March 2016’s Energy: Important Dates To Know As We Move Well Into 2016.

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Can you believe we’re in March 2016 already! Seems like the time is either flying by or moving relatively slowly. Depending on who you are and what life has been like for you, for me personally the best moment is when I lay myself down to sleep and shut my eyes. There is so much happening this month that i’m not sure i’m going to dread it or be elated that it’s all going to be happening. Finally! Towards the end of February into March I find that the energies begin to escalate a little bit more than usual, one of the reasons for that is because we have certain periods during the year where we move/grow higher then we previously used to be. We move to a higher level. Many of the Light-Workers reading this article know and understand what i’m saying, March is filled with eclipses and the Spring equinox energy so it’s normal to dread the escalated energies when they come. I have been sensing the energies for March 2016 since last September and have known for a good while that something big was going to happen, as it usually does. If it’s not everyone taking another step up their own individual stair-steps, it’s “The Negatives” escalating their efforts to prevent it from happening.

March 9th is a big day it is a Total Solar Eclipse wrapped up in a New Moon and some have been saying it is a Super-Moon and i’m just happy it’s not a Blue Moon/Red Moon or any other kind of Moon event. My poor exhausted aching body would have loved it if it stopped at Total Solar Eclipse and just dealt with that, as I don’t think I or any other Light-Workers can handle much more of the physical pains. It’s starting to feel like a huge joke at times … I have a good sense of humor about it and can laugh it off at least. Your either effected by the astronomical events – the natural disaster events and yes I had been feeling that hurricane when it hit Fiji – the people who aren’t aware of their own energy and spreading it around you/or in your close proximity – if it’s not that it’s the energies it takes for us to move one step closer to divinity and our higher self. We’re getting more than we bargained for, but at least in the end more who were not aware will become aware and wake up!!! Which is why I dread/love these high energy periods … the pain is something awful, but the many more who become aware really makes my heart soar. More will start to understand that we’re all one – and the only important thing there is in this time and place is love. Like always there is a balance – the universe always works in the way of balance something must die/end to be started/re-born, just the way it is. With this eclipse instead of sitting around waiting for something positive, i’ll be doing a candle event for peace and if your reading this and want to light a candle where ever you are feel free. It’s not at a certain time so just light a candle, say it’s for peace or anything positive and light it through out the day on March 9th.

I enjoy doing these candle lightning’s and i’ll tell you why i do. Peace in this timeline is underrated and undervalued in our world today. There isn’t enough peace in our world, there aren’t many advocators for peace and the ones who seem to spew it are the ones who never practice what they preach. Peace is showing kindness – knowing when to be helpful – knowing when to back off when you could explode, then come back and handle the situation with understanding and less anger – letting other people learn their lessons – let them make their own mistakes and not judge them on it – opening a door for someone else who can’t, the small thing’s that you wouldn’t think has an effect could change the day completely for someone else. Even lighting a candle with the intention for world peace, do you know how far that can spread? World wide! These are some ways and actions that people can take that can help spread more “Peace” in the world. Light-Workers unite … don’t let Peace become obsolete, we need it now more than ever. We create our world – and it’s important that we be very aware of what we want to create at this time.

Love & Light

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