To All Light-Workers: The Galactic Alignment Happening In 2016

It’s unbelievable the amount of interference that there has been in starting this article, truth is it took me about half hour just to get the title – the pictures and the labels all finished because negative beings were interfering with my mini laptop trying to prevent me from writing in here about this very topic. Hmm … I wonder why? Maybe because they now know that the Galactic Alignment of the Galactic council is finally happening in 2016 and they hate it. They know what this alignment can bring – Why the Galactic council have worked so hard to make it happen – what it means for them and the other dark/negative beings that exist in the old 3D Timeline. They fear their extinction which is imminent once this alignment passes us by. Grab your hats … because a lot of wind is blowing our way and a few people will be knocked off their feet

There is so much information out there online – via the internet and the many articles that other Light-Workers and Starseed beings have been writing, that they have been getting out into the world and to other beings who are awake about the Galactic alignment that is happening between 2016-2019 roughly. I have read tons of these articles myself and some argue that the Mayans knew about this date which I personally believe, because they were a civilization of people who were gifted and knew their connection to Gaia/Mother earth and the universe. Some wrote about Nibiru Planet X and how the events of the Galactic alignment of 2016 will be another doomsday phenomena, how it will collide with earth and everyone will perish. I read an article where someone who i’m not so sure was a Light-Worker at all, wrote about how the negative beings/demons live in the centre of our earth and the time of the galactic alignment it’ll trigger them all to be released. I have read many articles on the galactic alignment, and there are some more than other’s who i find more authentic. The more authentic writers who I believe to be real “Light Workers” talk about when the sun aligns with the galactic centre, other’s write about this in connection to source/creator and how we are all ascending to higher un-reached places in the cosmos. The even more authentic ones will be writing about the earth’s Axial Tilt … because the galactic alignment is about aligning ourselves once again and that means the earth/planet we live on.

I’m not here to state how this person is wrong, and so is that other one… oh yeah he/she is so wrong!!! That is not what i’m about, i’m not about petty shit that means nothing to me the least something that i need to state as false or dissect into a millions reasons on why i think it is. I have a life … a mission to do and hobbies that i’d rather be doing than sitting here and being up myself. It’s not part of the Light-Workers makeup to be judgemental, better than, condescending and malice. We are here to help raise the frequency of this planet and the other’s in the cosmos. The thing is with so much information out there it can be hard to pin point what is false/truth, the only way as Light-Workers to know and understand information to be truth we must trust our intuition and inner instincts. There are so very many ways of tapping into your inner self and knowing truth, one way is sitting silently. We take in the information and whatever feels wrong to you it’s likely tainted information. Another way is and this is probably the most important way of discerning is by connecting to your higher self, your higher way of being/knowing and sit silently while absorbing the information. Whatever you feel is wrong from a higher point of view know that your trusting your own inner truths. Know that not everything that people write is true, know that not everything thing you read will be truth, know that not everything is coming from the light or is authentic. Yet getting past being judgemental saves you time by discerning as soon as your done reading, if you think it’s truth you’ll know by the reaction you get after reading it. You might get an instant inner reaction of resonation “I know this is true, so it has to be”. If your trying to discern if something is negative/false you will know immediately because you’ll feel an inner pull towards the opposite “This is not what I know to be truth”. It’s all about discerning and trusting your intuition, the articles may be varied on the Galactic alignment but we each have the truth from within us. We already came into this world/earth with the inner truth, it’s all about trusting that truth to dig through the bullshit now in this time.

What i am writing for this article is what i know to be truth – and as i write this i do it with my heart/throat chakra balanced to perfection. I can’t speak my truth with love if these chakras are out of alignment, there would only be deception and lies otherwise. Which many are doing and claiming to be communicating false information with unbalanced chakras.

The Current Planetary Alignment Jan 20-Feb 20 & Why Is This Alignment So Important?

In December of last year 2015 just before the Dec-21-2015 Winter Solstice i sensed big energy coming into our planet, to the point where i swear many people were acting a little un-balanced and were really effected more than usual. Everything was chaos left and right – come to think of it that hasn’t really died down, one of the reasons why from my higher self way of understanding is because of the upcoming galactic alignment that was going to take place at this current timeframe. A few weeks ago i received an article about a planetary alignment by a good friend/charge of mine, he was sharing this with me because he thought this was something interesting to be happening at this current time. It was an article about the planetary alignment that would take place between Jan 20th – Feb 20th involving ( Mercury – Venus – Saturn – Mars – and Jupiter) this is a rarity. As soon as i read the article i knew exactly what this meant, it meant that the Galactic alignment that the Mayans were saying would happen would be happening in 2016 and in this timeframe.

