December 2015’s Solstice Energies: Leaving (8) Energies & The Solstice Physical Ascension Symptoms.

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Oh Wow, Takes a step back, Breathes in and exhales! December in all it’s glory. I had not predicted that this month was going to be this Inconstant, this unsteady ,this up/down. Dear highest source/creator the people around me have gone off like explosives on the fourth of July!”

These people are just nuts! The lessons I have learned – The experience I have gained – The five near death experiences that I went through – The crushing pain both mental and physical what more can December wash over me before it departs us.If this is what your currently feeling and thinking, then don’t worry Light-workers because i and every other Light-worker out there scattered across the world is feeling this grief/utter shit.

December has been quite the month, quite the headache, quite the challenge and through-out the many interferences i continue, you continue and we continue to proceed right on our delicate little paths. I have … never, I actually can’t even describe all that i have gone through during these last few weeks because it’s not something that i have ever experienced. It’s not that bad – it’s just that it’s soo new i have struggled to understand how to take it all in. December feels so different and it’s probably because i have changed so much that i’m different, if you’ve felt like your soo different as well and that life or the general energy near/around you feels so different it’s because you in many ways have also changed. This has been a month – People interfering with my mission – Me sick and tired of dealing with them and telling these certain people, family members “No” has left them all quite angry and feeling the need to throw their negative energy at me! The physical pains are relentless and i can feel it right in my bones … it aches soo much, the swarm of negative energy leading up to the 12-12 portal up to the winter solstice today 12-21-15 portal/Gateway. This is another divine angelic portal – where the angels are giving us all a helping hand! It is up to us to accept these brilliant wonderful loving energies, i for one really need it because i need a good boost of love from source/creator once again.

I knew it was getting close to this 12-21 portal again – the winter solstice energy how? Slowly as the days came closer the more i got tired, not just your average tired the kind where i’ve been hit with a tranquilizer dart. I sleep, i yawn repeatedly … i’m sleepy one of the seven dwarfs. If you’ve also been feeling the aches in your bodies, in your bones, extra tired don’t worry – your body is healing – transmuting – embodying the current light energies streaming down from the divine angelic realms onto our planet to assist us in this Ascension of humanity. We still have a many ways to go believe me and this is not an over-night thing where money will be something we don’t need – where jobs become unnecessary – where people have successfully integrated their lower selves into their higher selves – where the negative energy/demons have ceased to exist – Where we are all one again because we’re just laying the ground work for other’s now. By dealing – healing all of our issues we slowly help those to do the same in the coming years. Change our life – other’s will change theirs.

12-21-15 Portal/Gateway & The Final Gestation Of 2015 – Release And Let Go

We have now entered the 12-21 portal/gateway and the energy is transforming us in many ways, this is from my understanding the last gestation of the 2015 energies. This is the last stretch where what we have to deal with – experience – learn – understand from a higher way of knowing will begin for the remainder of this year.In many ways this last gestation is also a “Release” of some kind because we are also letting go of – releasing – finishing up – evicting certain experiences, people, situations, periods, homes, memories from our very being in order to successfully move into 2016! What we have endured can not come with us, but what we have learned will.It’s the great thing about lessons and having learnt them, we can move forward successfully knowing that we are aware of what not to do! We really cannot take anything that we have felt into the next year, please make sure when the clock strikes midnight on Jan 1, 2016 you check your shit at the door and leave it there.

It’s a double dose as well as we are getting a very rare Full Moon happening on Christmas day! Bloody hell … this is not a coincidence, it’s taking me back to those oh so painful September days. The fall equinox and the super-moon eclipse… shutters. Once the energies from this Full Moon come to pass we should be feeling at ease … oh it has been a long and hard road during 2015.This has been harder than 2014 if that can be topped, it some how is and here i am just getting my life together just after almost permanently exiting this body and returning to source. Release – release – release that’s what i’m continuing to do. At this point what else is there to for you/I to do?

List Of Current Ascension Pains & The 12-21-15 Portal/Gateway Energy

Tired/Needing More Sleep – I have needed more sleep, have been more tired, and if i don’t sleep i can’t make it through all the stuff i have to do! Some days i do nothing because that is all that i can do.

Body Achiness/Bone Aches – I have never really experienced this kind of pain before where the energies dig right down into the bone. It’s the most exhausting thing i have ever felt- just know that it’s just light energies even if it hurts like absolute hell on earth.

Seeing/Meeting Angelic Beings – I have seen them in my room, in my dreams, when i astral travel and it seems having connection to higher angelic beings is a constant for me. Still i am getting used to it, if you are as well don’t worry just keep connecting.

Headaches/Head Pressures – I get some head pressures sometimes that make me wonder just who is in their twisting thing’s around. Then i realize it’s me and the many thing’s i have changed within myself. This is normal just let the work be done in there especially if your just becoming aware.

Unexplained Crying/Tears – I’ve had moments where i cry for no reason – where i see something that touches me deeply and the water flows.Then Mikey water front park is opened for business. It’s just your heart chakra is expanding and embodying so much love that all thing’s touches your heart.

Negative Energy/Interference – I’ve been lucky that i’ve had no psychic attacks for a while, but the negative beings and their negative interferences have been absolutely crazy. The negative energy from people have been crazy, family members anger at me for saying no to them recently has been crazy. Just too much interference/craziness!

Stupid Dreams/Just All So Stupid – I’ve had too many stupid/idiotic dreams through out this ascension path of mine. Flying – dreams that were negatively enhanced by negative beings – people i thought died years ago come back. It all just ends up being the same old ascension weirdness!

Ear Ringing/Loud Ringing – I have had ear ringing all the time. It never really is during high energy periods like equinoxes/solstices, it’s all the damn time! It’s loud, it occasionally get’s louder but all in all it doesn’t deafen me. Your hearing the energy of spirit – the energy of the earth – the energy of all souls and the light energies.

Irritated/Dry/Sensitive Eyes – I have been having issues when i go outside with my eyes, they get teary a lot, very sensitive to the energy on this planet. I also get dry eyes and can’t tolerate or be near certain smells as they flare up both my eyes and nose!

Acne/Rashes On Skin – The good old purging of past lives and issues through skin rashes – and acne it’s always been the case for me.If your having a real hard time with this one your just purging at a great rate! Don’t be alarmed when your body is done purging – it will stop

Love & Light

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