Full Ascension Symptoms/Pains List During 2015 & Holy S**t What A Year 2015 Has Been! I’m Ready For The “9” Completion Energies Of 2016

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Where do i even start? – 2015 was so insane! I must have been on some serious spiritual laxatives this entire time, because so much shit has run through this body – mind – spirit this entire year. I’m surprised i didn’t have to wear a diaper. Not only was it chaotic and a mess, i’ve never dealt with so much utter shit. When i wasn’t dealing with crap, i was feeling like it. When i wasn’t feeling like crap, i was spiritually constipated, unable to let it all out because it was either stuck or people were tying to stop me. But enough with the shit jokes! Yes, i can be funny to you know. 😉 and i’m lucky that my humor has remained intact through all that I have gone through and continue too.”

I know many Light-workers – Light – warriors – Starseeds – Psychics – Seers – Visionaries – Empaths – Sensitive people – light beings – gifted people and any other being with gifts struggled like all hell broke lose this year. I know this, i feel this .. i have also endured this and it’s no lie that it has been one of those years we will remember for years to come because of all we suffered through. Let me break it down. I’ve stepped into my Light-Worker role a lot this year, so much so that I need to slow it down a bit and will for the first few months of 2016. I need time to re-collect myself and find balance once again, but it never fails that other Light beings seek out help from me who ask me for it and without naming names the issues are all the same. Wondering about their gifts? Wondering when all the struggles they/we have gone through will end? When the illusion of this world will end? Their relationship issues? When unaware people will stop messing with them? When the Psychic attacks will end? When thing’s will get easier? or if your like me attracting crazy nutty people who involve the law – when that will end? Wanting to know when they will find their purpose? When the physical pains will stop plaguing them? When they will start feeling normal? When will people stop interfering in their missions? When will they find love – are they destined to be alone? These are just a few issues many of us have dealt with during 2015. We are all in our own unique situations, struggling, trying to make it passed the day and keeping a positive outlook. To be honest it hasn’t been easy, knowing what I know and “Pretending” that is how it feels for me and i’m sure those who are reading this. Being down here so open – yet being surrounded by such closeness from everyone and everything. I’ve had tons of moments where i felt i wasn’t normal – until i realized “I” wasn’t the fucking problem! All of them out there they are! The ones who just don’t get it.

The worst part about 2015 has been the physical burden, I have been in so much pain feeling and integrating these energies into my physical self. We did have many more other light beings awaken this year, but still it wasn’t enough to calm down the amount of pains i had to carry within me to hold the energies on this planet. The emotional pains were up there too, it felt like it was all too much to handle at times. The mental pains were also up there, dear i’ve thought i was going absolutely crazy way to many times to count. I can laugh about it now … “Oh remember that time – i cut all the pillows in half and destroyed the entire room” such fond memories. This is how it has been for so long now that it’s become normal, that is basically what happens when we finally turn the key in our brain on we start to understand what it’s really about. Wherever you have been – whatever has happened to you – whoever you have been around for good or bad, embrace those people for the lessons that they taught you! 2016 is all about endings/completion as it equals to the number “9” many of us will find ourselves ending certain missions with people. Ultimately ending relationships with people once in for all – so don’t worry just focus on what is coming up ahead for your next mission/phase.

Ascension Physical Body Symptoms/Pains For 2015

Head/Brain Re-Wiring – This year has been a big year for head/brain re-wiring, head pressures, head aches/pains. We all expand our awareness when we awaken, so naturally we all must correct our brains for the knowledge we will once again remember.We are combining our left/right side into one big brain and believe me it’s not an easy process. It can be quite painful.

Ear Ringing/Pain – This year the ringing for me personally has been non-stop. I wake up i hear the ringing, i go out for a walk i hear ringing, a charge of mine needs help i hear ringing, i shower i hear ringing, while i sleep i hear ringing. I also feel pain in my ears sometimes, it’s a light kind but i have very sensitive ears. The ringing is because your obviously clairaudient and can hear spirit, the earth, the energy on earth, the aura of other people, deceased people.

