To Light-Workers: Who? … What? … Where? Are (Team Negative) & What Are Their Purpose? To Take Control, To Distort Humanity Conciousness … Be Aware Light-Workers

This article and the topic for this article has been something that i have wanted to write about for a very long time, it has never felt like the right time for me to do it, it has never been the appropriate time for an article like this because of what is happening during this Ascension process. There is a certain amount of time/energy that needs to be properly delegated down here, in order to write about these negative demon/alien beings. About evil itself! However i/other Light-workers seriously need to be careful, especially how we share the information that we know because it shouldn’t be about spreading fear. It needs to be about sharing Awareness. My intent in writing this is not about spreading fear – only darkness does that, Light beings are meant to spread awareness and that is what i’m doing for this article. So do take from this – as protection because that is what being informed is (Protection is knowledge) Knowledge is awareness.

This article is aimed at any and all Light-workers who may need to know more about the subject of negative energy. This article is for those awakened Light-workers who are just recently new to all this, who have yet to understand fully why they get frequent repeated psychic attacks and have little to no idea why? or where it’s coming from?. This article is also aimed at those who are un-aware but who believe in such negative energy/beings, because hey the more who awaken the better right! We can’t be the only ones doing this anymore! This next sentence will probably be shocking for most people reading this to comprehend. “Each Light-Worker has been watched/followed by the dark since the very first breaths that we have taken” that is the truth it is the reality. They know who you are, they know your energy, they know what you can do, they know when your going to do it. This sounds daunting and don’t be afraid of that, use it to your advantage and that is what being aware is all about. Know these thing’s in advanced they are life savers! When i first awakened to me, to who i am meant to be this dark energy/negative beings came at me hard. I was heavily messed with – derailed – in physical pain – psychically attacked on frequent basis – almost tormented and this was relentless. I was also tormented most of my life since i was born, they tried to stop me many times with any form of abuse they could throw at me. It doesn’t just happen when you awaken, it has been happening all yours/my life. As soon as they sense someone come onto this planet who shines a little bit brighter than the average human species, they immediately sense this light and follow it’s entire life/mission until they are ready to fulfil it. Some hatch plans to assassinate us – in the old days it was burnings – crucifixions – bodily torture – the group killings and much more that would take too long for me to name and go threw at this time. They fear what you and i can do – because what we can do is completely change the world and bring it back to a state of peace once again.

Lately i have noticed the closer we get to the 12-12 portal energy and the 12-21 solstice portal/energy gateways respectively, they have been stirring up shit again. I have never felt/sensed such a swarm of negativity/negative demons come at me, you and probably others do feel this negative energy uprising lately. Don’t worry because it’s them acting up in utter desperation. They have tried to stop me from writing these articles – they have managed to interfere with me through using my unaware family members – i have been having internet problems for the entire month so far – they have tried to attack me in any way they can. Please stay grounded – call for protection – don’t give into the fear. They have gone loco! Why? You might be thinking, because the energy coming in is so divine they don’t want their timeline to end. They want to remain here – but they can’t! That aside i’m here to tell you just who they are? Where they are? What they are? and what they want from us? I think once more light-workers understand, they’ll know just what they have to do.

Negative Alien – Reptilian – Demonic Beings! Who…What…Where Are They?

The last few years i have had battles with demons, i have been attacked by demons, i have been messed with by demons, i have defeated/vanquished demons. It is one aspect of my mission as a Light-Worker that i find extremely exhausting! I have dealt with the Negative Aliens and you’ll know it’s them because they will try to make you think in ways that you don’t. I have dealt with the Reptilians who usually clairvoyantly try to check up on me, by poking through their energy portals with one eye looking at me. The demonic beings are the worst ones who look like outright savage beasts, the fire ones are not fun as i’ve been psychically scorched many times.The Archons … The Draconians … The Negative Alien Greys … The Zigons who i met recently! These are all very different Negative Alien/Being races, they are all negative and all have one purpose to go after all of us from the light!

