February 2016’s (2-9/9) Portal: More Further Code Integration & Flat Out Attacks Against Light Integrators.

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The month of February has started off with a swerve/kick to the rear. I’ve recently found a job, negative beings continuously try to attack me, people who screwed up the deck in the back yard keep harassing us and involving legal matters for which i don’t have time for, the energies are/have been very full on and if it wasn’t for my black tourmaline bracelet i think the pains would be so much worse. Yes Light-Workers this magical world just keeps on turning … i know many of you have been through similar situations. I know many of you are down right tired and have been feeling the energies of this portal for the past few days, and it’s more than you can bare. Try to hold on because this is just another download of light energies from source/creator. Putting balance back to the way it was eons ago. They don’t always clash well with the negative energy on here, or in your body which is why the pains come on but it’s changing everything into a crystalline wonder

Today is the 2-9-9 portal/Gateway for 2016 and man was i already feeling the energy from this particular event coming on right at the last few days of January. It’s been an intense time with so much going on and major changes in my life, i am sure many other Light-Workers reading this can relate. New homes, leaving old thing’s behind, closing off situations and finally getting some closure, starting the new fresh projects and aspects of your mission. While it seems like the old shit is still trying to hold onto me by the finger nails, i find myself not paying much mind to it. I find myself slowly moving away from the old life i had, and more into the new as some very big important old stuff that i had to deal with is now gone and done with. You may also be resonating with being rid of the old and being in the new yourselves. The first 9-9 portal in January was about realizations and taking the first step, as is with the number 1 it’s symbolic of coming up with a plan and working hard to go forward with those plans. So what did you realize? What did you change in your life? What was so old and tiring to you that it was dragging your soul down? Whatever it was did you decide that it needed to be changed? Did you begin the process of ridding yourself from the old yet and moving forward with the new? These are a few questions that i needed to ask myself just now, because if i have anything else that feels like it’s dragging my soul down i need to realize it and make the necessary changes. You might also feel that way too!

Number Two & 2-9-9 Portal/Gateway Energies Are Helping You Manifest Your New Life

With any portal/gateway there is always energy and this energy is never meant for any person or being who is light or darkness, it is just there and whom ever wishes to use it can. This is a similar portal/gateway as the 1-9-9 portal but there is a slight difference, the 1-9-9 portal/gateway energy was the very first energy in the year we find ourselves in. The year 2016 = to the numerological number 9 the themes of endings and closing chapters in ones life/mission. That first portal and the energy there could have been helpful in getting humanity/people to move on with the new and exorcising the old in their lives. It’s fresh starts, something new, carving a new pathway for ones self. The 2-9-9 portal and the energy associated with it is finally getting us to make plans, set up the ground work, begin manifesting what it is we want for the future. It is no coincidence that so far each month the 9-9 portals have fallen on a New Moon, new moons are symbolic for starting over putting behind us what is no longer needed and moving onto what we really want in our lives. Just because the energy is there doesn’t mean everything you ever want is going to magically manifest out of thin air, if you want some peace and quiet and want to move out of the area your living in because your neighbours are negatively influenced. Well then start looking for places and start manifesting a plan that will get you out of your current location, into a better location that energetically works for you. If your strapped for cash and need more shifts create a situation where you can better improve on a financial level. If you have an idea to spread awareness in a creative way but you wish you had more time, create time and see what is old that you would be able to stop doing in in order to do the new creative venture you think could help more people wake up. The number two is about “Next Step” what is your next step? How can you begin to use the positive energy in positive ways to help you have more peace in your own life.

The thing i always see with many people and they are every day normal people like you and me – and as a psychology major i have the credentials to back this up. Most people don’t think that they have time to make necessary changes in their life! They always come up with some excuse, my job requires me to work many hours. So what are you going to do about it? Not put in the effort or ask for a day off so you can do one small thing that may help you. I have to take care of the kids (i understand if your a single parent) but if you have a partner and or spouse and their his/her kids too, they can’t watch them for an hour while you do something to better your and their life? It’s always the job, the family, the mundane thing’s that are always excuses to better integrate higher/divine aspects into your/ones life. Most people not only use these excuses, but they deep down have a great dream of what their life is but don’t even want to put in the work in order to get it. Creating/Manifesting is not about sitting around and doing nothing, you want something or you have a dream you have to work hard to achieve it. Imagine that great looking small/cosy place in the middle of no where, no neighbours, nature all around you, your own driveway, your own garden, a path way leading into 2 acre of trees which you own. You have no unaware neighbours being used to get to you, you have three dogs 2 birds a few cats … don’t just dare to dream make it happen! This 2-9-9 portal/gateway is energy up for grabs, so take some and create a peaceful way of existing. What do you want? … may i suggest what ever that is,you begin working on manifesting it in your life because no one is going to create it for you. By doing absolutely nothing you are letting other’s wants/desires create your reality!

