To All Light-Workers: The Jan 1-9-9 Portal Energies & Light-Workers It’s Time To Move Into The NEW!

I’ve known for a few weeks now that during this Ascension Process that we were going to be entering a timeline, a specific phase/timeline where more light energies would come in one after another in a rapid succession. This timeline would involve all awakened beings, and would also involve constant portal/gateway openings. We’re now in a time period where we need the most light/love energies here on earth to help us spread peace.

The energies of the 1-9-9 portal/gateway are streaming into our very beings today 😉 and i’m gladly doing a joyful dance.I know that this is the first portal/gateway of this year, and believe me there are eight more through – out the year we can use to our advantage. What are the 9-9 portals/Gateways? The year we are in 2016 = to the numerological number 9 when we add the numbers up, so when we pass on the 9th day of the month we have 9-9 and these dates are all portals/Gateways. Today we are receiving the blessed divine light energy from source/creator of all that is good, it is the first major light integration we will experience into our very beings for this year 2016.It’s not a surprise that it’s also the New Moon today either! This just acts as validation for me.This won’t be the last either because this year is filled with portals/Gateways, filled with solstice/equinox energies, filled with eclipses, and filled with more people waking up at this current time. The importance of 9-9 is symbolic for where we are as a collective, symbolic for where we are in our missions, symbolic for where we are in this Ascension process. It’s time for the end of a cycle, time to end thing’s that no longer serve our higher light filled purposes, time to let go of people who do nothing but cause pain in any way. You want to know what 9-9 is symbolic of? Cycles ending, closings, endings, cleaning up shop, moving onto to new and better thing’s in our lives. We have 9 very important Portals/Gateways. Use them wisely, use them discerningly, use the energy coming into our very planet from the higher realms now to make the necessary changes.

This entire year is about endings, make sure that your prepared for it. Realize also that each month acts as a stepping stone for progress. The 1-9 months of 2016 are like stair steps to help us move on and each month there will be an emphasis on the number attached to the month. This will all culminate in September on the very special/important date 9-9-9. Symbolic of the ultimate ending … whatever we must go through, let go of, end in our missions will be done on that divine date. All we can do at this time is be aware, be prepared and have acceptance for the changes that are going to happen during this year.

1-9-9 Portal/Gateway Energies & What Does 1 Mean For Light-Workers?

The first big energy wave of the year has arrived, and i have no doubt since even the end of 2015 i was already feeling the usual symptoms that i do. There has been more solar activity streaming into our planet lately, that tells me that the sun is emitting more light into our atmosphere because we are ready now to receive more of it. There is a cost a “Physical” one at that, while wonderful my body feels down right awful because i’m having to integrate it. Integrate it all into my body, into my very being and hold it in me so it can spread/shine elsewhere onto other’s.

Enough with the pain talk. I want to focus on something that is a little bit more positive shall we. This Portal/Gateway is the first big one for the year, and for all awakened beings to be able to tap into and use and accept into themselves. I have written about many portals/Gateways here on Phases of positive divine source/creator energy, but this is something different and special. This is the start of a new cycle, while also being the end of another. We are now transitioning and as hard as that can be we can either accept where this new transition will take us, or avoid it because we think we are fine where we are and completely miss the opportunity. Change is an important part of life, it happens every-day unless you find yourself in a timeline where there is a time-loop 🙂 haha … LMAO! Okay, maybe that wasn’t so funny, considering there are many who are in a time-loop.They just don’t know it. Change is necessary – because before coming down here we agreed to go certain places, be of help to different people and if we stagnate we don’t ever help/meet those people who we are suppose to help. The date for this portal is 1-9-9. January while a made-up month like everything else is, is symbolic of fresh starts. When you look at it from a unaware way of being, is the very first month in each year. January is also symbolic of first steps, buying a home what do you need to do? Call a realtor, or for some make that conscious decision that they need to move. Ending a relationship? First step admitting that it’s a toxic relationship and that you need to get out of it. The first month of January = 1 and 1 equals making the first step towards change. For many Light-Workers this 1-9-9 portal will trigger them to take the first step, to understand that change needs to be made and that the first step is admitting that a change in lifestyle must be made. There is no more time to be stagnating, there is only time for us to make progress.

1-9-9 Portal/Gateway Energies & Body Integration Symptoms

I feel the need to write a small list of symptoms/pains that we may feel in our bodies associated with this Gateway/portal as we find ourselves embodying these energies into ourselves. As Light-Workers we often are burdened with feeling the effects of having to shine the new light, in hopes that everyone else does the same. Know that it may be painful but it is worth our while to keep holding on, because at some point we’ll be one consciousness. Try and do whatever you feel you do/normally do when the pains get too intense. Rest, Sleep, Be in your own space if you have too, stay out of fear as a way to cope, warm baths, laughing is the best medicine, staying positive.
Headaches Tired Needing Own Space

Brain – Re-wiring Needing More Sleep Need To Be Alone
Head Pressures Feeling Weak/Numb Feeling Depressed
Loud Ear Ringing Rashes/hives Crying/Emotional
Ascension Flu Symptoms Heart Palpitations Emotional Imbalance
Aches In Your Body Sore Throat Kundalini/Energy
Aches In Your Bones Dry Skin Psychic Attacks


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