Ascension Symptom(s): Ear Ringing & The Ability To Hear High Frequencies

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I have been wanting to write this special article for a few weeks now and it is about one of those physical symptoms that most who are now Ascending/rising in vibration are going threw. Myself included. I do not need to sit here and tell any Light – Worker or very aware beings that their ears ring, because the very honest truth is that you already know that they do because they are your ears. However what does that mean is a different matter, and for the very newly just awakened beings this article is aimed specifically for you. As a light being who is already aware i am here to spread awareness and to also help those who do not yet know, how do i know well how do birds eventually learn how to fly. It is knowledge already known from within, they know they are meant to fly thus they learn how to. Those of us who are aware already know that when we incarnated down here, that we already had the knowledge within us. We know about inner ear ringing, we know about the many higher beings and friends from other planets. The difference here now is tremendous amounts of people have forgotten their own light. I know i am here to show them the way again … and so are all of us. We are not better than they, we are just at a different level in our spirit journey. You would be shocked at how many feel they are, and those who are real Light-Warriors know that every-one is at their own level. Help others – show compassion for that is the way we will all become one consciousness again.

In 2014 i really woke up, like in the worst way possible but we all do. I remember that time period very well, i wish that i did not. I moved homes – i was very sick for a small period – my past life wounds came back – my body hurt all the time and i was generally confused. There was change every where, my previous mission had ended and throughout the entire experience in the next four to five months i would become aware of the constant ringing in my ears. It was over night the Ascension process – i was totally caught off guard, not to mention that everything hit me all at once. The aches and pains were the worst … along with that the ringing sounds in my ear, the buzzing sounds, the clicking and the sounds of high pitched tones was instant. Everything i knew from that one night – forward to that new day switched, everything was instant and everything has remained a constant. I had a hard time with the ringing in my ears, i actually could not stand sitting down in pain while it sounded like someone was holding a kettle too my ears while it was going off. I would get annoyed by it all the time, it was always so loud and because i had not remembered it all that well, it really played on my mind. I thought it was Tinnitus … i had done research and thought i had ear damage at one point. The days moved forward on and i started to communicate with the tones in my ears, and whenever i felt too much pain i would ask for healing or thought about it i would feel them healing my left leg. Left leg pain ( Past Life Wound) and slowly i realized something felt familiar and i do not have tinnitus, i was just hearing angels, spirit guides and the spirit world around me. It took me some time to get used to it, really it did. I use to stick my fingers in my ears to see if they could stop, put both hands over my ears and shut my eyes whenever they got too loud. I tried everything, i just ended up realizing that it is a part of me and it is a real gift. Those internal sounds and noises that ring all of the time in your ears, that is perfectly fine and normal. That is not some disease that you have. That is not ear damage. You do not need any drugs for it, nor pills, neither or shots to get rid of it. First off that is a lower form of healing that does not do anything but cause real illness. Secondly your just able to hear the spirit world, spirits good and yes sometimes the not so nice ones too, our earth and the angels. There is a global awakening happening right now and it is leading us to the way of the future. Constant communication with the source/creator by way of love/light which comes from the heart and not the ego.

The only thing i could have done was realize what a gift it was, and while i am not here to preach to anyone about the ringing in their ears. I can shed some light about it, and maybe having read this you can accept this as a gift and embrace this. Many run away from their gift – do not run away from your gifts just embrace it with open arms.

Hearing Inner Ear Ringing & The Gift Of Clairaudience

I have known for some time now that because i could hear inner ear ringing and sounds that i was fully Clairaudient. This is your gift, my gift and many other light workers also have this gift and it should be treasured. Clairaudient is being able to hear spirt – angelic beings – spirit guides – as well as negative beings – demons/fallen angels – Negative aliens. You know in my experience i have heard music playing and it’s not anything like the music here, trumpets and harps and horns playing different kinds of cords and some that i’ve never even heard before. Yet i remember that music. I’ve heard laughter which wasn’t coming from me. I’ve heard children laughing and i have a dead twin-flame and he is male so i have no kids. Too state the obvious … in a butch voice “Hey, I’m Gay”! I have heard many people whispering and carrying on and having conversations but i still can’t make out what they say. The tones and sounds are not like human people speaking, all i get is clicks and tones and buzzing sometimes i hear humming. The words come eventually through telepathically and then i’ll get clear understanding of what they’re going on about. Otherwise i don’t engage and neither do i interfere, my journey is here and i’m not yet allowed to have experiences back home until i pass on – on the other hand!

I’ve had atrocious experiences with my clairaudient gift. It’s enough for me to see the negative bastards and beings that i do, it’s another thing to hear growls, groaning, screams, moaning, generally anything that would put fear into me. Which never worked because i know myself well enough and i don’t need to fear them, it’s about over coming polarity and getting to a place of peace within. I have been bothered the most by them when i am doing the most good that i can, when i write anything that they are afraid will spread awareness to other people. When i am told a newly just awakened light-worker is going to make contact with me and comment, they hate it and growl loudly at me with a look filled with pure hate. They don’t like it when i share information or give help to those around me, for fear those around me will be able to learn how to fight them or worse teach them how to protect themselves. Then they flip their lids growl at me repeatedly until i snarl back at them … then proceed on with my day! No matter how good you are at your gift, having positive and negative experiences is always a giving. Being clairaudient is being able to experience hearing beyond the realm of this earth, if your reading this and have not experienced these yet but hear the ringing give it time because i assure you if you have the gift eventually you’ll have the experience.

