The Pre-Total Solar Eclipse Energy & These Painful Ascension Symptoms – Light-Workers This Is Where It Starts To Get Heavy.

The start of March 2016 has started off and like I suspected it would, it’s felt like someone has turned the switch from low to level high on the energy front. This always happens when we’re in for eclipses and the spring equinox period, and in my opinion December on until April is always the hardest part of the year. Not just for me but for any Light-Worker or aware being. It’s too much of the false religions Christ was born and Christ has died malarkey, all squeezed into a short period of 3-4 months. It drives me absolutely nuts!!! The lead up into the third week of March can be horrifying, it’s constant body pains and massive interferences that prevent/stop us from evolving higher than the lower putrid 3D way of being. I have no issue with the Christ seed within me and all of us, but I do have a problem with “The Negatives” who impose their brand of beliefs by distorting Jesus and the life he lived. To them they celebrate that they killed Jesus “The Light-Worker” and the man was a gifted being, but they distort it and use his name and vile it up in order to control people and what they can/can’t do! They twisted his mission out of ignorance, and make it so that his gifts/love for humanity means he’s evil and he needed to die for it. Meanwhile using his name to further their negative agenda and spread fear, get energy to feed their evil furry behinds and in the process distort the higher truth. I bring this up because it’s what they do to all Light-Workers, they see us as evil and twist the real truth to further go ahead with their own evil false truths. When people continuously believe in it, that’s when interferences start up. March should be another hard moving up another Stair-step because it’s when the energies really start to clash because there are two different energies at this time. One of higher awareness – another attacking this higher awareness to prevent it from expanding

March has already begun and with that said the energy has been escalating once again, what can I say are you ready for this? It doesn’t matter if you are or are not because it’s already happening, thing’s are quickly happening to push us further up another stair-step in order for us to move beyond this 3D world and into a 5D higher way of existing. Everything has been enhancing the body pains are once again getting more painful, much more persistent. The interferences have been more consistent and frequently making it so that I might tire myself out or expend my energy. I’m much more tired and needing to take frequent trips into the bedroom for sleep time, this is also for another reason because I find that I can’t stay In my body for too long. Thing’s are getting heavy for me and I need to sleep in order to leave my vessel. The amount of energy I am picking up on is crazy too, because I sense that more people are getting more agitated. I opt to not go out but when it’s necessary for me to people are letting it all hang out and loose, their energy goes forwards and backwards and latches onto other people. They are careless with their own energy and spread it unknowingly into another person. So thing’s are picking up, people are acting off again and more Light-Workers are once again having to suffer in silence because the rest of humanity has no idea what’s going on. But more will soon.

The Pre-Total Solar Eclipse Energy & Light-Workers Who Can Feel It In Their Bones!!!

Since the end of February I have been feeling so much energy from so many places, the 11:11 Angelic portal has been a big help for me because I honestly felt more connected with angels and higher being friends. Since March 1st I got hit bad with physical pains and deep down in my heart I knew it was because of the total solar eclipse looming. I didn’t question it, I didn’t over-think it and I didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with me other than the fact that I was feeling this huge astronomical event before hand. These events such as eclipses are always felt weeks in advanced before they happen, especially for Light-Workers and i can feel it in my bones. It’s tough and rough and if your also dealing with the achiness, I feel your pain. I’ve had many other Light-Workers sending emails to me lately, recently, and they are wondering and asking the same thing’s. Why am I in so much pain? Why do people seem to be lashing out at me?, and the most important is there something about me that is setting things and people off?

The thing most Light-Workers who have just become aware need to understand is, When you raise your vibration those who are lower in it will latch on and use you as a source of energy. Their are many beings who are so very low in their own awareness that they sometimes are being possessed briefly, and if you feel like they are lashing out at you, you need to understand that it’s because “The Negative beings” need/want your vibration to use as a source. So if you find that out of the blue your being sued, get in a car accident, and get rammed into a door by some stranger who isn’t aware of what he is doing that ends up hurting you physically. Just know that they are temporarily being used to make life difficult for you. I’ve recently been in a situation and i’m using this as an example, we hired a guy to build our deck he said he was professional yet his work turned out to be the total opposite. We didn’t sign a contract, he wanted to be paid in cash. The job was done, we didn’t like it. The man did everything in his own way and ignored our request to build it the way we asked him. He brought the cops to our house in December and all because-because of his money we didn’t give him. In February we got slammed with small claims papers, yes he sued us! The nerve. He lied about everything right down to the dates he actually worked, to the contract he made up without our signature. All because he didn’t want to admit he did a bad job, all because he was only in it for his money!!! This is what I have had to deal with since about December of 2015 – so I fully understand having to deal with beings who are being used but who are also working with “The Negative Beings” to try and stress me/my family out for energy source. Your not doing anything wrong, they can just see that your moving beyond them and they DO NOT LIKE IT! Ever ask yourself why on the day I wanted to go and deal with my personal issues, I got held up and never ended up making it on time? You didn’t because it’s about distractions, distractions and more distractions – a ploy/tactic to prevent you from getting things done, or improving yourself and your higher self energy. So if you ever wonder why do people lash out at me? or What am I doing that is wrong? … it’s not you that is doing anything wrong! It’s THEM!!! The Archons/Reptilians and nasty negative demonic beings who are trying to tug at your light because they hate their own darkness.

