Ascension Symptom(s): Dreams & Receiving Visions.

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I have wanted to write this article and the topic at hand for some time now, but because i have taken a break from all the intensity that entails being a Light-Worker i haven’t had the time since. I needed some time to re-balance, get my life in order, and just take a much needed and well earned rest. However it is hard getting a rest when we have so much energy and love going on in our world, as well as sadness and negativity which needs to be healed. We haven’t had a moments break it seems but it’s all part of this long process, and i’m embracing where i am for the time being because this is where i need to be. Which involves me getting lots of sleep, trying to create the best life for myself and just taking in each moment as a miracle. With the experiences i’ve had i could very well be dead right now, so it’s a miracle i’m still alive and kicking! Take some time yourselves to embrace where you are, if you think it’s bad/rough look back on earlier points on your journey. You will be so much happier that your where you are now, even if it doesn’t feel easier it sure as hell is.


I really wanted to write this article about Dream Premonitions because i need to spread awareness, and also to state that this is not anything like dream visitations from higher beings and angelic beings. Not at all. This is a phenomena where what you dream slowly becomes a real life event in the reality your living in the future timeline. Being an aware Light Being is hard work and yes we have our negative moments we deal with, but we also have our gifts which we need to embrace and enjoy with open hearts and minds through sheer positivity. Why? They tell us so much more than just seeing visions – or images and events that may happen in any given timeline. Our Psychic abilities are also here to help us live our mission/purpose and help guides us though the hardships of life. All my life i have had Dream Premonitions. I am Clairvoyant and i have been most of my life even when i wasn’t aware that i was, i would get visions and images come into my mind all of the time.I would be able to know information about certain people and objects even while being unaware. I have had Deja Vu moments and would get them all quite frequently, just letting me know i was on the right path! Dream premonitions are to an extent Deja Vu moments while we are dreaming, they can be directions and specific instructions from source/creator to you. Letting you know what will happen in the future, that he is always helping you and guiding you along your mission through dream states. We all dream and sometimes they are negatively created, but we all know when we have a nightmare it’s negatively enhanced of course. When we are having positive dreams about the future it’ll be something so mundane like receiving a letter in the mail, or driving somewhere in our car. These dream events after a few days or even weeks happen, and when they do you’ll feel a familiarity like they have happened to you before. That is when your experiencing a Deja Vu – which has been brought on because of dream premonitions you have had. In a very basic way that in a nut shell that is the process of having a Dream Premonition and receiving them.

It’s so important for us all at this time period in our evolution and in this Ascension Process to open up and finally start talking openly about these personal experiences. This ability is a gift, and a gift that we should all be embracing as psychic beings. Don’t feel ashamed or feel like because your not around other people who understand you, that you can’t be open about it. Being psychic is more than having a gift it’s about sharing your gift, what’s the point of having light if you feel like you can’t share it or spread it around? Find other Light-Workers. Join a group with aware beings. Share yourself with other like minded people, it’s part of embracing your gifts and being the wonderful light that you know you are!

Dream Premonitions & Communicating With Source/Creator

Another important aspect of Dream Premonitions is that we are in many ways receiving communication and higher source instructions on where to go and what to do next in our life. When we sleep we leave our physical bodies, our spirit either travels, remains put in our bodies for a rest, or we travel home and put forward our next move with those higher beings in the realms. Think of it as planning our next move. We go up we connect and we plan when we will have these moments that we are familiar with, so that when we experience them on earth in our physical bodies our higher selves know we are right where we need and should be!

Who do we meet up there? We meet our spirit guides of course and also our guardian angel who has been with us all this time. We go over thing’s with them, how we feel about where we are in our current life. Do we enjoy it? Or would we rather leave a relationship, move to a different area, find a new job to do that will help us out? These are all of the sort of thing’s we discuss when we decide we want to go home for a period of time, i call this spiritual phenomenon a Check Point. We need these check points, so that we can decide what we want to continue or discontinue in our lives. When we return back into our bodies and wake up to begin a new day we remember these moments as dreams we had, or at least those who are unaware do. Those who understand the reason for dream premonitions, know it too be infinite guidance from spirit and source/creator. Have no worries or fears about anything, because this is the most wonderful experience we can have. Are you kidding to be able to touch base with our creator? It’s orgasmic even !!! Pure ecstasy. How does the process work? Well these angelic and spirit beings gather around us, sometimes we only speak with our guides and we discuss certain issues we have and they listen and try to help us figure out what needs to be changed in order for us to go where we want to be. At other times the Elders and the Elder council must be notified if the changes are significant ones. Say a spirit decides it has had enough and wants to return home, back to it’s proper place in the higher realms and wants to exit. Well it must be taken into consideration because it may not be your time, family members may need you to live on longer. Important life changing choices must go through to the council of Elders. This process can seem like it has taken about 1 minute, when you wake up it’s already the next morning and you wake up tired because your spirit had no rest. Time moves differently up there, there isn’t really any basis for time because there is none. This is more or less how this Check Point process works – it’s just simply put asking higher beings for advice and receiving it.

The reason we must begin being open about these situations and spiritual experiences, is because we have passed the 11-11-2011 timeline date. We have stopped living our life in the experiment where we have forgotten who we are? We are now beginning the process of living like we used to, a long time ago eons where we were open and one with one another. The 12-21-2012 timeline date ended and those dark beings and negative dark ancient ones can no longer reach us, because we are evolving higher than they can possibly reach us. The only problem are those dark beings who remain here still living on our earth, which is why many specific Light-Workers and awakened beings are incarnated at this time who have great and special gifts to fight them and defeat them. There is no reason for us to hide anymore, be open, experience the new reality being created and speak openly about your gifts we don’t need to be afraid anymore. The Galactic alignment is currently under-way here and this is a big shift, and many people will begin to understand once again. So just be yourselves and smile because life is going to start getting better.

Love & Light

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