So Called False “Lightworkers” Who Intellectually Steal Higher Knowledge As Their Own… This Is A Form Of Psychic Draining

Since the beginning of my own Ascension process way back in March 2014 it has felt like i have been living my entire life through constant learning lessons.If i learn one thing then i’m ready to move on towards the next lesson … so on, and on until i have learned enough to eventually leave. So it never really seems to end but it can always stagnate when we continue to avoid the lesson. I bring up the topic of lessons because i needed to learn a lot during the awakening stages, it’s a short but necessary process.

I have not discussed the awakening process much here on Divine Light Phases mainly because i’m not really certain that my own awakening has culminated. However i know enough that i can mention that it’s a spiritual initiation, one that brings you, me, us back into the fold so to speak. I can state without a doubt that the awakening process is the most painful thing that i have/continue to experience. For all of you just awakened light beings/people who feel so much pain, but yet don’t understand what is really going on. It’s alright.I still remember crying every day, i remember the pain i felt on the inside, i remember all the stuff i was feeling and it took me a while to feel normal once again. Normal is an exaggeration … but as normal as i can feel as an awakened being in a really fucked up world. One of the only thing’s that kept me going was information (Higher Information) from other aware light-beings. They really put it all into perspective for me. I’ve had many teachers who had their experiences on their own blogs and or sites, i took that as a spiritual welcome because it allowed them to be open and me to be included in on the truth. The first reason i decided to write this article is because i needed to share a website from a spiritual teacher of mine,this woman helped me understand everything when i first re-connected with my true self again.She didn’t pussy foot around with her writing, she was honest, she put it all into perspective every nook and cranny and i recommend that you give her websites Transitions and HighHeartLife a good read.

Sharing/Appreciating A Light-Workers Website/Link

I have left/shared/put up a link just up above ^ right here! … If you have just awakened or are still a bit lost about what it means to be aware, or what it means to be a light-worker, or what our missions are, then i highly recommend you click the link.Her name is Denise Le Fay she is a writer – a psychic – an earth sensitive – and a light-worker and you should check out her work on here and the two books she has written. I need to mention so i can make this clear that i have emailed her – specifically asked her if i could share her site on this blog personally.Their is such a thing as psychic drain – people/negative beings can easily drain us psychically by finding/taking our information and constantly using it and claiming it as their own.They are effectively stealing from our psychic abilities and of our higher capability of understanding our source. So giving credit where it is due – is always a must it is psychic respect.

False “Light-workers” & Intellectually Stealing/Claiming Real Light-Workers Writing/Work

The second reason for writing this article has to do with all the authentic writing(s) from the real Light-Workers out there who are connected to higher understanding – to higher self – to our higher source and having false negative beings steal their/my material. You would be surprised by how many times i have run across a blog/website and have found the same exact same material verbatim! With minor differences 1) It’s a different Blog/site 2) It’s been changed a bit 3) Is has been distorted/turned into a false understanding of the real authentic Light-workers higher knowledge 4) This last one kills me they have added their negative/false finger print and name onto it.Taking from one/multiple person(s) in-tellectual higher being knowledge and understanding is actually a form of Psychic drain! It’s a real thing – it’s a real problem and many authors and light-workers go through this psychic drain. It can feel like your energy is being messed with/like your energy is being sucked right out of you because those stealing your material are constantly coming back for more and using you as their source.As soon as someone uses you as their source you can immediately feel the effects and i have a few that i can share with you.

•You can feel more tired than you usually are/or all of the time.
•Your exhausted and can’t seem to do/get done all that you need to.
• You can feel more disoriented and confused without understanding why.
• You can feel weak like all the energy out of your body has been sucked out.
•Seldom always have headaches because those using you as a source are in a form psychically attacking you.
•Always feel/sense that person/negative being presence looking for more information/energy.

As a Psychic i have felt most to all of those side effects this goes for people taking my material – or someone who basically is just using me as their source.I’ll have to do an article on how to know when you are being used as a source some time.You need to watch out for those who are psychically draining you, in any form or another that is why discerning real from false is so important.The material we see/think is higher information is not what we sometimes think it is, many false light-workers have infiltrated and have acted as us.

Discern – discern – discern real Light-Workers!



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