March 2016’s Eclipse Gateway: The (3-9/9) Portal. The Total Solar Eclipse & Integrating Our Triality selves.

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Well today is a huge energetic day as we are all being pushed to move ahead within our own Ascension path. Lately many thing’s for myself and other light-workers and aware beings who classify themselves as what they like have come to a closing. Just as we have all had many important new events start in our life, it’s been a good ole balancing act taking place and whether you have thought it is positive/negative has been your own way of dealing with where you are currently. The last few weeks have been intense, there has felt like an escalation in negative activity, there has been an escalation of Light-Workers who have just been in intense pain. Many are confused about why they are extra sensitive to the energies now, even more so than usual, many don’t know yet that March is a heavy time period where the energies escalate. It’s about stair-steps and taking yet another step into higher not-yet-reached places within our self, just like us those in humanity are also taking these steps into higher consciousness. Don’t worry – don’t give into the fear – just know that March along with the months of (June, September and December) are high energy months. When we approach the solstices/equinoxes we begin new phases and are pushed too evolve further more.”

March 8-9 is the Solar Eclipse/New Moon and I believe it is a Supermoon as well – so we have more than enough energy coming in, to go around for all. I know for many people that during the last week of February into the start of March they have really been feeling this energy, as it goes those of us who are already aware and conscious and also who are working on evolving continuously. We feel these high energy events weeks/days before everyone else, we’re not all on/at the same level. This is also the third 9-9 portal/gateway and it’s the biggest one aside from Sep 9th 2016 one which is 9-9-9 Portal/gateway. We have a little bit of everything today, so don’t over exert yourself today sometimes during days like this it’s necessary to do nothing but sit quietly and get as much rest as one can.

So many Light-Workers have been feeling the usual symptoms such as {Chakra pressures-Headaches-Flu like symptoms-Left side pain-dizziness/vertigo-Seeing shapes/colors in peripheral vision-ear ringing like crazy-feeling negative energy-psychic attacks-hearing strange noises-having awful and at times strange dreams-escalated troubles/issues in life-suicidal and depressed-anxious and worried-feeing like something big is happening or going to happen-body aches and pains that leave you feeling numb-completely and utterly run down with exhaustion-making time for sleep but still feeling drained and like you need another 12 hours of sleep. Everything is just amplified right now and when March passes on we will all feel a settling of these energies, it’s hard being who we are and doing what we do. We’re feeling all this pain now because it is what we have to do when we integrate more of (Source/Creator) light into ourselves, we can successfully heal/cleanse more of our issues and merge more with our higher self. It really is about understanding who we are, and taking it to the next level and being aware of what new lessons we have just learned. The saying “No Pain, No Gain” comes to mind, because changing into a higher frequency can sometimes clash with the existing lower darker energy on planet earth. So it comes to blows within our body while we’re in it, it’s not something I want to write or what those who are awakening and embodying this Ascension process wants to hear. However it is the reality!

The Total Solar Eclipse energy is a big one – and it’s an energy that is there up for grabs, anyone can use it and I’ve mentioned this before as well. There are positive events and negative events, if your on the inside looking out and seeing chaos just know chaos is being created. There is so much energy that is coming from every direction, every person right now. Everyone contributes in some form or way. Some people contribute positive energy and other’s really are enjoying spreading the negative shit, we get more clashing of wills and energetic power struggles. This really is a planet of creation, our entire existence is based on “creation” just remember that, it’s yours/my choice to create what “WE” want for our world and how we want it to be. Just like those who are Dark Agents working for the Human Elite choose to create negative events, wars, distortions and flat out lies that spread fear based beliefs. We can create Love, peace and energetic harmony with all people and our own planet, it doesn’t have to be so damn polarized anymore. It used to be that many people believed that we needed to accept our good/bad aspects – but the Ascension Process is about growing and evolving beyond that to where we just are.