Kundalini Rising/Karma Burning – The Kundalini energy within the body has been a big theme for many, myself included. It starts in my back area and goes into my legs until it reaches my feet. I sometimes get surges of warm energy in certain spots on my body, when it’s done healing past life wounds it stops. We are burning tremendous amounts of karma during this time.I’ve even had hair fall off and hair loss on my legs.

Ascension Flu/Light Intergration – I have been constantly plagued by the Ascension flu symptoms all year long.Waking up tongue white, head aching, body numb and in pain, sensitive to other people and their energy. It hasn’t been all year round but when heavy solar activity – or astronomically charged events come around they always spark the light energy integrations to happen.

Body Purging/Release – This year i have experienced more rashes – more acne – more itchiness and diarrhea than any other. I’ve experienced a lot of body purging especially around the light energy charged periods. This is rampant and many are going through these symptoms i may include the bloody bloated stomach – bone aches – sensitive nose – sensitive eyes – Nausea – vomiting. This is purging of toxic energy from our bodies. Think of this as a complete body cleanse. Something normal and not to be feared.

Ascension Emotional Symptoms/Pains 2015

Crying/Tears – This year i’ve had many moments of tears and not to mention all the hysterical crying. It seems to be on any level. Emotional pain, physical pain, mental pain and we all have our breaking points. It’s also crying over memories, over past life events and we all do it we just don’t know it at times. Crying is a normal part of this Ascension process in fact it’s a healing tool, it helps us clear/cleanse all of our hurts we keep trapped in our body.

Feeling Alone – This year as an awakened Light – Worker being I have felt alone. It’s really very common for us all to feel this way on an emotional level. This process does really make us go deep within and heal ourselves, it leaves us no time for other people. It’s not like they would understand us anyways.

Bipolar/Emotional Imbalance – This one seems to be very rampant in many just awakened beings. However many beings just can’t handle high energy light periods, they go from positive to negative and generally act imbalanced. The issue here is that they have no balance and don’t work on clearing their own energy enough to not let the emotions of other people effect them directly. A emotional symptom many including myself have felt this year.

Misunderstood/Depression – This is a very real/heart breaking emotional symptom that has many people in this Ascension process suffering greatly. This is one i have felt at times through-out this year and i can get out of with meditation, it takes me a while however to feel self confident again. We often times feel depressed because we have too much past life residue, however it can come on when we know who we are and what is really going on but we feel misunderstood. The world and it’s ignorance can be depressing at times.

Unexplained Love/Rage – This is a very common symptom and even one Jesus himself experienced when he lived who knows when? Jesus yelling at the people in the market – yeah that’s a lot of people who are on the Ascension path. The rage we feel at anything negative/lower is absolutely normal. Then there is that feeling of love we feel when we are reaching a high, it doesn’t stick around for very long but you know that it’s from source. It feels wonderful and just like you remember from when you were back home, makes you cry at anything, love anything.This is one i have felt very much more in the year 2015.

Ascension Mental Symptoms/Pains 2015

Dreams/Messages – The year 2015 has seen me have many absolutely stupid/idiotic – strange/odd dreams. While we purge through dreams, and purge past lives through dreams, and even heal and work out issues with other’s through dreams. The mental part of us doesn’t grasp it that well, but our soul knows. This is a common every-night occurrence where we receive mental messages, also a nightly occurrence where we clear the old stagnating crap from our mind so we can make room for the new to come into us.

Constant Thinking/Analyzing – I can’t stop thinking, simply put it seems to be getting worse. This has been a big problem for me this year, and i’m certain that many other light beings and awakened beings have felt it to. The “We” inside our heads never seems to shut up, there is always a rant going on, always seems to be inner babbling and nothing ever get’s solved or figured out. Sadly this is all normal can you believe it – we just need to calm the inner “Self” inside enough to make sense.

Feeling Crazy/People Find You Crazy – I have felt this one sometimes during this long and hard year. The second guessing … am I really hearing them up there? Am I really feeling negative energy? Is the world really an illusion? It’s all real! The demons, the gifts, the illusion human kind is enthralled in and can’t get out of. It takes a while but in the end you start to realize that your normal, however part of being aware is that most ignorant and closed minded people think your bath shit crazy. At times it feels like your off with your head “As the queen says” other times they the dark bastards are trying to drive you mad.

