April 2016’s (4-9/9) Portal – Reaching New Energetic Height(s) & Gridding In The New Light.

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The start of April has been most unexpected, however from a higher level/perspective it’s been just what I needed. I decided abruptly to just take a break, which entails taking a break from all of the Light-Worker stuff. No articles, no wearing myself so thin all of the time, just try and relax, and not put more than one thing onto my plate. The gifts are still there, the negative energy is still around doing it’s thing. However it’s time to detach, and allow myself to take some time away, take some time off, take some time to re-charge my batteries, take some time off to sleep is absolutely the top priority for me right now. You can’t be this brilliant light that shines through where ever you go, if you look like a raggedy Ann doll, and feel like one too. It is so important to take a step back, and re-connect once again with our higher self. Needing space means being able to get back in touch with who you are. Take back your self empowerment, and own your own power, and hold yourself there in that higher loving energy.”

I finally had a chance, finally, to relax and have a good few days where I just rested my body with a lot of sleeping and resting. You have to understand that this for me is big, and I mean big! Despite my own circumstances, and my own bouts with Ascension energies within my own body, I am/have always been and probably forever will be the type of person who is always doing something. I am always on the move, and don’t really take the time out to stay still. I over-extend myself. On top of that, lately I have been feeling magnified Ascension symptoms within my body. I have been very aware of the fact that i and many other Light-Workers, Star seeds, aware beings, have recently been going through intense Light Frequency Body downloads. For those of you reading this who don’t know, each one of us is currently doing grid work. I’ll need to write a separate article for this topic, but Grid Work is when each light-worker embodies the new higher light and holds it in their body. We grid this new light energy, and each Light-Worker is spread out in various locations around the world, we connect by holding and doing grid work with one another and as we hold down, we form a protective shield of light around Mother Gaia.


 This picture above is a great example of and shows just what the kind of Grid work all Light-Workers, Star seeds are currently doing at this time. If you have been aware that you are receiving (Heavy Light Frequency Downloads) at this time, understand that the Spring equinox is a time period where we embrace the new and grid it into ourselves. When we do we connect with each other, and form this magnificent shield around the world, so we can keep as much positive energy down here. I may not write as much in this new higher light filled site, as I used to on the other, older, lower aspect of who I used to be blog page. However I understand that at this time I don’t need to be, what I have to say though will come from an even higher place of knowing. I’m shifting and merging to higher places within myself, higher understanding isn’t limited it is always expanding.

As we merge higher with our higher self, we are experiencing something today, that we have all been familiar with (For those of you who have been reading my articles) this event is the 4-9-9 Portal/Gateway energies. Yes, another one. It is the fourth one for the year of 2016 and it’s a special portal/Gateway where we are once again receiving higher pulls/pushes to continuously ask for guidance, seek help, speak to our higher light filled friends.

 The 4-9-9 Portal/Gateway Energies  & The Angelic Number Sequence Of 4

 Today is the 4-9-9 Portal/Gateway. If you have been reading my articles these last few months, then you know, that we have been getting countless portals/gateway openings at this time. Each happening on the 9th of each month, and culminating on the September date of 9-9-9. This portal is similar to the 11:11 portal we received on the leap day in February, it is a higher realm portal/gateway opening which the angels and higher beings from the spirit realms will be coming down from in order to assist us.

The first portal was about realizations, the second was about making necessary changes, the third was about receiving help from the Ascended masters in reaching y(our) higher divine triality self. These portals/Gateways have been stair-steps to necessary changes within the situation/missions that are needing to, or are about to end for some Light-Workers at this time. We are all transitioning, and we have to observe ourselves very closely, we’re moving out of places we have been in/at for far too long. We’ll soon be in/at a new place very shortly, while that may not necessarily mean a different location on our earth, but we might be heading to a different/new location within ourselves. We need help in making this transition from old into the very new. The 4-9-9 Portal/Gateway is about getting a helping hand. We are surrounded once again by our loving higher light being friends, if your needing help, assistance, encouragement to get through all that you need to. They are specifically here, to let you know they will help you do whatever it is that you need. I’ve done this many times myself, I do it over again continuously. I’ve had to ask higher light being friends telepathically to help me get through the day, or numb the many bodily pains that i’m feeling. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get on with what I need to do, for my mission.

The number 4 sequence indicates that it is symbolic of “The Angels” when you see a 4, 44, 444, 4444 and so on and on in many variations. Realize your being shown/told that you are safe, being watched over in this time, it’s communication between you and the angelic beings. All they ask of you in this time is to be open to them, ask for help, ask them to show you a solution to your problem, to be directed some where/someone who can help you. Why? For the same reason that I consciously write about asking for assistance, from higher light beings. Because we are shifting. Our world, our consciousness, we are nearing a global awakening and all those in the higher realms ask is for us to let them help us.

Dear all Light-Workers it’s another angelic Portal/Gateway, so please do not hesitate to ask your spirit guides, or the angels who are all around you for their assistance. We are no longer living in ignorance of them, and their message for the day is to ask for help as they are waiting to help you.

Love & Light

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2 thoughts on “April 2016’s (4-9/9) Portal – Reaching New Energetic Height(s) & Gridding In The New Light.

  1. Jeff April 11, 2016 / 1:49 pm

    Hi Mikey, I luv that you call yourself Mikey, I saw your comment on Denise’s High Heart Life blog and enjoyed what you had to say so I am checking out your blog. I really enjoyed this blog entry, Thank You! I like your style of sharing. I look forward to reading more from yourself. So many of us are starved for some interaction at this time, like you said in your comment on Denise’s site, resorting to speaking to ourselves. Denise’s blog is the only one I follow for the past few years so it is great to find another blog that I resonate with. Have A Great Day, as much as possible at this time, lol , My Friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    • mikeymurdock April 12, 2016 / 12:40 am

      that is so kind of you jeff, have a nice night!


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