March 2016’s Lunar Eclipse: Birthing The New 5D World & Embodying New DNA Blueprints.

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12      A supermoon is seen in the sky in London, Britain      12

Winston Churchill said it best “If your going through hell, keep going” don’t look back, don’t look to the sides, just keep moving ahead until you get out of there. Get out of that mentality, get out/away from people, places, situations that are causing you this kind of misery.

The reason why I started this article out this way, is because I understand that most Light-Workers feel like they’re in that dire of situations, that being down here on our planet now is the equivalent of being in a hellish realm. I’ve felt that at times to, like I’ve been dropped off in a place where people just don’t get it, where there is nothing but pain/misery every where I turn. What really helps me get past that kind of mentality, is Taking comfort in the fact that i’m doing my purpose/mission everyday. I’ve met, talked to, helped other aware beings understand what is going on, I help them by answering their questions, I help them by using my gift(s). While there are other aspects to my own mission, that seems to be one of the most important ones. To spread awareness, and help people understand we evolve, how do we evolve? By doing our own internal personal work, getting through our problems, and continuing on forward until we can’t move on forward anymore. In which case we have learned/dealt with all that we can in this lifetime, so we leave our vessels behind, and return back to which ever part of home we came from.

For those of you who are really struggling right now with crazy situations, crazy physical pains, very unfortunate events, unbearable dark people around you, and with life please understand that the only way to rise above everything is to continue moving forward. You don’t and won’t ever get anywhere remaining in the same places, doing the same thing’s, around the same people. The only way to move out of your own personal hell/situations, is to continue walking quickly through them and getting as far away from your lowest point. I’ve had to really learn a few good hard lessons in this lifetime, a few of them include, detachment from everything around me good/negative. Rising above all of the petty shit, understanding myself and who I am, realizing when it’s time to pick up and move forward regardless of where I am physically or emotionally. We all have lessons to learn, and as annoyed as we can get with the stuff we are suppose to learn, the only way to learn them is to understand them and then apply them into our daily life. This is an article about hope – you can still have hope for this planet no matter how chaotic it get’s. Donald trump and his presidency race, Kim Jung un threatening nuclear war, the Syria situation, planes taking off then disappearing into the ether, yes there is crazy shit going on and yes many negative dark entities are latched onto many people. However holding your light is the most important part of stopping this chaos, it’s only chaotic right now because the world is waking up to the lies, control, treachery, deceit and real change is happening even if it looks like a huge mess. Keep moving forward, empower yourself, live your mission and other’s will live there’s.

The Lunar Eclipse Energy & Light-Worker’s We’re Just In A Phase Of Re-Birth

The first eclipse we had was on March 8-9th and that was a solar eclipse, today we have another eclipse however this time it’s a lunar eclipse. I must admit that this is a bit close as we just had the spring equinox on March 20th just three days ago. However that’s usually how it tends to work, when energy comes on during this time-period it really comes on and it brings on the pressure. I think it’s safe to say that we’re all sick of the pressure as of late, but hey if we got it we can use it and spread some world peace right?

No matter how much physical pain your in, this entire week has been wonderful indeed, so much good positive energy coming in now. Regardless if you feel that way or not. Eclipses get looked down on as a very negative thing, to the point where some people in the world believe that it is evil. Now from my higher perspective it’s not something to fear, as it’s a phase and it’s more energy that is coming into our planet helping us raise the vibration of mother Gaia. To have an eclipse right after the Spring equinox, that is something special indeed. What my higher self has been picking up on, what it is directing me to state, is that we are in a period where we are practically giving birth to ourselves. This is a time of re-birth not just for earth, nature, but for all of us as well. This is where a new phase and cycle begins, which will push us to move forward and create fresh new thing’s. Women understand that giving birth is a painful experience yes, but they understand that through pain and getting past it brings absolute wonder and joy. They meet their new wonderful child, and it’s as if the pain of bringing life into the world seizes to exist, it becomes part of the past and what is left is the joy of what has been created. This eclipse is pushing us to further give birth to ourselves, to push past the obstacles, to push past the physical pain. Once that is done, and you are past all of the struggles, you will be able to live and breathe the new you. How do you get to the new you? Questioning yourself, asking what are my issues?, what do I still have trouble with?, what do I need to be aware of within myself? It is about shedding your skin behind in the cocoon and leaving it, and emerging as the wonderful butterfly that you are so you can fly freely with no restraints. You’ll be absolutely surprised to find that the new you – will be without the many issues/problems you once had, you’ll be more aware of them, thus making it easy to not let them become a problem for you. The greatest challenge of being aware is not knowing, but continuing to know. You can’t leave the old, enter the new, if you don’t continue to be aware of yourself and the issues you have/had so you don’t repeat them over and over. The eclipse is pushing us to move forward, let go of all we went through last March until now, and to remain aware of what was learned. Don’t continue the vicious cycle, create and give birth to the new you.

The Lunar Eclipse Energy & Physical Bodily Pains

Letting go and becoming the new you is hard, and sometimes it’s painful, however this week has seen a lot of portal/gateway energies, we can understand that they can effect us in many ways. When it’s not the good energies, the dark negative energies can do us in. It’s really very hard, and dealing with the onslaught of physical pains from many outside sources, it’s draining to the vessel and the soul. I’d like to state what the difference is between feeling the source/creator energy, and feeling symptoms of negative beings and entities.

