January 2016’s Magnetic Filament: Solar Eruptions & Ascension Related Physical Symptoms.

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The last few days after the passing of the Full Moon i have noticed myself becoming seriously lethargic, normally i notice myself going through these cycles when i am integrating the light into myself. Other times this happens when i have finished a cycle and where i have integrated the light into myself, then i just sleep. This time it felt different to me because i knew when i sleep more in the day than i do staying awake something is going on and it’s not just effecting me and my body. It’s also effecting other Light-Workers … and i know that i’m not the only one out there who is feeling down right run down and sleepy. If you haven’t been capable of staying awake, doing much of anything, being able to move around too much, half awake while being out in the world, at your job, skipping plans, putting thing’s off because you want sleep, so tired getting out of bed in the morning is a mission, getting into the shower is another mission, putting on clothes then falling back onto your bed and slowly nodding off, then put your jacket on and grab those damn keys so you can go out and go to that draining job, then getting in the car and falling asleep on the steering wheel until your horn wakes you up. Yeah – your not alone as many other’s are going through the same thing myself included. Solar Activity is on the rise – those still living through their ego are full on attacking me and my articles – someone told me to f-off the other day a few other’s called me a liar and said what i was writing would send me to hell along with other’s. It’s been full on! Your not alone – I’ve had contact with other Light-Workers and they’re going threw the same thing.”

The Full Moon was on Saturday and by Tuesday i was sleeping all day and i couldn’t stay awake for the life of me, on Wednesday this tiredness continued on, Thursday it was the same thing. By Friday thing’s started getting better – but man oh man it was very intense. All i thought about was sleeping, and sleeping some more and no body was going to stop me i was so tired. If source/creator wanted me to stay awake for my entire lifetime, he wouldn’t have given me the gift of sleeping. I didn’t want to stay awake, i didn’t want to do anything, i didn’t think about anyone out there in the crazy world, i didn’t think about finding work or writing or completing my mission. I said it can wait and i slept, i made time for me and i relaxed. If your reading this it may resonate with you, and one of the reasons why we are feeling so gob smacking tired is because of a rise in solar activity. On Thursday i finally made it off the couch for enough time to go onto Spaceweather.com a site that shows solar activity and if it’s high or if anything has erupted and is being thrown our way? I found it there in an article dated Tuesday Jan 26th – Magnetic eruption from a coronal hole on the sun had erupted and by Jan 29th it would reach us.

The thing is with these scientists and astronomers and people who study the sun and our solar system is that they are not thinking in a higher way of knowing/being. As soon as any solar activity or planetary activity happens, i feel it very intensely in my body and most other aware beings like me and you do to. I had felt it immediately on the Tuesday right when it erupted. I had woke up feeling tired and feeling run down already, it sets off an immediate reaction in our bodies because we understand our oneness with the planets and our universe we become a part of all creation. This latest light explosion on the sun, comes now while we also have the galactic alignment along with the current Ascension process going on so it’s extra tiring.

What does this mean for Light-Workers? I have had to learn a long time ago that i get effected by solar activity. I learned it time and time again when a lot of solar activity was happening, i would feel it in my body right down into my bones. Why does it make us all sleepy, tired, and is painful? because it’s more light raising our vibration and the planet vibration. We are the front runners in this Ascension process. We know who we are, we know we are here to carve a pathway for humanity. We know how to be and are aligned from the heart center, we are on a higher level than those who are still on lower levels. We are not better we’re just showing other’s the way now, when they’re ready they will know the way too. It’s painful because we’re taking on the majority of it, because other’s are not at that level yet where they can integrate this themselves. It’s rough to be the front runners because we go through everything first, while we wait for more people to wake up and deal with their issues and heal themselves. Until then we’re the ones picking up the slack … we’re reaching more people and many are awakening each day, but it’s still hard work. Being a Front Runner … or a Light-Worker is never easy, but if you don’t understand why at times in the past or in the future days and months to come why your in so much physical pains and just feel knocked for ten. It’s just solar activity on the rise and know that it’s just light streaming into Gaia and us and our bodies, as painful as it is it’s what you do with the light that is the most important part. Do you spread light to all? Or let polarity get the best of you and feel at times bi-polar emotionally and spiritually? The usual Ascension symptoms have been coming on for me very strongly, and i have a list of them if anyone needs to make sense of what it going on especially those who have just begun to understand.

Solar Activity & Physical Pains

  • Headaches Cold Flashes Sensing High Negativity
  • Head/Skull Pressures Flu Like Symptoms Stomach/Food intolerant
  • Feeling Tired Left Side Pain Crying/Sensitivity
  • Needing Sleep Vertigo/Dizziness Inability to focus
  • Body Aches High Intolerances Disinterested in anything
  • Kundalini Flashes Psychic Attacks/Attempts Forcing/To Be Active
  • Ear Ringing Hearing/Smelling enhanced Needing Time Alone
  • High Creativity Wanting To return home Seeing Through Bullshit
  • People Attacking You Problems Coming Up Lack Of Life Luster
  • Depression/Euphoria Feeling Bi-polar Feeling like your crazy
  • Sick of the liars Sick Of The Cheaters Sick of the fakers
  • Sick of Donald trump Sick of his face Sick of his hate mentality
  • Rashes/Break outs Body Itchiness diarrhea/purging

There is more but who has the time to read a whole entire page full of symptoms. I’m too tired to write it and i bet as you read this, your just as equally tired and are shocked you got this far. LOL. If your feeling any of the symptoms up above don’t worry because eventually these die down, the best way to get through these difficult light integrations is to get lots of sleep which i will be doing. Get lots of fresh water so you stay hydrated, love yourself and other’s around you, find a balance, balance those chakras and get them aligned, meditate if you need to. Treat yourself with some alone time, listen to music, if you have hobbies do them, a lovely bath just for yourself where no one can bother you. It’s heaven … just do what feels right for you, i always do. We have so much energy coming in right now – we have the galactic alignment which started on Jan 20th – Feb 20th which is helping us and our planet return to a state of alignment which will continue on until 2017. We have the second 9-9 portal/gateway of 2016 and it falls on a New Moon, expect high energy on that day! Then we have an 11-11 portal/gateway on Feb 29th 2016, which is great because the angelic reams will be open and they up there have heard our pleas and will send reinforcements our way. Then we have the March 9th total solar eclipse which falls on another 9-9 portal and is a Super-Moon. Then the spring equinox on March 20th and another eclipse on March 23rd. So the next few weeks are going to be jam packed with more energy, jam packed with more Light-Workers awakening. Busy times ahead rest up everyone.

Love & Light

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