December 2015’s 12/12 Portal: The Separation Of Worlds & The Line Of Separation Has Been Drawn.

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December 2015’s 12/12 Portal Energies

What a start to December (2015) and while I’m at it I’ll throw November into that same intense energetic category. What an incredibly intense month November (2015) was as well. It has felt so painful, so crazy, so extremely negative, so wonderful, so light-filled, and the connection to source and the higher dimensions and energies has felt awe striking. I have no words to describe how amazing it’s all felt for me on a personal level. There are no words to describe the divine and especially with where we are on our own unique AP (Ascension Process.) But here we are and now it’s time to move further onto a newer and higher light step. It’s time once again to embody a new aspect of higher consciousness, and it’s now time to learn and absorb newer higher information.

December 2015: Is going to feel different than any other year and of course that happens every year, but with what’s going on for us energetically things are going to change. Today is the 12/12 Portal Opening and already the energies have been manifesting in very different ways, especially concerning humanity. The light energies itself feel wonderful, glorious, new and fresh. However, December 2015 marks a new and different stage for every forerunner within the AP (Ascension Process. What’s happening now at the end of (2015) is another push for earth and humanity – and we’ll feel this new energy especially as we transition from 2015’s energetic (8) energy and fully into 2016″s (9) energies. For most of (2015) the world has been caught in a release process – and this release process will continue into (2016.) The (9) energies are going to come to a completion next year because it’s an end of a 9 year cycle. We’ll still continue releasing the old and integrating the new unto the earth, but all thing’s on some level will come to a complete end.

Another thing that I’ve been feeling in (November and December) 2015 has been a huge separation going on. It almost feels like a line is being drawn, or a line is being manifested between those who are on the AP (Ascension Process) and those who are still living and breathing  in the old 3D reality. I can’t clairvoyantly see it but I can feel it and this line of separation is getting bigger each day.

What Is The 12:12 Portal/Gateway? & Personal Experiences Within The Line Of Separation.

As we know the 12/12 Portal is today. However, many beings have absolutely no idea what it is and why it is so important? The 12/12 Portal is exactly like the 10/10 and the already familiar 11/11 portal(s,) they act as stair steps for humanity. They are consciousness “Stair-steps.” The 10/10 resonates with the beginning stages of awakening for people, the 10/10 is = to (11) and the number (11) is a master number. The number (11) is the Light-worker(s) number. The 11/11 Portal is also a master portal. The 11/11 signifies that one should begin the process of retaining higher consciousness at the moment it opens. The 12/12 Portal equals to many possible number sequences such as 22, 33, 11 and it’s because of this that 12/12 is a Multi-dimensional Portal. This Portal pushes humanity and earth to grow, expand, enlarge itself and their understanding of the universe further than the first two Portals. The 12:12 portal we are entering into today is the final stage. This is the last phase as the number 12=3. When we move through this portal we are usually at the last Gestation of any given year, this is the time period before the winter solstice energy where new energies fill the earth.

The 12/12 portal is bringing us new light energies – New codes – New Sequences – New Light information – More love – More connection with source and spiritual law(s.) Along with that – what I’ve noticed and perceived has been, a huge line that has been drawn within the world and humanity. This line is a Line Of Separation and what this means is that a lot of light filled folk are going to start seeing, feeling a massive separation between themselves and those still living within the 3d reality. I’ve felt this separation in December, but I began feeling it slowly as it built up in November. Why does this happen? and why has this line of separation appeared? It happened because many of us our ascending within the 5D reality of peace on earth, while many are still living in the 3D world. This has led me to have some seriously awful experiences with many people who are still living and breathing in the lower realities.

As usual a lot of the current situations that I’ve been in have involved dealing with (The Male Contractor & His Daughter.) Recently, they’ve both appeared at our front door shoving papers in our face and trying to get us to sign them. The papers they needed us to sign, was a contract that he never got us to sign in the first place. When we didn’t sign them – they stayed in their car screaming at each other over the fact that we saw their plan outright right in front of them. After a while they left, and we spent the entire night wondering what they were planning. The craziness just continues and so do the lower conscious people who are possessed and don’t even understand it.

12/12 Light Energy Integration & Body Symptoms

  1. Crown Chakra/ Head Work – Every once in a while through out the week I’ve noticed that my crown chakra was being worked on. My skull and on the top of my head to.
  2. Third Eye Chakra/Headaches – This entire week I’ve felt pressure and pain right in the centre of my Third eye chakra. I’m picking up on energy that is pouring into me via my third eye gateway. Information and visions as well as upgrades from the light.
  3. Throat Chakra/Sore Pains – I haven’t felt the usual sore throat pains – however, it doesn’t mean that others’ aren’t feeling them right now. When this happens it tends to mean that we are holding back. We are not speaking our truths.
  4. Heart Chakra/Heart Palpitations – I’ve been feeling symptoms in my chest lately during this week. Heart pains, heart feels like it’s jumping out of my chest, the heart palpitations, heart movement. You are not dying! The 12/12 energies are activating the heart centre and making it expand.
  5. Solar Plexus Chakra/Stomach Pains – Have you had to use the bathroom more? Certain foods haven’t sat well with you during the week? This is all fear – Past/present life issues being purged out of your body. If your feeling stomach pains as well don’t discount the food your eating, purging during intense light energy integrations happen.
  6. Sacral Chakra/Diarrhea – My body tends to release a lot of pain/issues through the bowel and urinary tract regions. It is a cleansing process where we are releasing toxins/chemicals and purging all the anger/emotional issues from the body.
  7. Root Chakra/Hot/Painful Legs & Feet – I’ve been experiencing hot flashes this week. I have hot flashes happen throughout my entire body. Kundalini rising can be a very intense aspect of the physical ascension process. This is a burning/purging off of past life cellular memories so that we don’t carry it around anymore.

Whatever pain your in just know that it’s not something bad – it is healing and light energy integration. I dislike having to go through this as well, but i focus on the good energy and how i will feel after the intense inner work is completed. Self care and self love.

16Love & Light16

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