The Ascended Masters & A Timely Message About Animals

It has been very rare for me personally to be in a spiritual situation where i am being led to information (Higher information) by The Angels – Ascended Masters – The source – As well as higher celestial beings who come from the higher realms of existence. It is not in any way something i experience daily, and i haven’t really been led to specific topics in the news/media that is happening in and around the world by them very much.This particular message from the Ascended Masters is the first for me – as they have never really pointed me directly to an issue going on in our world that can have dire effects if it is allowed to happen.I am taking it as a call for help – a serious matter – and an important message from them to the world because it’s not just about one thing. it has to do with many thing’s. As a Light-Worker i’m meant to spread awareness not ignore it – just like we all are, so let me fill you in on the timely message from the Ascended Masters and why they chose to direct me to this issue/situation.

Japan & Defying World Order Going After 333 Minke Whales In Antarctica

The article i was led too on CNN as i do a lot of news reading/reporting so i know where to spread some awareness, where to give my light which is all part of the work that i do on this planet. The kind of work we all do. I was pulled to read about this article a few days ago – but dismissed it, when i saw it again i had to click on the link. When i was reading through it the number sequence 333 showed up – immediately i knew it was the sign of The Ascended Masters. When i was half way through reading i was told that they desired me to write about this here on Divine Light Phases. So here we are now. The story is actually quite unbelievable really … i guess Japan and the Japanese people didn’t follow the “Save The Whale Protests” much when they have been doing them all around the world. I struggle “really” i do to understand where these people/scientists come from when they see animals of any form land/water as tools and or experiments. They claim in that article that it is all for research – however i know when interference is being played and the murder of these 333 minke whales will set off more killings in the future if we don’t stop these unaware men from murdering them. We are living in a time where the Ascension Process is fully on it’s way to changing the world – to make it a place for peace where animals and people can co-exist together. The killing of whales/Animals of any kind is to go against nature … and what exactly is the problem with whales? Let them swim in the ocean and “Be” we don’t need to be a bother to them, then it hits me some people are not aware that animals are “beings” just like all of us are.

The fact that Japan ignored a court order to prevent them from “Whaling” doesn’t surprise me at all, they have ignored the protests of world countries, they have always been stubborn people. This is more Negative tactics by Negative demons/beings, because they have a purpose to use/abuse and destroy everything on this planet and consume it all for their own selfish purposes. This leads me to their purpose .. to stop consciousness all together. To prevent it from happening – to stop it from spreading – to stop us all from becoming one again.


The real reason for “Whaling” and hunting of fish/Marine mammals around the world is because animals have their own form of consciousness. They are different species living with us to show us that we are not alone in the universe, that there is more out there in space, that there is more to life then working for that she devil at your office job. For those who don’t know what whaling is “It’s the hunting of whale species – just for the sake of it” yes these people are killing whales … and meanwhile our world leaders are trying to start WORLD WAR III. It’s not just us that can carry consciousness animals can to – do you think we’re the only ones Ascending and going through these Ascension pains? Try talking to my cat when a big wave hits … and his behind is trying to function the poor thing he can’t. Whales believe it or not along with Dolphins are some of the smartest sea beings on our planet, they’re great examples too us because here they are a complete different life force/being and they are aware of it. In some respects they are smarter than most of the un-aware human beings on our planet.

Have you ever gone to the zoo/or been aware of animals who are being disturbed in their natural habitats, one/some of them will attack at certain people while gently being kinder to others. Animals are really good at sensing people energy, those that they lash out at are clearly troubled in some way as most animals are not stupid they can tell. The Negatives know about this and are trying to destroy all kinds of life on this planet – in order to stop the great Ascension convergence from happening.It’s all tactics with them – it’s all count-less planning with them – it’s always the same interferences with them year after year and century after century. Be aware of the interferences – of the negativity – of them because they can/will do just about anything to gain energy as a source. They will get it from you, from all animal life, from our world also in order to stop this great Ascension convergence from happening.

Message From The Ascended Masters To The World

The message from the Ascended Masters are that animals should not be killed – animals should be looked to as an example of the many races/beings out there in our galaxies and in others. We need to stop separating ourselves from the animal kingdom, we need to stop looking for/hunting down animals for the sake of it. We need to become more aware of the fact that animals and humans are one – stop treating them as if they’re lesser than us, we need animals and one of the reasons we are in such an uproar over the latest killing of animals such as Cecile the lion by hunters. Is because we know a small part of them is destroying us and consciousness. The truth is the Ascension process is so amplified and trust me we can all feel it, these sort of things can’t happen anymore. Male/Female roles are being integrated into one – the killing/hunting of these sea being and or of any animal can not happen any longer. There is change happening – we are re-aligning once again, this kind of stuff can not happen not because i am saying it but because it has to happen this way – it is happening this way . All life is slowly being understood, as all one aspect of us, one aspect of our source/creator.

Please take some time out to share this post – to spread awareness – to stop the unaware Japanese from destroying whales/using whales for their own purposes. Send a prayer – special thought – good vibes anything is a sign your asking for help.


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