4D Astral Plane & Having Negative Alien Being Contact(s) While (Out Of Body)

“The last week or so thing’s have really intensified profoundly for me in my Astral Traveling, and Dream states. The events i’m about to share were from an Astral travel i had while i was “Sleeping”. Sleeping is a term used most by unaware people who are not yet awake, or aware of what happens when we shut down our vessel. Not many people are even aware that dreams are our soul essence leaving our body and going to different places around the world. Going to different places in many different realms of existence, including the 4D Astral Plane. This particular (out of body) Astral travel, I experienced an encounter with a race of negative Alien beings. This article Is mainly about this experience, and also to spread awareness about Negative E.T Beings. “

This article and the topic i’m writing about may not be for everyone yet, many may not be at that level of awareness, may not have experienced being (Out of body) and aware of it, or even understand that they maybe Astral traveling in the 4th dimension/realm of existence. You may not understand this article, or the information I’ve written out in here, however you could in a matter or days or weeks. If you feel the need to read this, read it from a non-judgemental point of view, and be open to this higher information. If you already are aware of (Out of Body) experiences, Astral traveling, and understanding your in different places and are aware of it while it’s happening. Then you’ll understand just what my own Astral travel, and encounter with Negative E.T beings are all about.

What Happens When We Sleep

 To understand the phenomena(s) of Astral Traveling, having (Out Of Body Experiences), meeting and experiencing higher dimensional beings. We first need to understand what happens to us when we sleep. When we “Fall asleep” we are actually re-booting our energies for the night. We never stay in our vessel,  we always leave our physical bodies, we often can’t stay in this lower realm. It’s built into our physical makeup, we need to shut down, we can’t over extend ourselves, we need to leave once in a while. While we are “Sleeping” we’re off in different realms, on different planets, going different places on earth. Example: my latest travel to Machu Picchu in Peru last month.

We make many travels nightly to places on our planet, we also travel to space, we also travel to the astral plane. I’ll be explaining just what the astral plane is, further into this article? Just where it is? But for now i need to just rant on about my experience in the astral plane/outer space!

Astral Traveling Event & Meeting Negative E.T Beings

On December 3rd i returned into my physical body quickly/rapidly after feeling stuck for a few seconds. Most people believe this to be Sleep Paralysis, however i know this can only be one of two things. The first is your soul is having a hard time re-entering your body, or your being prevented by Negative E.T Beings.

In the Astral plane i was exploring, exploring my surroundings, exploring myself as I was in a different realm of existence. I was just enjoying being free and out of my body. I knew it was time for me to leave, to enter my physical self again. I remember feeling myself attempt to re-enter my physical self again, but when i tried, I saw this huge orange colored ship. It was definitely an outer space craft, I could feel this energy trying to pull me in, try to get my soul essence to come closer to it. I was aware of this, that this is what was happening, an attempted E.T abduction while Astral Traveling, I know many Light-Workers have had similar experiences. But how did i know it was negative E.T beings trying to abduct me? My inner self knew, my higher self understood perfectly who it was, and why they were doing this. I had remembered from when i used to be home/with source previously, we become aware of the different realms, what happens in each one, and there are many.We never forget the knowledge we have of life out in the universe, when we are home/with source from a spirt/higher self knowing. It remains with us. I could see clearly the (White, Orange and black) colors on this Astral ship, just as i was entering my physical body. I immediately started saying “Negative E.T Beings” because from a higher/spirit self level i knew who they were. I called for Ascended Master Mary and she helped guide me out of the Sleep paralysis, and i woke up stunned at what I had experienced.

What Is The Astral Plane? What Is 4D? – We Aren’t Alone In The Universe

The universe is a big place, i mean a really big place, so big you/I are barely a physical speck. However on a spiritual level my/your light shines so bright that it attracts many species from galaxies who are trying to make contact with us and our planet. Many more people are starting to understand this, crop circles, more people thinking about what’s out there, alien abductions (Yes! They’re real.) It’s slow, but it’s progressing the awareness of mankind, and can you imagine how awe struck many will get when they realize they’re the E.T Beings? Positive or negative they are.

The Astral Plane is an area above our earth which is called 4D “The 4th Dimension” it’s a realm where space inhabits/along with every piece of bullshit/crap and flat out junk resides. From deceased spirits who move on and into this place after death, to the moronic egotistical delusions of every single thought that every person has ever had on earth. It’s the good, the bad, and the freaking ugly! It’s our ugly, it’s a dumping ground for lower expectations. It might as well be a dating service. We all eventually exit the 3D world and move into the 4D world, while some of us make it directly to 5D “The 5th Dimension” the heavenly realm, other souls who through pain/false beliefs remain in the 4D World because they don’t believe they can/should move past it. Much like our planet is a realm,  a holding place for souls, so is the 4D and many who have been distorted tend to remain there until they are ready to move on. Many spirits have feared/been so distorted that they manage to regress back down to 2D and 1D the lowest realms of existence. Other beings that were evil in the bloodline families that managed to be born into human bodies, did so for dark missions also return to this realm after death then remain in this realm or completely go home to their hell dimensions. Light workers, beings from the light return automatically to home/source dimension they come from. A few spirits do enter the 4D with entities, negative beings latched on, i can not tell you how many deceased spirits i have helped move into the light who i had to fight off demons for. The 4D Astral Plane is a dumping ground for spirits, for whatever reason who are stuck in darkness and refuse to move on. However many negative beings/races also reside in the 4D Astral plane because they’ve been cut off from source/creator that it’s as high as they can go.

The connection between my own experience and the Astral plane is that I/you are multidimensional beings, who are constantly having multidimensional experiences. We aren’t alone either while we experience them, we aren’t just this singled out planet/race of beings and those who are enlightened know that. Those who are enlightened know there is more out there, more going on – on those other planets we know as (Mercury – Pluto), and i don’t give a toss if he was de-classified as a planet. I know, many Light-Workers do know that those planets are homes to other beings/races much like ours. We know all the distortions, lies, false crap. We aren’t the only beings in the universe, nd we also know that not every race/E.T beings are very nice.

Be aware Light -Workers. Understand we are so much more than just a body living on this planet, We are Light and love, we are the Positive Light Beings, we are the positive E.T’s and we are here now to help humanity move out of the lies and bullshit. So having multidimensional experiences, with Negative/positive E.T beings is normal. Being out of body having (Contact) with these beings is normal, it always has been, whether we like it or not.

Stay Aware Of Your Own Divinity Light-Workers



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