January 2016’s Timeline Reset: The Current Timeline Has “Reset” & A Lot Of Physical Exits Occurring In 2016.

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It was a very long week that past and while the physical pains have returned-while the energies have gotten very strong once again-while life seems to be skating along very physically painful i might add. I know that these energies are a manifestation of the love pouring in and that this is just where humanity is at this current time. The truth is earth is moving locations at this time and we’re raising up to a new place we can live at vibrationally that is higher/closer to source” ” We are moving higher so the pains you are feeling – just know we are nearing the end game

Something felt off to me on Wednesday the 13th of last week and for some reason i couldn’t put my finger on it, or why it felt like the timeline had reset some how and while i couldn’t figure it out then… of course it became crystal clear that those who i can’t name had reset the timeline for some reason that is known only to them. Who are these beings? Well i’m being told as i type this that i can’t reveal what they are, their gift either. As for who they are i have no names or faces so i don’t have any specific details, i know the gender but i’m not even allowed to share that on here. My guardian Angel Kaladriel only allowed me to write this article because it’s very important, for many reasons but the main one is in helping other Light-Workers understand what is going on currently with the intense energies. As well as why so many situations that we are fully aware of that we already dealt with, have recently begun to re-appear and will in the coming days and weeks ahead.

What is a Timeline? A timeline is a direction, think of a compass when we’re lost we have multiple directions we can go to. It’s not just the directions of (North, South, West and East) it’s also North-West or for another example South-West. These then become broken down into other directions that can lead a person to any kind of destination. Timelines are directions of which we as a humanity, a collective group can take ourselves as we evolve in this Ascension Process. Obviously something needed to be changed, because then why would the old Timeline need to be reset? The reset hit me by surprise and i have the many situations to prove it, am now about to have an interview for a job i kept turning down. I also had to call Bell the cable company to deal with a situation i had dealt with 2 months ago, and spent almost all of Sunday dealing with the ramifications of that situation. So two very interesting thing’s which have already come back for me to re-deal with. It almost seems like these situations are course corrections, certain thing’s need to be dealt with differently and for good. A reset or a Timeline change generally tends to mean something was out of place, or the directions we were heading into just were not right for earth. Was not right for all of us as a species! Were living in a 9 year, and who ever did this reset did it because they knew we needed to go back and handle certain situations differently. Handle them so we could put an official end to what ever these situations/problems are? Only you know what you must change, and nobody else can change it for you so it’s all about putting whatever you need to end to a closing.

Light-Wave Energies & A Lot Of People Are Physically Exiting Their Bodies At The Current Moment

Most aware beings of all kinds don’t need me to write that the energies have been intense, you already know and are experiencing this yourselves. On a personal level i have been integrating the light/source energies into myself. It’s been a bit rough but generally if your feeling pain it’s because your chakras are not in balance, i have been doing chakra aligning work for the last three days and it has helped tremendously. The pain is somewhat gone, but the love that i feel around me is so wonderful i swear i’m going to burst in my pants. I do suggest self healing and reiki is very good for that.

There is some thing that i have noticed recently that i do want to mention that is very hard for a lot of people to understand, that subject is about the recent choice that many people are taking now in this time to exit the planet. Some of you are wondering okay why? What’s the issue with people physically exiting/dying anyways? Dying or “Exiting” which is how i refer to it, because dying seems to me personally as something sounding so final and we live on after leaving these bodily vessels. So it’s just not cutting the cheese with me! The universe is going through a complete transformation right now and no it’s not just us and soon we will all be awakened, eventually! Yes i am feeling hopeful, better than not being. However for a lot of people these energies are just too intense, for a lot of people life is too hard to live on, for a lot of people they can’t handle looking deep within themselves and learn to deal with their fair share and take responsibility. For a lot of people they chose to leave at this current time, for other’s on a higher level of knowing decided the work being done on Earth/Mother Gaia is just too much for them spiritually so they decided to leave. This is all normal, and happens time and time again when Mother Gaia is purging the negativity on this planet and integrating the light into her. The odd part is i have felt/sensed a wide scale of “Exits” all over the world something I haven’t felt quite so strongly before. We really lost a chunk of light recently and their passing has brought a lot of love, to other people and the world for what they shared with us. We recently lost David Bowie who died from cancer at 69 and who when he died i felt a huge chunk of light leave earth, something i have never felt before not since Michael Jackson really! But through what he shared love for him and his music spread to the world and it balanced itself out. The 13th the timeline reset and the next day – Alan Rickman died from cancer and at the same age as David Bowie did at 69 years old. For those who don’t know he played Professor Snape in the Harry potter movies. The timeline had changed but there needed to be a balance and his passing was what needed to happen so that it could match an event that previously happened. It was like a mirror event David Bowie/Alan Rickman. Strange times we’re living in!

