Early 2016 Ascension Symptoms: List Of Physical Changes, Upgrades & DNA Modifications For The Last Trimester.

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Whoa March 2016 – Heh? … um? Did I survive all of that or was I just having a really long dream this entire time. It’s been bloody intense that’s for sure. I’m sitting here writing this and i’m flat out wiped out, tired, but with that said I carry on. Have you shifted?, have you shed most of your old self?, and merged with your higher newer self? I sure have, at the start of 2016 I felt myself and many other’s also, move into newer uncharted territory within themselves. It’s been a huge learning curve. I didn’t know how to cope, however it’s all starting to come to me, and I feel more settled and sure of myself while within this new. 2016 has been newer, still more painful, still exhausting, and it’s just the end of the first cycle. Let’s keep moving.”

If I was too describe the first three months of 2016, I would have to go with ” Shit!, It’s been a rollercoaster ride of pure dark bullshit”. Not that the “Dark Bullshit” hasn’t served a particular purpose, while it teaches us to detach and overcome all our obstacles, it’s not that fun to endure. I’ve had some days where I was honestly stupefied, by how low/degrading the darkness has sunk, and all the malarkey that I’ve had to deal with. It makes you sit there, in awe of it all, because it shocks you with some of the tactics it uses to get at you, and your energy. But what are you going to do, and the more you give into it the more magnified it becomes. It’s a vicious cycle of feeding the darkness, which many people are still doing. Stop giving into the fear of Donald Trump, stop giving into the fear of Kim Jung un and his threats of spreading nuclear war, stop giving your energy to these outside influences, once you do it becomes self prophesied and it becomes reality within the world. Forget about these egoistic men and their patriarchal “Hateful” selves, and their hate spreading threats, claims, statements, flat out bullshit, and realize what they are trying to do. Realize they just want your energy and to be let into your consciousness. I write this, because? There are still many people who are giving into these tactics, and the best option for right now would be to focus on what you want for the world, and for yourself.

With the end of March upon us, we have reached the end of a cycle, a trimester from one solstice to the next. A trimester is three months and the energy within those three months. The Dec 21st winter solstice may not be the same level of energy, as the Spring equinox on March 20th. Which is the case going on for us right now, we are leaving behind the Dec 21st 2015 winter solstice, and last cycle for that year entirely. I’m basically writing about the last three months, and just how much it has helped, or hindered us? December if you can go back to where you were, as I can remember was a huge shift for Light-Workers. It felt odd, yet it felt good because it was so new. January came and that was intense enough, not many of us were that interested in the holidays. The energies kept getting much more bizarre, in the sense that what I was experiencing/feeling was absolutely new, and along with this new feeling came new situations that I have never experienced before in my entire time here so far. February opened new doors for me, a new job ( which I only have because – the 3D way of existing and being claims I need to earn money) and if we didn’t have (Money), I wouldn’t be working and living a double life. If your experiencing new situations, new environments, new people walking in your life and out like revolving doors, please understand the higher our vibrations get’s, the many different (People – Places – Thing’s) we will attract. If your the really aware/conscious ones you’ll know not to attract to many thing’s at all. Into March I felt settled, for a bit, at least for now and without any warning i’m already being pushed ahead to experience new daunting/exciting situations.

What did I learn during this last trimester/cycle period? This might apply to you as well, I have learned to cope. I have also learned to try my best, I also learned to rely more on myself. However as you may know, that can become hard when other’s may not let/want you to become your own source. Jan-March for all Light-Workers has been a huge new complete learning curve, everything feels different, everything this year has shifted, and if you’ve spent your entire year so far just trying to catch your breath and wonder how to get through the new. I’m right there with you! I sometimes have no idea what the hell i’m even doing half the time, until I understand, i’m creating my own path and that isn’t always scary but it can be exciting.

