December 2015’s Solstice Energies: Leaving (8) Energies & The Solstice Physical Ascension Symptoms.

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December 2015 In All It’s Glory

Today is the first day of winter which is also known as the Winter solstice Gateway, and all that I can say as I write this is. Whoa! Whoa to the energies. Whoa to the experiences and whoa to the lessons learned so far this December. This energetic gateway that we’ve just entered has really been potent, and because of its ability to change the grid lines of earth its been changing a few things. On an energetic level I’m feeling challenged in every single way, on a physical level but especially a mental level. Spiritually I’ve been seeing myself expand and grow in new ways that I never thought I’d be able to do, like speak out and voice my opinions in a way where I can say what I need to without feeling suppressed. Emotionally, it’s been a hard month because with taking new steps into the new world, along the way in December 2015 I’ve had to interact with certain people who have tried to keep me in the old world. In the end I’ve not been able to remain there at that level, my higher self is and has been moving along forwardly. So, this December shift into the new has been a challenging one, but with benefits for me and for all at this time.

The lessons I have learned about how to handle lower conscious beings in December 2015, that are still existing through the lower conscious reality. Has been enlightening. Although, it has gotten stressful at times and I must admit I’ve felt myself not feeling all that content to deal with some of them. The lessons I have learned that involved them was necessary for my own personal growth. I’ve also learned and understood how important it is for me to expand my consciousness, which involved experiencing five near death experiences this month. It helped me understand the aspect of being a light energy embodied into a physical human body. Continued interactions with a family member a female sibling, reached its peak when I decided to end the attachment and prevented her from constantly taking and using my energy. The PP (Portal Person) that I call (The Male Contractor) has taken an expanded role within my life once again.  His daughter has also taken an special interest in my mother, my mother is also embodying the AP (Ascension Process.) They have re-appeared once again, and they’ve tried to receive payment for the poor job that was done on the back deck for a second time. They tried to bully us into signing papers that clearly looked important, and me and my mom suspected something is up. So much has happened, and I spoke about why this is happening. I wrote about The Separation Line in another article, and how I’ve started to notice that there is a huge gap or separation happening with many people right now.

Here is the link to that article if anyone wants to read it: December 2015’s 12/12 Portal: The Separation Of Worlds & The Line Of Separation Has Been Drawn.

12-21-15 Gateway – Release And Letting Go Of The (8) Energetic Blueprint

We’ve now entered the (12-21-2015) Gateway, (2015) equalling to the (8) energies and these energies have been so transformative in the now moment. It’s also been a transformative energy throughout the entire year with the (8) energies, right from the January gateway shift to the intense Lions-Gate Portal (8-8-8) that we had. We also had the X-Wave energy in September which pushed us even higher on the Ascension ladder. The (8) energies have been a powerful godly force within the world template, and as we begin to move beyond the (8) energies we start to release and let go of all the genes, DNA, internal data, energetic blueprints that are associated with this number and its frequency. This is the last stair step until we reach the new codes, energies, light consciousness of the (9) completion energies within this old cycle. As we enter this last stretch we’ll be letting go of so much internal junk, so much outdated emotional energy overloads we may house in our body. As we enter January 2016 we’ll be taking only what we feel in our hearts, what we’ve experienced with the 8 number frequency, and what we’ve learned over the course of the last 12 months.

Over the next few days we’ll be experiencing multiple high energy events. We’ll be getting a double dose of energetic light energies. The first: from the solstice gateway. The second: From  a very rare Full Moon that is happening on Christmas day. Things will continue to feel enhanced as the shift occurs from the internal (Body) and external (The Outer world.) Self care and self love is greatly needed at this time.

List Of Current Ascension Pains 

December 2015 has felt enhanced in multiple ways and it will continue well into the new year, as we’ll be integrating and transitioning to the new (9) codes and energies. All month long I’ve been dealing with personal issues, interferences, and lower conscious behaviors. However, I’ve also been experiencing intense internal structural changes happening for me.

  1. Exhaustion And Constant Rest: Over the course of this month and even  in November I’ve needed a lot of sleep. I have been tired more often and if I don’t sleep I can’t make it through all of the stuff that I need to do during the day.
  2. Body And Bone Aches: In December 2015 I have been feeling a lot of aching and a general numb achiness within various parts of my body. I’ve also felt this in my bones as well, and because I can feel it and we’ve now entered the sign of Capricorn which does deal with bones. I have felt internal aches within my bones as well.
  3. Seeing/Meeting Higher Light Beings: Lately I’ve been seeing and feeling higher light beings all around me. I’ve also been feeling their presence in my dream state. On top of feeling them I’ve been seeing them clairvoyantly, surrounding themselves around me. As we get further in the ascension process I find myself experiencing this more and more, and so will many more people.
  4. Headaches/Head Pressures: I’ve been experiencing more headaches, head pains, pressures, crown chakra integration and downloads this month. The head rewiring process is ongoing and will be until its not for everyone who is an activated light embodier.
  5. Unexplained Crying: I’ve had moments where all that I do for some periods of the time throughout the day, is cry for no apparent reason. Its unexplainable to me. This can be a number of things because we are multi-dimensional and live various lives simultaneously. Something could be happening with my higher self, or an event in another life could be triggering me to release its blueprint from within my body of that timeline.
  6. Negative Energy/Interference: I’ve had nothing but negative energy interference happen for me, and to me. People who continuously spread their negative energy around has been a dominant theme in December 2015.
  7. Inorganic Dreams: This month has been a huge month for me where my dreams have been extra lucid. My dreams have also been hijacked a lot. My dreams have also been varied, and have the oddest inorganic scenes in them that feel added and messed with.
  8. Ear Ringing/Loud Ringing: This really isn’t even an ascension symptom for me at this point, because its a 24/7 way of life for me. The high pitches, sounds, ringing, and all that it entails has been a normal way of life for me since March 2014 and it continues into December 2015.
  9. Irritated/Dry/Sensitive Eyes: All month long my eyes have been activated to begin seeing more clairvoyantly, which is what’s happening for many people right now. Irritated eyes, dry eyes, blurred vision is a sign that your third eye chakra is being worked on so that you can see spiritually.
  10. Acne/Rashes On Skin: All month long I’ve been breaking out with acne, my skin has been very sensitive and has turned bright red because of all the purging, density that I have felt.

These are some and not quite all of the physical changes that I’ve been experiencing with this December gateway. Of course this will happen at each stair step along the way, but self care and self love is needed at this time for self and for all.

16Love & Light16

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