A Timely Message: Ascended Beings, Continued Spiritual Ignorance & The Animal Beings On 3D Earth

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A Timely Message From 5th Dimensional Higher Light Beings

I’ve been doing this Light-Work for a good while now and just so you know what kind of work I’m talking about, I mean TLEP (The Light-Embodiment Process.) Ever since I’ve incarnated down here on this 3D earth, It’s taken me a while but I’ve learned throughout the years how to sense, perceive, and fully know just how and when patterns in my life would take manifestation. Would I go through a heavy embodiment phase, or not? Am I growing and evolving more now with higher lessons, or am I going to have a quiet period where I’m just being and existing for the higher purpose of humanity? Will I be called on to do specific Light work which can involve (Grid work, Grounding Light energy work, Opening light portal work, cleansing/clearing a specific area.) There are many roles that I take on. There are many patterns that shift and change along the way, and which have shifted and changed along the way for me in my own personal life while living and breathing my AP (Ascension Process.) 

As of August 2015 I haven’t had a moments peace with these energies – From the 8:8:8 Portal and gateway opening, leading up to the September X-Wave, into the 10:10 and 11:11 portals respectively. There has been no break, no time-out period while dealing with days of depression and intense energies, and my pattern has been constant (Grid work along with light grounding work as well.) This has been my pattern, and I’ve sensed that as we enter December 2015 that I won’t be getting a break from these energies either. It hasn’t just been energy embodiment, It’s been growth especially of many higher abilities, tools and gifts. Not to mention a constant increase of telepathic communication with my Higher self, with higher dimensional beings, and lately I’ve been receiving highly timely and important personal messages. Some messages have been of future timelines for myself personally, while others have been messages of continued spiritual ignorance of specific beings who aren’t on the Ascension path.

Continued Spiritual Ignorance Of Lower Conscious Humans & The Attack against Specific Animal Beings

On the morning of December 2nd, 2015 – I received communication, and visions regarding an event that is about to take place in Japan from Higher dimensional beings. The event that I saw, and which I was then led to online was an article of the Japanese  and that they were planning on killing 333 Minke whales. As of today I’ve no information on whether they have killed any so far, however they feel they have the right to do this and they want to do it every year. The justification and the reason behind these killings was because it involved doing research in studying the changes in the ecosystem near Antarctica. Now, of course TNB (Team Negative Beings) are always very manipulative and as always they have an excuse, a reason, a purpose, and can justify doing these things because you know they think it’s alright. They also think it’s them actually taking accountability and responsibility, when really it’s SC (Spiritual Carelessness.) … I was being shown this by these higher dimensional light beings, because they wanted me to know that this wasn’t just about research. They wanted me to know that this was about wiping out as many of these AB (Animal Beings) as they possibly could.

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Where we’re all at along with the earth within this AP (Ascension Process) we’re fully on our way to 5D unity evolution – which means every-day we’re working harder to create a higher and more evolved world of peace where animals and people can co-exist together. The killing of these Minke whales … is nothing more than old lower consciousness rearing it’s ugly head again, and because it thinks that it can. The fact that some Japanese men/women ignored a court order to prevent them from “Whaling” doesn’t surprise me at all, because it’s what lower consciousness does. It thinks, feels, acts, reacts in ways where it’s in service to the ego self. That’s what happens when your in service to self, and it’s called SC (Spiritual Carelessness) where there is no connection to source energy enough to remain fully conscious of one selves consciousness or actions. No control over oneself, which then leads to absolute internal chaos.

In my last November Article Titled: Being A Light Worker In 2015: Real Light Warriors, False Light & Those Beings Who Are Trying To Prevent The AP (Ascension Process)

I discussed false light, and how there were some human and nonhuman beings who were trying to prevent the AP (Ascension Process.) In the same manner this is the same thing that is going on here, as AB (Animal Beings) are also special within the 5D unity evolution we’re working on. Did you think that incarnated Light beings were the only ones (Embodying light, doing grid work, Evolving and growing?) Did you think human beings were the only ones being activated by these light energies? There are many beings which include all AB (Animal Beings) who are also doing this work. They have specific jobs, they have work to do for the collective, they play an important part and they have missions that have to do with our oceans. These animal beings are also evolving and growing within this evolutionary process. They circle our oceans every-day, and they help contain our oceans as much as we might not realize it. The worst thing that could happen, and which has happened to many of our fellow ALF (Animal Light Friends) is extinction. This is where SC (Spiritual Carelessness) plays a role, because there are many possessed, used, lower conscious people in the world who are messing with these beings. Some choose extinction, so that they play out there contracts to 3dD earth and never have to incarnate here again. Others struggle to survive and continue to, because their integration into the 5th dimensional NEW way of existing is paramount and so important.

The timely message I received from the higher dimensional light beings, spoke of continued spiritual ignorance of lower consciousness beings. That the purpose behind these killings was to wipe this specific species out, and in this case there is obviously too many of them embodying light energy as much as we all are. They also mentioned the importance of specific Ab (Animal Beings) and how much our planet needs these beings as we evolve and continue on our collective Ascension. Whether some lower conscious nonhuman beings and humans want them here or not.

16Love & Light16

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