Living Within The 3D Family: The 3D Family Dynamic & Living Within A 3D Dysfunctional Family Frequency.

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If i had known when i first became awakened of just how much pressure i was going to be feeling on a daily basis, i would have never agreed to come down here and try to see how many people i could reach. To an extent that is basically part of our mission, spreading out light in hopes that other’s wake up. However the intensified pressure with more pressure piled on top, that is like being snowed in a cave, on top of a mountain and an avalanche has dropped a shit load of snow caving you in. With a few rocks, a couple of sticks and one match left to start a fire. As a light-Worker for nearly two years now, i’m starting to feel like time is running out to use that match and if it doesn’t spark well there goes chances of me saving anyone. Least of all myself! The pressure is part of the hardships and as a Light being there are too many of those, and not enough lightness or at the very least anything that can be considered easy.

Being a Light-Worker should be about spreading your light. Reading that doesn’t it sound easy? However it’s nothing but, because our world is completely distorted. We have so much pointless war, famine, dark energy roaming around everywhere, obsessed with money people walking around like drones, destruction of earth. We also have to carry with us the truth while also having to play along to an extent with this crazy world, we need to work to earn money so we can afford a home and buy food. It’s pressure enough for all of us knowing what we know, being who we are without having to add more piles onto us. It doesn’t stop there either, which brings me to the topic of this article and i think this can help many other awakened beings understand a little bit more about themselves and family. I want to start off by stating “I still live with my family” and no it’s not easy, far from it. However as i am slowly starting to pull myself away and distancing myself from them,it’s because i understand who i am now and what i am doing on this planet. I didn’t come from a family of all Light-workers. Likely chances are neither did you – chances are we all come from one parent who is a bearer of light and in most cases it’s the mother and never the father. My grandmother … my mother then me/my sister … her children. This is my family line, where my gifts come from it’s too bad my sister has no clue about her gifts and is completely shut off from it. While my mother pretends most of the time to appease my unaware father.All three of them just have absolutely no clue, are used by demons on several occasions who tap into their consciousness, still believe heavily in their religious beliefs. This is my life, my family and one of the reasons that i felt the need to write this article, is because their are many other’s like us out there including myself who deal with unaware family members.

If your still living at home with family members, struggling with family members as an awakened being and your wondering why is it so hard? Why don’t the rest of my family understand? Why don’t they understand me? Why don’t they understand what i go through? Why don’t they ever support me? What my gifts are, and what they can do? It’s because your special and it’s not you that’s the problem, it’s them they just aren’t aware of their own yet. Some families are completely dark – as in sent from dark agents or are really messed with by dark energy. This is not something i am typing in order to frighten you, it’s something that i am saying as a means to be aware of it. Understand it, so you can do something that helps you distance yourself from always dealing with that kind of energy. You can never vibrate at a frequency/light of those who are darker than you are! If your always surrounded by it, your light will always be messed with until you start to lower in frequency/light yourself.

Light-Workers & How To Handle Un-Awakened Family Members?

I know that i have had a lot of moments where i thought that the best option for me was to pack up and run away, the indecision of it all and the back and forth. Well i’d be free to clear my energy and also not have to again if i stay away, but then again running away i limit myself from many connections that including finding a job and supporting myself. I can either do it the hard way by staying here around negative energy, or either do it the even harder way by running away spontaneously. Running away personally is never the right answer, unless it is a life/death situation then pack up and get a move on it, don’t look back hell call me up i’ll come to your location help you pack up and send you on your way. That was something i learned in my teens,and i’m glad i stayed because it would have never worked for me.

Over the years i have learned a lot that helps me handle/deal with my unaware family members, the first being clearing my own energy. I do cleanses and spiritual healing like no-body business. I also do house cleanses … which is a must! If your vibrating higher than your own family then you must make sure their negative energy is not effecting the inside of your house. Clear that dark shit, cleanse that dark shit, heal that dark shit! Staying busy either with spiritual work, driving around and enjoying the scenery, or even going for a walk and connecting with mother nature. These get you out and away from them and their negativity. The best thing that helps me out is just living my own mission/purpose, doing what i know i am here to do. In the end it’s not about them and their reasons for being here, it’s not about putting your mission/purpose on hold for them it’s about doing your mission/purpose work! The best thing that i also have started doing is no longer enabling their issues, because then they feel they can/do rely on me for everything. I also listen to music and do yoga and meditate because it helps create inner peace, helps find a balance between the external forces working against you and the inner peace/light that is always within you. I light candles and even do protection spells to warred off evil. There are many ways of handling unaware family members, but the ultimate one of which i am working on is really cutting all ties/distancing yourself from them because at the end of the day it’s not about them! It’s about what you are suppose to be doing here, not about obligation to beings who are unless aren’t from your family line are “False family”. What are you hanging around for anyways? It can’t be about them – What about those who i agreed to help before i came down here? I can’t ignore my calling? Neither can you! Part of awakening means we begin to burn our karma with certain beings, family members are the main ones because we aren’t tied to them any longer. What ever lessons we needed to learn, they are done.

I’ve had some messed up moments with my family – and if your reading this and don’t understand the whole “Drop the family act i’m spreading here” I need to clarify it’s all about self protection and consciousness. I have been yelled at by them, i have been controlled by them, i have been manipulated by them, i have been threatened not my life but thing’s such as i won’t help you look for a job. Now your probably wondering okay Mikey where are you going with this? The truth is when we experience these situations, we need to know why? and i need to spread awareness that our family members have negative beings around them that are tapping into their consciousness. While it may not be them directly, understand that they are so low in frequency that they are literally possessed for certain amounts of time. The “Them” i’m referring to are negative beings who are trying to interfere with your mission by always using them to get to you. This is Psychic Possession! This is something all light-Workers need to understand, while it’s hard the journey for us all is a lonely one. We must follow our own path, follow our life mission/purpose, embrace our gifts without worrying about family members who just won’t understand who we are!

Light-Workers just be yourselves and never worry, because the universe is always moving according to plan and the way it is meant to be.Don’t forget your inner power, don’t forget your inner light! If you feel like you can’t handle it all, remember who you are and that you are a great light being who can handle anything. Don’t put yourself down – Light yourself up! Follow your dreams and your intuition it’ll lead you to great thing’s.

Love & Light

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