To Light-Workers: The 1-9-9 Portal Light Energies & The First Wave Of Newly Awakened Light-Workers For 2016. I’m Excited – More Light Beings To Share Our Light With!

The last few days for me personally have been a bit of positive and negative – but despite the polarity this is relatively normal for all Light-Workers to be going through during high light energy phases. In the beginning of my own spiritual journey i find myself currently on, i could never really understand why i would feel so emotionally stressed out especially when high periods of light energies would happen. Having now of course understood my own cycle a little bit better and how it works, i know when it’s coming to a period of high light energy because the same usual emotional roller roaster ride starts again. Just like it has for every other period. Each time that new (Source/Light) energies have come down, the lesser in pain i have felt but the pains don’t just stop they just change. I could have back pain as a dominant Ascension symptom for months at a time, then at a high level of (Light/Source) energy i could have a new pain and the old one goes away. Then again in order for us all to start feeling better during these high climax energies like the 1-9-9 portal/Gateway energies we just experienced. One must do their inner work, the more you successfully deal with and let go of the less pain you will feel during these difficult times. So for anyone who was feeling off – in pain – feeling like they were about to kill someone – feeling like very emotional and almost bi-polar. Do not worry this is normal, but over time you really do need to let go of everything your meant to cleanse from within yourself.

I bring this up because their were a lot of people who were really feeling this latest energy for sure. I must admit i had some moments with it, but on a whole it’s gotten better during the years and i can handle it better. You just need to clear your issues – cleanse your mind – accept these energies and work with them and not let them work against you.

Newly Awakened Light-Workers & Finally It’s About Time More People Woke Up


During the the start of the year being that i am (Psychic) i could immediately pick up on the fact that many more people were going to be waking up. I mentioned this last year as well frequently during specific high energy periods, where more people in the collective had awakened to their set of codes. We all have built in codes – number codes which is why numerology is so important, these number codes are usually built into us and are agreed to awaken during a time when these codes coincide with a specific date that matches this code of numbers. Since this 1-9-9 Portal/Gateway i have become aware that more people have become awakened, new Light-Workers who don’t yet know that they are in fact newly awakened. That they are Light beings and future Light-Workers. The truth is while many have no understanding of what is going on, or why they feel so awful? I’m doing a happy dance on the inside because we really needed more people to wake up, especially at this current time and period. We’re in a seriously volatile timeline/period because many are starting to realize the oppression, and it’s not just the state of the world that people are comprehending. It’s the amount of negative energy that is slowly getting evicted from our earth at this current time. We have had so much ancient dark evil beings living on this planet since they decided they would turn on source, and fell from the higher realms of existence. It is this darkness and negativity that is being evicted by those from the light, i think their maybe more of us then them left at this current moment. The reason why i am so happy that more people have awakened, is because we need more from the light to share what we know.

The expiration date on 11-11-2011 meant that the old way of existing was no longer going to be the way of being. The new current way of existing is by being aware of who we are? We are spirit, we are the light who came down here to experience a human way of being, we are spiritual beings having a human experience not the other way around. Part of this way of being is about getting back to our roots, and being who we were a long time ago. We have a long road ahead of us and so do these newly awakened beings, but part of my job is helping them. If your reading this article and you resonate with the information on here, but you don’t know why don’t worry because your going to be embarking on a very brand new path. Here are some Awakening symptoms all of them are emotional, physical and mental even supernatural.

Awakened Beings & Awakening Symptoms/Pains

Instant Physical/Emotional Pains – During the awakening process there are certain serious parts of this process that we all go through when we realize that we are all light beings. The most common symptom of this process is pain. We go through periods where we feel nothing but pain on an emotional level and a physical one. If your feeling a complete wave of physical bodily pains, as sad as this is believe me it is “Normal” for you to be feeling this. When we raise our frequency in a world where the energy is so dark, there is obviously a clash and at times the clash is felt in the body pains when we integrate the light and energies. The physical pain is normal because it’s a healing of the body, when i first awakened i thought i was on the verge of dying. I was shaking and convulsing because the left leg pain was so bad my left leg became swollen. It got bad – but it passed and my pain is relatively normal. The emotional pain is a big one, because we have no idea what is happening to us on an ego level it becomes hard to understand. We cry – and just get emotional.

