March 2016 Light Activations: What Are Star Seed Activations? & Why Are Light Code Awakenings Happening For Many In Humanity.

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I’ve been slacking lately when it comes to writing my articles for this place, i’m too tired, and life has gotten very busy. On top of this, i’ve been feeling the massive source/creator energies, and it’s knocking me for ten. I’ve needed more sleep, i’ve been taking much more naps in the middle of the evening, while the physical pain isn’t as bad for me personally as last year, i still feel drained. I know that so many more of you are feeling flat out exhausted, and i’m familiar with the “Don’t want to get out of bed, but if i could i would” routine. I understand because i know what it’s like to feel like your body is completely crushed, i’ve had days where i felt so much bodily pains and unimaginable aches deep within my bones that i thought i could die from it. It’s just once again another integration of the light for us Light-Workers, it’s never easy but who ever said merging with our higher self(s) would be easy in 2016? It’ll only get better when the Spring Equinox passes

I feel directed to write an article about those out there scattered around the world, who are awakening, and becoming aware of the truth that is going on in our world at this time. Yes, there are many around the world now who have just recently awakened, and i know a new group of aware beings will be directed to sites/blogs online looking for validation. Looking and searching for something that will help them to understand that what they’re going through is normal, that what they’re going through isn’t about them on the brink of madness, and believe me some have gone through and beyond the brink of madness. I know in a few days and weeks a new batch of awakened beings will be on here learning, understanding, what is really going on in our dark world, and what role they now find themselves playing in the grand scheme of thing’s by spreading some more light and awareness.

It happens time and time again – I meet wonderful beings of the light who feel like they have been feeling so alone, for so long, that it fills their hearts to come across someone who’s writing is so on point with them and their experiences. When I first awakened I had some one who helped me understand very well just what was happening around me, the darkness, that I was a light filled vessel, what my mission was and I’ve been doing it ever since. Part of this mission is to spread what I know and spread my awareness, so other’s can also become aware. This article is a very important one because not many people discuss it, many other aware beings speak on the matrix, speak on the light embodiment, speak on the inner seed, but not enough speak about when new beings become aware. It makes it seem like those who are aware are the only ones, that no-one else is and we’re going to have to wait 10 years into the current world timeline in order to see more aware beings. New light beings are activated each day, and they’re being activated now. Why because the closer we get to the equinox/solstice energy, the more divine light/love can reach into people and activate the light seed within each being. What is a “Light Seed”? A light seed is within everyone, we all have this light seed that we can access if we wanted to. Many choose not to live a lifetime where their seed will activate, while other’s like you and me choose to and have had it activated in this lifetime already. However some beings get activated when least expected, and this has happened to many people and it all has to do with just how aware and conscious we are at this time. There are many variations of this seed – some identify with it as star seed, other’s call it Christ seed, a different group of aware beings call it crystal(line) seed while I refer to it as the light seed. Different labels, but same thing.

No matter what you refer to it by, everyone has it, even dark agents, yet many ignore it and ignore any semblance of good/light they have within themselves. Thus they ignore their seed within. I’ve had to ask my guardian how many more are awakening, and many more have already awakened and many more will continue to after the Lunar eclipse on March 23rd. So if your feeling alone, or exhausted with the progress of how many beings are being activated from within, realize that more are becoming aware and will continue in the coming days. We’re all just one step closer to global consciousness and unity, and damn doesn’t it feel good? I should say so!

Light Seed Activations & DNA Changes Within The Body

Changing from unaware to aware can be challenging, it can be eye opening, it can be one of the hardest down right traumatic experiences a light being can go through in a human being body. Not that i’m trying to frighten you, but truth is honesty and if we aren’t honest we’re living among the den of liars. We are activated, when we get activated from within, we understand that we are rising in frequency and all that doesn’t match this frequency will cripple us and our body beyond what we sometimes will be able to handle. Our DNA plays a big part in this Light Seed activation because it’s part of who we are, and when we are activated we’re no longer going to remain the same person. We go through a complete spiritual transformation on all levels, emotional, mental, and physical. Genetics and DNA are what makes us who we are, our looks, our characteristic’s both appearance and personality aspects. When we have stayed one way for how many years we have been alive for in one lifetime, then when we get activated this DNA within us begins the process of changing. This is known as The Ascension Process why? … because we are essentially changing in every single way possible. How we feel, how we think, how aware we are, and when the mental changes within us the emotional aspects changes. When the emotional aspects changes the physical changes within us become apparent.

Everything changes within – it is necessary. We are triggered to purge anything that does not match the light/frequency of source/creator, in hopes that one day we will and don’t have to continue incarnating here to deal with our own darkness. The physical bodily changes can be extremely painful at times, and many don’t realize that their bodies and their DNA is shifting/changing and becoming more clear, clean, and crystalline. Some new DNA is added, some old strands are broken down and destroyed, some illness comes up and needs to be cleansed as it is dark energy that is stuck in different parts of the body. Some of you may be surprised to know that many internal organs can go through a cleansing, many new organs are grown in the body in different areas. Head/brain re-wiring are also a part of the physical changes, as it is very important, we are being pushed to use our entire brain instead of a small portion. Frequent urinating/bladder cleansing happens, and I found/find still that i’m urinating like a race horse on a daily basis and it’s normal as it’s cleansing. Our DNA and internal organs go through a complete cleansing process, as foods, beverages are/can not be tolerated because it’s not healthy. The Stomach expands like budda and more weight is put on, the hair for most men/women on head/legs and all over the body falls out. This happened to me, and then it re-grew and some other parts is never did. The thyroid goes through a cleansing, and we can fluctuate between gaining weight/losing it and issues with our throat ensure. The Kundalini Rising is another aspect, and if you feel like the bottom of your feet are burning or other areas of your body, understand the DNA and past life strands are being burned as we move past those pains from past lives. Another thing that i haven’t yet mentioned with Light Seed activations, is the bloody sex drive enhances. I feel like I orgasm every second of everyday and I don’t touch nothing! It comes on suddenly, and then never goes away. I’ll be walking down the street and suddenly feel myself fall to the floor, in some inappropriate position. The whole street stops to look at this crazed man, ass upwards in the middle of the day on the side walk. The horror of it all Light-Workers, the sheer utter horror!!! Every part of your being changes. It does not matter if you were 5 ft 10, skinny, and looked like a model. Your gunna gain weight! Your gunna feel physical pains, your sex drive will reach the roof, your gunna feel awful while your going through spiritual purification.

To be healthy is to go through a complete spiritual detox/cleansing and sometimes that means being sick for a short period. For other’s on this new path it takes longer, each process for each person is very different. It’s a learning curve, and we all must find our own ways of handling/dealing with both the unexpected pleasure/pain. If your newly awakened, i’m so glad to see you are beginning this new wonderful/some what painful journey that your now on. Soon you’ll be able to spread love/light and understand just how important and needed it is on this planet at this time.

Love & Light

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