February 2016’s 11:11 Gateway: To Integrate, To Expand & To Reach Higher Consciousness States In 2016.

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February has been interesting. It has felt very long … and i’m glad that March is under-way because I know more Light-Workers will be awakening. I know the “Elder Light-Workers” Will be taking another big shift which will then make room for those on lower stair-steps to make their own shifts into a newer higher level. A newer way of existing and being. The physical discomfort for many Light-Workers has been pretty high up there, myself included since about mid – February i have been needing more sleep. I have needed more time alone, I have needed to not be around so many people. We’re getting to that point where were reaching a time frame where there energy will be felt a lot, so many people are holding onto fears and un expressed emotions and feeling’s. I don’t transmute that kind of energy … as i can’t handle it and nor do I think I should or any other Light-Worker. This Portal/Gateway is a helping hand as many of the “Elder Light-Workers ” need it at this time frame.”

I can honestly state right here and now that the shift from December 2015 forward to this moment is something new, it is something that i have never experienced before. If your also feeling the exact same way as if your uncertain of how to proceed on? And your questioning it. Join the club as i’m also not certain of how to continue carrying on except that i know i have to. I’ve experienced many new and different experiences, while i think it’s great i wish i had a guide or manual to let me know what i should do in case. In case something unexpected happens, in case the direction i’m heading into on my path is going to get me murdered or i’ll end up broke. Give me a circumstance and a solution, but life never works out that way and i’m finding out that you have to create your own solutions. I am fried … and right now moving into this March shift i need solutions, i don’t have time to create them despite being very imaginative and i know many other’s reading this are also creative. We just need a serious helping hand right now. The separation between people is becoming more and more apparent, to the point where i can see white light surrounding certain people and darkness within other’s seeping out engulfing them like a black bubble.

It’s always hard walking around at the grocery store, because people aren’t shopping for nourishment they’re walking around aimlessly while looking into their phones. People are starting to get really detached from reality, or maybe they want to escape the matrix and think looking into their phones like drones will help them avoid it. Or watching aware people from the light struggle, while those who have not yet reached our level keep pounding down hard on us. Watching those who are not aware be easily deceived by other’s, try these pills for your illness and it’s not going to help in anyway. There is a huge gap, a huge distance, huge space, whatever you want to call this separation between those of us who are continuously healing and moving up those Ascension stair-steps, and those who are being left behind and wandering around like lost souls. It’s actually very sad … because i wish whatever issues they have or are afflicting them, that they could begin to heal them and start joining the rest of us. Many people aren’t yet ready to let go of the illusions, of the leaders, of the systems because they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves. I’ve thought this before and it’s important that i write it down, i feel so far away from those who are not yet aware. We’re on the same planet yet i feel so far away from them on a conscious level, it’s strange because we’re both here in the physical yet they don’t see me and neither do they want to. This is so important for Light-Workers to know, and to understand because people will only see or notice what they can while being at their own level of consciousness. If you go beyond their level of consciousness and what they can understand they won’t see you, or notice what your speaking about. I’ve had incidences at work where no one speaks to me, yet they speak to one another and it doesn’t bother me. In the car and people driving who are not aware will not even see you, or notice they are coming close to hitting you. It’s not that they are casting us out, we’re just not being seen because we’re not on the same level.

Despite all of the new experiences and how thing’s are changing and were in a new way of existing now, it doesn’t mean we have all the answers or know how to keep moving forward. We still have to create our pathway and i’m learning how to cope within the new by making it up and going along with it in the best way that i can. Maybe that’s what you need to do as well, in order to get used to the new. This 11-11 Portal/Gateway is something special and it’s coming on in a year where it is a leap year, which means there is an added day to the month of February. I wrote about the “Elder Light-Workers” and i’ll explain who they are and why this is so important for them further down. It did amaze me that there was an 11:11 Portal but even more so an Angelic Portal/Gateway opening up to us at this time. I’m not complaining and i’m thrilled – if the angels want to come down and live my life for me even better … LOL a little angelic humor.

