December 2015’s Solstice Portal: The Separation Of Worlds Keeps Growing.

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The Separation Of World(s) In 2015

Over the last few weeks of December 2015 I’ve noticed a huge difference between the 3D reality and the 5D reality timeline(s.) The thing I’ve noticed the most is that in both reality world(s) the gap between them both is pulling away at light speed. This is known as The Consciousness Separation and lately in December 2015, there has been a huge gap, split, separateness and division event that is currently happening. I’ll get into this as we move further into this article.

All month long I’ve been finding it extremely difficult because of all of the situations that are being brought up for me. In particular the energies are a huge factor in all of this, and because as a light embodier my work is always done with energy. I’ve had to find a way to balance my emotions and how I feel when I’m integrating light, or when I’m dealing with lower energy that is coming straight at me head on. This past Christmas there was a rare Full Moon on the same day, and prior to that there was the dec-21-2015 solstice gateway and a few weeks ago we had the 12/12 Portal. So we’ve been bombarded with tons of energy, but also fresh and new energy. One of the reasons why I’ve felt The Consciousness separation lately, is because we’re once again reaching another level of consciousness that we hadn’t been reaching before. When this happens the forerunners are once again called on to embody this new level, these new codes, these new light energies and that will take us into newer and higher directions. So, there is a slight movement for us and for many more within humanity. Despite these new gateways and energies, not everybody will be moving along with us because many aren’t embodying the process. Which is why we feel the separation(s) and division(s) that we feel and see. Or at least a lot of the AT (Ascension Teachers) do, which is why we write about the separation of worlds and realities. We feel it from a higher perspective.

A lot of the division that we see is called Divisive Consciousness and that stems from many people who are repeated offenders, in not wanting to be part of the ascension process. That’s okay. Everybody has free will for a reason and they all have the right to make their own decisions, choices, and do what feels right to them. What many of the forerunners are doing (which is – embodying the process first to allow others to begin) has a lot to do with us embodying Unity Consciousness. Unity consciousness is about wanting all to unify and embody the process together, to ascend together, to work together to bring a higher way of existing on planet earth. That in part is why there is a separation of world(s) going on, but the most important reason is because many of us are finally separating from the 3D matrix. Many of us are finally or have finally left that lower 3D world and stopped functioning in that lower conscious way of being. This too also causes separation, because we no longer are existing from those lower mindsets and limited consciousness.

As we continue well into (2016) we’ll continue to notice this phenomena which is now our way of life, continuing to take place. Not because of anything anyone is doing – but just because it’s where everyone is within themselves and with what they have to learn. Just because a group of people are fully embodying the AP and EP processes both in their unique ways respectfully. That doesn’t mean others are and free will is an important spiritual law which everyone has the right to. However, be prepared to say goodbye to many who feel its necessary to move on. Be prepared to go your own way as well. Be prepared to face these separation issues. This is becoming more and more a reality every single day. However, self protect, self love, and self care is so necessary and important as we move into (9) completion energies.

Continued Negative Interferences From Lower Conscious People

One of the reasons why I decided to discuss The Consciousness Separation or The Separation Of World(s) as many also refer to it in that way as well. Is linked to my own personal experiences with a few lower conscious people, that have been trying to keep me in that lower 3D reality world when I’m being pushed higher into the 5D reality world. I wrote in my last article how a female sibling of mine and I reached our breaking point, the situation erupted because she once again came to me because she needed to use me, abuse me, steal my time and energy once again. When I let her know that I wasn’t going to let her do what she needed to, when I let her know that I wasn’t going to allow her to use me, to abuse me, and to let her waste my time anymore. She erupted. She caused chaos and havoc by screaming throughout the house, called me anything and everything in the book that she could. Didn’t care that I would feel the very personal attack, and all because she didn’t want to do something as simple as going to the library to use a computer or acquire her own so she can do what she needs to do for herself at her home.

I’m all too familiar with having to deal with the usual lower conscious people, throwing a lower conscious tantrum because they didn’t get what they wanted. As was the case this female sibling threw another one of her tantrums. It took me about half an hour to an hour to completely pull myself together energetically from the attack, and when I did I moved right on.

In my last article I also wrote about The Male Contractor and his Daughter who have now suddenly become an unholy terror within my ascension experience. This male contractor and his daughter decided to come to our house, lied to us about important papers that none of us ended up signing. Saying “You have to sign these papers” and when we refused they ended up screaming on our front porch at us. They ran back to their truck and the both of them sat in the truck yelling and screaming at one another. While we witnessed them not getting their way. The paper they wanted us to sign – was a simple contract agreement. They never made up a contract for us to sign in the first place which I let my parents both know sounded shady. (How professional) and the details of their deck were never written down or made binding on paper. It was a verbal agreement to which he said he didn’t need on paper, because he trusted us. First mistake: If your a business or own a business you should always have a contract or written agreement. If not for proof then just so that on a professional level you have all the information that you need. Proof of date, proof of price, proof of materials, proof of outlines and plans for said job. Second mistake; Coming to our house and trying to trick us into signing a copy of a contract we never got in the first place.

Later at night on this specific day a few days just before Christmas may I add, two police officers were called and they came to our house. Those two officers were accompanying them again, and didn’t really help the matter much at all. If anything the police officers saw the job that was done and they both said it wasn’t a good job at all. The daughter took some pictures, the male contractor was greedy for money and in the end they didn’t get what they wanted. The police officers let us know that if they bothered us again, that we could call them and they’d personally handled the matter. However, this is the first real time I or my parents had to deal with police officers in our lives. Let alone standing in our house with two demonic psychopaths.

It is no coincidence that as the solstice Gateway and the Full Moon energies arrived for me and others to integrate, that more separation would be happening. I just didn’t expect this much interferences from outer sources, and some who were clearly trying to keep me and mom in general from leaving the 3D reality behind and fully living and existing in the 5D reality entirely. It is no coincidence at all that any of this is happening right now for me, but as I would imagine for many light embodiers all over the globe. These are challenging times, these are also times of change that we’re existing in. We’re going to experience the good and the awful, as everything gets cleared. Self protection is necessary, self love is important and self care is needed for many sensitive beings at this time.

16Love & Light16

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