The 12-12-15 Portal/Gateway & I Fully Understand That Light Workers Have Had Enough! We’re Almost Past This Last Gestation Of 2015. Hang In There

Gahhhhh!!!! ….Dear Angels Above – November was a disaster – But December feels so good ahhhhhhhh!!!!!

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Dear source. What a start to December it has been, and while your at it what a month it was in November with all this light energy coming into our planet/as well as into us. It has felt so painful – it has felt so crazy – the unaware people out there have been extra nuts – the negative interference from negative demons/beings have been absolutely amplified – however the energy i feel/sense coming in on this 12-12-15 portal/gateway is absolutely magnificent. I have to lay in my bed quietly in order to let myself go – and squeal internally because this energy feels absolutely divine.It’s like inner body orgasms that make me feel loved/complete, something i have not felt in such a long time. I feel so self empowered, so willing to express my truths, so wanting to spread/connect with everyone on this same heart wavelength. However i realize that not everyone is at the same level as us – some people are in the basement with the lights off, while others are on the top floor looking out the window waiting to fly out of it at any moment.Can you believe even in Dec 2015 we’re still so separated? … don’t worry because once we pass the 12-12 portal/gateway we will be one step closer to source once again.

I understand fully that a lot of Light-Workers across the globe … in any country who ever you are? I understand fully that you have been going through difficult times. I understand fully that you are tired of doing this job/mission day in and out.I understand fully that you are sick of waiting for everyone else to wake up and understand what is really going on. I understand fully how unbelievably lonely/unbearable it has honestly felt for such a long time.I understand fully just how fed up you all are – enough is enough right? I understand.I have been back/forth feeling the exact same thing’s wondering when change is coming, the change is now and it starts with you! We need to start embracing our light/energy because we are the ones who usher the new change. Forget the unaware people they’re time will come, they will realize but we are here to set up the foundation the rest of the house will be built soon enough. We need to empower ourselves and the 12-12 portal energy is doing that because such wonderful energy/love is being poured into the world at this time.I’m glad it’s the 12-12 portal today, i have been feeling this energy for a while and those negative beings trying to stop me from writing about it as well.

What Is The 12:12 Portal/Gateway? & The Final Gestation Of 2015

As we know the 12:12 portal/Gateway is today. However many beings have absolutely no idea why it is so important? Many beings have no idea it even exists, so why is this portal important? Like the 10:10 along with the 11;11 portals/gateways these dates are special in the way because they act like stair steps that humanity can take. They are consciousness “Stair-steps” 10:10 resonates with the beginning stages of awakening for Light-workers, 10:10 = 11 and as 11 is the number of the Light-worker is makes it easier for us to awaken during the first portal. The 11:11 portal is of the angelic realms – twin flames – light-workers – consciousness – source this second portal awakens us to everything that we are. Also the number 11=2 so this second portal is the second phase of awakening. The 12:12 portal we are entering today is the final stage. This is the last phase as the number 12= 3.When we move through this portal we are usually at the last Gestation of any given year, this is the time period before the winter solstice energy where new beginnings happen. As i have learned we must purge the last of the issues we are having for this current cycle.

The 12:12 portal is bringing us more light energies – more love – more connection with source but there is an emphasis on completion. I have been noticing that a lot of those personal situations/issues within my life along with the issues i have with other people/family are ending. They can’t be something that hold me back any longer – because i fully understand and accept i have a mission to complete. The spiritual work i have done with the Angels was necessary to release that pain – when you do your spiritual work you release your pain and begin to live your life mission. This 12:12 date is so important for where all light-workers are right now, we are being energetically prepared to enter the 2016 year/energy of the number 9 energy! The number 9 is the number of completion and 2016 will see us ending many things, the world systems – the missions we are on for some – the desperate need to free ourselves of all constraints – re-connecting with source on grander scales.

12:12 Light Energy Integration & Body Symptoms

Crown Chakra/ Head Work – Every once in a while through out my week i’ve noticed my crown chakra work being done/as well as skull and top of the head vibrations. My Crown chakra will be integrating light energies into my body .. so when you feel the pressure and pains just above your head know the light energies from this portal is being integrated into your body just as it has been doing for mine this entire week.

Third Eye Chakra/Headaches – This entire week i have felt pressure and pains right in the centre of my Third eye chakra, which just means that i am picking up on the energy that is pouring in.I am receiving source visions/connection. The headaches just mean that you/I are being re-wired to be in alignment with source/planet.

Throat Chakra/Sore Pains – I haven’t been getting many of these sore throat pains – how-ever these tend to mean that we are holding back. We are not speaking our truths, use the energy from this 12:12 portal to help you speak your truths about who you are.

Heart Chakra/Heart Palpitations – I have been feeling my heart more lately during the week – heart pains – heart feels like it’s jumping out of my chest – the heart palpitations – heart movement. You are not dying! The 12:12 portal energies are just waking you and your sleeping heart up. Embrace the new loving energies. However i must admit it feels scary when it is happening stay out of the fear.

Solar Plexus Chakra/Stomach Pains – Have you had to use the bathroom more? Certain foods don’t sit well with you during the week? This is all fear – Past/present life issues being purged out of your body. If your feeling stomach pains as well don’t discount the food your eating purging during intense light energy integrations happen. However bad food habits cause digestive pains as well.

Sacral Chakra/Diarrhoea – My body tends to release a lot of pain/issues through the bowel and urinary tract regions. It is a cleansing process where we are releasing toxins/chemicals and purging all the anger/emotional issues from the body.

Root Chakra/Hot/Painful Legs & Feet – I get hot legs – hot feet – hot energy running up and down everywhere which is called kundalini fires/rising. This is a burning/purging off of past life cellular memories so that we don’t carry it around anymore. I also lose hair during these last three months of each year as well … if you lose hair don’t worry it is normal and re-grows back on your legs.

Whatever pain your in just know that it’s not something bad – it is healing and light energy integration. I dislike having to go through this as well, but i focus on the good energy and how i will feel after the intense inner work is completed. Don’t hang up your wings yet Light-Workers the fun/change is just beginning on this planet. Hang in there!

Embrace the 12-12-2015 portal/Gateway energy!



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