Spirit Guides & Evolving Beyond Old Light Team Members

“The subject that i’m writing about for this article might come across to many as a bit cold, or odd to those of you who may not understand why I might be writing about firing spirit guides. Why would we choose to fire Spirit guides? Why would we not/or no longer need to remain in contact with many of our familiar Spirit friends? For the fact that we sometimes, move on, evolve higher, merge more with our higher self, so that we do not need to rely on them any longer. We rely on newer ones, who are more at our level. So if your struggling with understanding why, firing our spirit guides is necessary. Please understand that it’s all about our own personal evolutions.”

I have been wanting/trying to write this article for some time now, however it seems that i always get side tracked or derailed by something and or someone. I’m either given newer information, am lead to specific topics, have charges/people sent to me to help them on their own path, sent people to help them during their awakening, dealing with my own life and mission/healing, so i tend to get busy. When you factor in all the crazy energy it’s a wonder i get out of bed in the morning! Those are the general thing’s that have come up, writing about lesser intense articles have not yet been in the cards for me. I’ve got the time now, and it’s about time because my higher Self has wanted to spread this kind of awareness about Spirit guides for some time now.

This article is based on events i have personally experienced, and when we understand some aspect about ourselves and our (Team Members) it’s always important to share what we know with others. As a lot of Light-Workers may be going through the exact same situation(s) :(. When we receive  (Higher Information) coming into us, coming from our higher self, coming from our (Source Connection). It’s a higher obligation to let other Light-Workers, know, and understand this, by sharing what you know, so it can become part of the collective. Then by doing that we are sharing with others like me/you who will instantly understand what is happening in their lives and why. Our source connection is important, and trusting in our source aspect is the key to understanding higher newer information. Many Light-Workers already know that “assistance is given to them/us” we know, and understand this assistance as many thing’s. Angels, Light Beings, Higher Friends, Higher companions, Spirit, spirit guides, there are many variations. If your newly awakened, or just beginning to understand this all for yourself, then let this be the first step in understanding higher information. Most of our lives we have always had these Light Beings around us, guiding us, helping us, watching over us. The difference now is that we are aware of them, that they are always with you. So where does “The Firing” part come in you might be asking? Well let me explain my own experience, and why I  had to let my old spirit team go.

All my life I have had a few Spirit Guides a girl named Ava and a boy named Ohayos. I also have a Guardian Angel named “Kaladriel” who knows my entire history, for this entire lifetime lived. He continues to be with me today! However as I became awake, understood myself, what was really going on in the world, the many different timelines and such. Who I used to be changed, and because I changed, my understanding changed. I was starting to get communication with my other two spirit guides. They wanted me to find a job, and work, to save money and worry/care about securing myself with what was going on in the lower 3D world. They tried their best, however I didn’t ever feel like I was getting help from them. It felt like they didn’t have my best interests at heart, the more sure of my gifts I became, the more I wanted to focus on healing myself and less on worldly objects and ways of life. In October I finally had enough, I had to ask Source/creator to please help return those two specific guides to their realm. He did, and then I asked for a new Spirit guide(s) and the ones that I have today are much more in alignment with who I am. With where i’m at, within my own evolutionary process.

It sounds so final, I know, and it happens so quick. In my case firing/requesting new assistance in my mission was best for me. Remember that as we integrate more with our higher self we change, we evolve. Don’t think you won’t ever see a change in your “Higher watchers” because you will. Don’t be surprised if you decide that you need to make some changes yourself, and ask them personally if they can move on and come to an agreement by way of telepathically communing with one another. It works both ways, as many spirit guides may actually ask to be released from your mission. It’s fine. Some will leave and take a break, and will return at a later date. Just understand firing, getting, requesting, changing your spirit guides is not anything bad. It just means your evolving beyond them, that’s alright

Spirit Guides & Releasing Them Back To Source

Having the same spirit team/helpers all your life will leave you in the same place, and will burn them out. After i released my spirit guides back to Source/creator i felt uplifted, i sensed anguish from them, however in the end it has worked out for all of us. It has let me connect with newer spirit guides, and also let me move forward with who i am now. It has also let them have a chance to rest/ease up because their jobs are just as equally tiring as mine still is. During our life times there are/will be certain phases, where life changes, and the same goes with our Spirit guides they phase in and out of our lives. Here are some phases/cycles in our lives where we usually, safe bet, will end up changing spirit guides.

We have our New born baby/childhood Phase: Angels – Guardian Angels – Spirit Guides. We are back on earth again and our Angels/Spirit Guides are here to help us with the transition to earth as a baby form.

We have our Pre-teen/Teenage Phase:  Angels – Spirit Guides – Guardian Angel he/she tends to stick around all our lives. The many wonders of being a self involved teenager. Oh i think this phase is the worst for our guides/but fun for us as we start behaving more like our soul personalities.

We have our Early Adult/Saturn Return Phase: Angels – Spirit guides – The Guardian Angel has remained through out the many spirit team changes. We start to really change/evolve beyond the clothes – our looks as they start to fade.This is a phase where our guides change to more mature ones … because if we thought we saw misery/hardship in our twenties haha we haven’t known hardships yet!

We have the Middle/Mid Life Crisis Phase: Newer Angels – Newer Spirit guides – Guardian Angel still remains. A lot more changes are made in this period of our life because we tend to struggle with life.This is the phase in life where we really start to feel worn down/burned out on life.

We have the early old age/Second Saturn return Phase: Newer Angels – Newer Spirit Guides – The Guardian Angel who still remains.The emphasis for some people with this life phase is to accept it’s time to leave, for some Angels/spirit guides it is a mission to help their charges understand they can leave now or remain but leave in a few years time.It is a preparing phase… take stock/look back on the thing’s that come to pass.

We have the old Age/Ready To Exit In A Moments Notice Phase: No new team members need to be added – all of them who have helped us are now back down/around us. Waiting for us to realize we don’t need to be here any longer, that it’s time for us to go our mission is done! Some stubbornly hold on for dear life which makes it hard.

These are more or less the phases of life. Each time we need a change, know that so do your spirit guides. All you have to do is “Connect with Source/Creator, State you want to release your current spirit guides, state the reason for it, ask for newer ones who are vibrating at your level, then let your old spirit guides go.” That is the process of the firing/exchanging of Spirit guides. Regardless of where you are, who you are, you always have spirit guides around you, that won’t change. Just be aware that sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back, and understand if it’s time for your current ones to be released, then don’t feel like you have to continue to connect with them. It’s likely they have helped you as much as they could/ or were meant to.

Embrace The Change – Accept The New



2 thoughts on “Spirit Guides & Evolving Beyond Old Light Team Members

  1. Gina April 13, 2016 / 1:43 am

    With my recent thoughts and Journey, this article is percent timing, divine timing. Thank you, your writing is excellent.


    • mikeymurdock April 13, 2016 / 2:54 pm

      Thank you Gina – i’m glad to have helped you in the right time.


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