Do you really want that? Do you really want to have Sheryl your neighbour … knock on your door every single night looking for a cigarette to borrow off of you for which you don’t even have because you don’t smoke? The only reason she is there … is because the beings using her knew you were going to get some sleep soon, and wanted to send her ass over to spread negativity at you and interrupted your feeble attempt at getting more sleep at 9 pm at night. You really want to stay living in that reality? If what you want is peace and no one bothering you … hell your going have to bite the weeny and put in the tiring work. But in about 3 months when everything is said and done… and Sheryl ain’t knocking on your door with that desperate look in her eyes, tongue slowly gliding across her lips, hair is a hot mess … with that stutter in her vocal cords “Ccc….an i borrow a cigarette”? Then you don’t have to tell poor Sheryl “Lady … i don’t smoke, i never smoked, but can i call someone to help you with your addiction?” she says no and runs back into her apartment! You don’t have to deal with Sheryl any-more. For all intent and purposes – Sheryl does not exist! She is a completely created character, and is yes a tragic story of addiction and needed to be created for this purpose of being used as an example.

2-9-9 Portal/Gateway Energies & Ascension Pains/Bodily Symptoms

Kundalini Rising/Energy – Since the end of January the Kundalini energy has been going off like crazy in my body. From my spine down into my legs. I seem to be in another cycle because hot damn my legs are on fire again and i know i am dealing with/clearing more past life energies from within me. It’s likely many other Light-Workers and aware beings are feeling this too, i can’t lay down on the couch and rest without feeling them burning at my flesh from the inside. It ruins the moment for me … like when your mother walks in on you and your naked! Urgg …!

Left Side Pain – I don’t even whine/bitch about this particular symptom of mine any-more i just accept it and chill out when it comes on and goes. It’s similar to when you get those migraines that hurt like crazy and it feels like someone is in your head turning the front of you brain to the back of your head. When the pains are done they stop, it’s the same thing with the left side pain! When they stop i can relax again.

Negative Interferences – Dear goodness. Those who allow and willingly agree to carry energy and use it for dark purposes have really been trying to interfere and come at me with every-thing they got. I know many other Light-Workers are going through the same thing, hold your ground and try not to give into intimidation tactics and fear.

Out With The Old/In With The New – I have been experiencing a lot of transitions within my mission. Some old things, people and situations have gone and i am forever constantly improving where i am and what i need to keep and what i don’t need in my life any-more.
Intense Heart Pains/Shooting Palpitations – I had two or three days towards the end of January where i felt these intense shooting heart palpitations going up my chest on my left side. Each time they were unexpected, surreal and i felt like i could float out of my body and pass on. I’m sitting there on my bed watching Harry potter and i’m nearly having a heart attack … what did i do? I tried to understand that it was energy moving into my heart chakra and remained as calm as could be How else can you react? There can’t be a fear of integrating the new into you.

More Love/Yet Still Annoyed With The Silly Shit – The brand new source/creator energies have been great, however while i am having more episodes of euphoria on a daily basis. There are still some people and situations and general silly shit … that drives me up the wall. Donald Trump being the main source of my irritations! That man/demon being really knows how to get my blood boiling with the silly antics he does/shit he says, i’m so sick of this presidential election. I am tired of having to spread light/energies to those who can’t yet sense how treacherous he really is.

Ascension Flu/Chemical Irritations – I have issues with chemicals and when i am outside or near thing’s that have some kind of chemical compound it really effects me. Hair sprays, perfumes, colognes, chemically enhanced scents and or the weather manipulations and even the chemtrails make my body go nuts. When solar activity happens and or is high i feel it constantly and i’ll wake up feeling like i have the flu but i don’t.

Rashes/Hives/Pimples – I have had small pimples on my legs and face even arms coming in, rashes and generally at times can be itchy. If your experiencing this along with diarrhoea your just going through a phase of purging and then you’ll be ending a phase of cycle of heavy light integrating.

Whatever your ailments may be, try to be aware that our bodies are not sick just because they are in pain. Pain in many forms is healing and people just are not aware that the painful/uncomfortable thing’s that we are experiencing is just healing taking place. The truth is i never take any aspirin for headaches, cough syrups/medicines for when i am sick neither anything else because i know it’s real chemically enhanced concoctions. That’s the stuff that really makes you sick. I take care of my body in other ways – take baths – massages – chakra balancing/healing – sleep – clear my aura/energy – deal with my emotions and problems and clear my past lives. I take it one moment at a time, stay out of fear and honestly don’t look ahead the next day because i never know what’s going to happen. Take good care of yourselves Light-Workers … do what you need to ease the pains.

Love & Light

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