Ascension Symptoms/Pains List – Dec-Mar 2016

I started to write this section in this very article and it occurred to me, that half of the Ascension symptoms/pains that I felt this time last year, I don’t feel them anymore. That is the nature of the evolutionary process, and believe me just because i’m not feeling some of the symptoms, all sorts of new ones have come up for me and they don’t feel good either. It happens, especially when you have worked on yourself, learned how to self heal, those pains will go away with time. In time. But in time.. then of course, you’ll find that new random and strange symptoms will begin, doing strange thing’s within your body. Something new, which you will need to cope with yourself. Adapt, learn, and merge with .. gosh this process can really be hard sometimes. I’d like to share some of these old/new Ascension pains/symptoms, that I have felt through out the last three months of this cycle. Also since my awakening, in hopes that you will understand that, your not dying, or sick or ill in anyway. Well scratch that last one, but not sick or ill, in the way you think you are.

I find myself being ill, because all the chemicals, poisons, and government created toxins and yes I fucking said it (Government run/created – chemicals/toxins) sit on that one and rotate. Your killing us all, you sons of bitches. The Human Elite … don’t give a toss about the general public. Any ways – the chemtrails, virus/diseases all created by them, even the weather manufactured and manipulated by them. These thing’s are what make us sick/ill. These are all thing’s that affect me, by extension affect you and your body, we are all sensitive beings, we all feel the same toxics/toxins.

Physical Ascension Pains/Symptoms Dec 2015-Mar 2016

Head/Brain/Skull Re-Wiring – The head, brain, skull rewiring is no longer a great big physical symptom for me. It used to be when I first became aware, and I used to get, intense, painful, headaches almost like I had hands in my head switching certain thing’s around. It’s all normal and part of the Ascension Process, as much as it feels awful. We are merging our brain, we need to connect the right/left side to activate our entire brain. We are also activating our Pineal/Pituitary glands, as we accept higher knowledge and wisdom. It’s the entire Endocrine systems that get’s shifted/changed, so that we can experience higher knowledge and ways of existing as we truly are meant too. If your going through this particular Ascension symptom, stay out of fear, many have felt/thought they’re heads were going to explode. I used to sit down on the couch, let myself get downloaded, and try my best to not be afraid of the process when it happens.

Ascension Flu/Full Body Aches – One silly symptom that has remained, is the Ascension Flu. Where I feel like I have the flu, yet when I blow my nose nothing will come out. The headaches, the running cold in my body, then hot. The Complete body melt-down, i’m run down, exhausted, need more sleep, can’t focus, painful joints/bones, pricks, and stabbing pains in the legs. Feet kill, and i’m screaming for a well built man with an ass like cement to come and give me a massage. For all the ladies reading ( and other gay men) you know what i’m talking about ;), don’t shake your head either, don’t be playin you know these Ascension pains would help if you had Adonis rubbing your feet. And guys you know, having a beautiful Aphrodite would help smooth the pains over. This is the most dominant one, i’ll wake up feeling like I got hit with a ton of bricks, as i’m sure you do also. Which leads me to my next Ascension Symptom.

Horny/High Sexual Energy – This is an Ascension symptom that I have felt very much since I first became aware, and it’s not the most shocking part. The most shocking part is that after looking online, to help explain why I’m feeling this way I can’t find much of anything on the internet to help me explain why it’s enhanced within my body at this time. I won’t go into the details of this part, to state the obvious ( who wants to know about my sex life and sexual appetite). Aside from my departed Twinflame … not a single person. However the subject of high sexual energy needs, deserves a decent mention. It’s a symptom that I have felt for some time, and I know many other people feel this particular symptom too. I’m not embarrassed to speak about it, personally because I don’t think there is anything wrong about it. It took me a really long time to understand that high sexual energy, was the creative life force within me. I have learned that any person can channel this energy, because it is creative energy from within which can manifest in many ways. It’s not just about sex, it’s about ones inner self and the energy we hold within our bodies. If your feeling the “Mmm – oooh” feeling during the night/day, understand that it’s you and your energy, your life force trying to get your attention that it is inside of you. So use this energy wisely!