The 3-9-9 Portal/Gateway Energies & Stair-Steps To Higher Creativity

The 3-9-9 Portal/Gateway has an emphasis on the number “3” which is another stair-step. I’ve written about the first two portals 1-9-9 and 2-9-9, it’s been a year so far for endings but also when it comes to endings there is new beginning’s waiting on the horizon to be pushed into ones reality. The first portal was to be aware of the old, the second portal was about making plans this 3-9-9 portal is about completion and creating and manifesting new changes into your life.

The number 3 is a highly important and symbolic number as it symbolizes that of a trinity and triad also triality. It symbolizes the soul – spirit – the higher self! The number three relates to being more or having more than one or two aspects, and we’re not just dimensional beings we’re multidimensional beings. This is a perfect time to integrate yet another aspect of yourself and merge it with your current selve(s), which is what we’ll be doing at this time now anyways merging with more aspects of who we are by dealing with our issues. From our Past-Present and future. The number goes beyond awareness and planning changes, it is about creating and creating what we/me/you want. The number 3 is very symbolic of creativity and having stated in an earlier article, that many people are shifting into the new and don’t know how to move forward because it’s not something that they have experienced before. Well this portal/Gateway is about being creative and creating different ways to exist now, within the new way of being. We have to create our next moves and create how we deal with where we are, where were going, and what it is we want and do not want. The number 3 is also symbolic of the Ascended Masters which is wonderful because often those who are Ascended had to go through what we did. They have shed their ego selves, they have walked the lonely path. The Ascended Masters have reached past their lower selves and ascended to their number “3” aspect. Their higher self. The number 3 is about rising above our lower selves, reach our divine higher self and creating our own realities. The 3-9-9 Portal/gateway energies are so important, with a Total Solar Eclipse/New Moon and also a Super-Moon it is showing itself to us as being an event that has more than one aspect to it. If you need/want and feel that asking those Ascended Masters who lived through this long ago for help, the number 3 is an indicator that they can be reached if you need them all you have to do is ask them for help.

I feel the need to explain what Stair-Steps means, because I’ve been stating that in many of my articles as of late and I need to make it clear to other’s reading them. Stair-steps are basically the level an aware being is at. When I say humanity is moving up another stair-step I mean they are evolving up to a new level of consciousness. Today and through-out March we are moving up to a new level of consciousness, which means that we’ll be more connected and able to understand more of the aspects of ourselves and that make up our universe/creation.

Recent Enhanced Tactics By The Negatives & Light-Workers Why Do They Continue To Escalate Shit?

I’ve noticed the closer we get to the March 20th timeline the more “The Negatives” have been once again escalating events, psychic attacks, panic in order to prevent more from waking up and becoming aware. The reason why this happens is because they want to remain here, they want to continue running the show. They want to pull and keep people in their sick 3D timeline where they create chaos and still rule through control and stupid utter distortions. Not everyone of us get’s targeted, a lot of Light-Workers know not to give into fear. However those who are just awakening are getting targeted because they’re reaching above and beyond them. They don’t like losing more sources to fuel them. Just like in December and September 2015 we constantly shift – we shift higher up those stair-steps to the point where “The Negatives” at certain levels can’t reach us. They become ineffectual to us, because we’re living and existing in a higher way of being. If your being targeted stay out of fear, it doesn’t have to effect you unless you want it to.

Tap into your higher self energy and remain detached from all the efforts and tactics. We have the 3-9-9 portal/Gateway energy use (Source/Creator) energy to keep yourself lifted. If your finding it too hard to cope or even do much of anything, then it’s a sign that your body wants/needs you to rest at this time period. It’s a big day today and the next few weeks will feel the same, rest up and stay in control no matter how painful it get’s. Sheesh … this time period can be so difficult! I still remember last year around this time, after the March 20th timeline 2015 i spent the next week in so much pain I was bed bound. As it is … i’ll be lighting my candle for peace tonight and I hope that you can as well.

Love & Light

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