Sensitive Light Beings: What Is An Empath? & Why In The World Do Most Empathic Beings Struggle So Much Within 3D Physicality.

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I have wanted to write this very specific article on this particular topic for a while now, i’ve not got the sense or feeling that many people out there understand just what it means to be an Empathic Being with the gift of Empathy. It’s not easy being awakened in a world that’s only just beginning to wake up from the experiment we have been under, from the good/evil experiment, from the separation from source/creator we have been under for so very long. We have all ignored our own individual specific calling, we have all ignored our inner work, we have all ignored our gifts and how to live with them.

It’s so not easy in anyway being awakened in a world that is so shut off, and believe me i’ve had moments where i have felt like i have been existing in a place where i wasn’t at from a higher self point of view. Physically i was down here feeling the awful pains, but when it comes to everything else i have lived and been living in the higher realms. Yes this Ascension Process makes me feel like at times i’m back home with Source/creator himself, despite that i know that physically i am down here and psychically i have gifts. I can’t live up there because i have gifts that can help people down here who need guidance from me, who need help understanding what being awakened means? I need to make a point of stating that we are all different, while also being the same. We are all Light/ well some of us anyways! That’s another topic for another day. Those who are from the Light and you know if you are or not, not to mention if another is false. We are all different in the sense of what our abilities are? Everyone has their own gifts, special unique gifts that can help other’s. One of these gifts is the gift of Empathy. Many with this gift are considered an Empath i refer to these special beings as Empathic Beings. because it’s who they are! Many who have this special gift live a hard life, and this specific gift is probably one of the hardest ones out there in dealing with. Their are Psychics who see certain visions, their are those who are Seers who know everything. Those with their individual gift of the Clair Senses {Clairvoyance,Clairaudience,Clairsentience,Clairscent,Clairtangency,Clairgustance, and of course the Empath gift also known as Clairempathy}. We also have individual powers that are unique i am Psychic, Light Worker, Can fight negative energy and freeze them. Yes into actual ice. But we’re here to talk about Empaths. Who are these brave beings? What is their gift? and how can they help humanity with them?

What Are Empaths & What Does It Mean To Have Empathic Gifts?

What is an empath? and what does it mean to be an empathic being? A being who has the gift of Empathy has the ability to feel energy plain and simple. On our planet everything is made up of tremendous amounts of energy, there is nothing in our world that is energy-less. We are all energy, the animals and nature are energy, the thought’s we think are all energy, the movements we make that is all energy, the chaos/war that is all energy. I can sit here and spew a list of everything that holds/carries energy but then it would be never ending, because everything here is in fact energy. Being an Empath and having the gift of feeling energy, of sensing energy, of literally being energy is a tremendous gift while that maybe so, it doesn’t mean it’s an easy gift to have. We’ve all heard of that saying ” Having powers is a gift, and a curse” this one seems to feel like a curse for those who carry this gift. In detail Empaths feel everything. I shit you not they feel everything that is coming from people, from places around the world, from huge events like earthquakes and hurricanes, to war and terrorism. If it carries a potent amount of energy it’s enough to make most Empaths head to hurt, enough to make most Empaths burst out into tears, enough to seep into most Empaths energy aura and effect their own energy including their chakra systems. It can be enough to make most Empathic beings feel totally off and become unbalanced within themselves. Like i said everything is energy, which is why these special beings with this special gift tend to struggle a lot when it comes to finding a balance.

Most Empaths are unknowingly to them taking on the burdens of other people and then transmute them with out fully understanding that this is what they’re doing. People on this planet are carrying with them genuine amounts of pain and lots of it, we are living on a planet where many are reincarnating with the same lessons needing to be learned and successfully completed. Which is why they are always bringing back the same pains, as much as we can help those beings they at some point need to deal with their pain on their own terms. This Ascension process that we are all experiencing is like an inner house cleanse, we can only do the cleanup in our own homes. The vessel is our current place of residence, we must make sure it is clean and up to snuff. It is time now in this moment for us all to deal with our own energy, heal this energy and never have to reincarnate here again unless we choose to come down. If you feel un- balanced guess what your taking on the energy/pains of other beings! Stop doing that. It doesn’t help the other person, and it only makes thing’s worse for you. The greatest challenge for Empath beings is to learn balance-detachment and having the wisdom to understand that we can only help other people get in touch with themselves. We can only lead the horse to water, but we can’t force them to drink from the spring. We can let people know how they feel? Why they feel that way? Literally dangle their problem right in their face, but if they don’t want to do the work you can’t take on their pain in order to do it for them. It just doesn’t work that way, neither should you be responsible for clearing/cleansing another energy. What do you honestly believe your a laundromat or something? Is your cycle always on wash then dry? I’m not here to clean other’s filthy shit-stained undies, nether are you Empaths! It’s hard enough living in such a dark world filled with lots of dark energy, feeling that is one thing. Taking on the burdens of other’s, well that’s another thing entirely. It’s now time for them to take personal responsibility, not those with the gift of Empathy handling what they don’t/refuse to take personal responsibility for.

Now Negative energy/Dark energy from the “Ancient ones” this can sometimes be the worst kind of energy that an empath can feel, being honest i have moments where i’m empathic and feel other’s pains and no it’s not fun at all. However feeling dark/evil energy is the worst and it smells rotten too! If your surrounded by Negative/evil energy the same thing applies with what i wrote in carrying the burdens of other’s. Detach and step away- find a balance and remain in peace. You do not need to carry that shit! You don’t have to carry what you don’t want to handle, speak up and out to your guardian angels and guides to source/creator and the universe. Once you let them know what it is you don’t want to carry, it leaves you enough room to focus on what it is that you want in your life. If that doesn’t help you then by all means try and cleanse your energy/aura. If that doesn’t work for you then turn to crystals/stones for protection. Purple Jade is good for the third eye chakras, and Magnetite is good for grounding. Discern Energies Empathic Beings.

Love & Light

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