Left Leg/Pinched Nerve Pain – This is a symptom of mine that was very strong when I first awakened, but now it only comes on in those moments when it decides that it wants to flare up. Nerve pain is very dominant with the Ascension Process, as there are nerves through-out our entire body. For me personally, I went through horrible left leg pain, and it was a pinched nerve, for the first few months I couldn’t walk. I spent most of my early days sitting on the couch, receiving endless downloads and healing sessions with my spirit team. A pinched nerve is when the nerves are being gripped, think of someone pulling on a rope, holding it and tugging at it. Something is contracting against the nerve in the leg, the immediate result was instant pain, tightness within the leg/knee/thigh. It was the most uncomfortable thing, I wanted to saw my leg off some days, the only relief I got from it was doing leg stretches and exercises. Every now and again it can flare up, but I make sure to stretch my left leg as often as I can to prevent it. These sort of ailments, and issues with body parts being unaligned, is so that it can become aligned within you. Your aligning your entire body, with your brain, as you experience brain alignment, expect bodily alignment. Herniated disks, lower back pain, nerve pain, all just signs that your body is aligning with your brain.

Kundalini/DNA Changes – Kundalini rising energy starts from your spine and spreads upward and downwards, and believe me when your experiencing intense heat you’ll understand what it means to have the kundalini rising in you. This is initiation, to the Ascension Process, also this is what you should know. When you are experiencing Kundalini Rising within the body, it means the burning of your karma has been activated. You are burning, releasing, all DNA in your body that is associated with many/all past life events. With all past lives lived, and all the aspects of your self you once lived, and integrating them and merging them into one within your current body. Intense I know! This is something that happens to me, from time to time, and if your experiencing the heat, just go with it. Sometimes i’ll smell smoke, or something burning like incense, I’ve had to understand that it’s just me and yes I make sure a candle isn’t lit and my whole house is on fire, before I get to that conclusion. Just lay back, relax, stay out of fear, and let the Kundalini do it’s thing. Burn baby burn, disco inferno!

Seeing/Hearing Angelic/Negative Beings – Since the very beginning, I can’t tell you how many times I have seen light’s all over the room. Small white – blue – green – red – dark orbs, flashes, shimmers, white/dark shadows coming near me. Yes they are every where, it’s not really a physical symptom except, in many ways it is. I also hear them, so the Clairaudient gift comes out to play for a while. I have seen the angels, and sensed that it is them, and have had direct contact with them. I have also seen negative/dark beings, those beings around departed spirits who have yet to move on, taunting them. I’ve seen them near me, trying to look in on me, trying to taunt me, trying to put fear in me through my dreams. It is a very important physical symptom because your literally stuck in two worlds, this plane of existence and the spirit world.

Emotional Ascension Symptoms/Pains Dec 2015-Mar 2016

Random Crying – I know I have had many times where I start randomly crying, sometimes I fully understand why I am, and other times I haven’t the slightest clue. I’ll cry when I am feeling the source/higher divinity energies within me, it’s pure joy. Then i’ll cry because I can feel so much, so much hate, so much pain, within other people. You can feel it, then you start to really feel for their plights. The random crying is okay, and sometimes realize that you could be brining up something within you that you never knew was there.

Feeling Alone – I know that many Light-Workers reading this small paragraph, already understand what it might feel like to feel very lonely. I feel like i am alone many times, even on the best days, there is something missing from the world. There is something missing from this experience, I need more connection with my light brothers and Sisters. Just to have some one who understands what I go through, to speak to them in person, walk down the path way discussing our own personal stories. Loneliness it kills!

Bipolar/Emotional Imbalances – When the energy is high, by all means your not bipolar, you just act like you have it every once in a while. This February was a hard month for me, and I never want to experience what I had experienced for the entire month that I did. It was an emotional rollercoaster for me, and my family, something new and something that I had never experienced. That up/down and the emotions that come with it, it is a massive ascension symptom. Mostly brought on by being faced with new experiences, ones we hadn’t before, so we act as if we don’t know what to do. That’s when we jump from one emotion to the next. Learning to detach will help with never having to deal with the emotional rollercoasters of life again.