The Feb 11:11 Angelic Portal/Gateway & The Elder Light-Workers And What It Means For Them?

Over the many years and decades there have been more and more people awakening, but before a lot of us started awakening and realizing who we were their were a group of Light-Workers who were awake and aware and went through the spiritual awakening process themselves. I’ve been aware and awake for almost 2 years … and there are many who are awake for 10 -15 years. However the “Elder Light-Workers” have been aware and doing this tiring and draining work for over 25-30 years and more. Go back to 1985 before the “Convergence” and imagine the darkness that was lingering on our planet in those times. I couldn’t imagine being aware back in those days, and not many of them were awake only a few. These Elders are who paved the way for me and you – can you imagine how bloody tired they must be. The end of the cold war – during the 9/11 attacks – and much more some even during the Vietnam war.

I mention these few “Elder Light-Workers” because for so many years they were asking for help/assistance, were wondering when they would finally get to a place in our planet existence where the energy would feel so much better. They have transmuted huge world wide events, held the light in when the darkness was at it’s strongest. They endured repeated psychic attacks – psychic demonic rapes and continuous Ascension pains which were twice as painful then what we feel today. Had to be the leaders and carve the stair steps we now are walking forward on, so they have been integrating spreading light and shifting before even some of us including myself were even born and sent to this planet. After all these years how filled with joy that finally it has started feeling energetically divine, to the point that they can actually function. Reasonably at least. 😉 This 11:11 Angelic Portal/Gateway is more or less a calling for them more than the younger Light-Workers, they are being guided and helped to carve another stair step so they can shift once again to a higher way of being. Connect more with – integrate more and merge more with divine source/creator, so then when they have we can take our respective next steps onto our own newer higher way of existing. We’re making room for more people to be on those stair-steps, when the newly awakened beings and Light-workers join us there is room for them. This Portal/Gateway is the first of 11:11 the next is on Nov 11th later this year, and it’ll be a doozy of a portal/Gateway as that’ll finish whatever will commence during this first Portal/Gateway today.

The Angels and the angelic realms are opening up at this time, for the very specific role of assistance and not just for the “Elder Light-Workers” at this time but for any one who needs help. Many will be available and if you find the energies are too much, then state to them that you would like them to tone down the energies and they will. The biggest issue i find with many people who are finding thing’s hard, or being aware very hard they don’t seem to understand that they have become a part of something so much bigger then they realize. So many times i have been in situations where i felt were impossible until i decided i had to turn to my spirit team and the angels on high for some serious assistance. I was able to find solutions easily and pull myself together in the end. People really do find it hard to ask for help, people don’t realize that if you don’t ask for it then you won’t get it. The higher realms and angelic beings only help when you ask, they live by the “Free Will” code and will not interfere unless your in a life threatening situation or you ask them to intervene and help you with a problem or situation.

It’s a surprise Portal/Gateway and i didn’t see it coming until a few weeks ago, then i was told by them up there and had to share the knowledge with another Light-Worker so she could write about it. But embrace the energies, embrace the divine help, ask for help and if your really struggling be aware that you can ask the higher angelic beings for help and they will lessen your struggles. Here are some symptoms i have been feeling since the Feb 22nd Full Moon until today.

{Tired Beyond Anything, Feeling Weighed Down, Seeing Stars Around Me, Serious Crown Chakra Work, Third Eye Pressure, Whole Body Aches, Intolerance To People Out In The 3D Realities, Feeling Drained, Random Crying, Enraged – Just Angry At Stupidity, Drained To The Point That I Sleep, More Sleeping For Sure, Stupid/Crazy Ass Dreams, Needing My Space, Energetically Sensitive, I Can’t Deal With People And Their Issues, Euphoria At Times, Lots Of Love, Creative/Imagination Is High, Feeling Inspired, Stuffy Nose But Nothing Comes Out, White Tongue, Left side Pains and much more.

Love & Light

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