March 2016 Energy Download: The Rise In Frequencies & More Blatant Attacks Against Humanity By The Dark Entities.

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“Tuesday was an awful day – while I won’t mention it a second time, i’m speaking about the Belgium attacks that killed 32 people and injured many more. I haven’t been watching the news, or viewing it, reading anything about it since it happened. However as events around the world travel through awareness. I became aware of it Tuesday night after work, and I was already feeling it all during my shift. It was intense, dark, crushing, painful … I could feel tension all the way from Canada where i’m located. Not pleasant, and not fun and I wish that it never happened, but since the event I have felt so utterly disconnected from events in the old world. As I am engulfed in the new 5D World reality”

I feel the need to mention this, not because I need to state or talk about the actual events, but more because of who was behind the events and why? See many people don’t realize that there are two worlds within our world! One is similar to the picture below, of the heart shaped earth, rainbows everywhere, love and peace. The second is the world where events such as 9/11, the Paris Attacks, the Belgium attacks happen. Basically where any event that is awful/painful and negative happens. There are two world realities, the old 3D world which is the world timeline, the (Negative Beings) are continuously still trying to keep going because they need us as a fuel source to keep themselves existing. Then there is the new 5D world reality, this is the world timeline that I/You/Us are now living in and creating. Yes, Light-Workers, you and I have been working hard to create/ and help create the New 5th dimensional reality. I would love to write more about this world, but that is a whole other article all on it’s own. For now I need to speak about, the other world, the dark 3rd Dimensional world, where chaos is still ensuring.

The events of Tuesday morning, go beyond more than just causing chaos, or hurting people, it is done for a reason/purpose. As sick and twisted as (The Anunnaki/Reptilians) are, to them they always have a reason for doing anything. They use that, as justification, and yes these beings are who is responsible for this particular recent event, well any events that happen in the 3D timeline. Now that we know who is the who?, let’s find out more about the why? Why would anyone bomb anything, what would be the reason for it? The (Anunnaki/Reptilian) beings are a very dangerous, vile, despicable alien race. The main reason for these kind of events, are for fuel/source, energy, to exert control over us and anyone who is incarnated down here at this time. They need energy, they grab and take, as much as they can in order to remain here. The reason why I didn’t mention this event consciously by name, or go over the events, is because there is so much being fueled into the media already that it would give these (Alien beings) more ammunition. It’s not just about the isolated attack/event to them, it’s the aftermath, for however many weeks/days they can get out of it. For however long people fear these events, fear similar events happening again … they have their fuel/source to remain here and continue to effect the human race. How? How in the world do they do these thing’s? Mind control, psychic control, they tap into awareness, and use other people to do their work for them. Some are currently here still, other’s walk in to a person body, attack the soul/spirit, then inhabit their vessel. It’s all about control on all levels, and as light beings, star seeds, avatars of light, crystal light beings, indigos … we must be aware that the awful events, happening in the 3rd dimension world timeline reality, is all tactics to regain back more control. I have never felt so much hate, anger, frustration, annoyance, and rage being directed at me before, and any other light-workers, who are down here now. In this time to change and uplift the world. It was directed by the (Anunnaki/Reptilians) at me, you ,us, this i know for certain. They’re losing their plot, the story is changing, re-writes are being done, timelines are changing.

I can’t explain it very well, but when these events happen, I can’t seem to attach myself to them. There is such a disconnection, and I can’t seem to give much of it attention, while I can feel them very much so, it just doesn’t grab at me and my energy. It doesn’t mean that i don’t think it’s awful, it’s absolutely heart breaking, i’m just too far removed from that 3rd dimensional world timeline and reality. Too far removed from the attacks, the tactics, the corruption, that living in the old ways continuously perpetuates the old ways of living. The timeline is always changing, as light spreads, the world of peace is being known to much more people. However this event this past weekend, is an example of darkness trying to stay in control, if in the future you hear/feel/sense/know that these events are happening. Understand exactly why it’s happening, and who is doing it. These events are last ditch efforts, realize this, don’t give into the hype, stay away from the news. Remain filled with light/love, the rest of the world shall follow. I’ve been lighting my candle for those departed, and i hope you can join me tonight in helping the Light-Workers in Belgium, to help those confused souls move out of the area they are still in! Thank you! Blessings & love to all.

Love & Light

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