The False Light-Worker: What Is A False Light-Worker? Who Are These Beings? & What Are Their Agendas?

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This article is one that i have wanted to write about for so very long – because it is such an important topic to discuss, but one that i knew i couldn’t write about all this time i have been writing for Phases for very obvious reasons. I needed to make sure that it felt like the right time for me to write what i know about those particular beings who are “False Light-Workers” as i call them Dark Agents. I needed to be sure that people were ready to understand this, as it’s something i have been aware of for some time. Just because i am/we are aware of something that other people aren’t it doesn’t always mean (Sadly enough) that what we know is something we can yet share or broadcast. While this isn’t the year 1100 and we won’t be burned at the stake because of our gift, the world is still not as tolerant as it should be at this point. We’ve made progress that yet doesn’t mean everything we know can be shared, there is a right time within divine order and within the universe.

Today i feel ready and capable. I feel that along with divine order and the balance within the universe it is time for me to share what i know. Some of the reasons why? The first is because i have been having certain experiences and situations with some people, who have come around my home and into my general life in order to try and spread outright chaos. The second is that many other Light-Workers are emailing me with the same situations and problems, so i know that myself and other people are constantly having to deal with certain people/beings who are outright trying to instigate shit and spread problems that they will have to deal with. It feels like the right time for me personally to share this article with other Light-Workers about these Dark Agents and the unaware people who are so low in vibration/consciousness that they have no idea that they’re outright being used by negative demons/entity beings. These beings are the “Fallen Angels” who turned against the divine source/creator, eons ago which caused a complete mess in the realms and who were then banished out of the heavenly realms by Archangel Michael and the angel warriors. They managed to find ways of coming to Mother Gaia/planet earth through portals, these portals were already here on earth which had negative energy attached to it by continued ignorance of man. They destroyed peaceful communities, such as Lemuria and Atlantis through lies/distortions and thus began the dumbing of humanity and ignorance spread. While awareness and consciousness slowly began to seize, people began to forget everything and it continued until this period we now live in. The two important timeline dates have passed. The first is the 11-11-2011 timeline which ended this experiment of living in utter discord spiritually. The second timeline which ended on 12-21-2012 which the Mayan’s predicted which states that the fallen angels/demons/entities can no longer reach us on earth because we have ascended so high. It is a cut off point. The only problem now is getting rid of the ones who remain hidden here, waiting to spread their evil.

Dark Agents – Workers & What Are They? And What Is Their Mission/Purpose?

What is a Dark Agent? A dark agent is someone who has a mission/purpose to be born into this world with the sole purpose of spreading evil, doing evil, and being evil. As Light-Workers i don’t need to tell you who know this that you know you came down here, with a mission to. There is something that you need to specifically do in this lifetime, and only you individually know what that is. Well just like us! Dark-Workers they also come here incarnate as people and also have a mission a very specific mission to do, some involve specific people. They’re missions/purpose in this lifetime can be to cause world wide chaos, gather energy/source for their negative being friends and legions. Some come here to go after light-Warriors who will spread awareness and generally try to derail, stop, prevent, kill, ruin them financially, lure them into romantic relationships and pretend to love them. So many times i have witnessed light-worker women who fall for the wrong guy, then he ends up being one of them. So many times i have seen light-worker men fall in love with a women, only she is one of them. The amount of times i have seen negative incarnate beings go after gay-lesbian beings, because they know these people have integrated their male/female aspects. So many times i have witnessed certain Light-Workers claiming they have found their twinflame, yet the guy/girl treats them awfully and seems to be draining them of their energy. Negative Vampire being much … i think so! So many times i have seen light-workers stuck in awful relationships, so many times have i seen light-workers in situations where their money/finances get a beating because of roomates-false partners and people who are being told to go and become a nuisance to them. So many times can i clearly see when i get asked questions about people in their lives, that they were sent to enter your life at a certain period in life only to cause you pain. To prevent you from having some kind of peaceful existence. I think the worst mission they come here to do, is the one where they pretend to be just like us!!!

