(TN) Team Negative Agenda: Who? What? Where? Are (Team Dark) & What Is The Negative Agenda? The Hijacked Consciousness Of Humanity.

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The topic for this article has been something that I’ve wanted to write about for a very long time. While it’s a very heavy subject, it has never felt like the right time for me to bring it up. The Ascension Process or The AP (Ascension Process) that were currently going through, and where we are within it globally, hasn’t allowed me to be as open about many thing’s. In the coming years I’ll be able to talk about it more, when multiple people within humanity begin entering the 5D highest reality, that many of us “forerunners” are currently living and existing in. It’s a time issue. It’s also a very heavy subject, as most people aren’t yet capable of consciously understanding just what and who negative forces are. Obviously, because they do have free will choice they chose to not see them or feel them. So, for a lot of people In humanity they just don’t yet see or believe these negative forces exist. 

I’ve had to personally deal with these dark forces first hand, and it hasn’t really been pretty for most of my life. Ever since I started my AP (Ascension Process) I’ve had to deal with the dark energies, and it started to get much worse for me. As was to be expected, because of  how conscious I was and how much I was understanding from a higher conscious standpoint.

I can now finally say without hesitation that I can write about this now at the end of the (8) energies in 2015, because it’s time for me to. The energies just feel right. With (2016’s) energy being the number (9) frequency number which we will enter soon, we’ll be ending a certain cycle. This next year will finalize the last cycle of darkness and its influence.  So, it only seems appropriate.

What Is Energy? & What Is The Negative Energy

The topic of energy is an important one, especially if it’s based in dualistic consciousness. The fact of the matter is that throughout my early childhood and early adult life, I’ve experienced both spectrums of energies. One side being the more dominant positive energy and the other the more dominant negative energy. This spectrum of energies is known as Duality or DC (Duality Consciousness) because it’s so heavily played out within the 3D reality, lower world, and generally for most of humanity. Well, for those who don’t yet have any understanding of what the Ascension Process is and how it works yet. Those who are Light-Workers embodying the first energies as they come, understand this specific kind of duality. We also understood that we’d have to deal with this certain kind of consciousness when we made our SC (Soul Contracts,) which basically means that we agreed to be who we are, do what we’re meant to do, and that we agreed to be here now in this time to be part of the Ascension of earth. We agreed to this before we incarnated onto this planet. Now, it’s starting to get to the point within the Ascension Process, where all of those 7.5 billion people who live within humanity are  going to have to start seeing Duality Consciousness first hand for themselves. They’re also going to begin having some of the same experiences that I and so many others have had. So now in December (2015) – is where many more people are going to come face to face with the very negative forces that they’re not able to see or feel. This is where we’re at right now, and it’s because the world is slowly and everyone is slowly, but surely, moving into the 5D consciousness as the earth evolves.

What Is Energy: Energy is a what everyone carries with them. Its in their body, around their aura, and in their bones. Everyone has their own specific energy. Negative Energy: Is something that isn’t in their body, isn’t in their bones or DNA, and that isn’t suppose to be around their aura but is. Negative energy is something that is created, and also something that is inorganic. Natural or our own sovereign energy, is something that is a part of us already that doesn’t need to be created. Our own energy and being our own energy supplier exists naturally. When we think of organic we understand that to mean when something is natural, it feels natural, it acts natural and it is natural in everyway possible. Negative energy is inorganic. It’s not functioning within the grounds of being a natural energy source. Negative energy occurs when someone, or something, is trying to manipulate the natural organic energy of another person or living organism. So, negative energy is something that is created in order to manipulate and steal from organic and natural energy.

Who Is (TD – Team Dark?) & Where Are These Beings?

Over the last few years (and for most of my life) I’ve had to deal with this Negative inorganic energy. While it might be difficult for most people to believe that dark forces do exist, I’ve had to be on my toes with certain negative beings. I’ve had battle(s) with these etheric demons, I’ve been attacked in every way possible from (Dream Scapes to Physical Bodily Attacks) by these etheric demons. I’ve had my life turned upside down while being messed with by these demons, and I’ve helped stop and prevent certain ones from spreading more and more negativity. So for me I know exactly what it’s like and has been like to have to deal with inorganic energy.