Misunderstood/Depression – I find it hard to be a Light-Worker in this world, I feel like i’m at times living a double life. As open as I am, especially in writing for this place, I don’t speak about my gifts in public. I stay away from, having to have many discussions with people, and most of the people I work with are emotional vampires. They don’t believe in their own higher self! Despite that I treat them with love/light! However their is a huge part of my life, I know i’ll always have to censor. Until I won’t have to, because the world has reached a point where we all understand. Many Light- Workers are suffering from Depression, however they shouldn’t be and or have to. I fully understand that depression is psychic/control, so if your feeling depressed really question whether your the one feeling this, or if it’s something outside yourself who is making you feel this way. I’ve suffered from it, I don’t anymore, because I understand despite having to censor myself in public, that i’m a strong light-worker. I spread light just by being there/here.

Unexplained Anger/Rage – In my life i’ve pulled a “Jesus” moment when in the market and destroyed everything, a time or two. He was enraged, by the money, the system, and everything materialistic and corrupt. I too get enraged by all the lies, deceit and absolute crap going on in our world. I know many other Light-Workers reading this feel it too, and for all the false ones pretending, yes I still know your reading my stuff. I just felt the need to point your asses out – to everyone else! Being angry at all the suffering, pain, corruptness going on in our world is normal, and I don’t think you should feel guilty about wanting a better place to exist. However if your frequently angry/enraged then that is something deeper, and you should figure out what it is your angry about. Anger doesn’t sit well in our bodies, and can cause pain!

Mental Ascension Symptoms/Pains Dec 2015-Mar 2016

Mentally Groggy – I’m having more and more days where I’ve not got mental clarity. I forget thing’s, I sometimes can’t find the words I need, it takes me longer to write these articles, so on a whole i’m feeling very mentally off. I guess “I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed can apply to most Light-Workers” it does happen. We aren’t able to be focused most of the time, with all the light downloads, i’m surprised i’m able to function as well as I do mentally and physically. If your going through similar symptoms where you have trouble staying focused, and remembering words, phrases, what you just did! I’m there to.

Thinking/Analyzing – I do this so much, i’ll be at work so bored, that i’ll start singing songs in my head, and half way forget the song or forget the job i’m doing. Then i’ll stand there, just thinking, thinking, thinking about it. I think about thing’s too much, which I think is the worst symptom, especially when you need to be impartial and detach. Thinking can be like a disease of the mind. Thinking is normal, a normal symptom, but so is obsessing in the Ascension process. We reach the point where knowing who we are, becomes an obsession, we search online, we read. We need to go within and know our selves, stop using outside sources to try and figure that out.

Feeling Crazy/People Find You Are – I’ve been there done that. I’ve been called everything in the book, now it’s just humorous to me. People think i’m odd, crazy, weird, strange, oh yeah i’m a real super-freak the kind you don’t take home to mother. I don’t care, it’s not about giving into the perceptions of other people. I’m not here for that! Neither are you, it’s about going where the light needs to be felt, and being the light. I know many people who are aware, or have always felt different, have been bullied, picked on, made to be a laughing stock. Many suffer, because they don’t understand the reasons behind it. Realize “These people” are not fully aware as you are, and in the end the sad truth is, they are the ones being made out as a laughing stock by their actions.

Mental Break Downs – This one is very difficult to write about, not just because of my own personal experiences in my life, but with so many light-workers and people around the world who are breaking down on a mental level. It’s so heart breaking. This is a common symptom when somebody first becomes aware, I struggled with my decision if I should include this one in the list or not. It can be hard to understand what is really going on, in our world. Many people they just wouldn’t be able to survive it, and if they are going to awaken, it needs to be at the right divine time. Many in this life won’t ever, and it’s because what they will go through on a mental level, it would drive them into madness. If your going through frequent mental break downs, find support please, or email me, it some cases people just need someone to speak to who has been through the process.

Light-Workers keep moving forward, keep thinking of peace, keep living in the new world reality, 5D. I hope some of these symptoms will help you understand that what your feeling, other’s are feeling it to, and that your not alone. The whole world and her inhabitants are updating, changing, shifting, even if you don’t feel they are. It is real, it is happening, and boy aside from the bodily pains, doesn’t it feel so much lighter down here compared to ten years ago.

Love & Light

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