Angels & Spiritual Healing – Doing Ones Own Inner Work Is A Calling As Light-Workers!

As a psychic/Light – Worker i have come to realize that the more i become more aware of myself and my psychic gifts, the more i understand that in order for me to fully integrate them into my being i know that i need to cleanse/release all the pain from my past lives. This is something i am understanding more as the days go by – why? It all has to do with the Ascension process we are on and the way the earth is changing.The earth has been very dark, very negative for an extremely long over extended period of time. It has been used, it has been abused, it has been changed, it has seen relentless wars, there has been constant pollution, constant tribulations.The darkness has roamed all around Gaia – however the great collective convergence is happening which is the Ascension process and it is cleansing the darkness/evil from this planet.The Ascension process has been going on for years – as many first wave Light – workers (which by the way is a term “Denise Le Fay” uses herself quite a bit) have been around all the way back since the 60s and 70s! The peace signs – the long hair – the hate/annoyance towards the government and as they called it “The Man” oh yeah the Ascension process has been changing our world even since then.Light -workers have always existed however in each time frame more of us incarnate in order to get the message across to the rest of humanity.

The positive thing about the Ascension process now is that more light exists – because more light waves have been repeatedly coming in. When more light waves come in more darkness is vanquished/exits the planet because it can not stay in a place filled with end-less light. The positive energy on this planet is definitely changing a lot of things- however one of these positive things is that we have more communication to source/high beings such as angels/angelics. Over the last few days i have been aware that December was going to be a difficult time/healing period for me. As part of my agreement this incarnation – i’m here to work on my spiritual healing. Healing of my past, healing of my lives, healing of my perceptions, healing of the self. In the end that really is the main reason that we are here, it’s not just lessons, it’s being aware of ourselves and correcting false images of who we are. In order for me to do this i have been doing healing work for the last few days with the Angels. The main focus of this article is too spread awareness that we can heal ourselves, our pain, work with the angels and find peace within.

What Does It Mean To Do Spiritual Work?

When we reincarnate into this lower denser/negative 3 dimensional world and way of being, we actually come here to experience and learn. The lessons here are valuable for spiritual growth, but each person here also has connected branches of missions that they must accomplish. We come here to learn, but also heal past life issues, marry our twinflames, have our children so they too can be born and grow and heal. These are all part of the tree, further more are our friends, people we are to help, the work we do, the awareness we spread by the kind acts that we do. We are all our own individual trees, with many branches! The most important part of our mission/purpose is the spiritual work that we are all called to do, and i don’t mean the job/work we do out there in the world. I mean the work we do on the inside, inward work on the self and the soul. I can tell you that spiritual work is not easy, but it really is a must, and after all the inner healing i have done i feel changed in ways that only seem to uplift me. I have dealt with negative experiences from this lifetime and other’s, but however dark/painful it gets for me to know and remember certain events, i know that the angels are always near by cheering me on and transmuting/healing whatever i choose to release.

What does it mean to do ones spiritual work? It means many thing’s so let me share a few with you.

Crying/Tears – When we cry it is an acknowledgement that we are releasing pain, whether it is witnessing something sad on television, it is knowing that something bad happened to people around the world and it saddens you, witnessing some one else pain, witnessing an event that brings you too tears but you have no idea why. Crying is an emotional release – it’s a spiritual detox & cleanse and when we finish we feel lighter/uplifted, because we have let that pain go and it has been released from our body.

Asking For Help/Asking Angels Out Loud For Help – Many people who are not aware don’t understand the value of asking for help from higher beings such as angels. They are cut off from that help, cut off from that connection. When we ask angels for help they can make our heavy load lighter by helping us release it/by helping us carry it but we first need to acknowledge them and ask for help. Many are not clairvoyant and need to go through the process – despite that while your gifts slowly begin to appear calling on them is the easiest way to get help even if you can’t communicate. Just call out to them and you will feel lighter!

Dreams/Sleeping – During our sleep/dreams we are clearing away memories of any kind whether from last week, or from past lives 2 centuries ago. You would be surprised how much we tend to store up in our bodies … this means we have to let go of these issues we have. So we do it when we sleep … we also deal with our problems/issues with many other people in our sleep as well. This is also part of our spiritual work – some things can’t be resolved when we are awake.

Past Life Recall/Past Life Regression – I am very aware of my past lives as i can recall them all – if your on the ascension/spiritual path you will have recall of past life memories. You may also have recall memories in your dream state… taking you too that time period, too people you were familiar with in order to deal with it. Many people are drawn too getting a past life regression done by psychics – therapists and psychic healers. In order to fulfill part of their mission/soul contract of doing their spiritual work.

Ego/Dismantling Of The Ego Self – It is normal to have a lifetime that is just solely dedicated to the dismantling of ones own ego self. This particular kind of spiritual work is hard – because we need to dig deep at ourselves – understand that what we want/think is that of being a separate entity. The hard lesson of the ego is too understand that we are all one- and that it’s not all about our-selves.

Self Love/ Love For All – Love is the most important work we are here to do – finding a way to stop looking for love beyond ourselves and actually love who we are. Only when we have true love for ourselves can we know how to love everyone else, only then can we attract that kind of love to us.

Meditating/Being Instead Of Forcing – Another spiritual practice/work is meditation because despite what most people think, it’s just as equally up-lifting to sit silently in a spot and turn within to calm the self. Chanting is also spiritual work because it stimulates our body and causes it to internally massage/vibrate every muscle in our body. Exercise is good – but meditation is key to a calm/chaos free life. Another aspect to our spiritual work is by being instead of forcing thing’s to happen, learning how to balance letting go and attracting what you want is simple just stop forcing things to happen. Let it come to you!

Diet/Exercise/Chakra work – Having a healthy diet – taking care of your body – finding a balance between your chakras is also part of our spiritual work. Un-balanced chakras lead to illness/sickness – an inability to understand your soul purpose – inability to understand the inner self, the inability to function properly. Diet/food also effects the chakra especially the solar plexus – it’ll be on over drive releasing toxins from the body. Exercise is necessary it keeps us active – gives us energy and is/should be part of your daily spiritual work. Doing breathing is just as important … however the chemicals on this planet thanks to the evil bastards on it make it hard for me too get much fresh air. When I do – it helps every part of the body and helps us live longer – helps our digestive tract – keeps us calm.

These are all forms of spiritual work – everything aside from this comes second hand and should be treated as such. As a light worker i know with all my heart that these are all the reasons that i came here to this planet, i also know how from personal experiences how many interferences can come along and prevent me/you but all you can do is try. Try to do as much spiritual work as you can before the 12-12 portal comes – as much spiritual work before the Dec 21 solstice approaches – as much spiritual work with the angels as you can. The more we release the less negativity lasts on this planet.

Please say a prayer – well thoughts – best wishes – kind thought for Europe … the world as those negative beings/demons are working hard to cause World War III.



One thought on “Angels & Spiritual Healing – Doing Ones Own Inner Work Is A Calling As Light-Workers!

  1. universalgal April 22, 2016 / 2:34 pm

    Thank you Mikey! I’m very happy I came across your blogs ( on Google plus actually), I started a profile here a while ago but never posted any blogs and your writings brought me back to my profile here… I need to get over my doubt and start writing like I want to. You are very inspirational To me! Thank you!


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