I also felt a little bit of light leave earth when Alan Rickman died – the weird thing was for me personally being a psychic i was being given information that he was going to exit soon. I’ll never forget this, it was giving a marathon of Harry Potter on television over the Christmas holidays. I was sitting on my couch watching one of the movies on New Years eve, i stopped for a moment because I was walking up and down the stairs leaving the movie to play. I finally sat down and it was a point in the movie during a scene where Professor Snape was being killed by Lord Voldemort. So i’m sitting there watching the character he plays being killed, then two weeks later he dies. When I first heard the news he passed, my mind went to that moment and I immediately understood what the universe was trying to tell me. Sometimes being aware/psychic can be awful if your understanding the messages you get.We’re at this point in this Ascension process where many people are going to be making that choice either consciously knowing, or subconsciously to return home. If your experiencing many losses around you from the people you know and love, i can’t help you specifically in moving on but i can at least let you know that it was a choice they made. I can let you know that these are the reasons why many people are leaving right now.

Earth & Moving To A Newer/Higher Location In The Universe

A friend of mine shared an article with me about a planetary alignment that is happening this year from Jan 20- Feb 20 involving many of our planets in the solar system. I’ve recently become aware that the many intense shifts/changes have to do with the fact that we are moving into a new area of the universe. One that is higher/closer to Source, and further away from the lower and darker old place we used to live at years ago. This alignment is so important because in many ways it’s yet another one of those shifts and many people will feel it, we will all start seeing many more blogs and websites just like my own on here. The shifts are making it possible for me to write about the planetary changes, and our evolution and they will continue to let other’s speak up and out about these sort of topics that i have discussed already on here.

This is a wonderful time period in our evolution, because we all are understanding that we have the power to create the kind of world we want to live in. If you see more chaos happening over the next few years, it’s our world just changing and releasing our selves from the oppressions that have been created here by darkness. Stay calm – remain strong – empower yourself and be a great example to every one else. Light-Workers we are here to show the way … so there is no more time for stagnating.

Love & Light

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4 thoughts on “January 2016’s Timeline Reset: The Current Timeline Has “Reset” & A Lot Of Physical Exits Occurring In 2016.

  1. briannapurejoy May 11, 2016 / 4:07 pm

    Sorry for posting here, but a funny thing is happening.

    Everyday now, and around 6 pm my time, I get a notification from your blog, as if you posted a new entry. And it’s an old one 🙂 This is today’s. Yesterday I got one from January 24. The one about weather manipulation. I think this is the 3d time it’s happening, so I figured you might want to know. Maybe it has a meaning, And i enjoy reading them.

    Yesterday a weirdish thing happened with all the sleep thingy going on. I fell asleep only 2 hours after waking up. Woke up around 6.30 am (a new thing going on for a little over a year now, waking at dawn). And by 8.30, I just collapsed. Good ole couch !

    I have an inkling of what this is, and why we feel, by the end of the day, that we’ve been hit by a big Mack (a Mack truck, not a Mc Donald Big Mac 😀 ).

    Big hugs, have a great day.


    • mikeymurdock May 11, 2016 / 7:29 pm

      I’ve re-edited it before I published it, I felt you mentioned some thing’s that shouldn’t be public.

      Don’t worry about messaging on here, if you have something to say, feel free to express it, I could care less if you write much, just let it all out. LOL 🙂 The same notifications might be happening, because i’m editing and publishing them around the same time each day. However this might have some significance for you. 6 pm maybe certain time during the day is important for you, and you need to figure out why it is so.

      From now on, i’ll re-edit your comments a bit. So I got ya back on that.


      • briannapurejoy May 12, 2016 / 7:52 am

        Yey 🙂

        Thanks for that ! When there will be content subject to editing (sounded very serious, ei ?) I will make sure to post around hours that are daytime in Canada 🙂

        Following the “Strike”, I am mulling over “demands”. A good strike, or protest (activist speaking here !) is effective if you also make demands. Get the situation moving.

        So… “up there”, listen .. one of them, deffo, is we need to sit and talk this process. Like asap. SO much “hacked” info and dis-info out there right now.
        Discernment, yes. Of course. But how in the name of fuck do you expect so many people to be THAT discerning after being occupied and traumatized for eons. And fed so much bullshit thru beliefs, religions and strict rules.

        Most people are so tired, so sick, so fed up. So broken. They just wish for a “savior” archetype.
        And the negs really know how to introduce fake ones.
        Ascended galactic bankers, talking of hoarding gold (jeez)
        Blue things … alliances that don’t exist.
        Or people being convinced that “things have to happen really slow, because the truth would be too shocking”. I think that one irks me most.

        Still mulling. The one that is behind me at all times is actually laughing. Ha. He wants this shit to be taken care of asap too, and understandingly so.

        There I vented.

        I have no idea yet as to why I get a daily 6 pm of your old posts (but not the new ones), It’s ok, We always find out. Always 🙂


  2. Kiersten May 27, 2016 / 3:04 am

    Wow, this article is nice, my younger sister is analyzing these things, thus I am going to tell her.


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