Sleeping & Astral Connection With Light Beings! The Ascension Process Is Raising The Vibration Of The Earth So High.We Are Re-Connecting With Our Old Friends And Source!

I’m currently in one of those phases – periods in my life where i am experiencing higher communication/connection to higher light beings. Actually to (all kinds of beings) good or bad. It’s not a bad thing in fact it’s the most positive thing i’ve ever experienced in my 25 1/2 years lived on this planet. I know now, some of you must be thinking why is it good connecting with negative beings? It’s positive because in this current timeline i’m able to do my job! I can eject negative energy, i can create a new higher way of being. It’s such a positive thing because those of us who were meant to protect and destroy the dark, can now fully do it!

I’ve been having many dreams lately, many astral travels lately while (Out of body) all of them in some shape or form have to do with these connections to other beings out there.I recently wrote an article about connecting with an astral ship that belonged to the Zigon race, that was defintely a negative experience.The other kind of beings that i am meeting in the astral, are old light being friends. I can’t exactly remember the names yet, however i do remember the energy.They were about 6ft tall both of them – had an aura of white light surrounding them – no clear signs of facial features – but the outline of their energy they showed to me were of higher people.We can only understand so much as human beings, so don’t feel frustrated if you can’t fully grasp why they do this instead of showing up as the loving balls of light energy that they are.This is their way of communicating with us in energy/life forms we will understand.The dream i had was in November and my spirit self was just outside in the backyard area, walking up wooden stair -steps! I kept walking – as i was about to stumble these two light beings appeared from up in the sky, all the way in space as i looked up they came closer and closer.One was Male – the other was female. I felt like i knew them but i didn’t remember who they were.

One said “Be careful – or you’ll fall”

I then turned to my right then jumped back into my bedroom window. This was the extent of the dream, as well as my connection to my old light being friends. It was just a short connection, if i weren’t awakened i would not have given it a second thought. It made an impression on me because i do remember their energy and was aware, so it made the connection that much more real to me. At first i thought the dream was just an isolated incident – higher beings trying to test me and see my reaction to them. However there was a big message behind it. The deeper meaning behind the visitation was that i was climbing stair-steps, if i didn’t watch myself carefully i would fall off those stair-steps. It was them trying to warn me to continue climbing up those stair-steps during this Ascension process because that’s what i/you are here for. To continue up those many stair-steps.

Light Beings & The Ascension Process Is Raising The Vibration Of Our Planet

I am well aware that we are reaching a specific timeline for us and our mother earth/Gaia. The energy these last few years have been absolutely brilliant with bringing in positive light/love energy coming in through the matrix. We are deep in the Ascension process now and because of this i am experiencing/we all are experiencing the connection to higher awareness.We are now experiencing higher connection to our old friends – we are now experiencing higher connection to source. Good gosh molly … thank gawd for connection with source! Light-Workers across the globe have transmuted so much negativity that we are now seeing the fruits of our labour, Higher beings from the heavenly realms can now make connection with us, we to them so be proud of what we have accomplished. I’m very aware of the fact that the vibration of earth has also risen tremendously, it’s not the dark place it once was and it’s because we have been changing it one at a time slowly.

My higher self needed to share this information so that people can be more aware of the connection to higher “Angelic light beings” take the time to feel them around you. After all the blood – sweat – tears and sheer “Having to endure the stupidity” Light-Workers i think that we’re going to be alight.



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