.
  3. The second that I’ve started talking about consciousness, higher energy, taking responsibility, personal accountability, or anything that is even remotely tied to evolution and the Ascension Process. People start becoming angry, enraged, confused, they lash out, they think I’m crazy.
  4. When I/You know that you/I need to go somewhere, do something, that has to do with our grid work, Light work, energy downloads, and then family, friends, and or random people just try to stop the process. Which has happened to me many times before.
  5. Lastly, and this one has been the most telling. When people for no reason other than they’re just possessed, and carry lower consciousness just hate you, despise you, treat you like garbage, yell, scream, carry on about wanting to stop you or kill you. That’s prevention – because they’re possessed by beings who know what your here for.

As a Psychic I have felt, known, perceived, and sensed all of these warning signs, from anyone and lately it really is anyone at this point who has prevented me and my AP (Ascension Process.) My advice is to look within and connect to your HS ( Higher Self) and know who is in the LG (Light Group) and who’s really in the DG (Dark group) masquerading as the light.

Discernment is needed right now in 2015.

16Love & Light16

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