Divine Light Phases, Shifting Into The New Me

I’ve been noticing lately within myself that I have been changing, shifting, re-adjusting, and adapting to the current new energies that are coming in through the matrix in this current time. With these new changes, within me, I feel that I’m in need of taking new steps in a new and different direction. I feel it is time to use a new place to write my higher knowledge, about me, about what it means to be a Light-Worker, and of course write about what is currently going on at this time for all of us who are aware.

I need some place “New” and someplace fresh, and so I’ve started Divine Light Phases. This is to be where I discuss, spread, understand, my higher awareness about what it means to be Light-Worker(s) and the long and lonely road we have to endure at times. I need this new place, the old place is equal to the dying lower self within us all. Here I can be open more, be less effected by negative people, and take my time without having to write every other day. The new me needs quiet, as I integrate more of my higher self into me. The new me needs to write less, and focus more on other areas in my life. The new me will be focusing more on my own development, and less on other’s who continuously feel the need to come to me as their source. I help where I can, but I draw the line, I will focus very much so on teaching other’s the importance of being their own source in this new higher light filled place.

Shifting Into More Of My Higher Self

Since the Spring Equinox I have been shifting, shifting higher, and merging deeper with my higher self as each day goes on. While it fills my heart with joy, I’ve been doing clearing within myself and that entails letting some of my darker aspects out of my system. It leaves me open to integrate more light, and boy oh boy, have I been feeling the latest Light downloads recently. It happens time and time again, and if you’ve also been going through higher Light downloads, understand it is normal to feel like your whole entire self internally/externally is going through major upheaval. I’ve been going deep within, and addressing my darker aspects that need to be released. Dealing with ones pain, and self healing can be a major test, and yes I’ve been tested, you have been tested, we have all been tested. It’s these tests that build character, and strength, so don’t think of this inner/external upheaval as a bad thing.

I have been crying, clearing, feeling that old familiar Ascension symptom of wanting to exit and return home. This is what I have been dealing with, since the Spring equinox, I finally told myself well enough is enough. I’m taking a break from the Light-Worker part of my mission, and i’m focusing more on the other aspect of my mission and less on writing articles and being someone else support system. I need to love myself right now, and so do you! It is all part of shifting into your higher self, rely on you, understand you, work on you, and finally learn to depend and love you. No-body else is going to do your spiritual work, only you can. Dear all Light-Workers reading this, take some time to look deep within, and find yourself as we are all shifting higher at this time, to our own level.

Enjoy the new place, I know I will!

Love & Light

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    Love to you My Glass Dreams


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    An article about shifting into your higher self


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