April 2016’s Accelerated Download: What Is A Download? & What Are Accelerated Ascension Symptoms?

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” I’m a straight shooter, at least I like to think I am. With that said “Holy Crap” (Pardon my French). What in the heck is going on these last few weeks? These last few days? While I am still taking my much needed rest period, organizing this new higher space, I haven’t forgotten that these articles that I write reach many people. That they help. At least in understanding what is going on. The month of April 2016 will go down in my personal opinion as the shittiest time period I’ve had so far throughout my Ascension Process. The pressure has been on, the intensity has been high, people are losing their marbles, if they’re not then they’ve all been sick with Flu Symptoms. Which let’s be honest we all know what that’s about ;). (Higher Frequency Light Downloads) and everyone that I have come into contact with has seemed to be getting sick, or is, or has been. This has been a very intense small time period, many unaware people are also feeling it to, it’s not just us Light-Workers. So if you have been dealing with bouts of (Ascension flu, Heavy Body pains, Light Downloads into your being, ultra sensitive, feeling all kinds of energy) Don’t worry I have to. Many other’s have as well, just keep calm, do what feels right, what helps, and move on within your own timelines and missions.”

 I wrote in my last article about “Grid Work” I think that it’s now time to write about this a little bit more. Explaining grid work can be easy, but understanding it for many reading this may not be so easy, as what I may be writing might not be understood yet by many. We are all at our own unique level of awareness, so what I may be writing, may not yet be something you’ll understand at the level of consciousness that you may be at. What I or many other’s discuss on the many different sites, and blogs can only be reached by other’s  at the same level of conscious awareness. You may not yet understand the subject of “Grid Work” or be able to reach the same level of awareness, understanding, of subjects/topics that are higher by nature. However in a few weeks, or even months, you might re-visit the subject of “Grid Work” and see it with absolute clarity and higher understanding of just what it is.

This is something I need to write, because often many beings who put out information, might get many comments/responses back from people who criticize their writing and higher knowledge. It’s just a level thing, If you are reading through this article, and aren’t sure what “Grid work” entails, absorb the information non-judgmentally. Then in a few weeks, or months, re-visit the subject and you’ll find that you’ll be able to understand what was written and why?

Grid Work & The Current New Light Frequency Downloads Into Light Being Vessels

April 2016 – What can I say, how do I even begin to explain all of the Physical pain(s) I have been feeling and receiving? All the physical pain(s) that many of you have been feeling and receiving too? I feel like someone opened my mouth up, threw a bomb down my throat, and the bomb exploded in my very being. Everything lately has ached/hurt, everything is/has been and still is very ultra sensitive, my bones ache so much It feels like they might snap in half, I wake up with dry nose, bleeding nose, dry mouth, white tongue, feverish, aching, heavy/bloated, that’s just the mission of getting out of bed. That’s not even half of the symptoms I have, it’s just an example of one tiny moment within my life. So could you imagine the rest of my day? :(. It’s been so bad all around that it’s effecting all my pets as well, my one cat has been feeling sick to. He’s not eating, he’s losing weight, he’s been vomiting, he’s been having intolerances to his food. Which i’m sure many Light-Workers can understand, myself included. I just want to make everyone aware that animals/pets feel the incoming “New” Light energies as well, are equally effected by them just as we all are.

The latest Ascension Flu symptoms (Frequency Light Downloads) and what has been going around in the collective, has been very full on, and down right intense. It seems we are all rising in vibration which is the only good thing, that could come out of this. While the pain(s) are awful I just can’t seem to look at it positively. Even thought it is 🙂 and believe me it is, however you and I both know becoming a crystalline light being is never easy. It’s down right painful, and down right exhausting. Lately and when ever we are in a period where we are integrating more light into our very being, I become aware of the fact that this is what I am doing. I also become aware of the fact that many other’s are doing it as well. Everything get’s quiet, I become quiet, many people retreat, and many like myself also take periodic breaks. (What-ever you need to do to help yourself feel better) While on a mental level many people shut down, emotionally many become bi-polar and not sure of how they should be feeling. Physically and this is where “Grid Work” comes in, we are actually a crystalline sponge! Yes, a sponge. Like a sponge soaks up water, we absorb up all of the “NEW” incoming Light that Source/Creator is bringing down into physicality. We receive light from our sun, our source, when this happens our bodies act like a sponge and we accept/take in this new light within our bodily vessel. This is the first process of “Grid Work” we’re sponging love/light, and accepting this love/light from those beings who love us, who are helping us become higher aspects of ourselves while existing in a lower dark realm! How cool is that.

The next aspect of “Grid Work” deals with the extreme bodily pains that we feel, once we sponge as much light as we can, we then embody this into ourselves. The thing about “Grid work” is that we’re not just doing it for ourselves, we’re doing it for humanity as well. We go through the pain, we accept the light, so we can spread/hold this light. Holding down light in our bodies is the basis for “Grid Work” it’s about becoming our own personal light-bulb. Emanate pure light, so that other’s can see themselves In the darkness. To be honest I don’t know which one is tougher, living in ignorance/darkness, or being the ones who hold all that light, in hopes that many other’s see it and start becoming this loving light for themselves. The last aspect, and the most important is the actual grid work that all Light Workers do. This next part is called Grid Connecting. Grid Connecting is when the light of one Light-Worker, expands to the closest Light-Worker near him/her, then that Light worker expands their light to the closest person to him/her. Etc, until all Light in each Light-worker has expanded and stretched out throughout the entire world, forming a protective cocoon around our planet.

Light-Workers we all do “Grid Work” we just need to understand this, but here is a picture that can show you just what we all are doing during these (Light Frequency Downloads) we are receiving.


