To Light-Workers: The Separation Between Light/Dark Beings While Embodying This Ascension Process Keeps Growing!

I’m having a really difficult time specifically this month and part of it has a lot to do with the fact that it’s Christmas time, all the lights – the presents – the people running around thinking they need to shop until they drop or go broke – the religious crap spewing it’s Christ was born on Christmas day malarkey – I don’t mind the good will to men but gosh darn it it’s all giving me a headache. I’m well aware of the false beliefs – the negative Alien beings brainwashing unaware people – and this is what i consider the false light month. You bet your light filled behinds these religious beliefs are just another way to separate us into groups – also spread false beliefs. Christmas is a man made belief system it always has been and always will be until one day we break the illusion. I’ve been busy lately trying to avoid my unaware family – avoid false family gatherings – finding work so i can support myself – handle my bodily pains – get my life together reasonably so i can get away from the unaware false family i still live with. Remember we are all on our own path, however i’ve been busy so the Christmas celebrations on my end haven’t taken. Not that i really care … i don’t buy into the made up hype! I just do what i was meant to come here to do, which is be a light-worker and follow my mission.

It has become apparent to me that lately thing’s have felt/are very different than i’ve had known it to be, in part it’s because of the different energies that are at play on our planet right now. I have had one hell of a December and it’s becoming more apparent to me that as i ascend into my Light- worker role, the more the darkness seems to get pissed by the light i am emanating. It isn’t just about the fact that i am pissing off dark members, it’s also knowing and sensing with every fibre of my being the separation between those beings who are from the light/those dark beings who are from darkness.We have all been involved in such a long ancient battle between the Light/Dark for centuries on this planet, to be honest through out these entire centuries thing’s seem to only have gotten worse.Are ways of life as human beings have gotten more complicated. We have jobs, we need a car, we need money, so we can pay for the thing’s we need, we need to pay for food too, also the insurance on our car, and our life too! These thing’s have made our life impossible … because who could follow these rules! There is a huge line drawn in the middle and those who have it easy – they’re obviously from the dark! Come from well to do families – have the cars – the job – never have to worry these are the ones who have help from demonic energies.Those who have it harder … i mean who live on the streets and struggle day by day, who can’t make rent or even buy a loaf of bread. It doesn’t take a genius to see they’re from the light. There is a definite line drawn between the dark beings/light beings and this is the separation that i’m referring too! However lately i have been sensing that many of these negative beings who are latched onto certain unaware people, unaware people who continue to carry themselves around negative energy have been losing their energy sources and the aftermath is explosive. As light -workers these sort of reactions are normal – these sort of problems are the kinds we face daily – but think of them as challenges because the best way to annoy an unaware person is to completely remain calm.

Having to deal with unaware – not yet awakened beings is part of being a Light-worker, every one has faced dark agents sent to disturb them. Have been sent dark agents to make our life more harder, sent dark agents to bring chaos into our life, sent dark agents to start relationships with us, sent dark agents to mess with our timeline eventually killing us. What we call unaware beings, we really should be calling dark agents and there is a reason why they have not yet awakened? They don’t want to be part of a world that is filled with light/love. They don’t want to deal with themselves yet. They enjoy working to death for money and paying for endless materialistic crap that they just don’t need. They enjoy the darkness and have no problems remaining in it, and in the process interfering with us and our mission. These are the daily people – issues – concerns – problems we face and it’s not just demons and negative beings, it’s also the ones who have not awakened to themselves that we deal with. Thus is the separation between those embodying the new world energy – those who remain in the old dark world trying to disturb our timelines.

The Solstice Energy & Darkness Messing With Me On My Own Turf

On Dec 21st the day of the solstice no less i had to endure something that is/was beyond anything i have had to face thus far, i want to write about it because it’s a perfect example of just what these negative demonic beings/negative alien beings can do to those who remain in the old dark world timeline.

During the summer time we as in me and my (Light-worker mom, who isn’t aware of it yet) and my completely unaware father decided to get the deck in the backyard done. It was suppose to be a simple deck, with a backyard stone patio so that during summer time if we wanted to we can sit outside and enjoy our own space. Now being that they are still unaware their energy attracted another unaware being – they hired him and he completely screwed up the job! I mean the worst possible outcome that he could possibly have done, it happened. Prior to the solstice date he had come repeatedly like some stalker to our house looking for his money (The one he thought he would get) after doing a shoddy job! It got to the point that he was so greedy (For Money) he threatened to sue us, and actually called the police on us! He brought two police officers with him and his daughter – he sited it as (Wanting to make sure that we co-operated) he stalks us! He starts a public argument with my mum! He failed to do the job we wanted done! Did it his own own way and thought he was in the wrong? They came in – they asked us questions – the officers thought there was no problem – advised us to call them if he continued to harass us! This is something i felt the need to share because this is a perfect example of unaware beings being used by negative beings, possessed beings, trying to cause chaos and of course i smelled this from a mile away! This is what i mean when i say the light/dark are so separated that you can see it, you can feel the energy in the air, you can even smell it. This is something that will continue to be witnessed, because not everybody wants to leave the old dark world and change.


The separation between the light/dark is brewing and it’s getting so intense because of what they have planned for earth in the next coming years. They have created their own timeline of evil – and of course they are using those who are willing to still live in their old ways of living to do it. They are picking up on new tactics, because they know the changes in this ascension process are currently happening. They know that us Light – Warriors are here to stop them whenever we can and spread our light – spread our timeline – spread our joy – spread our love! They know it – and they hate it. The best advise i can give to all Light-workers is be aware of this light/dark separation, discern what is a negative tactic to gain energy and spread fear. I can’t tell you what to do … because that’s not how i roll, i’m not here to dictate to anyone what they “MUST” do. I can only share my experiences and hope that other’s will understand exactly what i am saying. What i am talking about. It is up to us to deal with those evil bastards in our own way, we each have gifts for a reason we must do what feels right to us in order for us to survive.

Blessed be – Love/Light to all!



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