March 2016 Equinox Energies: Like A Light-Filled Phoenix Rising From The Dark Ashes Again.

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Today is one of the most important dates year round, it’s the most magical of days, a day of awakening, a day of great energy and potential for our world. It’s the March 2016 Spring Equinox and I am all a flutter, i’m glad that it’s here. It is symbolic of fresh new starts, new beginnings, a return to life from the long out drawn dullness of winter and darkness. After all the hard inner work that I have been doing since December it’s finally going to pay off. All the hard work we all have been doing within ourselves, and for the world is going to pay off, as we all move up another stair step into the light.

Many Light-Workers don’t yet realize/understand just how important this date is, the Spring equinox and why so many beings pay homage to the energies coming into our planet today. The Druid Beings celebrate today as ” Alban Eilir” which means The Light Of The Earth. The druids believe that when the equinox is amongst them, that life is beginning once again. They’re a group of beings that believe that nature is alive and so is our planet, everything is awake, aware, and has a conscious function. Those who practice Wicca & Paganism understand the importance of the spring equinox, understand the elements of the world, and successfully welcome them back as life returns back to earth. They celebrate “Ostara” the goddess of fertility and understand that the earth is in a time period where fertility and rebirth is essential. Light-Workers we celebrate this time of the year, and we understand that we are moving/merging and being pushed higher into our higher self(s) as consciousness and the light returns to our planet. There are many labels, we call upon one another, however we are all celebrating the same thing. We celebrate life/light, we celebrate Source/creator, we celebrate ourselves and the magic we hold deep within us.

Light Workers – The Magic/Light & The Huge Religious Cover Up That Prevents Real Source To Spread All Through The World

The light/energies coming into us/our planet at this time is literally magical, it is magic, and magic/energy that of which we can use to heal and help us in our daily life. There have been many rituals, festivals and ceremonies through out time that honor this day, and the reason for it is simple. The many beings through out time and history understood that this day brought with it onto the planet the light. The light that of which we all come from, the light we all desperately want to return home to, to reunite with. Winter is darkness, and it’s no wonder that for me in all the 25 years I’ve been alive here, that I’ve found the winter months to be unbearable. There is real darkness on this planet, and winter is the ultimate form of death and suffering. While spring symbolizes light and rebirth, it is a time of balance, and a time of renewal.

The spring Equinox welcomes the light – and that is essentially what this day is about. This is the day of massive awakening, we are being embraced by higher divinity. Now the truth is many people in our society/world feel that the rituals that we do are flat out evil, to those who walk amongst beliefs of the false light source/creator, we are the evil that spreads amongst man kind. In the days of olde many of us who recognize/welcome the true light into our planet have been persecuted. We were outcaste, banished, and in those times were looked down upon so disgustingly that we were killed for what we knew. We died out of sheer ignorance, and died because we were connected to all living thing’s. We are now awakening all of us, not just light-workers, but beings of all kinds, including many who we never thought would/could at this particular time frame. It doesn’t mean that many are awakening, just means some are, and the ones who refuse to move forward are the ones who continue to live through the ego and not the heart. The real truth is and many light-Workers, aware beings, understand that there is the real light/source coming onto our planet at this time, however there is a false source/light that is dominant on this planet as well. This false light/source is making it very hard for the real light/source to exist, well not like before, a good ten years ago give or take, it was feeling very impossible for some light- beings to make it through the day with all the sheer darkness that was hanging around. This is not the case anymore, as so much more light/love is dominant on our planet now, and many of the fallen angels either are cleansing and returning back to source/or running away out of fear. The major dominating darkness here is being spread by the “Negatives” and many of the dark entities that are considered fallen angels like the Reptilians and Grey Alien Beings who are trying to remain in control here.

Christianity has long since been connected to this False light/source as many of the other religions have been, however there are a few that have come from incarnated light-workers such as Buddhism. Not every aspect of any religion is truth, not every aspect of religion speaks of the real light and the real source/creator. It never seizes to amaze me that the false light always seems to intercept with the real light, Easter along with Christmas which are both a man created belief/holiday intercept right near the winter solstice and the spring equinox. It’s not hard to see that when we (Light-Workers) and aware beings, accept/welcome higher divinity into us and try and spread our light upon the earth, that the false light/source which i call anti-source and the beings of negative beliefs are doing the same thing at around the same time. It makes it hard, because they are trying to prevent the real light from shining through the false matrix, and not just that but sensitive beings like you and myself we feel it. Which is why equinox/solstice periods are very difficult, but with that said we have the upper hand because we live in truth and from the heart. What prevents the real light from shining? well it’s the beliefs the false light states. Do you know the guilt many people feel, how much pain is caused yearly, how much control those in the church instill and why because it get’s people to believe they can save everyone. In reality “You can only save yourself, only you can work on your issues, only you can grow/evolve, only you can ascend on your own terms” The Ascension Process is not about relying on other’s to grant false promises about helping us. This is our journey, we learn, we grow, and if we don’t/can’t then we’re forever in a perpetual state of ignorance/pain and suffering.