 Increased Activity On The Sun & NEW Ascension Symptoms List

The last week or two my bodily symptoms/pains have really ramped up like crazy, some of them have been completely new. Along with some typical/usual symptoms I wish would just go away. I continue to know that my physical pains increase when activity on the sun is ramped up, we have had geomagnetic storms, we have had higher number of sunspots, we have had a huge sunspot that has taken the form of a heart. There are many strange and wonderful thing’s going on with the sun right now, and yes it is effecting us here on our planet. However so has the negative energy, many people still not taking responsibility for their issues, their pains, and as an empath I feel this all the time and have had issues being around certain beings.

Here are some symptoms that I have been feeling, as i’m sure you who are reading this article have also been feeling.

Constant Eating – I have been eating non stop, protein, meat,  anything that my body feels that I need to consume I do it. I always crave protein and meats during Light frequency downloads. I’ve become aware of this to mean, if I don’t eat protein i’ll likely feel like i’m not grounded. I need to eat or else i’ll exit this body, so I try to ground myself down with as much protein as I can get to literally remain from floating out and away.

Food Intolerants – While I’ve been eating like a pig, I understand for many other Light-Workers food intolerances are/have been frequent these last few days. Not everyone get’s hungry, some people are more sensitive to the foods they eat, or foods in general. They’re bodies won’t take it, and if your not hungry that’s fine. Just make sure you force yourself to eat something once through out the day. So you get something in your system.

Neck Stiffness/Moving Energy – This Bullshit symptom, is very new, and I already dislike it because it’s unbelievably uncomfortable. Waking up with neck stiffness, having my neck suddenly go weak/tender, sore neck, and I find that the energy now moves down from my head into my neck down into my left side. How wonderful, as if I wasn’t crippled enough. I can state that at least, the energy is reaching more within my body, opening myself up to more light integration. However it feels awful.

Wrist/Wrist Bone Pain – This is another new symptom, and it’s also bullshit, right in the center of my wrist this never ending ache. It becomes tender/weak, but doesn’t get to the point of feeling numb. It’ll just ache and ache, to the point where moving it hurts and writing becomes very hard. It’s not something that I’ve yet grasped from a higher level, and i’m not sure what it could mean at this point. I know one thing, it hurts!

Purging/Diarrhea – What we put in our mouths will come out, but if you put something with lots of toxins, or incompatible foods you will purge it. I’ve had bouts of diarrhea and even had an incident where I went in my boxers, very unexpectedly. The solar plexus will and has been getting a huge clean up, we release old fears through out purging. Realize that this is what’s going on and release the old energy within you.

Ascension Flu – I have been waking up with this symptom, nausea, headaches, chills, fever, white tongue, dare I say more. This is just Light integrations into your very being. Your raising your vibration.

Other People Energy Enrages Me – Oh yes, this one is very true for me as I know it is for many other Light-Workers. As an empath some people and their energies are just vile. They have dark, negative, atrocious, idiotic, stupid, foolish, down right drives you insane kind of energy. They do whatever they want, say whatever they want, act the way they like, don’t think of the consequences, but yet think it’s alright to throw their issues at other’s like you/me. No! Not today, not with me, or when i’m feeling like a crippled old fart.  Ascension or not, higher divine light or not, your not going to fuck with me and mine. Are these people crazy?

Sensitivity/Being Sensitive – I have been ultra sensitive and I find myself being sensitive lately. My body is not handling thing’s very well, it doesn’t take much to make me break out, or have a rash on my hands, or feel unbelievably sensitive to toxics/toxins. I had a few days where my hands were dry, hard, with a breakout of rashes because of the soap at work. I’m also feeling  very sensitive, a needle dropped on the other side of town, can cause uncontrollable annoyance and pain within me.

Light Workers the list just goes on and on, whatever is going on within your body, your mind, and your heart/soul tend to it with love/care. Bloody April 2016 – what a crazy time it has been. Where ever you are presently, remember to just be you! You’ll be fine, just like we all will be.

Love & Light

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6 thoughts on “April 2016’s Accelerated Download: What Is A Download? & What Are Accelerated Ascension Symptoms?

  1. pr1mros3 April 21, 2016 / 8:38 pm

    Omgs this is so bloody spot on. I concur! The film in my mouth and the neck pain and stiffness are bullshit!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Barry Doherty April 21, 2016 / 11:56 pm

    i havehad the same shit it doesnt end when you are a light worker trying to live a peaceful life. It gets the best of us.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gillian Humphreys April 22, 2016 / 2:54 am

    same here, could’ve written that post myself, but this has been ongoing for a couple of years for me now…tis never ending, the moments of relief are so few and far between and so short too….I take the Kundalini awakening process as the best explanation for my experience, a constant clearing and purging of all darkness within….its a long and dark road, but once on it, there’s no going back, the only thing that helps is surrender surrender surrender into non resistance. I no longer even wonder if or when I will make it, just accept this is it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. L May 5, 2016 / 5:03 pm

    For the last few evenings I have been having an odd sensation/pain in my feet where the nail may have been in Jesus’ foot when he was crucified. I too have been having wrist pains (not as intense as you have described) as well. This morning it came to me………I was laying in bed, not wanting to get up and go to work and my mind instantly revisited these specific sensations/pains. You popped into my head and I was told that the sensations in our wrists (and in my feet) are physical representations of our experience relating to our Christ Consciousness Ascension process. Yaaaaaa………..Isn’t this just absolutely wonderful!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo


  5. Boston May 12, 2016 / 4:00 pm

    Any helpful ideas for the chemical sensitivities? It’s gotten so I’m finding it difficult to breathe without having violent reactions to the various smells..


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