Belief/Giving Into Fears – This seems like a typical mental symptom where people still keep fearing, still believe in the illusion of fear? I have as well, but know that there is nothing to fear it’s all just a tactic. It’s all in the mind – it’s all just an illusion of the mind if you don’t believe it then they won’t have control over you!

Break Downs – I wrote about this as an emotional symptom, but it’s also a mental symptom as well. We all reach that point, where we break and we just can’t keep ourselves in check. I know i’ve had a few break downs where i refused to continue on, yelled at them up there to stop all the madness and refused to do anything else for them.I’ve also had fits of hysterical crying because I just couldn’t handle the utter stupidity and negativity any longer. My goodness if you find yourself at the breaking point – smile – you’ve just been initiated fully into being an awakened being and it happens to the best of us. Wipe yourself off and move forward again.

Newly Awakened Light -Workers Symptoms/Pains 2015

This section is for those newly awakened Light-workers who may be reading this who aren’t sure about just who they are yet, those who are having a hard time remembering the illusion of this world and the truth of themselves. My mission isn’t just about writing about my own experiences but also about the process of becoming whole again, there are many people who are coming out in a spiritual way and they need some-where to go to learn. So here are some symptoms of what you may experience when first awakening, if you aren’t certain that you are then have a read and see if this list resonates with you.

Confused/Feeling Mind Fog – It can be very normal for those who are in the process of first awakening to feel a little bit confused, to feel uncertain, to have mind fog. I experienced this myself and it’s not easy to feel sane when we first hear a spirit guide, when we first start seeing sparkling white lights, when we feel them around us ( The dark ones).We tend to feel extremely confused and that’s normal, so if your just starting out don’t worry because this is all normal.

Psychic Attacks/Interferences – An awakening can be a hard period but nothing compares to the first time you understand that there are forces beyond our comprehension. These dark beings are old ones who have been on this planet for eons. When we awaken they understand that it’s happening, they try to stop it, prevent it, try to kill those who are awakening because they know what those Light-workers can do. What you can do! I was psychically attacked and they tried to assassinate me! If your feeling interference, and psychic attacks don’t worry just don’t give into fear and call the angels for protection.

Instant Body Pains/Over Night – I felt extreme pain right away. It felt like it hit me over night it was absolutely instant. I struggled during that time to understand what was going on, which was normal for me and if your feeling these instant pains all over your body it is normal. The cleansing process i am afraid begins right away, which at times can be brutal and i never really got used to it. It’s just a symptom that you’ll need to learn to handle with your own gifts.

Dis – Interest In The World – This one was never a big issue for me,for some it’s a huge transition and for other’s it’s really not. Me personally I didn’t really feel much of a difference nothing outside of my house really meant anything to me. The outside has always been an illusion and most of you who are here reading this know this, those just awakened reading this understand that the thing’s you thought were normal were holding you back. Slowly staying away from the outside world is a very normal thing.

Aware Of Mission/Gift – I didn’t understand half of what i could do when the time came to doing it. I didn’t understand my gifts, nor my mission at first awakening. However the case there is always a pull to get started and do your mission even if you don’t know what it is,it’s a calling and one only you can know. I wasn’t freaked out by my psychic gifts, nor my ability to fend of negative energy/demons … it’s all part of the job! All you newly awakened beings who haven’t put the pieces together, don’t worry about what your mission is it’ll show itself. You’ll know what to do, just make it past the beginning stages.

How has your 2015 been? Was it every bit as hard for you too? Do you wish you could take anything back? Or do you not have any regrets? Either way it’s almost over, remember new years can be a complete meaningless farce. Or it could be a transition of the mindset, start 2016 by being as positive as you can be. Start it off by being smart, being aware, discerning events and people. I’ll Be doing a candle lighting in my home lasting ten minutes, five minutes before midnight – five minutes after midnight. I ask anyone reading to do the same for world peace/universal love, in their own homes.



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