2-9-9 Portal/Gateway – New Moon Candle Lighting For Peace – Light-Workers & Whatever You Identify As … This Is What We Do! We Spread Love & Peace

Well Light-Workers and Light Beings the start of February has been honestly brutal and it’s been a long time since I have felt this pulled into many different directions. It was getting pretty hectic there for a second, and many thing’s have been escalating but one thing i have been aware about is energy. The energy is also being tapped into by those who are negative and the beings who are very negative. Just like us they too create alternative realities, while we create positive ones they create negativity and they escalate it. I am aware that many from the light created a reality/timeline where Trump didn’t attend that Debate, the negative ones have created more chaos with the Taiwan earthquake these past few days. The Pope is meeting with the leader of the Russian orthodox church … a rare event which could mean the rise of communism once again. The energy was painful from about feb 4-6 and today it’s slowly calming down for me because i have been meditating like crazy. I know that many sensitive beings who are empathic have been feeling the energies, and your just feeling all the chaos and being pulled into many directions because the energy right now is coming from everywhere. The only way to remain centered is too find inner balance, inner control.”

The morning of Feb 5th i heard loud ringing in my ears to which my guides and twinflame did not understand why i was hearing it louder than i usually do, i later found out that day that i was being downloaded and that my clairaudient gift was expanding. That is not the point here! The thing i am trying to state is that the energies have really amplified all of our senses, have amplified all of the areas in our bodies, and have really caused us to feel some very powerful Ascension pain symptoms. There has been an escalation of thing’s recently, and the truth is we are feeling the effects of negative energy that is spreading across the planet. Look what is going on around us, monsters trying to fight for the right to be our president, strange diseases being created and thrown around the world the Zika virus, our world leaders acting like possessed shit heads, earthquakes, people suffering and in pain, more solar activity once again. These are all in some ways effecting us all some of them are helpful, other’s are just negative interferences trying to stop us from evolving and ascending.

A good friend/charge sent me a video today about a powerful Cme that erupted on the south end area of the sun, and recently i have written articles about magnetic filaments and solar activity being on the rise. The solar energy is continuing to rise which means more light energy is being thrown our way, with the 2-9-9 portal on Tuesday it’s not a coincidence that thing’s are starting to escalate. I wrote a bit about how when the energies from the sun erupt in a recent article, most Light-Workers and Empaths and aware beings can feel it. It really does effect us and our bodies, what i didn’t elaborate on was that we tend to feel these eruptions right when they come and a good few days to a week prior to reaching us on earth. It is the same way with eclipses, New Moons, Full Moons and any rare astronomical and astrological events, because we are aware we understand our connection to all thing’s we then know what happens in one area (The Sun) that it happens to all life on different worlds. Aside from the increase in solar activity the world saw an earthquake in Taiwan that hit at 4 am on Friday morning, and i really felt this one. I woke up at that time in my timezone at least a good half a day behind them – i stayed up and i couldn’t get back to sleep the rest of that day. I heard ear ringing loudly and heard what seemed like beings crying out, and a message coming in for all light – workers i didn’t understand who it was or what it was for. Maybe i was the only one who got this message … idk later that night i saw the news of a earthquake in Taiwan. Sad times … but amazing how i could sense and feel those people struggling all the way across the other side of the world.

I know from having looked within and trusting my own intuition that this earthquake was negatively created, nothing on our planet is ever done without a purpose and this was not an event created from those from the light. It was created by those from the dark, Dark agents who incarnate as humans to create these very events. The world and our earth is filled and is made up of energy, when positive energy is dominant everything in the world seems to be moving along progressively. When negative energy exists we have such events like earthquakes which spread negativity, and negative thinking.

Candle Lighting For Peace Feb 6th, 7th ,8th and 9th at 9.30 pm

I have created an event a “Candle Lighting” for peace and love to be spread around the world, if you are interested in saying a special prayer or thought and send it around to create positive energy as i will be doing it for the next four consecutive days myself. The event is an at home candle lighting event, we are not meeting anywhere in public and you don’t need to leave your home. All you need is a candle/candles and a match to light it at the time of 9.30 pm for each day. Think a thought and light it leave it open for 15 minutes or for however long you want, then blow it out. The time can be whenever it is 9.30 pm at night in which ever time-zone you live in, these are some rough times that we are living in and we have the power to create peace in the world for which we al know that we need. Be well light-workers and shine your light in the next four days, the world needs it. The angels in all the realms are urging us in this time to ask them out loud for assistance, if you ask you/we will receive the help we need.

We have energy coming in from this portal/gateway and why not use it to create a loving/peaceful earth and way for us all to be/live on.


copyright_symbol_shim_aa_hc Copyright © Divine Light Phases, Mikey Murdock, 2016. All Rights Reserved. You May Copy and Distribute This Material So Long As You Notify Me First, As Long As You Don’t Alter My Material In Anyway, The Content Remains Complete, Credit Is Given To Me The Author, You Do NOT Use It For Yourself To Try And Build An Audience For Your Blog/Site. And You Include This Copyright Notice And Live Link.



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