There is a huge religious cover up going around at this time, and empaths, light-workers, star seeds, Wiccans/witches and or any other kind of being you are. We all can sense it, within our bodies, minds, souls because we’re so sensitive to bullshit and the bullshit around us.

Energies & Body Symptoms Leading Up To The Equinox

I haven’t had a moments rest since about the beginning of March 2016 because I felt the energies from the first eclipse, and the energy since then has been on a continuum right up until this point. Some of the symptoms that I have felt are maybe what some of you also are feeling, and while it’s been physical chaos just please know that you are just healing in many ways. If you can’t handle the energy please speak to your spirit guides, and if it’s getting too painful, let them know that you need them to tone it down ask it aloud and you shall receive physical ease.

Major Crown Chakra Downloads – The last few weeks I’ve definitely felt major downloads that have been going on in my Crown Chakra, which is the area just located above your head which leads through to your outer aura. It feels like a tiny midget is sitting on my head (Causing Pressures) but also when i’m being downloaded I can feel the source/creator light enter my very being. It runs through my body.

Vivid Dreaming & Interrupted Sleeping – The dreams are once again getting stupid, getting intense, getting annoying, getting more fear based, and I know it’s enhanced negatively created dream sequences just to try and spread fear in me. However absurd and odd they are, they are very vivid and I feel like i’m right there. The greatest illusion that “The Negatives” can manage is the illusion that makes you or me think that were right there experiencing their negatively created dreams. To top it off i’m waking up 3 or more times a night, and while i’m aware i’m cleaning house in my head I understand also the dreams are so intense I need a break from the dreaming world. Which is odd, considering i’m so tired I need as much sleep as I can get now and my body knows it to.

Crushing Left Side Pain & Numbness – I have experienced and know what crushing left side pain feels like, having in the past few years felt it since I have been aware, and it’s brutal. I have to commend my tourmaline/shungite bracelet’s because since I’ve been wearing them, I feel ten times better, and I can actually function. When the energy is digging right into my bones and they ache, I generally have to ask my spirit guides to help the pain subside. When I do that the pain goes numb and I can’t really feel it until it comes back. The thing about not being aware is that those who don’t know, don’t have to feel the pain which basically means they’re numb and continue to be pain free until they’re light seed within becomes activated and they begin the ascension process.

Too Tired To Care/Don’t Bother Me Syndrome – I have been in a mood where I’m sick of dealing with my family and their constant drama/problems. I’m too tired to care, and I don’t want to be bothered to deal with their issues from within. I can’t expect you to raise me up, I can’t raise you up, you must raise yourself.

I Could Sleep All Day Long – If I could, then I would … sleep all damn day long. Give me a pillow, give me a blanket, a reasonably comfortable surface and I could sleep, sleep, sleep. I’ve forgotten how tiring this month could be, it’s not comparable to last year, however I am just so tired when I walk out of bed, to when I go to work, to when I come home from work. I can only make it to the couch and spread out like a salad. I can’t go on from there.

Ascension Flu Symptom’s – Not every day, however on most morning’s I do wake up like I have the flu. Nothing comes out of my nose very often when I blow, I’ll have a headache, my tongue will look white and feel awful and the smell is sickening, my entire body will feel achy and on the verge of breaking into little tiny pieces, a small fever and that’s all soo very tiring. As if I or you were not tired enough, light downloads can be difficult but it’s not just light downloads it’s also small symptoms of what the negative beings are doing at this time as well.

Love/Joy – In the inside of my being, where the light resides, I am feeling a lot more joy/love and that feels great. It’s been a very long time waiting to feel more connected to source/higher divinity again.

Constant Ear Ringing/Clairaudient Gift – In early days of February 2016 my ear ringing grew louder/stronger and I was informed my clairaudient gift had grown. It hasn’t really stopped and for the past two months, it’s constant and I hear many thing’s both positive/negative. I’m hearing cries/pleas through out the entire world from other people, i’m hearing mother Gaia and her cries/pleas, i’m hearing various different spirit beings in other realms and dimensions and sometimes I swear it’s very hard to understand just where I am at a given time. Earth or the spirit world.

This is an immense period we are in, and it’s a magical one, and it’s important for all light-workers and aware beings to welcome the beautiful energies coming in now. We have a big opportunity to create absolute peace and harmony, we just need to tap into the source/creator energy and use it to spread good. I’ll be doing a candle lighting tonight, and I know many of you all will be, as this is a day where most tap into the power of their own inner magic. However their are many out there who use the energy for today, tap into their own inner magic, and use it for ill will/harm. My hope is to over-ride those who wish to create chaos. Embrace your gift, embrace your inner magic, and embrace who you are. You are loved, you are needed, and those who don’t value that well their missing a whole lot by not knowing the real you.

Love & Light

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