Psychic Attack/Spiritual Torment – Awakening is a very messy process not just physical and emotional, psychically and spiritually it’s rough as well. If your new to all of this, understand that when you reach such a high vibration some negative beings still living on this planet instantly recognize you. They instantly understand just what you are doing, your waking up to their world that they have created here on earth and they don’t like it. They don’t want your light changing the darkness they have created here, they don’t want the light making a difference because then they wouldn’t be in control. They attacked me and tried to stop me many times, through Psychic attacks! Psychic attack is when they literally try to do you harm on a psychic level, they have also tried bodily attacks on me by trying to attack me and evict my spirit out of my body so they can walk in. I’ve fought them off – if your wondering how these thing’s feel, head pains during psychic attacks as well as a dark and heavy force or energy pushing down on you. While your asleep, while your awake – they try going after you at any moment really. I have a few charges who have been sent to me so i can help, a few of them have been newly awakened beings who were being tormented by the darkness. Don’t be afraid of what i am saying, just be aware that this may be what is happening. Spiritual torment is something that does happen, a few light-workers can’t take all the negative energy. For many the first few months can be hard, until many realize that they can defend themselves. Tap into their gifts and power and stand their ground.

Uncertainty/Confusion – If your reading this right now and are uncertain about why your even reading it, don’t worry because your self doubt will turn you into an all powerful knowing light being. It’s so normal to feel uncertain about what is going on, the confusion is also normal and that feeling of thinking you can’t be right because everything your thinking about is insane. Yeah that’s normal too! I felt uncertain in the beginning but to be honest now that i’m more certain about me being the normal one, i understand that the money hungry mongrels out there are the nutty ones. The closed off ones and most important the spiritually closed minded poor sons of bitches. This confusion is normal but it too shall pass.

Dislike/Disgust At Everything Negative – I often get asked this from other Light-Workers is it normal to hate everything about everyone and the world? I tell them yes! If your awakened a few months and your tired of hearing the sounds of people voices, sick of the shit they talk about, sick of the shit the world thinks about. Tired of the liars, dislike the false importance the world places into celebrities and movies and just the entire fakeness of the world. You are so normal – you have no idea how normal! Your shitting out stools of normal. LOL The real reason behind the feeling of disgust/dislike for people, places, things – situations in the outside world. Has a lot to do with it not being an energetic match for us and our vibration. I went through this – many before me went through this and in the future many other awakened beings will go through this.

Feeling Alone/ Being Depressed – I have gone through many great periods of loneliness in the years that i have been awakened, and the honest truth is unless we are surrounded by people who understand we will always feel this way. This is normal, because when we rise in vibration we can only seek out the very small amount of people who are also vibrating at the same rate as us. Depression is a manifestation of no source/creator energy, or it’s from being around too many negative people and beings and negative energy. If your newly awakened this is normal and i have also gone through periods of feeling really low. You just have to pass through it all!

Feeling Insane/Crazy – When our frequency/vibration begins to rise above the darkness that we were under, sometimes there is a block in our mind that tells us we are not right. That part that tells us that we are wrong is our ego, in order to not feel so insane or crazy we need to understand that we are not crazy it’s just our ego way of holding on to the old us. I’ve thought i was going insane, i have also had moments like they were trying to drive me insane these negative old ancient beings. This is normal believe it or not, for those of you who are just awakened realize that this is just your ego not wanting to accept the reality that you are in. You are not crazy – their are many demons on our planet – we are not human beings we are really spirit beings from the light – we all have beautiful gifts and you just need to take a step into acceptance.


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