Many people have absolutely no idea what is really going on in the world today, they have no idea about the Ascension Process, they have no idea that we have come down into this planet to help raise the frequency/vibration of this earth. They have no idea about the Galactic Alignment, what it is? Why it’s happening? They still think the world will end and they will all die!!! They don’t know because they are not aware or awake, or have not awaked to the knowledge that higher light beings/races exist out in our universe spread across our galaxy. The planets being aligned at this time is a very special occasion and tells of an important event that is now happening, because it is not just us and our planet that is returning back to a state of alignment but so are all of the other planets. Mercury and those beings living on that planet are also shifting, as are those on Venus and Mars along with Saturn and Jupiter. There are many beings on those planets who are now also ascending, including the many planets we have known or unknown at this point. Some of you and some of us come from those planets, came here to help our earth to ascend and raise to a higher way of existing. The galactic alignment has begun through out the entire universe, it’s time we expand our minds and our own consciousness and absorb this information. We really are not the only ones existing, for there are many races/beings from the light on other planets doing the exact same thing. Were all evolving higher than we ever were, so it’s time to shine our light so bright. What Is A Planetary Alignment? Well a planetary alignment is when one or more planets align in our solar system, or in a solar system of it’s own galaxy. Why is it happening now? Divine order. Divine order is wonderful because it means it’s something that was divinely orchestrated to have happen, now it is. To be honest this is a momentous time frame we are in. Because we are finally becoming more in alignment with ourselves but as well as with our universe. We’re evolving beyond what we once were, and returning to that of which we were a long time ago. Returning back to our oneness. What does this mean for Light-Workers? Keep spreading your light and love, the more you do the more other people will become aware and learn how to deal-heal-spread love themselves.

What? Who? Is The Galactic Council? & What Is Their Intention At This Current Timeframe?

An important aspect of the current Galactic Alignment and why it is happening now at this time is who or what is behind this divinely orchestrated event? Certain events such as this alignment of five planets, is not something that just happens randomly these events were set in motion eons ago in the early stages after everything was created. Many Light-Workers might already know or have heard about the galactic council, if not the Galactic Council are a highly intelligent group of light beings that act as a representatives for their race. The galactic council is a council of one being of each race who are from the light, who are light and work to spread and achieve peace in all galaxies and universes. These representatives come together and discuss how best to make their races/beings and the planets they live on more peaceful. Universal consciousness is the only thing they want, and the return to being in alignment with source/creator as one unified consciousness again. For those of us on this planet and for other beings on other planets as well.

Many of the current Light-Workers who are now here on this planet are not really even from this earth. Many of us were sent here to raise the vibration of this planet and got sent away on missions. Many of us feel like strangers to this place, we feel like we were dropped off here by our real family/friends. Many of us actually do come from far away places that are very beautiful and much more peaceful then this “Destructive Planet “. We do understand that “Gaia” is revered by many other Light beings and places because of the free will that exists. For the place it used to be, and for the place it will once again be but part of our missions are to get rid of the darkness and bring human beings back too truth and oneness. Here are some reasons why the galactic council has sent many other light beings from distinct places to incarnate at this time frame. Number one this earth has been living in a frequency of darkness for a long time, so we’re here to raise the light and spread it. The second reason many of us came here was to bring the “Human Beings” back into alignment along with the world. The third reason is to help humanity Ascend into higher dimensions of being and existing. The fourth reason is to be in more alignment with source – creator – higher self – higher divinity. The fifth reason is to bring human beings closer to all creation, the ones on earth but also other beings on other planets. We have so many reasons why we are here, individually i wouldn’t even begin to try and guess/understand just why everyone is here. I do know that what everyone in the Galactic Council is working for is true freedom – from this crazy messed up matrix.

We have received so many messages from them already, lights in the skies, messages in crop circle formations, some have made visitations to those who are Clairvoyant and who could see them. They have always tried to get through to us, and warn us about the “Human Elite” those who are our leaders who think they run the planet. Those who pretend to be decent beings when really all they do is distort and control, and they know about the Ascension process for sure and have been doing everything they can to prevent the world from waking up now in this time. It’s all about being aware and looking at the world from every angle, what is in place and what is out of place? What is destroying us and what can help make our lives better? What is truth and what is false? … you get my point they’re trying to get us to “See” instead of just “Seeing” the horrendous shit that is going on in this time.

As i finish writing this it’s now Feb 21st so the month long alignment has now past the climax, however it doesn’t mean that the alignment(s) are over and done with as there are many more too come. Neither does it mean that this alignment is over – it’s just moving into a different phase and the keyword here is “Continuation”. We have just started reaching higher locations within our universe, we may have shifted from the old lower 3D location however it doesn’t mean we’re where we are suppose to be. This is only just the beginning! December – January was a massive shift and each one of us has moved up another stair-step, but those energies were intense and i can’t believe that this is only just the beginning. However in stating how intense it has been, i have to admit i feel more of my higher self, i feel more of higher source/creator and i feel more love. It’s taking some time but we’re slowly more aligned within our world and selves more now than we were 10/20/30 year ago. It may feel more chaotic, but i can function better outside then i could a good two years ago and that’s because there is more light here, and i feel like it’s a better match for many Light-Workers. Baby steps up those Ascension ladders.


copyright_symbol_shim_aa_hcCopyright © Divine Light Phases, Mikey Murdock, 2016. All Rights Reserved. You May Copy and Distribute This Material So Long As You Notify Me First, As Long As You Don’t Alter My Material In Anyway, The Content Remains Complete, Credit Is Given To Me The Author, You Do NOT Use It For Yourself To Try And Build An Audience For Your Blog/Site. And You Include This Copyright Notice And Live Link.


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