Ascension Flu/Dark Energy – Ascension flu is a symptom of the Ascension process that I have felt many times before, i’ll feel tired, drained, feverish, white tongue and i will feel sick without actually being sick. Sometimes this will happen when the energy is intense such as with eclipses, New/Full Moons, or when source/creator portals open up again. However I tend to get the same kinds of symptoms that I do with the Ascension flu around negative people, negative energy, or negative beings/entities who are around me in my earth location. The difference between Ascension Flu that comes with source is that I know when I am being downloaded with higher information and light. When I feel the symptoms of Ascension flu and i’m aware that i’m not being downloaded, then of course I begin to look at who is around me. What is around me, and i’ll understand it’s dark energy that is making me feel that way.

Love Vs Pain – When the energies come around like they have been doing, yes it can feel painful at times of course. However if your in more pain then you are feeling the higher source/creator light and love within you that’s a big red flag. I need to explain something here, when we are close to eclipses and equinox energy, we should feel within an energy of ecstasy, from our heart chakras they should feel like they could explode with love/joy. That is how I feel/sense source/creator within me, within my body, within how I connect with my spirit guides and higher light being friends. If you do not feel this bursting feeling of tremendous love, and all you have been feeling lately is physical pain that is intense. This is negativity around you, negative entities around you. There are many physical implants, etheric implants and brain implants by the negative grays and reptilian beings. If illness and physical pains is what you feel, and it’s not followed by feeling’s of joy/ecstasy from within, you are likely to have implants that are activating pain within you. Your likely to have energy being siphoned from you.

Brain Re-Wiring & Psychic Attacks – This is another important one. Brain re-wiring is basically the process of connecting our entire brain together. We are no longer implanted with the brain implants and codes, as such when this happens we begin to heal our brain. Our left/right side, they merge to activate our entire brain, so we use our entire brain and bring harmony within us. We become fully conscious of all thing’s. When we get intense head pains, pressures, movements going on, we understand that it is brain re-wiring so that we can be in better harmony with ourselves and fully use our entire brain. When we also feel head pains, pressures, and movements on the front of our head near our third eye chakra, understand that it can some times be psychic attacks. This can be from the grays and reptilians, from dark energy, from beings who just sense who you are and dislike you. Personally how I know it’s brain re-wiring and not psychic attack is that my entire head/skull even down to my neck is getting re-wired. When it is psychic attack, it’s the front of my head and sides, so there is a bit of difference. Do not always think that if your feeling front and side pains, that it won’t just be brain re-wiring because these two things can mimic one another.

Ear Ringing & Hearing Spirit Guides – Being clairaudient is a gift of mine, if it’s yours as well you must be aware of the fact that not everything your going to hear is going to be from the light. Many times many people are hearing what they believe to be is their spirit guides, when in actuality it’s not them at all, more dark beings pretending. I’ve had a being named Davt when I first became aware pretend to be a spirit guide of mine, found out he was pretending and it took a while to get into contact with my real ones. So not every being you hear, is advising you in a positive way. I became aware of some information by a friend, and I won’t name him for reasons that deal with him not getting found out. As my articles can some times attract negative responses, both from people and negative beings, so i’m not willing to share his name for protection reasons. When you read this, you’ll know who you are and I want to say thank you for sharing this information with me. This friend of mine made me see that the right ear is where he and many hear the positive beings, and the left ear the receptive ear is where he hears negative beings and sounds. I tried it out, and I find it to be extremely true, and it’s taken me this entire time to realize this. That is how to tell the difference between the ringing you here, if it’s left it’s probably negative, if it’s the right ear your hearing the positive beings.

Physical Pains & Implants – Implants are imprints and downloads of negative entities, the grays and the reptilians. There are brain implants, which are used as mind/psychic control. There are body implants, in hands, eyes, jaw, stomach/intestine, legs and feet. There are etheric implants which can be triggered, which cause emotions, and illness. So we have implants and then we have physical pains brought on by Ascension pains. The Ascension pains I feel are when I have learned a new lesson, or done past life healing, it triggers the karma to be burned. When sun spots are high I can feel sun energy, when source/creator is spreading more real light I can feel joy/ecstasy. If I have physical pains in my body and these are emotions I’m feeling, then I know it’s the ascension process. If I’m just feeling very confused/dazed and low and really depressed, which also includes physical body pains then I know this to be implants and I know I need to remove them immediately. I call the implants (Links) because they act like cords connected to you, and must be removed to be free from mind control and psychic control.

There are many more Ascension symptoms that can be mimicked by negative beings, dark entities, false light beings to make us think it’s Ascension. I wish I had more time to write more, but it’s an article all on it’s own and i’ll really need to write it in the future. Despite how you feel, if you can feel that love/joy within you and it’s making you want to burst in sheer tears/ecstasy, then know you are feeling the Ascension process and your feeling the higher source/creator energy coming into your very being at this moment. This month of March has been really eventful, as it always is, but the difference is that we can move forward up a new higher stair-step. Which is important, once we move up another step, those behind us can as well.

Love & Light

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