To Light-Workers: Twinflames & Twinflame Separation. When One Dies (The Other) Lives On

This is a very sensitive topic for this article because i know many Light-Workers, myself included who for some reason have not found their Twin-flame yet, or they have already lost their Twin-flame through death. I want to dedicate this article to a special reader of mine, we connected over the fact that our twin-flames both died and left us. This one is for you 11th wherever you may be in this crazy world.

I first need to state having a Twinflame connection is a gift from source to us, so that we never miss out on unconditional love while we come down to different incarnations on many different planets. Think of it as a security blanket … if you’ve found yours you then understand how fun that blanket just can be. I’m only teasing… but damn the psychic sex is incredible! Whoa … spank me can i have another sir! I am gay – and no i don’t give a rats behind who knows it, screw sexuality enjoy your own certain particular brand of flavor. I do need to state that sex – sexuality – gender – skin color – language barriers – living on the other side of the world or any other hang up most people think about does not matter in a Twinflame relationship. It really is ridiculous … some of the stuff that people throw at certain light beings about their twinflames, as if connecting to them is impossible.Don’t they know each twinflame pairing has a special bond, the psychic link? Do they “The dark forces” really think we’re that naive? That stupid we can’t work threw language barriers? Work threw being on the other side of the world? … Oh please! Any challenge does not matter, if we can’t for some reason be in the physical because of certain obstacles we always have that psychic link! Believe me that link works and is potent! I need to write about this topic now because i’m soon to join mine who has already passed on before we even got the chance to meet. I’m also short on time as well, not to mention i need to bring some awareness to this certain topic because it’s a hard one to understand for some.

Twin-Flame Connection & Being The (Remaining Twin-Flame)

I could write a book about all that i know that deals with Twin-Flames. The connection – The psychic link – The sexual connection (Dear source – Yes) – The oneness – The true meaning behind twin-flames – The negative tactics demons/negative energy come out with in order to prevent the pair from meeting – The fear it causes them to feel – The panic when they have failed to prevent twin-flames from meeting. It is book worthy i swear to you, this is a topic like i said that is very near and dear to my heart. Most light-workers aren’t aware of this information, many of the online stuff doesn’t even have jack all about real Light-worker twinflames! Half of the information online is copy and pasted from the same person – going off on the same mindless dribble. They don’t state anything i can resonate with what i have experienced, the heartache that i have been through losing my twinflame. They don’t say anything about how i long for him – how i miss him dearly – how it breaks my damn heart that those negative being demons got to him before i even got a chance to meet him. For many Light-Workers that information – that could be a comfort to them is not out there anywhere, many haven’t taken the time to understand and be aware of those who sadly like me and my dear friend 11th that have lost their twin-flames.

As far as i know my twin-flame made contact with me in August of this year – through a dream from there on the connection really grew. I learned what he looked like – felt like – what his interests were – what his mission was – what roles we played or should have played in each others lives – how he died – why he was killed so it was like re-exploring him for the first time. Not even knowing who he was in this lifetime – when he first made that psychic connection to me i knew “Damn it, it’s you where have you been?” because on a soul level our souls yearn for that other half of us! For those who are lucky to have met their twinflames there is that Ah – ha moment, when you pass by them at the bar, meet them at the cafĂ©, or run into them when it’s the middle of a snow storm and they’re having trouble with their car. These Ah – ha moments when you first meet/connect and think “Where have you been all this time?- i went through tremendous crap all on my own” “I needed you” then your grateful you finally met! Those of us who remain (The remaining – twinflame) feel lost on a continuous basis. Always waiting – waiting – and waiting some more for who ever were looking for to show up.Then they never do! Then one day when we least expect it there they are, speaking in our heads and we think we’re crazy because they have made contact after being passed on for years. We start to ask ourselves – then we deny it happened “No, i am not crazy i didn’t hear anything” – then we start to hope it’s who we think it is … then BAM! It’s them and we’re on the floor crying our eyes out because he/she is gone, and they have ripped part of our heart out of our chest along with them.It’s hard when we realize we won’t have the physical connection – however for those who have no idea what kind of connection they are having through the psychic link? Your having a spiritual connection to your twinflames? You can’t be with them – however the link is there and no your not insane, your more or less just having a spiritual lifetime this time around. He/she is with you in spirit!

Negative Demon/Beings & The False- Twinflame – Twinflame Killings – Twinflame Separation

I haven’t had too many men in my life – actually i’ve had none. I have had some who have been interested in me but they always felt wrong, in the sense the energy was not right and it wasn’t who i felt i was meant to be with. I have been placed in one situation where the Negative demon beings actually tried to attract one man to me, and now that i think of it he was a dark agent. There are many reasons “The Negatives” as i call them – do want to keep you away from your Twin-Flame the most important is because of the oneness it would create. It would be like love on over-load for them, it is like awareness when one awakened being understands the information? Bam – it passes onto the next being who is ready to awaken and receive it, just like awareness when one pair of twin-flames meets the next do until we all do. It is love that they would not be able to prevent from spreading. That is there major issue with twinflames. I have known that they have many tactics that they use in order to deal with separating twinflames, killing of one twinflame is one option for them.However sending dark agents such as a False – Twinflame is another tactic that they use! They send someone who claims they are our twinflame to us – we believe it is and then we’ll slowly start to feel weak/tired because they’re really killing by stealing your energy in the process. These negative demon beings are truly sick – they don’t want love to spread so they try to kill all and any twinflames because that is our purpose in order to be and love.

If you unsure as to why your twinflame was killed – it is because they feared your energy together so they needed to separate you two. If you have met your twinflame but they are on the other side of the planet, yep you guessed more negative interferences preventing you from being together. If you haven’t met your twinflame yet, but psychically you can connect it just means they haven’t come into your life yet. Hold out they will show up – just let your intuition lead you too them. Sadly for those of us who lost a twinflame partner – it feels like a complete loss to us, i understand the pain of it but realize that despite the lack of physical you can speak psychically embrace that! It’s better than not having any kind of communication at all!



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