NDE (Near Death Experience): Out Of Body & Being Activated To Begin The Ascension Process.

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All my life and this is me being honest … I’ve had odd supernatural phenomenon happen to me, and experiences happen to me that no unaware person could even understand. I think it’s safe for me to say that if your awakened and your aware of our-yours-my role in this cosmic grand scheme of thing’s, that you know as a Light-Warrior that these experiences happen for a reason.

I’ve had family members do odd ritualistic curses on me, thinking i didn’t know about them and how they were being tapped into by negative energy/beings to harm me. I’ve had visions of which I didn’t know about until 2 years ago, I’ve had light beings actually reveal themselves to me at time. I’ve had OBE (Out of body experiences), I’ve had many astal travels while in dream states. I’ve experienced NDE (Near Death Experiences) too many times to even count. I’ve had the Light/Source come to my window one time while being very sick just prior to being aware of who i am. I’ve fought demons/beings, I’ve re-experienced my past lives sometimes repeatedly. I’ve vanquished demons- I’ve helped deceased spirits who didn’t know how to cross over return to their own place in the higher realms. So i know all about supernatural experiences, I’ve been around it my entire life and i’m sure if you look back into your childhood you’ll understand why these moments had to happen. It’s part of the mission as well as our own individual journey, embrace the strange experiences into yourself and find acceptance that they were meant to help you be who you are today. The main reason for writing this article is because i need to write about my own experiences with the many NDE that I have had. I want to spread awareness about death and “The Dying Process”. I want to spread awareness about not needing to fear your re-birth back home. I want to spread awareness about how fearing death is a Negative tactic by the Negatives-Aliens-Reptillians-Annunaki and all these ancient old dark beings. I also need to spread awareness about how beautiful dying and returning home can be, how we’re showered with brilliant love and re-united with many familiar friends/family. Death is an important part of life, so please don’t fear it.

Old Ancient Negative Beings & Using Death As An Energy Tactic

I have written on Phases here about the old ancient negative beings many times, and it’ll probably continue as long as i’m still alive and kicking. One of the best ways for/that these ancient old dark beings to exist is by tapping into our consciousness, they fuel themselves by extracting energy from us and living from it. Below is a picture of just how they do that, it’s not pretty but it is realistic and this sort of energy extracting happens time and time again.The thing about evil and power sources is they never have enough to sustain them, they always run out and always come back for more the bastards. They do it with religion, with belief systems, with fear, with repression, with anger and bent up emotions that linger on and on. One of the very many ways that these old ancient dark beings gain energy/source for themselves through us, is by fear of death. They create that fear in your mind through psychic mind control, make you believe in it as something frightening and of course they do psychic mind control look at trump! He’s a perfect example of their psychic mind control … but moving forwards. They have a way of tapping into what is hidden deep inside of you to extract your greatest fear, then use it to fuel energy off of it and that is how energy extracting works. They will keep it on a continuous loop, so when they need more they can return back to their source and gain more energy.

Death is something that most unaware people don’t understand, which is why they fear it. Which is why we fear anything because we don’t yet know/understand it. We are so stuck under their control psychically as a collective, that some people still have those beliefs that they will burn in hell. They still have so much energy they’re getting from other’s because of these sort of religious beliefs, they fuel the hell reality. The worst part is the unaware people don’t know it, and they keep fueling them and literally giving them the power to create their own hellish existence on planet earth through our consciousness. That’s just the one aspect of it, these ancient old dark ones have distorted many people by making our re-birth home to the higher realms and source/creator then turning it into a negative/judgemental experience. They have made it possible for us to believe that when we return home we will face judgement by creator/source and he will decide whether he will condemn us to hell/heaven. This is all mind control and they are distorting many into believing this utter horseshit! Wake up Humanity! We need to be aware that these beliefs are negatively fueled by negative beings, and the more we write about it-speak about it-make people aware about it the more we can stop these beliefs from continuing on.

My Experience With Dying & The Lessons I Had To Learn

Last month was a very difficult month for me and i’m sure so many other Light-Workers know because they have experienced their own form of difficulties themselves. I’ve had some messed up experiences in my time, really some freaky supernatural stuff and it was all normal of course for me. However what i did experience in December last year goes beyond anything i have experienced yet. The start of December i felt this pull to start getting rid of things, putting things to an end for some reason and i didn’t understand it actually i started feeling this feeling in August.I threw stuff out and away, looked through old belongings, gave books away for donation i felt the need to just make last minute arrangements. Then December came and i was told by them up there it was time to go, i ended up experiencing five near death experiences. I’m here to share my story with you all because what i experienced was heavenly and peaceful.

The dying process isn’t a painful one at least it wasn’t for me, if anything it was the most peaceful experiences that i have ever experienced before in my life. The truth is we all experience what we believe we will. We believe we will see burning fire then we will see it, if we believe we will see religious figures we will, if we believe we will see a heavenly gate opening up to us then we will. Death is an experience through belief systems … if you want to experience a peaceful transition from physical to spiritual then all you need to do is believe that is how you will be re-born and it’ll happen. The death process is like falling asleep, that is literally the best way to describe it. I felt very tired and nodded off, the next thing i knew i started feeling my body shut down. I started feeling a bit heavy, breathing came in more and more deeper, the spirit my spirit was still there conscious of what was going on around me. All the pain you feel slowly starts to go numb as if you can’t feel it anymore, then this tunnel appears and shines bright and white. A gathering of beings are standing on either side of this tunnel welcoming you. I saw my Twinflame “Spencer” i saw Ascended Master Mary however none of these light beings had facial features, they were pure white light appearing as people in the forms of them. The feeling of love and light felt euphoric … it was like being in ecstasy, the white light was warm too and i remember feeling such peace. It’s something that i’ll never forget, not something one forgets! Just as soon as i could hear family members telepathically communicate with me, this Archangel named Azrael came and was about to cut the silver cord but it didn’t break through. I felt a slight jerk but then the entire experience slowly started regressing away and i woke up in the morning wondering why i was still alive?

I learned through – out the day that those NDE were a part of a lesson that i agreed to undertake in this lifetime. That i needed to learn that death was peaceful, that living life can be just as easy as transitioning from physical to spirit. My past lives i had died in previous ways that were horrific, painful even. I was shot in the leg with arrows in Egypt. I was tortured in France by a man and i died alone in a barn silo. I died on a ship through drowning. I was burned at the stake … so many of my past life experiences and the way i died had instilled in me too much fear of death. However death is quite nice, it’s almost magical the actual way it happens. Death is not something i fear anymore, because of it life isn’t either how else could i wake up every morning and do all that i do. My lesson was meant to be a message, don’t fear death! Embrace it, embrace the infinite love, embrace the joy and benevolence of those welcoming you home.

Love & Light

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