The Twinflame Connection: What Are Twinflames? & What Is The Highest Purpose For Twinflames Within the 3D Physical Reality.

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What Are Twinflames?

The topic that I’m going to be writing about in this article is a very sensitive one, Its a very sensitive one for me and I feel in general as well. The importance of discussing the subject of TF – (Twinflames) and what its all about is high, and if it were on a scale from 0-10 it would likely be an 11 of how important of a subject it really is. I chose to write about this now because I feel like its time for me to discuss exactly what Twinflames are, and what the roles are of Twinflames within a lower conscious 3D world like the one we live on.

To start thing’s off I think its important to first understand what Twinflames are. So,  “What are Twinflames?”: Twinflames are two different aspects, parts, energies, of the same light being that has split for incarnational purposes into two different beings, energies, or people. So, already we understand that it is infact one whole light energy. Twinflames are one entire energy of light. Now that we understand this first part we then can move onto understanding the next part. So, the next question that we then need to ask is: why do Twinflames separate during times of incarnating? The Light/energy of a light being can choose to go to worlds, realities, realms that do exist, where in order to physically exist have to be incarnated into certain roles, certain energies, certain genders that play into the plan of which planet or place they’ll be entering. So, now that we understand what Twinflames are. What exactly are the roles that each pair play within a 3D lower conscious earth or planet.

Twinflames & What Roles They Take Within A 3D Lower Conscious Earth/Planet

I first need to state that being Twinflame(s) and having that connection is a gift from source to us. It has always been part of the grand plan and it always will be. Its part of the grand plan so that we never miss out on unconditional love, while we incarnate into the many different three dimensional earths within the universe.

Let me just get right to the point here. Roles. Twinflames have specific roles that they play within any place they decide to split and incarnate into. There are many reasons why Twinflames decide to incarnate anywhere, on this earth and as human beings each pair can learn more about themselves faster than in any other place. Which is why we’ve got 7 billion people on this planet right now. We learn, grow, expand faster here than anywhere else. On a 3D earth planet like earth as human people, Twinflames have the extraordinary ability to raise the frequency of the earth through finding one another and just being in love. This ability to raise the earths frequency through the Twinflame connection, is the dominant role that each Twinflame pair plays. Of course, this isn’t the only role that Twinflames play. There are many more. Here a few roles that Twinflames play just as Twinflames and as well as for the benefit of the earth and humanity.

  1. The first role: Each pair incarnated on earth to learn more about themselves.
  2. The second role: Each pair incarnated in order to raise the frequency of earth through their love for one another.
  3. The third role: Each pair incarnated in order to learn lessons about love which is why so many Twinflame pairs don’t always work out.
  4. The fourth role: Each pair incarnated because the specific light being that decided to split into two forms, needed to understand and experience what love is. Also, to experience the ups/downs of what love is like through the many challenges of being together as two human beings in a relationship.
  5. The fifth role: Each pair incarnated in order to learn and grow, after all this is the entire reason for the current Ascension Process. In order to ascend and expand in higher knowledge.
  6. The sixth role: Each pair incarnated because they made a spiritual agreement. Many light beings agree to return or go to specific locations in order to help uplift that location.

There are many roles that Twinflames play for themselves as well as for humanity. I do need to state that (Gender, Sexual orientation, Skin color, Language barriers, Religious beliefs, Worldly Location(s)) and all of these societal hang ups won’t matter in a Twinflame relationship. We’re here to experience being human beings, we’re here to experience what it’s like to find the other aspect of us that split from us. Religion plays no role in stopping Twinflames from meeting and being together despite different beliefs. Sexual orientation and or same sex Twinflames also exist, and the specific societal norm of relationships won’t stop them from being together and having a very different experience than the normal 3D forms of relationships. Skin color difference(s) won’t stop Twinflames from being together, whether people are racist and have a problem with a lighter skin toned person being with a dark skin toned person. Language barriers also won’t stop Twinflames from communicating with one another, if the connection to their higher self which these two have than its there. Even if one aspect is born on the other side of the world, at some point in this life they’ll find one another. Distance doesn’t keep Twinflames away from each other.

