To Light-Workers: The Year 2016 & The Number “9” Energies! Endings And Completion. Can Light-Workers Continue To Ascend Higher?

I just want to say thank you to everyone who took part in the candle lighting for peace at the turn of the new years, it meant so much to all of us who struggle in such a dark world.” “The energy has felt so fresh, so peaceful, so uplifting and just in time for the 9-9 portal/gateway energies

Well it’s past the New Years transition phase, and aside from lighting my little candle for peace to be perfectly honest i don’t buy into the entire thing at all.As a Light-Worker who wasn’t awakened many years ago i could never really understand the hype then.I don’t understand the hype of it all now.I would wonder why people made such a big deal about it, because it’s just like any other day to me.We all move from one moment to the next – the only difference is the energetic number that humanity finds it self in now.This is “Like Christmas” it’s a man made event that has nothing to do with anything, they sell you that belief that the sun comes around 360 degrees from when it started. Oh please … i don’t remember caring much about the date back in Lemuria or in Atlantis? Many eons ago, we didn’t give a toss about dates we knew everything was as it is and that is all we needed to know. Of course we did celebrate certain astrological/astronomical events – but that’s got nothing to do with New Years.

New Years is like Easter – Christmas – Halloween – Fourth Of July and or any other celebration they come up with, emphasis on “Come up with” there is no real significant reason or purpose behind these man made events other than a flashy distraction.This has absolutely nothing to do with anything, it’s a Negative tactic in order to fuel you spending money. To fuel you putting toxic beverages in your system making you sick, to spread noise/chaos. This is a huge energy draining tactic and unaware people fuel this nonsense. This event dumbs down humanity – it also lowers their defenses by getting so wasted that they all end up doing unimaginably senseless acts. Of course they don’t know they are being psychically manipulated into thinking this is a wonderful celebration, but those who are awakened understand this very well. Don’t be fooled by the parties – the drinking – the hook ups it’s all so meaningless. It’s all an illusion! Wake up Humanity! Now that New Years has passed it’s important for me discuss the change in energies we have going on, in 2015 we had the energy number of 8 in 2016 we have the energy number of 9. The nine energy means “Completion” and also “Endings” i may think New Years is all an illusion and a crock of wild boar shit but at the end of the day, the energetic number is also very important. The energy associated with year dates tells us the energy we will/can expect all through out the year to come.

Numerological Number For 2016 & What Does It Mean For Light-Workers

2016=2+1+6=9 The number nine in numerology means completion and endings of course, but what does this powerful number mean for all awakened beings? For Light-Workers? And for humanity through out the year? I know that many of us have struggled for so long, but this is the year where those struggles end. The nine number is a special number that tells of thing’s about to end! The world is ending a big phase started in 2008.In 2016 many Light-Workers will be ending certain relationships with the people who are have been around them for all this time, will be ending certain jobs/missions, and will be called to clean up and move on to the next phase of their own individual purpose for being here. The world is changing as well and it’s important that we understand just how important 2016 really is. Are we going to continue to ignore our spiritual work? Are we going to continue to be slaves to our government? Are we going to stop not taking personal responsibility for ourselves? For our actions? For the kinds of negativity we spread in our world that we don’t want to admit?

The world is on the brink of a huge collective change. If we as Light-Workers can harness our light/love we can accomplish our goal of bringing peace to earth. The question is are we ready? Can all Light-Workers band together and continue to keep the vibration of this earth up? This year is so important for us all, because it in many ways will tell us just how far along the light has come. Just how far along we have spread our love, just how far the Negative beings will go to cause another cataclysm here on earth through World War III. After this year we will understand what is in store for us all, which is paramount that all Light-Workers continue to spread their love/light wherever they go. If your worried don’t be, if your staying positive and welcoming the new 9 energies then your on the right track. Just put whatever you know needs to end to end and transition successfully into the new because that’s what this year is all about. Getting rid of the old – making room for the very brand new! 🙂 yay!

Enjoy these new energies everyone.


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