Reptilian Being Eyes


Most of or all of these demons come from different hell like realms and dimensions. 1D is the lowest form of hell … this is where all of the upper level demons reside/most powerful. The 2D is another form of hell less full on and less brutal but many demonic beings reside there it is just under our earth. 3D this is where we live on earth/gaia as they re-incarnate as human beings but really work for the Negative agenda.The astral plane 4D is usually where you will find many souls who have passed on,however this is the highest dimension you will find demons/negative beings as many have them latched onto them after death. This dimension is also where the negative Aliens reside – and or any form of the negative space/astral beings from various races reside.Now that your aware of who they are and where they come from? What are they? They used to be like us – these beings are fallen angels who have taken grotesque forms.They used to be great angelic beings along time ago – who disobeyed the source and decided to turn against the light.They are what we become … any soul who turns down/away from love/light. Who goes against that very energy!

The Negative Agenda? What Is Their Purpose? … War Against Consciousness To Control/Distort!

I have only been awakened for some time now – but i understand that the biggest battle going on currently is for consciousness. What these fallen negative beings want is energy – too feed off of our consciousness – to use any tactics necessary in order to get it. They have a sole purpose to tap into our consciousness energy we get from source – then of course use it to fuel their negative agenda. I’ve noticed for some time now that our world has progressively gotten worse, and worse over the decades, heck over the centuries. It shouldn’t be a surprise that they have lied to get their way – distorted truth into False – controlled people for centuries now, that they plan to continue doing this sort of psychic manipulation for the rest of eternity. I’m well aware that this has been going on since the end of the Atlantis civilization, that they also plan to turn us into their “slave” race. What is their purpose? To completely and utterly distort/control the world and turn us all into their slave race. To stop us all from becoming one with ourselves – to stop the ascension process from re-aligning our planet – to turn us all against each other. This is the “Negative Agenda” however the future plans are to use all our world resources – use NASA and the space shuttles they are sending up there into space in order to learn about the other planets – to learn/use as much as we can let them in order to take over the universe and all of Source/Creator/God creations as a source of energy for them-selves. This is their plan – complete universe domination! oi! Here are some of the ways they can get our energy – tap into our consciousness – derail/mess with us.

Psychic Links/Mind Control – Negative beings can psychically link into you through your higher consciousness/source connection in order to use and gain knowledge.
Religion/False Light Belief System – Negative beings can distort the truth into lies and make you believe in false truths such as religion.
Human Incarnations/Pretending To Be Of The Light – Negative beings in all forms come to earth with dark missions, to pretend to be like us. When really they are false beings of the light.
Fear Tactics/Use Them As Energy – Many times we see mass killing in our news – hurricanes – stories that spread fear and usually it’s because this is an energy tactic to gain energy from us.
Walk – Ins/Latch On And Use Unaware Beings – Negative beings will attack a soul and then proceed to walk into their body. Negative beings will latch onto certain beings who use drugs, have sex, consume alcohol basically when they are at their weakest. They will use these unaware beings they control to make light-workers life miserable.
Destroy/Interfere With Your Mission – Negative beings have derailed me – tried to attack me – try to stop me from writing for phases – tried to stop me from writing the book series I started working on – they will try to destroy you and your mission.
Psychic Attacks/Assassination Attempts – Many Negative beings when you awaken to the false reality illusion try many times to attack you. The psychic attacks are not fun – while you sleep it’s not fun – while your awake and trying to fight them off it’s not fun. Many try to flat out kill you because what you know will spread to the next light being. They don’t want that.
Money/Working System – This is a big one! They get tons of energy from people who worry about stability, affording food, affording to live at home. Also an attempt for you to avoid your spiritual work.
Drugs/Alcohol – Weakening of your system – your chakra systems. This is the easiest and biggest way for them to tap into your consciousness. To have you weakened – so they can latch on and take and control.
Disguised As World Leaders/Government – I know many world leaders are either them in disguise, or being controlled by them. Either way they have managed to make sure they are in a position to control humanity for their own purpose.

Light -Workers be very aware of what is going on out there.Recently awakened Light – Workers please understand that your part of something bigger, bigger than the unaware walking around handing out their consciousness to negative beings. All Unaware people please do understand what is going on, we need you all to wake up and help us out.We’re here now in this time to change the direction of our planet, let the Ascension process wash over you and release all the negative. We are meant for peace now – please share this article so everyone can understand the truth.


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