Twinflames have very many roles – but the most important one is to raise the frequency of earth through the power of absolute organic love.

TwinFlame Connection Even After Death

If I could write a book about my own personal experiences with my own Twinflame, that would be a seriously long book with many complicated aspects to it. The connection that we have, the psychic link that is between us. Even the connection that lingers on between us even after his own death in a car accident, is pretty strong.

This part of the article that I’m writing now deals with Twinflames, and what happens when one of them dies physically and returns back to higher dimension and to source. Many times and in many cases some Twinflame pairs don’t ever get the chance to meet in their lifetimes, and in many cases some of them do meet and live a really long wonderful life together until it comes time for one of them to exit physically. This can be a really difficult transition for both people. As I stated earlier Twinflames are split into two and are essentially one light being. When one exits the other split aspect who is still alive will definitely feel a huge lack of balance. Speaking as the split aspect who is still alive – because this is the case for me in this lifetime. It’s not easy.  My Twinflame and I never got the chance to physically meet in this lifetime, which is fine but at times I wish thing’s were different for us. However, I’m happy either way. The one thing that happened for me was that we did eventually meet, and in a more different way than in a physical way. While he is spirit and he has returned back to our higher self, on a psychic level we still very much communicate on a higher level. So, when he passed on, over the years I’ve been able to have that connection established.

While we have telepathic communication and psychic communication with one another – around the time he crossed over I remember feeling like I lost a part of me for some reason. When we established communication telepathically, I became aware of the time frame when he indeed crossed over and I understood why I felt the way that I did.

In my early twenties I struggled to find balance in any areas of my life, I struggled to hold down any kind of job. I struggled with depression and because in my early twenties the energies were not so high in frequency I struggled to breathe in a world that felt very dense. I suffered anxiety attacks along with that panic attacks. I spent the better part of an entire year in my room for most of the time, because I couldn’t function outside in the world at all. It all felt so negative, so dark and so dense that it made it impossible to function as a highly sensitive psychic light embodier. This is just an example of what I went through for an entire year after he past on, and I could feel it. So, for those who lose the other aspect of themselves it’ll like feel like this in the beginning stages. After a while a psychic connection will be made with the other aspect of yourself which has returned to your higher self.

I’m now in my late twenties pushing 30. The connection is growing stronger between me and my flame. I’ve learned and chosen writing as a profession. I’m physically activated and enduring the AP (Ascension Process) and also teaching and writing about what’s going on for humanity at this time. Thing’s have changed for me. Thing’s have gotten better for me. We all play our roles. We all have roles. We all must play our roles whether together or apart from our fragmented aspects. In the end death doesn’t stop the Twinflame connection.

Twinflames & Negative Beings Who Prevent Them From Meeting

This fourth and last section about Twinflames that I’ll be writing about is more sensitive than what I’ve written in the last few paragraphs. It’s something that does happen, it’s something that I’ve known and could sense that happens to many Twinflame pairs. When I mentioned earlier about how the most important purpose for Twinflames was in being able to find one another, to fall in love, and help raise the frequency of earth I really meant that. The most important role for them is to love and to spread that love. Of course, because earth is a 3D earth planet. There is always going to be a negative energy here, that will do it’s best to prevent that kind of frequency from being the dominant energy.

Twinflames pairs more often than not get interfered with by negative entities, negative demonic beings, and human being people who willingly help or unknowingly help these negative dark forces. Many times people meet or come into contact with their Twinflames, only to have another being come in-between them and their relationship. Many times there almost seems to be unexplained forces working against two people who are Twinflames, in order to prevent them from being together. Many times there are deliberate attempts to separate Twinflames from one another. There are temptations, people who come into the picture, family issues, family members don’t want you to be with said person, accidents of all kinds. I’ve received messages from people about all of these things, about situations they’ve been involved in and with certain people coming into their lives at the wrong times. How they’ve been abused, treated wrong, thought they found their flame but it turned out to be a false Twinflame. There are real people who are willingly working alongside these entities, to truly try and stop many pairs from raising the frequency of earth. This is what its always been about for these lower demonic entities, to stop these beings from fulfilling their incarnational purpose.

16Love & Light16

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