Dark – Workers/False Light Beings & Pretending To Be From The Real Light

It drives me absolutely insane when i am aware of and come across a false Light-Worker. Number one it pisses me off because they’re trying to infiltrate us in order to stop us from spreading our message of love and peace. The funny thing is that those who are claiming to be real actual “Light-Workers” are probably reading this article right now, yet think that i’m oblivious to the fact that i have know for some time now you’ve been reading them and everything that i have written. Hello i’m psychic and clairvoyant and pretty good at sensing energy … do you honestly think i didn’t know you would be here reading my stuff? Number two I’ve known for some time now that they have been hiding in the many communities that i have been posting my stuff in, I’ve had a few run ins with a few of them claiming they have it right and that i’m afraid of the truth and don’t know what’s going on. Number three they love to distort shit! Our truth becomes somehow distorted and becomes their truth about how we are wrong and the false light, they gang up on us, they use scare tactics on us, use any means to intimidate and put fear into us. Number four they use our knowledge and information that we know about higher source/creator stuff and use it for themselves. They steal our articles, our information, what we know, what we write, what we share and pretend to be us and start their own websites and blogs not to mention their own practices and distort their own brand of utter horseshit and bull-crap. Number five they manage to steal our ideas and many are in the yoga/meditation business making lots of cash money, their are real authentic ones of course but if your not following your intuition and discerning the energy you need to be. Number six my utter disdain for the distortion of “New Age” bullshit it drives me absolutely nuts, i have been on so many groups and communities that i had to leave because they were all about change your way of thinking and you’ll be rich. You’ll get more material possessions and get everything we want you to have, it’s all brain washed crap. Learn to discern energy real authentic Light-Workers … and you know who you are!

Unaware People & Negative Beings Who Tap Into Their Consciousness

There is something that i have been aware of and that i am getting a better understanding of myself lately, which is also something that i want to write an article about because it’s so important for many aware and awake people to know and understand. There exists Dark Agents but there are people also in our world who are so very low in vibration, so far away from their own higher divinity that they are unaware of the fact that at times they are being psychically possessed. While dark agents know who they are, and go and spread their terror those who are low in frequency are just small pawns. I have had many experiences where family members and strangers, have done a complete 180 on me and were being psychically possessed and why? So the negative reptilians and greys along with the Anunnaki could tap into them and use them, in order to get to me personally. To get to you personally! I’m sure you already know who they are, because i don’t have to sit here and write about how your aware of this yourselves. The truth is we can either have utter disdain for these people, or we can realize that they’re being used to act in ways that they normally do not. The truth is these negative beings do this all the time, where they know your about to do something or go somewhere that will help you on your life mission. So they try to prevent it from happening! They can use anyone and tap into their consciousness, in order to try to stop you by causing traffic, almost get in a car accident, have people come to your house and try and hold you up. Meanwhile those who are not aware of this, who they have tapped into either don’t remember anything at all or they do but will most likely try to convince themselves that they didn’t. It’s hard for aware beings to know they exist but some one who is not yet ready to be aware might think that they are starting to lose their marbles.

I’ve only just started being aware of the fact that love & light to those who don’t have a high vibration is needed, not just for our self protection but for their protection as well. In the end they’re being used as well, just because they are not as aware as we are does not mean that they’re evil. They just need us to show the way … which all Light-Workers are doing now by embracing the light and spreading the love. Light-Workers you have to be aware of these few thing’s because their are real people being used, in order to stop you and it’s messing with your life and the other person life. No body wins in this situation, and it’s just as heart breaking for all involved. The dark Agents/False Light-Workers have been plaguing us for centuries, when they weren’t against us they have been pretending to be one of us. Light-workers first Learn – then Understand – Process the knowledge… then be aware so you can see what is going on. Always forgive and forget – it truly is the way to move on in life.

Love & Light

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5 thoughts on “The False Light-Worker: What Is A False Light-Worker? Who Are These Beings? & What Are Their Agendas?

  1. Mari May 12, 2016 / 8:25 am

    It’s a difficult Theme!i found yes ter day that as à Light worker the “negativ”entity es did enroll me about 5 life ago,so that I have 30%(of the soul what where working/having contact with the darkness)
    Its still Hard if your are starten,want to help…and then realisieren you have ben so manipulativ…that I can even Meet soul family meme as they “false”everything” make me believe it s à good cause and i Cameron From there!!
    So now,working on getting rid of it…

    Liked by 1 person

    • mikeymurdock May 13, 2016 / 2:12 pm

      Hi Mari

      Most of us have our own issues, inner darkness, that we need to work on. So don’t feel bad if you are just starting to heal the darkness within you, many are at this time. Keep moving – on your path and you will be alright Mari.


  2. Priya Goel February 2, 2017 / 2:44 pm

    I enjoyed reading this, thank you for writing and sharing it here.


    • mikeymurdock February 2, 2017 / 5:18 pm

      Your welcome Priya 🙂


  3. Fiona February 23, 2018 / 3:39 am

    Thank you for speaking truth in this area. I was targeted by a dark agent and was thrown into a world of distortion. It has taken years to find my way back to my true path, have faced my own shadow along the way. Discernment is key and just because someone claims to be spiritual does not mean they are. Your article resonated healing in my heart, many thanks


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