Why am I feeling so much pain? March is an intense time, and if you have factored out all medical issues and the most likely case is that you have. The Ascension symptoms are just ramping up once again. There are so many thing’s that effect us during this high energy period of March, sunspots are more prominent on the sun, higher risk for M & X flares to erupt, the eclipses and the powerful energy of Spring equinox. When you factor in the man made religion of Christianity and the false truth about Jesus, you have a huge group of people spreading fear of him and fear of feeling guilty because they are made to feel that way. The chemtrails, the toxic poisons on our planet, our bad air quality everything is a factor and bad energy clashes with higher divine energy. We also have our own baggage we carry with us, some of us have issues with not being able to self love. Some of us have issues with dependency, some of us are dealing with negative/demonic energy around us and that can also mimic Ascension symptoms too! Because they can make it feel that way, generally to know if this is the case you would be able to sense them around you because negative energy is dark/makes you honestly feel sick like your nauseous all of the time. Past life issues needs to be dealt with and accepted and then healed, mostly a lot of us need to heal ourselves it’s the only way to evolve higher and merge with our higher self/divine self.

Pre- Eclipse & Spring Equinox Ascension Pains/Symptoms

  • Sneezing and flu like symptoms have been dominant for me, and as my awareness grows I know this to be transmuting light energies.What i now know that i wasn’t aware about before is that when you come into close contact with some who is negative and has negative energy, they’re energy can make you really sick. If you don’t wish to take on their energy state it to them up there, even with that said some people just make you really sick regardless and it’s something new I’ve been experiencing.
  • The head pressures and headaches have been on like donkey Kong for me and I would imagine for you as well – and I’ve even sensed some of them have been psychic attacks as well. The thing with this is that we are doing major head/brain re-wiring and work at this time. If you’ve been having very vivid dreams your also cleansing certain memories from your subconscious mind, making room for the new to enter you. When these headaches are done doing what they need to do, they stop while it’s doing that relax and try to stay out of fear.
  • Lately since the end of Feb I have been sleeping longer, taking more naps, and generally needing to exit my body for periods of time because the energies right now are becoming to much for me to handle. If your sleeping more just like I know you are understand it’s good and I recommend it, we need to leave our bodies at this time. We can’t be awake 24/7 while the onslaught of energy swirls around our planet. We need nappy time.
  • If you’ve been angry or annoyed more lately, or notice that other’s are this way with you it’s just them not understanding what or why they feel so bloody anxious at this time. We’re all feeling this energy it’s just those who are not aware that eclipses can pulverise them into oblivion, don’t know this. We feel annoyed and angry because we’re annoyed with them for not knowing. The key here is detach and stop this vicious cycle of being angry/annoyed, that they’re annoyed/angry. LOL
  • If you have been crying non-stop or have been over emotional, and thing’s feel so pressurized that it’s hard to catch a moment of relief. Don’t worry I do too – but I also cry for silly random thing’s. I was watching a show about strangers who live in a house, share it as housemates, each week one or more gets voted out. One man went onto the show and it was revealed he left his father to go on this show, he takes care of his father with his mother after he suffered a massive heart attack. He was given a video message from his father, after having been in there for weeks and I was just crying, crying and crying. I was blubbering on like it was happening to me. You really can relate to other people and their pains, but also you can have complete and total love for a stranger because of how he/she feels.
  • If you have been feeling suicidal/depressed I hope that whatever is effecting you so intensely be cleansed from your general aura. It’s been a while since I’ve had those feeling’s, but I know what it’s like to have them. It’s rough going through this process, however anytime that I was having to deal with depressions/suicidal thought’s it wasn’t coming from me or my consciousness. Sometimes “Negative beings” can make us feel a certain way, can get around our mind and make us think something that we wouldn’t normally think ourselves. If you are feeling this way, open up, talk about it, see a friend or someone who you trust and get yourself out of that darkness and move up ahead into your divine light filled self.
  • Love baby love – If you have been feeling divine love coming in, whew then your set my friend. I have moments myself where I am in pure ecstasy, as i’m so filled with love that it’s overwhelming. This is actually the best part, some symptoms can be over-whelming and intense not to mention down right painful. However this one is what really helps me stay grounded/centered, it’s me knowing that source/creator is near and the light will continually flow until everyone is back in a state of love.


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