One aspect of my specific personal mission as a LW (Light-Worker) that I’ve found extremely exhausting, has been in dealing with the NA (Negative Aliens) and NR (Negative Reptilians.) These groups have been the worst for me – for the last few years of my life since I was physically activated to begin my Ascension process I’ve tried to stay as clear of them as I possibly can. The truth has been that as much as I’ve sheltered, nurtured, and self cared for myself and my personal well being. These beings will know exactly what to do, who to use, and how to try as best as they can to trigger me in ways to mess me up with my own personal growth. I’ve always known that many of these etheric negative demonic beings have always known who I was, where I was, and what I was doing. In many ways they also know exactly where to find other light beings, other path pavers, and other light embodiers as well. It’s happened for me since my birth into this 3D planet as has it been for you. Who are these beings? They’re 3D, 2D and 1D – D standing for dimension. These lower dimensional demons, entities, energies, darkness are what these beings are. These beings want nothing more than to take over the planet. They have divided and conquered, they have started two world wars and the continuous threat of war looms because they try their best to continue to steal, and hijack humanity and it’s consciousness.

All of these (Demons, Demonic entities, and Monsters) come from different lower conscious realms and dimensions. The 1D is the lowest dimension or realm of existence. The 2D is the second lowest Dimension. The 3D realm is the third lowest which is the majority of realms and dimensions any beings can enter into. We currently live on a 3D planet with built in, created, duality consciousness which me and many others are working on removing. These negative etheric beings and human beings are what I call (TNB or TD) Team Negative Beings or Team Dark.

 What Is The Negative Agenda? & What Is War Against Consciousness?

I’ve only just started my AP (Ascension Process) in early (2014) – but I can fully say in the last two years that the real battle raging on is currently for humanity and it’s consciousness. What these negative beings want is energy and they want lots of it. They want to continue to use, abuse, take, steal, grab, pull, and control consciousness – and they’ll take from any beings consciousness along with their natural organic energy.

Their sole purpose for being and existing (because it’s how they created themselves) is and has always been to feed off, steal off of, and hijack humanity and their consciousness. They did it with world war I and they did it with world war II. They did it with every other horrible and horrifying historic event that shocked the world. The Negative Agenda: is a world wide agenda where certain TD Non-human entities and human beings take control of the world, take control of people, and to generally create a reality that is the most horrible place to exist in as possible. This has been going on for millenniums, for historical ages, especially after the fall(s) of Atlantis and Lemuria. After the falls of both Lemuria first and then Atlantis second, ever since then the real war has been against humanity and it’s consciousness. The real war has been about trying to get as much control of the planet in any way that they can. They of course do this in many different ways – and I’d like to share a list of how they can take, steal, and control people and energy.

  1. Psychic Links Or Mind Control – Negative beings can psychically link into you through your higher consciousness/source connection in order to use and gain knowledge.
  2. Religion/False Light Belief System – Negative beings can distort the truth into lies and make you believe in false truths such as religion.
  3. Human(s) Pretending To Be Light Workers – Negative beings in all forms come to earth with dark missions, to pretend to be normal. When really they are false beings of the light.
  4. Fear Tactics As A Means To Get Energy – Many times we see mass killing in our news, stories that spread fear, people who do things to spread fear and usually it’s because this is an energy tactic to gain energy from us.
  5. Walk – Ins/Latch On And Use Unaware Beings Negative beings will attack a soul and then proceed to walk into their body. Negative beings will latch onto certain beings who use drugs, have multiple sexual encounters and addiction, consume alcohol and have alcoholic issues basically when they are at their weakest. They will use these unaware beings they control to make Light-Workers live(s) miserable.
  6. Destroy/Interfere With Your Mission – Negative beings have derailed me, tried to attack me, have tried to stop me from writing for this site, have tried to stop me from writing the book series I’ve started working on. They will try to destroy you and your mission.
  7. Psychic Attacks/Assassination Attempts – Many Negative beings when you begin your Ascension Process will try many times to attack you. The psychic attacks are not fun. I’ve experienced them and have while I’ve been asleep, while I’ve been awake and trying to fight them off. Many try to flat out kill you because of what you know consciously, because of what your embodying.
  8. Money/Working System – This is a big one! They get tons of energy from people who worry about stability, affording food, affording to live. This is also an attempt to avoid your spiritual work and beginning the ascension process.
  9. Drugs/Alcohol – The weakening of your system and your chakra systems. This is the easiest and biggest way for them to tap into your consciousness. To have you weakened – so they can latch on and take and control via drug use and alcohol consumption.
  10. Have Control Over World Leaders/Government – I know many world leaders are either them in disguise, or being controlled by them. Either way they have managed to make sure they are in a position to control humanity for their own purpose.

Light -Workers and especially those who are just beginning to wake up, those who are starting their ascension process, and those who are starting to enter the 5D timeline reality. It’s one thing to read this information, but it’s another to experience it first hand. If you find yourself experiencing this, then you have to start really looking out for this in your everyday life. Humanity is part of something big right now, especially for all 7.5 billion people who have incarnated here. Understand your worth and value in all this to. Understand that there are bigger things going on right now with this process, and understand that there are others who want to prevent the evolution of the earth and the re-claiming of humanities consciousness.

16Love & Light16

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