To Light-Workers: 2016 Has Begun With A Bang, And A Boom! More Of The Divine Light Integrations

So i want to start this article off by asking is anyone enjoying the energies lately? Holy mama Jamba what the hell is that left side pain, what is that pain in the left side of my face, what is that pain rendering me almost unable to walk? Don’t worry it’s just all the solar activity going on for us right now, all the Aurora borealis, all the Solar flares, all the geomagnetic storms caused by solar eruptions being thrown earth direction. Not to mention the energies coming in from the 9-9 portal/gateway tomorrow which happens to be a powerful New Moon as well” ” Grab your crotches and brace for the worst lol

I always find it amazing when it’s this time of the year because people go on and on about it’s the new year and thing’s are going to be different, it’s effing 2016 for source sake they shout. However i’ve yet to really even encounter anything different have you noticed any differences? Have you noticed any positive changes? No it’s the same shit! Why? Because people stagnate and don’t realize if you don’t make your own personal changes, we’re all ( By we’re all i mean us Light-Workers) are going to keep picking up the energetic slack for their behinds. This seems to be what’s happening, many people are ignoring themselves and shoving their issues at other’s and we’re having to transmute it for them. The year has hit with a bang … and not to mention a boom. I’m taking a very well needed break, but that doesn’t mean i’ve stopped writing my articles and trying to raise more consciousness and awareness. On the contrary i’m still doing this while i take a much needed rest, however i’m noticing more people going off the rails as such as was the incident with Kim Jung un this week testing bombs. What is he crazy or something? You can’t be doing nuclear bomb testing underground, who do you think you are? This sort of shit won’t be hanging around for much longer because this Ascension process won’t let it. This year hasn’t just started with a bang … it’s also started with a boom as well.

For some reason this is where we are in this time and place, don’t worry because these sort of people eventually get what’s coming to them if not alive on earth then in the afterlife. We all go to where our vibration leads us to and Kim Jung Un he won’t be going anywhere nice. You know every once in a while i ask myself ” Did i really agree to come down here? … Beam me up please!” it’s bad enough dealing with these crazies, but i can’t hold my light knowing these nuts are being controlled and used by negative beings and feeling horrified that other people just don’t know. I lit a candle for the situation … i only wish i could blow his ass up lol

Crazy Energies & New Ascension Pain Symptoms

The start of the year was wonderful after a few days however it slowly began to dismantle into something that resembled misery loves company. Jan 3rd i don’t know what the heck was running around on this planet, but i was crying most of the time and felt negativity all around me. I was running around and had to continuously light white candles to ward off the negative garbage away from me. Family they bring you nothing but their negativity and the day after, your left cleaning the entire junk they left behind. The bodily pains have been enhanced as well for me, and i know it’s the upcoming 9-9 portal/gateway energies that have been effecting most of us. These symptoms are not the usual norm for me, as they are something very new to me. I’m familiar with the left side pains, but I’ve never felt energy flowing into my being on the left side of my face just near my left eye. It’s like literally feeling something crawl under my skin, but not painful. I swear i may have to smack myself one of these days just to calm them down, i have a great ability to calm myself down and have a laugh but i am so sick and tired of feeling pains that i’m unsure are symptoms half the time.

The truth is when the tough get’s going i tend to move forward but i’ve had to let my guardian angel know that the current energies were just getting on my nerves. I had to ask him to go up there and ask the elders to calm them down or at least see that they let up for me, he came back with a no answer and i yelled upwards at them. I have had similar issues with them up there at times, because they don’t seem to tone down the energies when i ask or when i send someone on my team to ask them directly. It can all be very frustrating … and i’m saying this is all too much lately and that i need to be able to breathe, as i’m sure you all are saying the same thing. They don’t get it! Or they do and just can’t or won’t do much of anything about it. If your feeling the intensified energies, do not worry because it’s just the solar activity along with the wonderful energies of the 9/9 portal and gateway. Just stay calm and tell your guides and watchers that you accept the energy, it always feels easier for me when i do that and then i light a candle and thing’s work out for the best.

Accept the energy – Accept the change


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