Ear Ringing – Sign Of Incarnated Earth Angels & What It Means For Light-Workers

Ear Ringing is simple in terms of a definition (Hearing the sounds of spirit in all its forms) but there are so many more hidden meaning behind it. I would love to share it with you all. Aside from being a communication tool with back (home) it is also a calling. Here is a list of what hearing ringing in the ears can mean and all Light-Workers can resonate with one or all depending on what mission they have specifically.

Incarnated Angels – Your mission is to spread awareness on earth. It was likely that you could not have done it from the higher realms, so you agreed to come down and do whatever work you agreed to do personally by incarnating. Your mission is to spread awareness which is something you could not do from the higher realms, you had to venture down here tread in darkness in order to spread your word. In a sense all Light-Workers are incarnated angels, others are incarnated light beings from other galaxies and planets but the majority of us are earth angels.

Incarnated Light-Beings – There are many light beings incarnated on earth right now who come from other planets, star seeds and indigos, and plenty more who come from different planets who are here to help us awaken at this time. The ear ringing is communication from back home to help you do what needs to be done, in order to help our planet awaken.

Channelling’s/Spread Messages – There are many light beings who have agreed to come down to earth specifically to receive messages, and spread it through out the entire world. Visitations from Ascended masters and higher light beings, despite my own reservations with channellings i know this to be certain light beings missions. Nothing to fear but more something to discern.

General Guidance/Help – Every once in a while light workers and beings lose their way and some times their faith in their mission, so ear ringing is a form of communication that the angels and your guides are around. Trying to help you continue on because these individual missions are never easy.

Helping Other Light-Workers/Charging – I am a part of these light workers and beings who are here to help other people when they are awakened. My ear ringing acts as a way to speak with my spirit team, but also whenever their is a charge (A soon to be light-worker) awakening and i am meant to help her or him. They are just sent my way, and were told they would meet me at some point.

We all have special missions and we all have the gift of hearing spirit – our planet – the light energies on our planets – the negativity on our planet. This maybe very new to a lot of light beings and having that notion that your an incarnated earth angel probably will resonate, or be hard to comprehend but in time you will see that you are. Your truly loved by the angels and everyone from back home. Do not doubt yourself! We all just need to empower ourselves and remember that so we can truly live in harmony with each other, and our earth. I had the greatest pleasure of encountering the beautiful Doreen virtue last year when i was first beginning my studies and remembering who i am, it was reading her book titled Assertiveness For Earth Angels that really helped me see who i was and i recommend that you all read it. You are normal, you are loved, shine your light and just be yourself.

Love & Light

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4 thoughts on “Ascension Symptom(s): Ear Ringing & The Ability To Hear High Frequencies

  1. Susan April 24, 2016 / 2:36 pm

    Mike: Thank You for writing this article. There are many of us out there that are experiencing many of the same “symptoms”, without realizing just what is happening. I too get the ear ringing and sometimes, it’s more like an annoying fly buzzing all around me, it happens so often. I first realized my clairaudient abilities since I was a young child. But now, I also seem to be receiving information through my dreams and several “odd” synchronistic events. This is a very interesting time to be here on Earth and, our light energies are greatly needed.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Robdiggs009 June 5, 2016 / 4:01 pm

    I’ve always had ear ringing, dr.’s just said you have inverted ear drums, and there was no cure. I always knew when people were talking about me, but couldn’t actually hear it, i just assumed they were really good whisperers.

    My main problem now is not being able to sleep, really at all. Meditation, music, helps but only for short cat naps. Any suggestions? I know I have a specific mission, any time I get close to figuring it out i hear a shhh and “remember, super secret sleeper cell” and my train of thought is broken not to be retraced. I am being literal about this now. Next time I accidentally slip up again i will be committed and ECT will be forced upon me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    • mikeymurdock June 5, 2016 / 10:05 pm

      Hi Robdiggs009

      When you say, committed and ECT, Are you being literal? Let me just say, first off your not insane, and if anyone thinks you are shut it down and continue believing that your gifted because you are. I also have ear ringing can hear many non-physical beings in the realms both positive and negative, in the higher and lower realms. It’s having the gift of being clairaudient. Please google this “Clairaudient” it’ll show you who you are. Who ever is stating you will be committed, and undergo an ECT aren’t people/beings who have your best interest at heart.

      Meditation does help, music helps, but most of the time ear ringing is something I hear 24/7, it’s never really stopped for me. Likely chances are it won’t stop for you, however understanding your gift sometimes means we have to keep it to ourselves. Not let anyone know, it’s hard, but it keeps people from trying to lock us up in the looney bin.

      My suggestion to you, is listen to the ear ringing, and really hear it. If it’s telling you something negative ignore it, if your hearing something positive follow it. Sometimes understanding our gift, means to just experience it. Listen to the ear ringing.


  3. Darryl John January 25, 2018 / 8:56 am

    Hi my name is Darryl John

    I have felt all my life that my mission was to help raise the planets vibrations through music. I finished the two songs below at the end of 2016, high on vibe and expect a little miracle, and a whole album about my lightworker progress called a way of life. Two days after finishing the album I started debilitating ear ringing. It has led me to complete despair, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and a complete loss of faith in the universe and my beliefs and dreams of being a light worker spreading my message to the world through music. I just released the music 2 months ago and starting to cope better with my ear ringing after 2 years.

    I read your article just at the right time and trying to see the constant noise as a gift. Thank you so so much for your article. Hope you like my music and my messages of sharing love and light into a modern world.


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