To All Light-Workers: The Current Weather Manipulation & The Recent U.S Snow Storm Is Being Created By The Negative Beings/Government! Take A Step Back – Open Your Mind – Be Aware Of What is Going On!

It’s Time To Take This To The Next Level … Time To Enhance My Light-Worker Efforts


I’m sincerely/genuinely pissed/angry/mildly annoyed off right now – mainly because it’s 2016 and the amount of progress that is being made on our planet is atrocious. I just heard a wonderful quote while listening to a song “You don’t mess with love, you mess with truth” in having heard that it resonates. Evil and the evil dark beings on this planet can’t mess with real honest love, love carries on and lives within us. The only thing they can mess with is truth, because truth can be created from anything even false truth because some one will believe the falseness. If i’m here to spread love and my light then i’m not going to just sit back and let idiots who are being used by negative beings like trump run for presidency.” “I’m Canadian by the way but that man is selfish – he has hate in his body – and will start world war 3 if we don’t collectively start using our conscious minds to create the world we want” “I’m really done – no absolutely tired of sitting back and just writing mundane articles, it’s reaching many but there is so much more worse stuff going on” “I’ll be enhancing my light much more in the coming weeks and i’ll be talking a lot about many important topics that need awareness” “ I’m tired – I’ve incarnated here on this world many times for the same reasons – and i’m so old as a soul that this is like being in an old folks home disgusted with how everything has gone to crap. In my days when i was youthful it was so much peaceful” ” I’m done being nice and i’m throwing a grenade at those evil beings who piss me off – my writing will be like daggers and it’s time Light-Workers to shine so bright they run screaming. Or be lit on fire … they can make that choice!”

The only thing that is truth is love – the only thing that ends false truth is being love. Can i just start off by stating that as a Light-Worker i am so bloody tired, and i know that many of you reading this also will be able to comprehend these feelings. We wake up waiting for everyone to get the point! Understand the story-line taking place on earth. Waiting for everyone to see around them. Waiting for them just to even have a thought about not having to work and not have to pay bills and re-claim their/our consciousness back from the fruitcakes that run our world. Blinking!!! I wait for some one who is not aware to just blink, just give me something you know. Blink – please just blink. I really do try to live a life filled with humor, if I couldn’t laugh at our predicament then i’d have gone looney a long time ago. But yes people of earth – blink please i am waiting. LOL … just make a noise, some kind of movement? Anything – no. While i wait i need to spread some serious awareness right now, and keeping with the tone of being truthful and honest. I’d love to tackle the subject of weather manipulation? Hmm… not something you ever heard is it? Some Light-Workers have known for years that the dirty – Nasty – Evil sons of bitches who are in control in our governments – at NASA – in the Whitehouse and any other federal and government building have been manipulating our weather. This has been going on for decades … i mean years! What did you think was going on up there in space? What did you think they were sending people up into space for? Why do you think we have so many gosh damn satellites orbiting our planet? Why do you think we have wind turbines scattered in certain areas of the world? Hello to manipulate the wind currents thus creating cloud patterns/weather patterns that can be fuelled for major storms and dangerous weather. The people going up to space of course are working for these old ancient negative beings, trying to gain information about our solar system and universe. Not to mention or forget the satellites keep track of us but are also fueling weather patterns from way up into space.

We have satellites in space – wind turbines everywhere – Chemtrails polluting our skies on a daily basis and i see those planes/helicopters passing by doing it thinking they’re so sneaky. It’s all pollution and it’s throwing oil onto an already big fat burning raging fire. If your reading and are shocked by the real truth, hold onto your diapers or at least put one on because as Light-Workers we’re not here to play games. We are here to change the current systems, we have been up there watching for many centuries and decades and years. We came down here to change the dark and spread our light, so it’s my job to point out the darkness so we can eliminate it. Be conscious – and be aware of these thing’s. Weather manipulation is alive and well, and many other Light-Workers know this and now it’s time for more of us too know and other people in the general public to know this as well. The days of sitting back passively are done, there is a real battle going on with those from the Light and those from Dark. These tactics just keep coming on-and those from the dark just keep coming up with more dangerous ways of getting more energy and fighting those of us from the light.

The Recent U.S Snow Storm & Weather Manipulated To Cause Pain/Suffering

About two months ago i had written an article that states that as a Light-Worker i wasn’t here to live the same way as the control freaks in power in our governments. We really are here to challenge the status quo – we’re really here to dismantle those rules – that i was here to be controversy as a Light warrior and end the stupid idiotic systems. I don’t have a problem writing and speaking out about anything that is considered controversy, because what is controversial is usually always the truth and no-body ever wants to break that illusion they have and wake up to the reality.

For those of you who maybe reading this from a different part of the world there has been a really bad snow storm/blizzard hitting the eastern coast of the united states. It has gained a lot of news and has been in the media a week before it even hit? A good week in the news prior before it has happened, i find that suspicious and it never fails they enjoy starting the hype early on because they want to control people. How did those who work in the news even know it was going to happen a week before it happened? How did those who work on all of the weather stations and news reporters know about this in advance to put in the general public a week prior to this actual event? Well of course because the governments create the major snow storms with technology they are hiding from the general public, those people who you watch on the television say what they are told to say. So far 11 states have been under a state of emergency, 14 people have died, no flights have been able to come and go effecting with a lot of people lives. They have been fueling this “snow storm” for days and had this planned, and of course they’re being psychically controlled by “The Negative beings/Dark Beings” and they even tried bringing this up to Ontario in my area. I had to light a lot of candles – scream up at them – and tell them to actually help. It missed my area entirely. I couldn’t prevent it from happening, as the news and media really fuelled people in that area to panic and worry about the outcome. I have a Light-Worker friend who lives right in the eye of the storm and a charge/friend who also lives near Oklahoma. My Light-Worker friend said it was pandemonium – they were buying everything off the racks, spreading fear and worry and that it was generally crazy in her area. They love too do this create the weather storms, warn people to stay home and that it’s the worst storm to ever hit in decades. Tell them to buy food and waste their money, get everyone all up in a state of frenzy in order to control and gain energy for themselves. It’s all bullshit and i’m calling them out – because it’s time for everyone to wake up and realize the truth. If we don’t speak up and out we’ll never change what needs to be changed, we’ll forever live in a dark existence.

2016 is so important – We create what we want not what the government/Negative beings tell us we should. This is me kicking it up a notch, i am very tired and i don’t have time for this control/distortion bullshit. It’s time too be really aware of some of the thing’s that are really going on right now, and weather manipulation is a really big problem for all of us who live on this earth. We are so very massively out of alignment and in disharmony with Gaia/our earth at this time, and she cries out for help and believe me i’ve heard her sometimes sobbing and moaning out. Please if you can share this article so that it can reach people, it’s time to be the way showers that we know we all are. Time to stand up and fight back against these negative atrocities, believe in the truth and share our light. Don’t be afraid to do your own research on this topic – my goodness there is a movement going on about weather manipulation and government manufactured weather. People aren’t stupid and they can’t fool the gifted ones like us, we know! Get online start reading – start learning and be aware Light-Workers!


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