February 2016’s Solar Activity: More (CME) Eruptions On The Sun & More Light Energy From The Sun.

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I finally have time to actually write an article as thing’s have relatively calmed down for me with work and everything else that i have to deal with in life. There is so much going on and the energy is a bit much, but not anything i know any of us Light-Workers can’t handle. There have been a few days this week where i felt massive amounts of energies coming onto our planet, i’m pretty good at sensing when the sun does something because when ever it does my emotional/bodily states change dramatically. I’ll be so full of energy and positivity one moment and then get tired/weak within a second it takes for someone to snap their fingers together. It’s actually normal … as i know and many other light-workers know that any kind of solar activity effects us on so many levels. Physical body will feel run down, our emotional state will be on the drained side and spiritually we’ll feel like we can’t go on any longer. That’s how it is – our Sun is what helps us integrate more of the light into us, and by nature we’re all sensitive beings so when something goes off from anywhere and hits us from any direction we feel it. We feel it bad, just like those neighbouring beings on the other planets in our and around our galaxy, it’s actually quite magical just knowing all the other positive beings are there experiencing this phenomena too. Some of us come from these other planets, realms, dimensions so it’s nice knowing that the families we left behind to come down here are back home doing their own thing.

Sun spot AR2497 which is active has been a very big naughty sun spot over the last few days and it has been erupting all week long. On Feb 11th a C9 class eruption erupted from that sunspot, then Feb 13th an M1.8 class eruption from that sunspot erupted and it is expected to arrive here on earth (Feb 15th) so they claim. I always feel it instantly and never when they state “When it is expected”. Thursday i felt fine, but Friday i went to sleep and when i was returning to my body i was having a hard time i began spinning out of my body. Saturday was the worst and i felt that M1.8 eruption. All day long i was so run-down and actually slept in more than i usually do, i was so tired and if you were also tired between Thursday – today it’s just all the (CME) eruptions we have had this entire week. It wasn’t just the run-down and physical symptoms, but the interferences both in and out of work. So many accidents, so many incidences there was a girl at my work Saturday who was almost electrocuted to death. It’s not just with people it’s with technology, i don’t like technology i stay away from the television and phones. My laptop however has been having some issues and i know it’s a combination of interference/(CME) being hurled our way. Technology it’s not normal – and people don’t realize that these machines and advanced technology effects us more than it is a helping hand.

Light-Workers & Expect More Solar Eruptions As We Continue To Shift

Many Light-Workers may or may not be aware but a lot of us are going through shifts right now, not all of us are on/at the same level. Some of us are on higher stair-steps and other’s are just taking their first step up those stairs. The Ascension Process is about us doing our individual work on an inner level, once we have dealt with and accomplished another aspect of ourselves we integrate it into us. I can not stress this more, when we do the work and heal we understand ourselves more when we ignore our work we continue to struggle with it and actually unknowingly spread chaos to other people. Which is why many Light-Workers find it hard being around people who are not yet aware of their own issues, because then we’ll get sucked into unaware people timelines and problems and they’re reality then it becomes our reality. I don’t see this particular part of the Light-Worker’s mission about learning lessons, it’s about other’s learning their own by having us show them. However i find it difficult as i’m in a situation like that myself, my viewpoint is more of “Having to suffer incredible fools” but that’s my lesson to learn detaching.

We’re going through major shifts right now … when we have a lot of creator/source energy coming on we tend to feel it yes, but they actually help us clear whatever blocked energy we have. Past life Karma and karma in general. However we’re moving into a time period where the energies are going to really be coming on more than usual, March 2016 is almost upon us and when ever the solstice/equinox periods arrive that is when solar activity goes higher then normal. We have an 11:11 portal on Feb 29, 2016 an angelic portal/gateway, which is a major shift and one that we can call upon the angels and them up there for help. The eclipse and New Moon on March 9th and i can state that the month of March personally for me tend to be very harsh and the energy is enhanced. March is always followed by the “Religious Dogma” and the belief systems of Christianity which then swirls around in the collective and those false belief systems then can spread through out the world. March and December are the saddest months, people usually tend to feel guilty and guilted by their belief systems. Many empaths struggle in March and December because of the religious views of those who are Christian, i don’t follow the religion or any because to me it’s man made and what kind of religion makes people feel guilty for their lives. We also have the March 21st date where a new cycle ends and begins, then another eclipse on March 23rd and i can sense a lot of sadness and pain will be spread during that week.

I had issues myself last March and the energy was pulverizing – i was transmuting so much energy of people who were not aware, i spent a good week in lower back pain and was confined to my bed and had to really rest. I personally found again people religious beliefs fueled it, as i could sense them feeling guilty, i could sense them all in pain because they hadn’t been living up to their religious standards. March is going to be a very high energy month, i only say it because then Light-Workers you can be aware. It’s all part of where we are in this timeframe, i’ll be getting myself prepared for when that time comes because i know it’s going to change a lot of thing’s. Many more will begin to understand and will wake up, but many more will need guidance. If your feeling more “bleh” lately it is all normal to feel a bit off when the energy and sun is starting to get active. Just give yourself the time to rest.

Love & Light

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